Stressful Job Interview


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Hi there, this is Priyanka again with another one of my accidental pleasurable encounters. After losing my virginity to Pawan & Mukul, I became more confident of having sex with my husband. I realized how the first accidental experience helped my personal life. Pawan soon moved to a different city and Mukul got married and got busy in his life. So other than that one time they never teamed up to take me again. Although I did occasionally empty their balls in my mouth.

This was supposed to be good news but somehow having sex with my husband didn’t feel as exciting as being used or taken by force. My husband was very sweet and would try different things but all with my permission. I realized some part of me liked to be dominated and made to do things that I normally might not agree to. I initiated this idea with my husband but even our domination role play was not as exciting as I expected it to be. Something about being blackmailed for a blow job felt so wrong that it used to make me leak instantly.

I remembered how wet I was the day of the hike. I wanted to experience that once more. There were a couple of times when Mukul and I went for a hike but on those occasions it never went past some sensuous ass grab and some light making out. I still felt more excited on those occasions than in bed with my husband. Over time my hikes got reduced and I tried to hit the gym more for my work outs.

I found myself masturbating to the video of pawan & mukul fucking me very often. I wanted it to happen again but did not want it to be a long standing affair. Such an occasion presented itself after about a year from the previous incident.

I wanted to move companies and was actively interviewing. One such interview was scheduled on-site and I was flown into Kansas City.

It had been a long time since I had given interviews and I was nervous. I reached the hotel arranged by the company the evening before my interview. To relieve some of my stress I decided to hit the gym. I usually wear a sports bra for my workout but I had forgotten to get one thinking it is just going to be an interview. So I went in with my normal bra and slacks that hugged my behind very well.

I know the slacks made heads turn since my husband used to love me in them. I would strut around the house in them to excite him. The hotel gym was empty but for one other guy on the treadmill. I took up the treadmill to his right and went about my cardio as usual. I vaguely noticed him getting done with his run and moving onto weights. I presumed he would like the jiggle in front of him while he did his weights.

What I didn’t realize then was that this was the only transparent slacks I owned and I had mistakenly packed this instead of my normal ones. When I say transparent it wasn’t all see through but when I bend it would stretch the material and give a full view of whats inside. Once I got done with my run I started stretching. Thats when the guy started a conversation with me. He was working for the company that I was interviewing with.

We spoke about the role I had applied to and I tried to understand from him what the company culture was. He was very friendly and he offered to help me in my stretches while we chatted. I was too engrossed in the conversation to notice how his hands almost cupped my bottom and roamed around spots that they weren’t needed to go to. In the end he wished me luck for the interview and said he expected me to meet him at the gym tomorrow same time. Saying that he gave my butt a good slap saying good workout and left leaving me a little surprised.

The next day I was further surprised to erotik film izle see him on the interview panel as the person who worked remotely for the same team who had been flown in to do a peer interview. He acted as this was our first meet and the interview went pretty well. That evening I kind of stalked him at the hotel and asked him out for dinner. At dinner I told him he could have revealed that he was a part of the team and not taken me for a ride.

He was apologetic and said that my interview had begun from the time I told him about the role I applied to. He said they felt I was a good fit for the role which was a relief. We then spoke about his personal life. He was a divorcee and had a kid with his former wife. He asked me about where my husband worked and the normal stuff before asking me to join him for a post dinner workout which he said would be satisfyingly rigorous.

We both hit the gym and again it was just us. We helped each other stretch and today I saw him feeling me up a bit. It reminded me of pawan & mukul but I realized this was not going to be anything like that. Unless I did something about it. My mind was racing through the possibilities of ending in bed with Charles (that was his name). He was a total stranger and this would not become anything of an affair. It was a different state altogether, no one would know.

The way he had tried to feel me up I knew he would be interested. I suddenly realized I was already dripping into my g-string thinking of Charles and me. I had kind of zoned out and was doing squats and what I didn’t notice was that Charles had stopped doing his work out and was shamelessly ogling at my transparent arse whenever I squatted. He could see through my butt crack and knew that I only had a g-string on.

After the work out I was wondering if this was just another lost opportunity when I found myself telling him how much I wanted this job and how I would be ready to do anything for this role if only he would help me. He asked me innocently what I meant by anything for the job, knowing fully well what I meant. The bastard wanted me to beg for him to take me to bed. I coyly told him he could come over to my room and I could clean him up in the shower.

He beamed at me saying thats a start. He now grabbed my ass and held onto my cheeks saying he thought I had what it took to excel at the role. And then did something that sent shivers down my already sopping pussy. He leaned in from behind holding my ass cheeks and whispered into my ear in a very dangerous tone – “I hope you are up for this. It’s going to be a long night and you might not like it. You can rethink if this is how badly you want the job.”

My mind went berserk with what he might make me do. This was not going to be an experience where I had passed out or where my sweet husband gently makes love to me. This was going to be something that I might not have bargained for. But it was happening, and for most I felt my slopping pussy could take anything tonight.

We reached my room and as soon as we went in, he spanked me smack in my ass and asked me to get his bath ready. He sternly told me I was his slut for the night and I was not supposed to question any of his commands or I might have to face the consequences. Saying this he just dropped his track pants and his underwear to reveal his fully erect dick.

Based on the 4 dicks I was privy to till now, I felt this was the smallest. Maybe he read my mind because I got another smack on my ass saying use your mouth to clean me up first bitch. Saying this he pulled me down with my hair and stuffed my mouth with his cock grunting in satisfaction of humiliating me well. I slurped his tool for about 15 minutes taking breaks film izle in between and he would hump my mouth to gag me when I was getting tired to show what I would get if I didn’t continue slurping.

After 15 minutes I felt him tugging at my top to see down my bra and he released a big load of his milk in my mouth smiling satisfyingly at my cleavage. He could see me struggling to swallow his salty fill mixed with his sweat and what I felt was a bit of his pee as well. I gave him one fearful look before gulping the load down my throat. It felt like he had me exactly where he liked. I was half amazed at how submissive I was and how wet this was making me. Getting humiliated by an older guy was one of my fetishes it seemed then.

Charles gave me a satisfied look and made me get up and turn around for him. He bent down and sniffed deep between my ass cheeks commenting I smelled dirty there and he liked my smell. I was wondering what perversions this guy had up his sleeve and was fearing what the night might have for me. He ordered me to get the shower ready and asked me not to strip but just get my bra off. And added that pathetic g-string didn’t cover much and asked me to leave it on.

I was surprised that he knew what I had underneath but followed his instructions like a well trained slut.

We were both in the shower now and he took off all of his clothes. For his age I was really impressed with how toned his body was. He didn’t have a six pack but he didn’t have a paunch either. What he lacked in the cock department he seemed to make up in the muscle department. In the shower he just pulled the back of my hair to jerk my head backwards so that water would fall all over my front wetting all that came in it’s way.

The cold water made my nipples hard in an instant. His eyes lit up as they started poking against my top. He hungrily attacked my neck letting his hand grope and maul at my boobs. He was in an excited trance licking at my neck and cleavage. I was thinking to myself he seems so horny that it’s going to be tough to satisfy him soon. After about 10 minutes of having his way with my upper body he again pushed me onto my knees and was ready for a 2nd round of using my mouth for his pleasure.

This time he gagged me a lot and kept deep throating me till he exploded deep inside my mouth almost making me cough out some of his cum. Just when I thought he is done and limp he pulled me up and kissed me on the lips with such passion. He didn’t mind tasting his own cum from my mouth and his hands roamed inside my slacks gently rubbing my wet genitals. This was sending shudders inside my pussy which was eagerly awaiting to be roughed up.

He then got me out of the shower made me bend over the basin and pulled my slacks down with such force that I was surprised it didn’t tear. He then pushed my g-string to the side and took hold of the complimentary moisturizer lying near the basin. I was awaiting his dick inside me and my pussy lips were ready to admit a stranger in. But what happened next literally took my breath away. He made sure he had me pinned down tight for me to wriggle out. He then without any warning entered my other hole which was so tight that I didn’t think a finger would gone in. Instead I felt a fairly thick 4.5 inch cock making it’s way inside. Before I could protest or try to push him out he gave me 5 quick heavy thrusts and I felt him stretching my hole. A hole I had never thought of for pleasure.

My husband had always wanted to try kinky stuff with my anus but I didn’t allow him to. Yet here I was pinned and fucked in my tightest hole without a choice. He grunted his way into my anus and was moaning due to the tight clench of my anal walls on his cock. seks filmi izle The good part was that it was a small cock. Weird part was I always found it very dirty near my anus. I found it disgusting to think of anyone going near my anus. But the disgust, the surprise, the humiliation made me so horny that I didn’t realize when I was pushing my butt against him to have all of him inside me.

Smack and I came back to my senses. He spanked me and said I am not supposed to be enjoying this and he asked me not to fuck back. After fucking my anus for 10mins he pulled out only to put a couple of his fingers inside to get a real taste of me. He put the fingers deep in and tasted it. Delicious slut was his exclamation after tasting my ass. I was too horny by now and started stoking my clit. He pulled my hands apart and asked me to beg for where I wanted him next.

I was too horny to care about humiliation. I begged him to fuck my pussy. He gave me a satisfied smile before flipping me over. He spread my legs and tried to put one of them over his shoulder. My pussy was open to his attack and boy what an attack it was. The position ensured I was spread to the maximum and even a 4.5 inch cock went to depths unexplored. He fucked me like a doll yelling derogatory terms at my face.

I didn’t care as long as he was fucking me like this. The only thing I was worried about was him releasing inside since he didn’t bother wearing a condom. After 5 minutes of raw forceful fucking he pulled out panting turning me and entering my anus again in one Swift push to release his load. He thrust about 10 times in my anus before I felt him exploding inside me. He had a smug satisfied look to his face.

He pulled out tired and I felt his cum oozing out of my anus slowly. I felt very weird violated for the first time in the other hole. It pained but some part of me was glad he forced himself in. I couldn’t help but lean over and give him a French. He responded with his tongue and patted me on my ass for being a good slut.

I asked him how come his wife left him complimenting him on his stamina and technique. He said he was a compulsive cheater which led to the divorce. Now I realized how charming he had been before he had me begging for his cock. I wasn’t his first fuck doll.

We dried ourselves and fell onto my bed. I was ready to sleep having successfully secured a new job. At least that’s what I thought. Until he now took off my top to let out my juggling breasts. To be honest my boobs sag a bit and they have a good full size. All the men I have been with get attracted to my choco chip nipples. He was no different and sucked at them like my unborn baby.

I could see him growing again while sucking my tits. And as expected he lay me on my back and got on top of my belly getting ready to give me a good boob fuck. He asked me to push my boobies together and started rhythmically fucking my tits. I could feel his pre-cum forming and over time he took his tool and asked me to give him a hand job over my boobs. While I shagged him off he inserted a couple of fingers inside my pussy.

He sniffed at my genital juices on his hand and tasted it moaning. It made him so horny that he aggressively went down on me and inserted his cock in my pussy and this time didn’t bother pulling out and came deep inside of me. He then crashed on my chest licking my nipples while telling me he gave me a present for being a good slut.

He indecently told me how he knew I was going to fuck the son he gave me too. With that he crashed in my arms and slept off.

I lay there naked with a stranger on top of me wondering when I had turned into this slut who needed a new dick to cum 5 times a night. I was happy I was going home with all my holes filled and with a new job in hand. I knew me and Charles will do this every quarter when we would meet at Kansas.

Let me know which of my holes you filled with your jizz while reading my experience.

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