Seduced By My Friend’s Mother


Seduced By My Friend’s MotherMrs. McMarthy was a petite woman. At barely 5 feet tall, she was about 40 years old at the time (1967), weighed 100 pounds, had short reddish hair, small breasts, shapely ass, nice legs, and a cute Irish face. She was very fickle and fun-loving and married to a travelling salesman. Her two teenage c***dren were named Kathy and Billy. The McCarthy ‘s house was a crash pad for Billy and his friends. The usual group was Jerry (me), Jack and Mike and Mel. Usually, we would watch TV in the living room, drink coke and talk about sports or girls. Mrs. McCarthy was often present and would join the conversation. You could feel comfortable saying anything in front of her. There were a lot of laughs.Other times, the gang would go up to the attic. Many things went on including cigarettes, swearing, drinking, and “circle jerks”. Occasionally, Mel would sneak in a six pack and some Playboy magazines. In no time, 5 young cocks were out jerking to the naked models. Mel would always cum first followed by Billy and Jack. Then it was my turn, then Mike, then Mel again. The pools of cum would leave these weird designs on the wooden floor after they dried. Billy was a year older than me and one day, after he went away to college, I was in the neighborhood and rang the doorbell.“Hello Mrs. McCarthy. I was passing by and thought I’d say hello.”“Jerry, what a nice surprise! Do come in and have a seat on the sofa. I’ll get you a soda.”She kağıthane escort returned with the refreshments, sat beside me and asked:“Tell me what you’ve been doing? How are your parents? Are you going to college? Do you have a girlfriend?”I answered all her questions and asked if she was doing alright. She said yes but that the big house felt lonely with her husband on the road a lot and Kathy and Billy away at school. The chit chat went on for a while when she said:“You know, I was aware what was going on in the attic when you boys were up there by yourselves. I could smell the smoke and would go up after you left to see if there were empty beer bottles. Mr. McCarthy would have killed Billy if he knew you were drinking. And, I’d clean up, as best I could, the sticky stains on the floor. Was that what I think it was? Don’t lie.” she said, while giving me a big smile.“Uh, what did you think?” “Well, it looked like sperm! Were you boys masturbating?” Before I could answer, I felt her hand on my thigh. When I looked into her eyes, she kissed me and put her tongue in my mouth. I was shocked and by pure instinct, I grabbed her breast. The kissing went on for a few minutes and my 18 year old libido was kicking into gear. Somehow, her leg got d****d over mine while rubbing my crotch as my dick got harder and harder. I slid my hand up her skirt and discovered she wasn’t wearing panties. bakırköy escort I also found a very wet, hairy pussy.I’d had sex with a few girls prior to this but none who actually knew what they were doing. Mrs. McCarthy took off her clothes and got on her knees, removed my shoes and socks, unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants completely off. She started by licking my balls then put her hands under my ass and spread my cheeks to get at my asshole. I couldn’t believe someone would lick an anus like it was an ice cream cone but it felt great. Then, she took my cock in her mouth and slowly worked her way to the base of the shaft all the while cupping my nuts. She worked her hands, mouth and tongue with incredible precision.Sensing I was about to cum, she stopped and asked if I’d like to do it on her face. I needed no encouragement for this. She laid on the sofa and I sat on her chest. With her mouth wide open, I shot a massive load all over her face, in her mouth, up her nose, in her hair and on the fabric. With the last drop hanging from my dick, she took it in her mouth and sucked with a perfect amount of pressure. When I got off her chest, she maneuvered as much cum as possible into her mouth and swallowed. She said it tasted good. After a breather, I was told it was her turn and to lay on the rug. As she stood above me, I couldn’t take my eyes off the full, golden bush between her şişli escort legs. It literally shone from the drops of love juice that were all over it. She slowly lowered her slit onto my mouth and I started to lick and suck. It was so fuzzy, warm and wet, I ate it for what seemed like 20 minutes. At one point, she turned around and bent down to suck my cock. My nose was now practically in her asshole. Since it didn’t smell bad and she’d done it, I asked her to straighten up. I went at it just like she had: alternating from light licking to heavy slurping, occasionally sticking the tip of my tongue into the hole. Based on the noises she was making, I thought she liked it.She got up off my face and straddled my body. Squatting only the way that small women can, she lowered herself onto my cock until it was completely buried. She had an amazing rhythmic movement and virtually turned full-circle a couple times without getting off. She had numerous orgasms and I finally asked to get on top.At this point, she moved to the sofa, spread her legs apart, grabbed her calves and pulled so her ass rose to the right height. I knew what she wanted and with my knees slightly bent, I gently worked my dick into her ass by dropping spit to provide lubrication. Once in, I began pumping. She was talking real dirty now: “Fuck my ass. I love your cock! Give it to Billy’s Mommy! Cum in my asshole!”. I gave it a final thrust and spasmed my jizz about 10 feet into her bowels. When I pulled out, a brownish-white liquid followed. I dropped to the floor and laid for some time to regain my strength. She got up and went to freshen up. I was fully dressed when she returned. She seemed fine but I felt embarrassed and never saw Mrs. McCarthy again. I never saw Billy either, who was killed in Viet Nam.

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