Stacy 2


Stacy 2″Jack, climb out of your pit and give me a lift to work, will you?”Mum’s voice penetrated my hard-achieved slumber and I groaned as the morning light burned my eyes. Rubbing my face, I blinked the ceiling into focus and stared at it while my mind assailed me with lurid images. Had last night really happened? Could I have been so stupid that I did not realise the young, teen pussy I was thrusting eagerly into did not belong to my sister’s gymnastic team-mate, but to my little sister, herself?How could I possibly reconcile the fact that the most wonderful and arousing sex I had ever had was an i****tuous coupling with my eighteen year old sister? More to the point, how could I ever face the brat again, after what I had done to her?Then a thought struck me with such a blinding revelation that I bolted upright and my jaw dropped open. Stacy knew what was happening almost right from the start! Admittedly I had finger-fucked her in her sleep, but the moment she awoke I had said, “It’s Jack.”When I then asked, “Do you want me to stop,” she had shaken her head and opened her legs further. That was quickly followed by my question, “Do you want me?” and once more, she had signalled yes.My mind spun as I tried to understand those implications. The brat and I had never really got along at all, so why would she eagerly allow me to fuck her? Did she know that I thought she was Kimberley and deliberately deceived me, or did she mistakenly think that I had wanted to have sex with her all along?”Jack, are you awake? Come and have your breakfast and then we can leave,” mum shouted up the stairs.”Alright! I’m coming,” I grumbled as I put on my boxer shorts and shambled to the bathroom.Just as I reached it, the door swung open and a cloud of steam billowed out, followed by the brat. She was wrapped in a towel that was too small even for her c***d-like body and it barely reached from her tiny breasts to just below her crotch. The way her skin glistened with youth and vitality under its sheen of moisture made my heart pound.With her head tilted to one side as she rubbed her long, wet, blonde hair briskly with another towel, she did not see me until she bounced off my broad chest. Instinct took over and my hands shot out to grab her narrow waist to stop her from falling backward. At that contact, time seemed to freeze. Because she is only four foot eleven tall, the top of her head was almost in line with my nipples. It seemed to take forever for her gaze to track up my chest to my face. Then I was staring down into her innocent, baby-blue eyes as her cheeks slowly flushed a deep pink and her lips parted to say something.The door to my parent’s bedroom opened and Dad walked out, straightening his tie. That broke the spell, and the brat’s face wrinkled into a sulky pout of disgust.”Eeww!” she whined, slapping my chest to make me move aside, “You stink of stale beer! Even a caveman knew more about personal hygiene than you do! I know we share most of our DNA with apes, but do I have to share a house with one, too?”I could only stare as her small frame disappeared into her bedroom and shut the door. Dad patted my shoulder as he passed by, “Don’t take it to heart, son. You were just as stroppy when you were a teenager.”When he had descended the first step on the stairs, he twisted to smile at me over his shoulder, “Pumpkin has a point about your stale beer cologne. A shower might figure in your near future, perhaps.”When he had gone, I lifted my arm and sniffed. Wrinkling my nose, I ventured into the steam-filled bathroom and hoped the brat had not used all the hot water.++++++++++Fresh and aromatic, I slipped into my chair at the breakfast table and breathed in deep the delicious smells of frying bacon and sausages. As my mother slid the food onto a plate, I glanced across the table to the brat. She had her head down and was chasing a slice of banana around her bowl of muesli with a spoon.Today, she no longer looked like the stroppy k** I had suffered all these years, because I saw her with different eyes. It was probably the first time I realised that she was a growing woman and not just my little sister. I was actually surprise to see that she was very beautiful. How could I not have noticed that before?Her glossy golden hair was bound back into a ponytail that hung down to the centre of her back and she was wearing a white T-shirt that read, “Gymnasts do it with apparatus.”Stacy loved her T-shirts. She had dozens and was always either spending her allowance on new ones, or more often, playing the Daddy’s girl to get my father to buy them for her. The poor sap would be dragged to the mall on Saturday’s and spend hours following mum and the brat as they attempted to try on every article of clothing the place possessed.Of its own accord, an image of Stacy trying on some sexy lingerie suddenly popped into my head. I could clearly see her boyish frame in bright red fishnet stockings and matching lacy bra. The panties were crimson silk with high cut sides and clung to her young pussy so tightly that her puffy lips were clearly visible. She twirled slowly so that I could get a good look at her small, firm buttocks before she faced me once more and gracefully lifted one leg so that it pressed against her side, her foot pointing straight up above her head.”Want to fuck me like this, Jack?” she whispered, seductively.”Jack?” she asked again, but this time with my mother’s voice.”Hunh?” I managed when the daydream shattered and I realised that mum was standing beside me with my food on a plate. Her beautiful face broke into a dazzling smile as she placed the breakfast before me.”I guess somebody hasn’t woken up yet. I said, do you want some fresh orange juice, Jack?” She ruffled my hair, which she always did even though she knew I hated it, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.”Sure,” I replied as I picked up my knife and fork.While she poured my drink, Dad finished reading his paper and folded it neatly before placing it on the table beside his plate. Some morning rituals never changed. He straightened his tie and smiled across at the brat, “Want a lift to Kimberley’s house to see how the new baby is doing?”Without looking up, she shook her head, “No, that’s okay, Daddy. Jack can drive me over when he’s had his breakfast.”The kitchen descended into silence. Dad exchanged an incredulous look with mom and then they both stared at their daughter who was still half-heartedly playing with her cereal. It was unheard of for Stacy not to leap at every chance to spend time with Dad and even rarer for her to seek my company. Usually she would rather have her teeth pulled than occupy the same room as me.”Well, if my little Pumpkin is sure,” Dad said, hesitantly.”Dadeee!” the brat complained with a girlish whine as she rolled her eyes. It was another family ritual for him to affectionately call her the pet name and for her to complain about it.Slipping into the final spare chair as she placed my glass before me, mum shook her head, “Jack can’t drive you over to Kimmy’s. My car is in the shop and I need him to take me to work.” Waggling a pointing finger at my plate, she grinned, “So, if you’ll just this once ignore my advice to chew your food carefully and wolf it down like you usually do, I’d appreciate it.”Her emerald green eyes sparkled with playfulness as she pinched a strip of bacon off the side of my plate.”Hey!” I protested.”Then I guess I win and get the pleasure of your company, Pumpkin,” Dad teased.The brat just flashed me a quick ambiguous glance from under her honey-coloured fringe and shrugged at him. Instantly, she turned on the Stacy-wants-something-charm.”Daddy?””Yes, Peanut?””You are still going away with Mummy this week-end, aren’t you?”After a sip of coffee, he answered with caution in his voice, “Yeeeessss. Why?””Well, I know that it’s your anniversary and I saw just the most perfect present for you two in the store.””So?” he said with a tone that suggested he already knew where this was going.Her chair made a scrapping noise as she slid it backward and walked to his side. She flung her arms around him and hugged his head against her cheek, “Well I really wanted to buy it for you, but there’s this dress that I really want also. It will cost me all my savings to get it and if I don’t then it might not still be there when I can next afford it. And it’s such a pretty dress, Daddy. I’ll put it on and show it to you when you get home tonight, if you’d like.”I washed a mouthful of sausages down with my orange juice and knew he was going to fall for it. He always did. The brat could twist both of our parents around her little finger and it made me seethe. As predicted, he fished bursa escort out his wallet and opened it saying, “And how much is my anniversary present going to cost me, then?”Like the little cow she could be, Stacy slipped several notes from its folds and gave him a loving peck on his cheek.”You’re the bestest Daddy a girl could have!”My retching noises were cut short when my mother lightly cuffed the back of my head.”But you know she’s not going to spend all that on a present!” I objected.Dad slipped his arm around the brat’s waist and hugged her to him, “If there’s some left over, I don’t mind my little Pumpkin treating herself.”I glared as Stacy poked her tongue out at me and then disappeared into the living room. Mum stood up and smoothed her cream pencil-skirt down her thighs, “Finish up quickly, darling. I really am running a bit late.”Shovelling the last of the food into my mouth, I wondered what it was about my family that could have me acting and feeling like a jealous teenager after only being home for a week.++++++++++Driving home after dropping mum off, my thoughts were full of Stacy. I just could not figure anything out. My own feelings about what had happened between us were all jumbled and confused, so how could hers be any different?She had acted almost as if last night had never happened, except for that brief moment when she said she wanted me to drive her to Kimberley’s. Did that mean she was okay with what we had done? Was I?Deep down I knew all the arguments against i****t and until last night, I would probably have agreed with most of them, but today everything was different. I could not forget just how sensational the sex had been. No other girl had left me with such a satisfied feeling. But how much of that was down to the pleasure that came from realising with hindsight that it was my sister which so wantonly thrust back to meet my rampant cock?Just the memory of how sweet her kisses tasted or how her little pussy squished with juice when I fingered it, made my manhood swell. I could still feel the pressure in the centre of my palm caused by her taut nipples as I clutched her peach sized breast. The heavenly scent of her hair seemed to linger in my nostrils and I fixed my eyes onto the middle finger of my left hand that, barely seven hours ago, had been knuckle deep in the willing cunt of my little sister. I could almost feel her sticky nectar coating it.A blaring car horn made me snap out of the daydream and I quickly steered the car away from the middle of the road, back to the centre of my lane. That was close!++++++++++I was surprised when I got home to find Stacy knelt on the sofa, leaning over its back and peering out of the window through the lace curtains.”I thought you were going with Dad?” I asked as I tossed the car keys onto the coffee table.Her black mule shoes waved back and forth as she wiggled her buttocks in time to some music she was humming. She frowned, but did not answer.”Stacy?” I asked again, as I flopped down into an armchair by the fireplace. The little brat ignored me as she looked up and down the street. I was getting the silent treatment, typical.From my seated position in the chair, I could now see something that made my pulse hammer. She was wearing knee-length white socks that made my eyes begin to travel up to her thighs, which were as slim as a young girl’s, but had a beautiful golden tan. However, it was what was just above them that fixed my gaze like a magnet. She was wearing a plaid mini-skirt that was so short that with her leaning forward I could see a small patch of her white panties. They were tight across her butt and I could just make out the shadowed slope where her thighs rose gracefully into her slim girlish buttocks. The elastic rim of her panties caused a slight indent in her smooth skin.As my eyes feasted on the display the young nymph was giving me, my cock grew as hard as steel. I shivered with delight when she leant further forward and her tiny skirt rode higher. More of her white cotton clad backside exposed itself to me, making me unable to move for fear of disturbing her and ending the show.After several glorious minutes, she sprang off the sofa and picked up her tiny pink backpack. Slipping a small bottle of mineral water and her purse into it, which was about all it was big enough to hold, she zipped it shut and threaded her arms through its straps.”Kim’s here. Her mom’s driving us to see Jody and then we’re going to the mall. Daddy said I could stay at her house for tea, so I won’t be home till late.”As she began to leave, I called, “But Stace, we need to talk!”She froze with her back to me and paused for a second.”No we don’t,” she said with a cross tone, hitching her shoulder strap up and hurried out the front door. I sat and stared at her departed form for a few moments before the ringing of the telephone made me jump.”Hello?” I asked, a little sharply.”Yo, one-shot, it’s Cooper. We’re gonna ‘ave a barbecue and thought you may wanna come and pig out.”It could be just the thing to take my mind off my i****tuous thoughts so I smiled, “Sure, Coop. Got enough food?””Loads mate! We’ve got a few crates of beer as well, but Tank-boy say’s that’s only enough for ‘im, so if you want any you’d better bring reinforcements!”++++++++++Miranda squealed when Mitch dive-bombed into the pool, causing a backlash of water that soaked her as she sat on the edge paddling her feet. She was his girl, now, but had been mine for a while before that. There were no hard feelings about it though, because we were still friends, just not lovers anymore.I snapped another can open and lay back on the sunlounger. On my left, Tank-boy was sprawled on his back on the patio as his girlfriend Emma stepped over him to reclaim her sunbathing spot on the next lounger. I had not met Emma before today, but had to admit that Liam had done well for himself. She was a stunning brunette that apparently came from a very wealthy family.”How’s it goin’ livin’ back with your folks?” Coop asked around a mouthful of hamburger.”Oh, you know. They drive me crazy and get me acting like a teenager, again.””Is there any other way?” asked Tank-boy as he lifted his head and squinted because of the sun.Emma stretched out a shapely leg and tapped him back down with a gentle push of her foot, “You will not grow up until you have c***dren of your own, Liam honey.””Now there’s a scary thought,” shot Coop. “I don’t think the world could handle any more pollution of the gene pool. One Tank-boy is quite enough.””You and the horse you rode in on, Coop!”Grinning, Cooper chomped another bite from his burger and then glanced back my way, “So what about the brat? Is she still a snobby little bitch?”The last time my friends had seen Stacy she was about fifteen and had told Cooper not to fall asleep on the beach in case Greenpeace came along and tried to re-float him. Only Tank-boy could get away with teasing him about how large he was. Even Mitch and I tended to stay away from that subject.”Hmm,” I mumbled, non-committedly. “How’s your s*s?”Before he could answer, Liam lifted his head, again, “Bet she’s still under a college boy, somewhere!””Fuck you, needle dick,” spat our angry friend. “If it weren’t for Emma’s pity, you’d never get laid!””Oh, I don’t know about that. I could always fuck your sister.””Yeah? Who told you she’d let you?””Everybody.”A half eaten hamburger bounced off his forehead and skipped into the pool. These two could keep this up for hours, so I raised my voice, “Yo, Mitch, the lovers are at it again!”Bobbing in the water between Miranda’s legs, he turned and scowled at the pair, “Knock it off, that’s an order!””Ooo, I love it when you get all masterful,” Miranda purred and slipped into the water with him. I knew that look from her. The lucky guy would be getting a fantastic cock sucking later on.”So, returning to your earlier question, before we were so rudely interrupted,” said Cooper to me in a mock posh accent. “Cindy is fine. Grounded until she’s sixty, but fine.””Oh? What did she do?””Dad caught her getting her kitty licked on the backseat of his car.”That image filled me with sorrow for the guy that was with her. Cooper’s dad was an ex-marine who thought his daughter should be as pure as the driven snow and he would knock Hell out of anyone who claimed different. He had broken the nose of one guy who had called her a slut.”Ouch!” I winced. “What did he do to the lad?””It weren’t a lad. It was her music teacher, Miss Blake, who was nose deep in her pussy.””No Way!” I gasped. I had a vague memory of a forty-something woman with her hair in a bun. I think I met her once at Coop’s cousin’s wedding.”Did your bursa escort bayan Dad fire her?””Not really, but there was no point her staying on afterwards. She wasn’t able to teach Cindy the piano, anymore.””Why not?” I asked. Not even Coop’s dad would hit a woman, surely?”Pop took an axe to the piano.”Ah. That was more like it. I took a swig of beer and lay back trying to figure out how to ask Cooper what was weighing on my mind. Did he ever think sexual thoughts about his sister? It was hard not to with Cindy. She had gained the nickname “Ferrari” from the lads at her college because she was fast and a good ride. I prayed that Coop’s dad never found out that it was me that had taken her cherry.Perhaps other brothers sometimes felt urges toward their sisters. It is only natural for guys to lust after any nearby females, anyway. Maybe I’m not so different. The beer I had consumed gave me a little bit of false courage, so I decided to try something.”Coop, is Cindy still as hot as ever?”He took a long gulp from his can and then burped, “I suppose so. What can I say, she’s my sister.””You don’t know if she’s hot or not?””Why ya askin’?””No reason. I just wondered if you thought she was sexy.””Urgh, dude! I know you poked her, but come off it! There’s no way I’d ever think she’s sexy; she’s my sister!””Oh,” I mumbled. “Of course you wouldn’t.”Tank-boy sat up and hooked an arm around Emma’s leg, “What about the brat? Is she sexy now she’s grown up a bit?”Trying to look casual, I shrugged. “Can’t tell.”A glint of suspicion seemed to shine in Emma’s eye as she looked at me for a second, and then she leant forward to push Liam away by his forehead. My blood ran cold as I panicked that my guilty secret must be so obvious that anyone would be able to see it. Like a neon sign on my head, perhaps. I was certain that Emma had realised something, but did not dare to even look her way.A giggle of pleasure came from the pool and Coop threw up his arms in exasperation, “Hey, guys! No fuckin’ in the pool! Take it inside if you must; my neighbours are prudes.”++++++++++When I got home, it was after midnight and the house was in darkness. I quietly used the bathroom and then slipped into my room. No matter what I did, thoughts of last night kept rearing their head. The more I dwelled upon it, the more I began to realise that there was more than just sibling love in me for Stacy. I wondered what it would be like to just go into her room and make love to her as I would with a normal girlfriend.In anger, I tossed my shirt across the room when I realised that it just could not happen. She is my sister and that’s that!Half an hour later, I was lying in the darkness still trying to talk myself into going to her room. After all, she had accepted me last night, why should tonight be any different? Because tonight you would know that it is your sister that you are making love to, that voice in my head chimed.The door to my room creaked open and I saw a small dark shape slip inside.”Jack?” she whispered. “Are you still awake?””Yeah.”The edge of my bed dipped as she sat on it, “Can we talk?””I thought you didn’t want to.”There was a pause and then I heard her sigh. Light flooded the room when I flicked on my little bedside lamp. There was my little sister, sat on the side of my bed with one leg folded beneath her. Her long blonde hair cascaded about her shoulders like a golden waterfall and her crystal-blue eyes were fixed on me with a nervous apprehension.”I didn’t know what to say,” she started, absently plucking at the hem of the T-Shirt she wore. It was several sizes too big for her and the picture of Winnie-the-Pooh with his head stuck in a honey-pot wrapped around the sides of her little frame. “It’s just that what you did…”I felt a surge of shameful guilt. I should have known that her enjoyment of it was all in my head. There must be something wrong with me to feel sexual things for her.”I’m so sorry, Stacy. I know I can’t make it up to you for the horrible thing that I did, but…”Her face shot up to look at mine, “I never said it was horrible.” Her cheeks flushed a bright pink, “It’s just that it was not the way I planned it for my first time.”I hadn’t thought I could feel any worse, but that hit me like a hammer blow. It had never even occurred to me that it would have been a first for her! Oh, God what had I done! She had been a virgin and now she had lost that to her pig of a brother!I covered my eyes and let my head crash down onto the pillows, “Oh, I’m so sorry, sweetheart! I never meant to hurt you!””You didn’t.”Puzzled by the caring I could hear in her voice, I took my hands away and looked up at her. She had a strange sort of expression that seemed half-sad and half-happy. Before I could say anything else, she shivered and rubbed her arms vigorously.”Brrrrr, it’s cold. Can I get under the covers?” After a moments pause, she added, “Just for a minute, of course.”Seeing goose bumps covering her thin arms, I lifted the blanket and she slipped inside. It was only when her cold arm nudged along my chest that I remembered I was naked. Shuffling away a little bit, I let her sink down on the warmest patch of the bed. She slid across it and snuggled up tight against me. With no room left to manoeuvre, I gave in and put my arm around her small shoulders as she rested her cheek on my chest.”Better?” I enquired.”Mmmm-huh.”We lay like that for a moment, before she twisted and turned off the lamp.”What are you doing?””You know what Daddy’s like. If he goes to the bathroom and sees the light on, he’ll think you have fallen asleep without switching it off and come in to do it himself.”That was true. I had not thought of that. In the darkness, she snuggled back against me. The sweet scents of her hair filled my senses. I was very conscious of the small lump of her breast pressing into my side. Her soft hair felt glorious against my naked skin and her breath seemed to tingle across my nipple. Already I could feel my shaft beginning to stir as I was getting aroused.”About last night,” she whispered.”It was wrong and I am so sorry.” I did not think that I believed it, but I thought it was what she wanted to hear.”Yes,” she said, finally. “It was very wrong. It was i****t.” Even though I could not see her, I could feel her face lift to look at mine when she added, “You do know that, don’t you.””Yeah,” I sighed with regret as all my day’s fantasies came crashing to a halt.”It’s something that we should never have done.””Don’t blame yourself, Stacy. It was all my fault. I am the one who sneaked into your bed and slipped my fingers into you while you were asleep. I got you all horny and it’s hard to stop something once it has gone that far.””I know,” she answered in a little voice. Guilt stabbed through me. I felt her rest her head back on my chest and slip an arm across me.”You didn’t realise what we were doing, Stace. I more or less forced myself on you.””No you didn’t!” she said, sharply. “You asked me, remember?””Yeah, but I’m your brother. That means it was wrong.””Maybe.”She shifted against me as if she were uncomfortable. The movement made her arm across my chest slip lower until it crossed my hips. There, the side of her forearm bumped into my semi-hard cock. She froze in place, immediately. Neither of us spoke for nearly a minute before she broke the silence.”Did I do that?””Sorta.””So you do find me attractive, then?””What?””You know. I don’t make you feel sick or anything?””Of course you don’t make me feel sick. What are you talking about?””Well, you said it yourself. I have a body like a f******n year old girl. No man would be interested in me.””Don’t talk daft. You are beautiful. And sexy. I haven’t been able to get the thoughts of you out of my head all day!””Really?” her voice quavered with wonder. I had forgotten just how low her self esteem was because of her underdeveloped body.”Yes really. I nearly had a car crash coming home from taking mum to work because I was daydreaming about the feel of your tits in my hand.”Her chest lurched against my side and she let out a little sob. “You’re just making that up to make me feel better!””No, I’m not! Stacy, you are lovely. I love your small tits. Yes, they are small, but that is not a bad thing. In my book, it’s a very good thing. I adore small tits and you have the nicest I have ever held.”There was silence for a while and we just lay together in a cosy embrace. The warmth of her little body seemed to seep into my right-hand side and pour straight down to my groin. I was getting really turned on!”I better go back to my room,” she whispered.Every fibre in me was screaming No! But I just murmured, “Okay. If you want.”I escort bursa could feel her nod, but she did not move. More long minutes passed. Just lying there in the darkness, with my arm around her tiny body was delightful torture. I had to fight the urge to roll above her and take her. If she had been any other woman but my sister, I would be halfway through ravishing her by now.But she wasn’t any other woman. She was my sister. My precocious brat of a little sister that could get under my skin and make me crazy with anger with just a few words. My teenaged sister that I had spent the last eighteen years fighting with and resenting. My darling sister that I had made love to last night and I was now trembling just from cuddling her. As I thought about her, warmth seemed to spread in my chest. It was a strange feeling that I had not felt before. It spread in waves from underneath my left breast until it filled me completely.Suddenly, I felt her plant a brief kiss on my chest.”Stacy?””Hmmm?””I thought you were going back to your own bed?””I am,” she said with a reluctant sigh. She still made no effort to get up.Finally, she raised her head, “Jack?””What?””I’m going now. Goodnight.”With that, she slid a little way up the bed and her lips brushed mine. It was the softest kiss that I have ever felt. Her lips fluttered against me for just a second and then withdrew. She stayed motionless beside me for what felt like forever before her mouth descended back to mine and pressed with a hungry passion.The sweet taste of her saliva mingled with that cherry lip-balm as we kissed each other with a forbidden desire. Her body was twisted against my side and the hand that I had put around her shoulders now was hooked over them and rested in the small of her back. I drew circles there as we kissed each other.The fiery desire gave way to a tenderness that surprised me with the way it generated even stronger feelings of lust. I kissed my little sister in a way that I had never kissed any other woman before. With love.Her small hand pressed down on my muscular chest and she pushed her mouth away from mine.”Oh, Jack! This is so wrong!””I know,” I replied with hoarseness in my voice.Once more, her lips descended to mine. This time they parted and her tongue slid into my mouth and flicked at my own with the gentlest of caresses. Her silky hair framed our faces as she gave in to her desires and kissed me with a growing neediness.Giving a little whimper, she tore her mouth from mine and dropped her face to rest it in the crook of my neck. Her hot breath billowed against my throat as she gasped for air. Through the cotton of her T-shirt, I could feel two hard points pressed into my chest. It was then that I also realised she was gently grinding her groin against the side of my hips. The T-shirt must have rucked up because I could feel her hot flesh against mine and the puffy slickness of her pussy as she rubbed it on me.”Oh, Jack, this is wrong. You’re my big brother. My older brother. And I’m your little sister. This is wrong. It’s bad. It’s naughty. It’s i****t.”Her whispers were getting husky with excitement as her hips moved against me with a rhythmic grind. Her upper thigh slipped further across my crotch as she widened her legs to get more of my hip against her groin. I could now feel a wet patch on my skin where her cunt was smearing its honey.Her lips brushed onto my throat in butterfly kisses as she stretched one arm across my chest to hug herself tighter against me.”Oh, Jack, yessss. This is nice. I like this.”I was rocking slightly as she humped her pussy against me. Her intermittent kisses on my throat felt so sensual and loving as she let her own passions build. The whole act was making my cock throb painfully as my own lust soared. I had to reach down and stroke my shaft to ease it.In my darkened bedroom, my little sister used my hip to masturbate herself with as she suckled at my throat. I had one hand stroking my rigid shaft and the other caressing her back as it rocked and heaved.”Kiss me, brother,” she whispered in a lusty tone.I eagerly tilted my face down to her raised one and mashed our lips together. Slick sticky wetness was coating my hip and running down its side as her pussy writhed against me. I had to wank my cock with a harder and firmer rhythm as my desire for this young girl mounted.Then, I felt the most delightful thing. Her small fingers closed around my slick shaft, below my own and she began to pump up and down with me. I let go and her hand moved higher as she stroked me faster. Her mouth dropped away from mine and she shivered as she buried her face in my neck. Her lips lay near my ear and she whispered continually into it.”I’m holding my brother’s cock! I have my brother’s hard cock in my hand! I’m wanking my older brother!”It was the words that seemed to excite her more and more. The very taboo act, when uttered aloud made this little teenager cream all the more. I smiled as I decided to help.”That’s it, little sister. Wank my hard cock in your hand. Feel your brother’s shaft sliding between your fingertips. Can you feel the way my juice is sliding down and making my sister’s hand wet? Fuck me with your hand, little sister. Fuck your brother!””OOhhh,” she moaned, shuddering against me and thrusting her hips with renewed intensity.Her hand was causing me such delight that I closed my eyes and lost myself to the feelings. She brought me back with a thrill when her tongue curled into my ear.”Tell me,” she breathed. “I want to hear it. Tell me how your sister is making you want to cum.””Yes, my angel, you are. You are making your brother’s cum boil in anticipation. I want to spurt my seed over you in creamy i****tuous waves, little sister. My dearest, darling little sister. I love you. Pump you tiny cunt against your brother. Let me feel your sticky honey gush out. Fuck your pussy against your brother.”I slid the hand that had been stroking the small of her back lower until I felt it slide off her T-shirt and onto the small thrusting mounds of her buttocks. The flesh was hot and slippery beneath my fingers. I stroked patterns in the sweat that covered them. Gingerly, I slipped my fingers into the crease and stroked up and down its whole length.”Can you feel your brother’s fingers on your ass, sister? Can you feel me touching you?””Yes!” she gasped, humping her sensitive clit against my hipbone with frenzy.”You belong to me, don’t you, s*s?””Yes!””I can do anything I want to you, can’t I?””Oh, yes!”I traced my thick finger down to the lower part of her butt crease and felt her little rosebud pass beneath my fingertip. Her body lurched as I touched that secret spot. It was not my goal for tonight, though. I let my finger follow the remaining inch of flesh before sinking it in one smooth movement all the way into her young cunt.Hot, slippery, rippled flesh slithered about my questing digit as she continued to buck her hips in passion. Her cunt juice bathed me in its sticky nectar and squelched to her movements. Her soft buttocks clenched and relaxed around my wrist as I slotted my finger back and forth in her moist sheath. Slick strands of sticky girl cream stretched from her puffy flesh to my knuckles as they bounced apart, to slowly drip like glistening ropes onto her thighs.”Is your pussy juicy for your brother, s*s? Is your little cunt all wet for your big brother?””Yes,” she whispered in a quavering voice.For a few minutes, all we could do was gasp as we were consumed by the delirious pleasure of our taboo act. Then she began to shake and shiver like she had last night. Mewls of delight gushed from her lips as she clung to me in helplessness as her orgasm broke. My plunging fingers were squeezed in a satin vice as her pussy writhed in i****tuous rapture. She mashed her clit against me and ground it in a circle as hard as she could while ripples shook her c***d-like frame.That was enough for me and my cum burst out in a torrential spray. It drenched the inside of the blanket above my groin and spattered up my belly. Her small hand pumped up and down to draw the last of my creamy tribute from its well. The final squirts just oozed out and ran in thick salty rivulets over her tiny fingers.Finally, she lay panting in my arms. Her little chest rose and fell in great gasps that squashed her peach like breasts against my hard muscles. My own chest rose and fell with such force that it lifted her up and down.She gave a dreamy little-girl giggle as her fingers drew swirls in the cum on my belly, “My brother’s spunk! My hands are covered in my big brother’s spunk. It’s so lovely warm and sticky. I love the feel of my brother’s cum.”As the last word left her lips, she jerked as if electrocuted. I could hear her intake of breath as a loud hiss.”Oh, no. What have we done! This is wrong!” Her voice trembled as she dissolved into tears, leapt from my bed and fled the room.

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