Sales Conference


Sales ConferenceI’ve been exceeding my quotas for three years now and the company is finally sending me to the conferences- the good ones. This last summer I was fortunate enough to go the best show in the industry in Miami. I checked into the swanky hotel and got up ready to learn what I could and see the sights. As I moved around the booths and went from seminar to seminar I kept bumping into this gorgeous sales manager I recognized from another company.Veronica is a bit older, around 35 but she is stil a knockout. 5’7″ 120 lbs, long black hair and great curves. A great smile and beuatiful mouth round out her features. We chatted a bit in between sessions and seemd to hit it off.That evening at the formal dinner she sat next to me. . She had a stunning gown on and I cold see most of her globes. What a treat. I almost spilled my drink later as she laid her hand on my lap, then squeeed me.I looked over in disbelief as she smiled at meAfter th dessert she leaned over and suggested we go to her suite.”It’s the ammbassador’s suite” she whispered:Come up in 15 minutes”WEll I was right on time had already called my wife (Cindi) so I didn’t have to worry about thatI was greeted at teh door of the suite by a butler who showed me to the sitting room and dissapeared”Hi Derek” Veronica entered the room in a flimsy robeAs she sat next to me I could see through her robe. Her nipples were huge”Champaign?””Yeah”I sipped the drink, sat it down and pulled her close”Ooooooooooh” she shriekedI kissed her as I slid my hand down her robe and felt her boobs- fantasticVeronica got up and heaed to the jacuzi in the room next doorShe looked back at me as she slid off her robeWhat a fantastic body kütahya escort as she slowly entered the tubI stripped off my clothes and joined herWE kissed and our bodies rubbedRonnie (veronica) sat on the edge and parted her leg. Her bald pussy was in plain viewI moved closer and just admired her for a whiel before I blew on her lips. She squiremed a bitI moved in all the way and kissed her on the lips and nibbled on her clit”Ooooooh yeeeeeah”. I ran my tongue up and down her inner tisonysue and came back to sucking and licking her clitRonnie grabbed my head and pulled me in, firmly as she shuddered and moaned loudlyShe bucked and almost screamed and then let goShe lay back and panted”Whew, I’m hot and she walked over to the balconyI admired the view of her spectacular ass\I got up and followed herI ran my hands over her boobs as my hardness pressed against herCindi has smallish athletic tits. Ronnie has full globes. I felt them for some time. Her nude body exposed to the worldI slowly bent Ronnie over the rail and entered her tight pussy from behindRonnie grinned, this is what she wantedI long stroked her but I knew I wouldn’t lastHere I was fucking this gorgeous doll on the balcony of the 28th floor in full viewI grabbed her hips and shoved my full length in her as I came. She moaned again as my knees got weak and I almost fell to the groundWe spent the rest of the evening fucking and sucking, in and out of the tub, on the couch, in the bed and the balconyI woke up as room service was delivering breakfastRonnie was wearing that flimst robe again and the waiter got a good viewRonnie shoved the cart out onto th balcony and I joined herWe istanbul escort sipped coffee and oj and adminred each other. She slid her robe off and we both got some Florida sun”Let’s bloww off the conference” she suggested”Yeah, I’m up for that” Are you k**ding me I thought, spend the day fucking her or go to classes”I need to check in with my wife” I infomred her”Go ahead” she smiled, do it nowI called Cindi and began getting caught up as Ronnied slid over and took me in her mouthI never believed I would get blown as I talked to my wife on the phoneI was difficlut to keep talking as I shot my load in Ronnies sweet mouth with perfect teethShe walked with a sexy bounce to the bathroom to rinse outAfter the call we headed back to the bedWe lay there stroking each other when I was startled”Derek, how would you feel about my husband watching”Suddenly there was a guy dressed in a robe nearbyRonnief grasped my member with her thumb and finger and stroked me as I processed what was going on”wellllllllll” she slid down and started blowoig me as he grinnedI was still startled as she came back up and pulled me into herShe felt awesome as I started stroking her. I looked over and he had sat down, parted his robe and began stroking himselfI looked down at Ronnies’ big boobs as her nipples became engorged.She arched and so did II blew a big load in her as she came. We both collapsedI looked over and her hubby and shot a load alsoAfter Ronnie and I caught our breath she ordered Tom to clean us upHe headed to the bathrom and came back with two warm wet towelsHe cleaned her mound and wiped my sweat off her chestI almost freaked as he cleaned off my hatay escort nuts and dick with a warm towel. I’ve barely been touched by a guy”Well, that went okay”Ronnie remarked”I’m not sure about this Ronnie””Just take it a little at a time she smiledTom got us some strawberries and cool water. I admired Ronnies body as I recoveredShe lay back and I went with herAs I kissed her and ran my hands down her body I felt Tom playing with my balls, then my dick, getting me hardRonnie rolled over on her stomach and I fucked her form behind for the first time. What a great view lookig at her tremendous body as I ran my lenght into herI almost shot as Tom began playing with my balls from behind, then I couldn’t control myself and emptied into herTom cleaned us up again and we napped for a whileWhn we woke up Tom was setting up lunch. He was wearing either a pari fo Ronnies panties or underwear I ddin’t recognizeWe headed to teh large shower and Tom scrubbed us for another roundI lay on the bed and Ronnis lowered herslef to my face. I gave her the best sucking and licking I could and she bagen moaningI was shocked to feel Tom not only playong with my nuts but he began sucking meI shot a load in his mouth as I kept pleasing RonnieThe rest of the afternoon we spent fucking and sucking again. As I tried to recover Tom woul dget me hard againAfter dinner when I called Cindi they took turns blowing me- WOWIt was harder adn harder to recover so I had to please Ronnie more and more with my mouth. The upside was I was blown byTomFinally as the sun was coming up I asked Ronnie if I clould get some pictures”Take them with my phone and I’ll send you copies” she repliedWe started with classy glamour shots and ended with full porn posesShe then took some of me- a little surpriseAs I dressed to leave the sute Ronnie gave me her contact informationJust before I left she kissed me and so did Tom- total surpriseI can’t wait for another conference!!!! She opened the door and stood next to the rail

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