RoommateMy last roommate name was Adelphia. She was a nympho by the book. We had sex every day. One day I built a sybian out of a mailbox, a sander, and a vibrator. I also created an orgasm indicator, that could be placed on a nipple and when the nipple swells, a light came on. Last June I had Adelphia sit on the sybian blindfolded, knowing her expecting a big orgasm. Every time her nipples swell up, I turned the sybian off. She was craving for an orgasm, and my goal was to have it when I decided. The doorbell rung, and April was standing there. April was my last roommate and a good friend of Adelphia. She referred her to me. As April came in, she saw Adelphia sitting on the sybian, her pussy dripping and craving for an orgasm. Adelphia recognized Aprils voice, unable to see her due to her blindfold. April said: “you guys want to go for a beer at the sports bar?” I immediately said yes. I ordered Adelphia to go to her room, and wear a short skirt with no panties under it. But before that, I put some “itchy cream” inside her pussy and on her clit. I bought the cream during my last business trip to Germany, and the saleswoman told me then, it was impossible for a girl not to touch her self with the cream on. Now I knew it was a double challenge for Adelphia not to touch her self. I then ordered April to be in charge of Adelphia, making sure she will not have an orgasm until I fuck her later on. They both went into Adelphia’s room, where Adelphia wore a super short skirt, a t-shirt with mo bra, and her flip-flops. No panties, as usual, and as instructed anyway. Adelphia asked April if it was ok to play with her clit doe a minute, but April said no! “I have instructions to keep you from having an orgasm!” We drove to the sports bar and had some beer on a table, when Adelphia said she needs to go to the bathroom. I emphasized she can not have an orgasm, and ordered April to go with her to make sure she does not orgasm in the bathroom. They both went into the stall together, when Adelphia told April, she can not take it anymore, she needs to come right now. April, despite knowing the rules, decided to have Adelphia play with her self under a certain rule. “I let you play with your self, if you let me tape it with my I-Phone, and I will send it to everybody I know! Do you want that?” Adelphia said: “Yes, I cant take it anymore.” escort bayan Her hornyness with the itchy cream was just too much to bear. April said: “OK, I want you to sit on the toilet, spread your legs as far as you can, and when I turn my cam on, you can start rubbing your clit. Here we go. Start!” Adelphia was sitting on the toilet, her legs so far spread that one leg had to be pushing the bathroom wall, and started rubbing her clit. It only took her 30 seconds to come, maybe because she was waiting for it all day long, maybe because of the itchy cream. April zoomed her cam to Adelphia’s pussy, to make sure she captured all of it. Her pussy was so wet, it made April jealous. They both came back to the table, when I detected that Adelphia was kind of relaxed. I knew she could never lie to me, and I asked her: “Did you have an orgasm in the bathroom?” She immediately replied: “Yes, I did, I could not hold it anymore! Sorry!” I gave a dirty look to April. She said: “I taped it for you, I know you would like it!” We kept drinking our beer, and I said: “ One of you will be punished. Adelphia, you did not wait till I fuck you for your orgasm. April, you failed keeping her from orgasm. Here is what I do. Let me ask you, April: you are bi-sexual. How long does it take you to make a girl come?” April smiled, and said: “I have a special technique, I would say 1 minute!” I had another sip of the beer, and told the girls: “Adelphia, you could not control your self, and you have to learn how to do it. Here is my plan: When we get home, you will get on the couch and spread your legs. April will then try to give you an orgasm. I give you 2 minutes. If you come, April wins and you will be punished. If you don’t come, April will be punished. If at any time you close your legs or hold back, you loose. Any questions?” April smiled. She said: “there is no way you will not orgasm!” We drove home. Out of the car, Adelphia immediately got on the couch, spreading her still wet shaved pussy, while April kneeled in front of her. I installed the orgasm indicator on Adelphia’s breasts, to make it a fair game, and counted down: “3-2-1 go!” April started licking Adelphia’s clit, soon after her fingers disappeared inside Adelphia. I had the stop watch on. After one minute, I could see how Adelphia was fighting against an tuzla genç escort orgasm. I told her: “Adelphia, once the time is over, you can touch your self and finish, you have only one minute to go!” April put her fingers deep into Adelphia, tickling her G-Spot, and Adelphia was concentrating full not to come. Almost done. “3-2-1, done!” I announced. “Adelphia is the winner!” Same time, Adelphia, still spreading her shaved pussy so wet I could not believe she made it, started rubbing her clit, and squirted all over April’s face just seconds after the contest was over. Then she used her right hand insider her pussy, her left hand rubbing her clit, and she came again, this time squirting all over the couch. We watched her, as she had two more orgasms. She came four times within five minutes. I said: “April, you lost. Get naked, and get on the table, legs spread. I am going to fuck you.” Adelphia stated: “How is that punishment?” I told her: “Don’t worry, the punishment comes after I fuck her. I can not hold it anymore, you both made me so horny. Adelphia, as April is on the table, I want you to lick her pussy while I fuck her, and when I take it out, I want you to suck me.” – “O.K.” she said. Meanwhile April was on the table, her legs wide spread, as if she was hoping to avoid punishment by doing so. I started fucking her bald juicy pussy while Adelphia was licking her clit. Every time my dick came out of April, it went immediately into Adelphia’s mouth. I only lasted 2 minutes, when I told April to turn around. Adelphia started jerking my dick right into April’s face. Aprils legs on the other side of the table where still spread as if she was inviting other dicks. One of her hands was down there playing with her self, when I unloaded my self right on her beautiful face. It was one of the best orgasms I ever had . “OK, now the punishment” I said. “Adelphia, have April choosing one thing from your wardrobe. Just one! Even shoes count as one. One thing! Adelphia, you will drive April to any place where they sell cigarettes, and have April buy a pack for me. The sperm stays, and only one piece of clothes! I will give you my cam, and you will record it all. Also to make sure you wont cheat and give her some of your clothes. After the cigarettes are bought, your are free to do what ever you want, but keep tuzla kendi evi olan escort the tape running. Full figured April found something out of skinnier Adelphia’s closet to wear and came out of Adelphia’s bedroom, with a dress that barely covered her naked, shaved pussy. No shoes, no socks. April was thinking: ‘how will I get service? Everybody states no shoes no shirt no service’. They drove off in my car, and Adelphia told April: “Don’t worry, I have done it my self many times. There is a gas station down the road, where the girl behind the counter is a lesbian. She will sell you the cigarettes!” April said: “Hey, I have sperm on my face, my pussy is hanging out, because your wardrobe is for skinny people, and I am barefoot! If she indeed sells me cigarettes, I owe you big times!” Adelphia stopped at the gas station. April walked towards the gas station store. Her feet hurt from the hot asphalt, and she walkrd faster, while Adelphia was recording it on my cam. She made it into the store, and orders a pack of cigarettes. The selling lady looked at her for a long time, because of the sperm still being on Aprils head, and then asks her for $5.57. April paid, as the lesbian cashier replied: “You know, It’s one thing coming in here barefoot with sperm on your face. But pantyless with that dress is too much” April replied: “How did you know?” The cashier told her: “The second you came out of that car, I could see your cunt. Next time you get here, I expect you to wear high heels, and I let you come behind the counter, licking me while I sell some stuff, and I give you a free pack of cigarettes! That’s the same deal I gave your girlfriend who is driving the car.” – “OK, thanks you!” April walked out on her toes back to the car, when Adelphia started the engine and drove just behind the gas station. “Mission accomplished” she said. “I helped you, now I want you to finish up the G-Spot thing you started on the couch. But first, let me lick all the cum from your face.” Adelphia spreads her shaved still wet pussy under her pantyless short skirt, while licking Aprils face nice and clean. April immediately puts her hand inside Adelphia. She starts rubbing Adelphia’s G-Spot again, but this time it take Adelphia no more than 15 seconds to come, and she squirts in a way that surpasses all the squirts she had earlier touching her self. When they arrived to my house, Adelphia told me she will be moving in with April into her one bedroom place. I was very pleased, since they both promised to visit me weekly, and I now have a free room again for a new female roommate. Room for rent!

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