Sisters Friend Moves Into Our House – Pool Sex


Sisters Friend Moves Into Our House – Pool SexWell, today was another good day in the making. There was Janice, my sister’s best friend who had moved in with us till she finished high school sunning herself by the pool. This six foot tall blond beauty had wanted to fuck me since she was a teenager and I had finally consummated what we both wanted for years. Since I got home from college on winter break we have been fucking every chance we could get. Years of pent up desire for each other had been unleased. Now now we just count the hours until everyone will be out of the house so we could resume our lovemaking. Today would be no different, my Mom would be at work, my other Sister and her k** were going to a friend’s house all day and my younger Sister would be at school working on a project. I glanced at the clock as I heard my sister’s car leave the driveway. It had been two days since Janice and I last fucked and my balls were full to the brim with cum that would soon be going down Janice’s throat or into her fine pussy. Little did I know where that cum was really going to go that day? I walked out on the patio and said “hey Janice everyone’s gone let’s go for a swim”. Instead, Janice went and got two long cushions from the chaise lounges and put them together like a bed on the patio. I knew what this meant, she wanted to get laid and the hell with swimming. But I was a little surprised when she handed me a bottle of sun tan oil and lay on the cushions and said “do my back first”. Well any chance I had to massage my young honey’s body was fine with me. I squirted some oil on her back and softly massaged her back as I applied the oil. My hands roamed freely down her supple neck and down her spine and she moaned softly. Janice turned her head and said “go ahead untie my bikini so you can do my whole back”. It was untied in a millisecond and I could see the side of her beautiful breasts as I began massaging her entire back. My hand wandered all the way down to her bikini bottoms as I began to massage her fine small ass. Janice then said, “do my legs” so I applied some oil to my hands and ran my hand up and down her long legs. After a few minutes I decided I would go ahead and tease her a little bit. My hand ran up and down her legs and I began reaching higher and higher until the tips of my fingers were just touching her pussy and then I would stop. I then ran my hand up and down her inner thighs stopping just short of what I knew had to be her enflamed pussy. Janice said “Rick your gonna drive casino şirketleri me nuts, now do the front”. She rolled over on her back revealing her wonderful tits to me. I spread more oil on my hands as I massaged her neck and then spread it around her stomach and fabulous breasts. Again my hand reached just to the edge of her bikini bottoms and I stopped and I moved my hand somewhere else. Finally, she said Rick I really want a “whole tan”. I asked what’s a “whole tan”? She responded it’s where you tan your entire body like they do in Europe. You get totally naked so you tan all over and you don’t have any tan lines, I want to try it. I laughed because Janice was a fair skinned Scandinavian blond. I joked you can’t get a tan you’ll just get a nasty sunburn on your ass. Janice replied “shut the fuck up I’ll just tan for twenty minutes so I don’t get burned” as she pulled down her bikini bottoms revealing that beautiful ass of hers. Sure enough she did have red tan lines so I figure what the heck. I began rubbing lotion all over her fine ass making sure my finger went near her pussy now and then. Janice was purring like a kitten as I began to massage her whole body while she relaxed and enjoyed the experience. By this time my cock was rock hard under my swim suit and I decided what the heck I should have some fun with this. I took my hands and began massaging her neck and shoulders. She purred like a kitten as I positioned my body over her so that my cock was lined up directly over her ass crack. I lowered myself until I knew she could feel my dick rubbing against her ass crack. I kept rubbing her neck and at the same time began moving my cock slowly up and down her ass. I was surprised that I didn’t hear any protests as my dick was rubbing her naked ass. I thought to myself “dream on, no way is this young honey going to let you fuck her in the ass”. My mind went back to last year when my mother’s 45 year old girlfriend decided to teach me all about sex while enjoying a young eighteen year old stud who could fuck her three or four times a day. One of the things she taught me was the right way to have good and safe anal sex with a woman. My Mom began to suspect that I was spending “too much time with her friend Alice” and broke off their friendship.Well I decided to let Janice tan herself. I went into the pool to cool off and ponder what was going on. I wondered if Janice had let me rub my hard cock up and down her ass crack without protesting. Was she just too relaxed or was she casino firmalari signally me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Finally, Janice got up and jumped in the pool to rinse off all the oil. I decided what the hell I’ll go for broke and see how she reacts. I took off my swim suit and my cock was as hard as a rock. I came up from behind Janice put my arms around her waist and held her still while I moved my cock up and down her naked ass crack. At the same time I reached around and began massaging her pussy. To my shock and surprise Janice said “you want my ass don’t you”. I said “it sounds like a good idea to me”. She replied “me to, I’m always into new things”. We both got out of the pool and went back to the cushions. I positioned Janice so she was on her knees and her head was resting on a cushion. Janice was now in a perfect position to be ass fucked. Her ass was about a foot in the air and her head was resting comfortably on the pillow. Janice asked “won’t it hurt?” and I replied “yeh at first, but she said go ahead because she knew she was going to be fucked in her ass for the first time in her life. I knew she was a virgin, so I decided a little anal foreplay was in order. I got some astro-glide and began fingering her rosebud to get Janice ready for the larger organ that was soon to follow. Janice squirmed even from this gentle probing. She soon began to moan in pleasure as my finger entered her ass, first to the knuckle and then all the way in. As I gently manipulated her ass I added a second finger. After a few minutes I knew she had gotten use to her anal opening being manipulated with an in and out motion.I got behind Janice on my knees and aimed my cock right to the center of her ass rubbing the head of my cock up and down her ass until I found her rosebud. I pushed and she screamed in pain as I entered her virgin ass for the first time. I gave her about two inches so she could get used to it. I offered to withdraw but she said “I’m Ok just take it easy”. I knew once I got my cockhead past her anal opening she would be able to relax and get used to a man inside her ass. I stood still for about two minutes while Janice got used to a cock inside her. Soon I could tell she was relaxing and I gave her another three inches and began to slowly and gently fuck her ass for the first time. Then when I was sure she was ready I grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place and plunged my seven inches of man meat into her tight little hole. Janice grunted loudly which güvenilir casino soon changed to moans of pleasure as she got used to a man deep inside her rectum. Janice had a really small tight ass that gripped my cock in a tight hold from the base of my cock to the tip. I could tell her demeanor changed and she was beginning to enjoy having a man’s deep in her ass. I began to rhythmically fuck this blond haired beauty and she began to move her ass towards me and we began fucking in unison. I knew I was pleasuring her and she was really enjoying this new and different experience. Some women but not many really enjoy the fullness they feel when a cock is in their ass and like anal sex. My former senior lover Alice just loved anal sex. Janice softly moaned and her voice got louder as ahe said “fuck me, fuck my ass don’t stop, my ass feels so full and your cock feels so good!! “. I knew the best kind of anal sex was to go nice and slow to relax your partner so I slowly fucked Janice ass for about another ten minutes until I sensed that she was going to have an orgasm. I stopped and let her move her asshole up and down my cock at a pace she enjoyed. Janice began to reach her climax at the same time my cock was telling me it was about to explode. Then I couldn’t take it anymore and I shouted “God I love you honey” as I shot a huge load of cum deep inside her. Janice came at the same moment moving her ass until she too was spent. It was an incredible experience for both of us. Janice collapsed on the cushions and I withdrew my cock from her ass. Then my eyes beheld an incredible sight. Here I was watching my cum drip from her ass. I had given her a good size creampie that was running out of her ass and down her leg onto the cushions. Janice turned her head and French kissed me saying “thanks, thanks, that was incredible, I never knew it would feel so good”. But God my ass is gonna be sore tomorrow. A few hours later I was rewarded with what we jokingly called and “underwater blow job” I would sit on the second step of the pool with only my cock just above the water. Janice got on her knees at the base of the stairs and her mouth was perfectly lined up with my cock. She would start sucking my cock. If she went to low some pool water splashed around my cock. It was an incredible sensation. A warm mouth on the top of your dick with cool water flowing over your balls. Janice just loved doing this because she knew it drove me crazy and I would cum in seconds. This time it was no different and Janice hungrily swallowed my semen like a good girl should. She knew the next day I would reciprocate and eat her pussy the same way. So it was another great day on Winter Break; who knew it would end with my sister’s girlfriend taking a load of my cum in her ass.

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