Super Bowl Party


Super Bowl PartyWell my wife and I were invited to a Super Bowl for the Chefs and 49er’s game. We got ready loaded our beer and a few dishes to take over to Kim’s and Ricks house Sunday morning. We wanted to get there early to help them get everything set up for the party. We arrived to find that Kim and Rick had it all under control but seemed to be glad to see us there early. My wife and Kim went into the kitchen to finish up some of the cooking while myself and Rick went to finish setting up tables on the patio. Once everything was done we all sat down and had a beer and talked. Just within a few minutes some of the guest arrived. turned out there was a total five couples and one guy. We all sat and had drinks and ate as the pregame show was playing all ready to get the game on and enjoy it. Most of the woman were waiting on the half time show to be aired. Well kick off came and by this time most everyone was buzzed. My wife was sitting on the am of the sofa next to me and Kim was sitting to my left. Rick was in his recliner and next to Kim was that guy who showed up alone. It was almost half time and most of the guys wanted to go outside or into the garage. Well half time show came on and I was getting up to go outside when my wife tugged on me to stay with her. Kim still sitting on the sofa next to me and the guy was still there too. Just then Kim and the guy shifted to give my wife room to sit on the sofa with us. We all sat there watching the half time show and I might say this Shakira and J Lo looked hot. I was buzzed and watching there asses and bodies move around was making me hard. I was hoping no one other than my wife would notice. Just then my wife spoke up “Damn I wish I could move like that and climb a pole like J Lo did” Kim spoke “Oh hell girl you still have good moves and I bet you can climb a pole better that J Lo can” we all chuckled a laugh out. Kim poked me in the side while saying “I bet Diane can still climb your pole good” I turned and looked at Kim with a beet red face I am sure. “Oh hell I love climbing his pole but it is so damn big” Diane said to Kim. “Oh really is it that big girl” She asked Diane. Just then my wife looking down at my crouch and then at Kim. Kim caught on and looked down seeing my semi hard cock in my pants “OHHHHHHHHHH It just might be that big” Nothing else was said.Everyone came in from outside for the 2nd half and I had to go to the restroom and I headed down the hall. Slipped into the hall bath to pee and when I came out my wife was standing in the hall we kissed passionately and she whispered in my ear “Damn seeing your cock like that made me wet and I want you” I told her once the game is over we will head home and she can have all that cock she wants. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM I can not wait for the game to end then” We made our way back into the living room and back on the sofa. I kept on seeing Kim looking over at my crouch even though I was not semi hard she stair for a few seconds and then look at the tv. The more she did this the more I started feeling my cock grow hard. We all continued to drink as the game was playing. Once the Chefs won the game and people started slowly leaving I looked at my wife and said are you ready to go home. My wife stumbled in her speech and said lets help Rick and Kim pick up before we leave. We all got up to help pick up and with in just a few minutes Rick said “Enough of this cleaning up me and Kim can do it tomorrow” I told him “We don’t mind helping out plus it might help sober us up so we can drive home” “Well you tow are not going anywhere we have a spare bedroom and y’all can stay here and we can get up in the morning and me and Diane can fix breakfast” Myself and Diane looked at each other and agreed to stay the night. Just then the solo guy walked into the living room and I heard Rick tell him “You get to sleep on the sofa tonight Gary” Gary with a smile says “Where ever, I will be happy” We all laughed and headed to our spots. Just as we got to our door Kim looked at Diane and said. “Would you like a night gown to sleep in or something. “Oh no I just sleep naked” My wife replied I might add I was shocked she never sleeps naked. We stepped into our room and started getting ready for bed.I stripped down to my underwear and I sat there watching my wife slowly remove her cloths. She got down to her bra and panties and left them on. “Hey now you told Kim you were sleeping naked all of it now” laughing. She looked over at me and said “Well if I am naked you are naked sir” I jumped up from where I was sitting and pulled my underwear right off looking at her “Get to removing them” Diane slowly removed her bra almost in a striptease manner then she slowly and teased me all the way until her panties where off. Damn she looked good standing there naked and my cock was showing how sexy I found her. She eased onto the bed with me and slowly started kissing me in this sensual but wild kind of way. She would tease me with her body but never touching me just get her hard nipples close to me and it was like I could feel them even though she was not touching me. It was so sexy and so sensual and the biggest turn on I had had in a long time. Then she reached down and grabbed my hard cock and slowly started stroking it up and down with just the right pressure and pass. I then reached down to touch her pussy and found it to be soaking wet. I played with her clit and with out even wanting to two of my fingers slipped into her pussy “OHHHHHHHHHHH GOD” she moaned “You like that baby” I asked “YES BABY I LOVE IT” We fell back onto the bed and kissed while playing with each other. Diane froze for a minute “Oh god the room is spinning” I knew right then to much alcohol was the cause of this. She sat up and looked at me and then she said I be back I am going to the restroom. She did not even stop to think about cloths and exited the room.I laid there in the bed for what sarıyer escort seemed to be 30 minutes or more I grew concern and decided to go check on her. I took the time to slip on my underwear before stepping out in the hallway. As I stepped in the hall way I noticed the bathroom door was almost wide open. I was worried that she was in there throwing her guts up from the alcohol. As I got closer to the door I got the shock of my life. I looked in and there was my wife on her knees in front of the toilet with her mouth wrapped around Gary’s cock. His head was thrown back with eyes closed and my wife was working up and down on his cock with one hand working up and down on his lower shaft and the other hand working on his nuts. I heard him “OH GOD I AM GOING TO CUM DIANE I AM GOING TO CUM BITCH IM CUMMING” I saw his body go stiff and then my wife’s cheeks puffed out as her throat worked to swallow his cum. I was standing there in shock but not mad to be true I was not sure what I was. Just then Gary opened his eyes and saw me and freaked out “Oh dude I am sorry dude it just happen dude” I was standing there not sure what to say or do. “Baby I am sorry baby I came into the restroom cause I felt sick, Gary came in to pee and I was still not well enough to get up off the floor as he peed I watch and just lost control please don’t be mad baby” I just stood there still in shock. Then Diane crawled over to me standing in the door way and all I know is she pulled my cock out of my underwear and I had not realized how hard I was. She took my cock into her mouth and slowly started sucking on it and then she took every inch of it down her throat. Gary let out a little moan like comment “OH GOD DAMN” I looked over at him and his cock was hard again. Diane was steadily working on my cock I was in my own little world standing in the door way. Just then I felt a pair of hands wrap wound my chest and start plying with my nipples, it was Kim. I looked down at my wife who was looking up at me and she winked. Just then I heard Kim “Let move this to a bedroom” It was like a train we all followed her to hers and Rick’s bedroom. As we stepped inside we all saw Rick tied to the bed with his cock sticking straight up in the air. I am not sure if I was shocked or curious and no one said a word about it. Then I noticed Rick had a gag ball on and in his mouth. My wife tugged on me and pulled me to a little lounge chair. Diane pushed me back onto it and as soon as my back touched the back on the lounge my wife was sucking my cock deep down her throat. She had never sucked my cock in such away before, I was shocked at how well she was taking the entire length of my cock shaft down her throat and with ease. I looked over at Kim who at this time had Gary laying back on her bed and she was sucking on his cock as Rick laid tied to the bed watching it all. Diane got up and looked at me saying “I WANT YOUR DICK DEEP IN MY PUSSY BABY FUCK ME FUCK YOUR WIFE HARD AND DEEP PLEASE BABY FUCK ME” She pulled me to my feet and climbed on the lounge with her head and hands placed over the back of the lounge and her knees in the seat of it. Making it easy for me to come in behind her and fuck her from behind. I eased up to her pussy while placing the head of my cock at her entry. Before I could do anything she pushed back onto my cock and started fucking me. “OH BABY THAT DICK FEEL GOOD IN MY PUSSY FUCK ME BABY” I started meeting her thrust with my own thrust and we got it in rhythm and what a feeling it was. I heard Kim telling Gary something but could not make it out and Diane must have heard it too we both looked over our shoulders to see het and hear telling Gary “Stroke Ricks cock while I suck your cock STROKE IT” I saw Gary reach out and wrap his fingers around Gary’s cock and slowly start stroking it as Kim suck his cock. I went back to fucking Diane who was still looking back over her shoulder. I stopped and pulled my cock out of her pussy and pulled her to her feet. We moved to standing behind the lounge this way Diane and I both could see what was happening on the bed. I reentered Diane from behind and we both watched Kim sucking Gary’s cock as he was stroking Rick’s. I could feel Diane’s pussy clinching my cock with every thrust. I looked over at the bed to now see Kim straddling Gary’s face while still sucking his cock. Then I heard her say something to Rick “YOU LIKE SEEING ME SUCK ANOPTHER MANS COCK BABY YOU LIKE WATCHING HIM EAT YOUR WIFE’S PUSSY DO YOU LIKE IT” all I heard was a “MMM MMMM MMM” come from Gary’s gagged mouth. Diane looked over her shoulder “EAT MY PUSSY BABY PLEASE EAT IT” I pulled out and dropped to my knees and went to licking her ass and pussy. She stopped me and moved back onto the lounge as she laid down I knew what I need to do and that was to tear her pussy up with my tongue. I wasted no time dropping down to between her legs and start licking and sucking her pussy. She started thrashing around and screaming “OH EAT IT BABY OH GOD YES EAT MY PUSSY BABY OH GOD IM CUMMING” I felt a rush of her juices flood my mouth and face. I continued licking and sucking her clean as she pulled me to her face and she kissed and licked my lips and face clean of her juices. I heard Gary mumbling from under Kim “IM CUMMING IM CUMMING” I looked back along with Diane as we watched Kim swallow Gary’s cum. Then she got off Gary’s face and told him “SUCK HIS COCK I WANT TO WATCH YOU SUCK RICK’S COCK” I was totally blown away to watch him climb onto the bed and with out hesitation start sucking Rick’s cock. Kim climbed on the bed as well with her ass in the air and hanging off the end of the bed. She looked back at me and said “FUCK ME” I felt Diane push me from behind as to tell me go fuck her. I got up and moved in behind Kim and slammed my cock deep in her pussy. I watched her and Gary taking turns esenyurt escort on Rick’s cock. I looked back at Diane and found her not on the lounge and then I saw her climbing onto the bed and straddling herself above Rick’s face. She lowered her pussy down to where the ball of the gag was just pushing her pussy lips apart. Then she started moving her pussy back and forth over the ball. It was amazing to see how controlled she was with the motion and placement of the ball. I could see it in her face and how hard her nipples were that is was doing the tick for her. I heard Kim command me “FUCK MY ASS I WANT YOUR COCK IN MY ASS” I pulled my cock out of her pussy and was moving it straight to her rosebud. I had hardly got it there and she pushed back against and my cock just popped right into her ass “OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” I was pounding Kim’s ass and loving it. I heard my wife “OH IM CUMMING OH GOD YES” Looking at her pussy still working it on the ball and then a flood of her juices rushing out of her and all over Rick’s face. I heard Rick mumbling and saw his body tense up looking down at Gary taking his cum as he shot his load deep into his mouth. I was there as well and started cumming in Kim’s ass. I pulled out only to watch my wife pushing Kim onto her back and going down on her, looking back at me saying “She needs to cum too” Then she dropped her head into Kim’s pussy and was eating her. It did not take long and Kim was screaming out “OH GOD DIANE DONT STOP BABY IM CUMMING” Some how we ended up in our room and the next morning at breakfast we were all naked and after we ate we had a surprise. Kim lead us all into another room further down the hall. Once inside there where all kind of things in it. Racks to be tied to and chairs, whips and toys and even machines that would fuck you. I looked over at Diane and the look on her face told me she liked it all. As I turned to Kim and Rick I got the shock of my life. Rick was bent over this rack and Kim was strapping him down to it. As she did this Gary was moving one of the fucking machines behind him. At this point I knew this was not his first time to be here but it was for me and Diane. I turned to look at Diane and she was already having some fun on her own, she was sitting in a chair that had stirrups mounted to it with her legs up in the stirrups and her hand rubbing on her pussy. I looked back to see Kim lubing up the dildo mounted to the machine. Then she placed the head of the dildo to rick’s ass and then slowly turned then machine on. As it entered Ricks ass he let out a painful but pleasureful moan “OH MMMMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSS” she left it on this low speed and turned towards me and Diane. “I have something in mind for you two but I must get Gary situated now” We both watched Kim lead Gary to the front of Rick and place him in this chair like thing that when he shifted his weight it would drive his cock up into Rick’s open mouth but as he drove down it drove a dildo into his ass. Then we watched her put what look like a cows utter milking machine on Rick’s cock. She then stepped back and said now boys are you both ready. They both shook their heads yes but just before she started the fun she said “Oh I forgot” As she walked over to Gary and strapped him in his chair apparatus. Then walked back over to this control board looking thing. “Ok boys here we go” while flipping a switch and the Gary’s chair started working back and forth I head him moan “OH GOD DAMN IT” I watched his cock disappear into Rick’s open mouth and then the dildo disappear into his ass. Rick was getting fucked by the machine while his cock was getting milked by the other. Kim, myself and Diane watched for a few minutes and then Kim turned to us and said “Now it is your turn” looking at me and Diane. I sense fear in Diane’s expression but she had not stopped rubbing her pussy the entire time. “Diane get up out of that chair and come with me” Diane hopped up and followed Kim over to a Symbian vibrator. She leaned in and kissed Diane softly on the lips and then whispered something in her ear. I watched Kim guild the big ass dildo into Diane’s pussy. No lube was needed as Diane’s pussy was truly dripping wet. I glanced back over at the guys and those machines where working away. Saliva was dripping out of Rick’s mouth and I noticed that the dildo going in and out of his ass was creamy from his ass juices as well and Gary’s. I turned back to see Kim sucking on Diane’s nipples and Diane was loving it. “MMMMMMMMMM OH THAT FELS SO GOOD KIM OH GOD YES” I was watching Diane’s pussy convulse as the vibrator of the Symbian worked its magic on her pussy and clit. Then I saw Kim pull Diane forward on the machine and place something behind her. As she lowered Diane back onto the machine Diane let out a scream “OMY FUCKING GOD OH SHIT IT IS TO BIG OH MY GOD PLEASE” Kim kissed Diane so to shut her up. Then she broke the kiss and told Diane “Shhhhh it will be ok give it a few minutes” Diane looked up at her with tears running down her face “PLEASE ITS TO BIG” Kim looked at me and motioned me to come over and I did as she requested. Standing in front of Diane Kim reached out grabbed my cock and guided it into Diane’s mouth. Once I was in her mouth I saw Kim through these straps on to Diane’s legs and waist so she could not move. She looked at me and said “Take your dick out of her mouth for me” I pulled it out and as soon as I did “OH GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP ITS TO FUCKING BIG PLEASE” Kim looked at me but I already knew as I shoved my cock in her mouth “Keep fucking her mouth until she learns to relax and let the machine stretch her ass and pussy out together” I was steadily pumping my cock in and out of Diane’s mouth. Again Kim had me remove it and this time Diane had soften her voice “OH GOD THIS IS FEELING SO GOOD NOW” “KIM HOW DID YOU KNOW I WOULD LOVE THIS” “I KNEW YOU WERE A avrupa yakası escort SLUT AND ALL SLUTS LOVE THIS KNID OF TREATMENT” Kim turned to me smiling and said “Your time is coming soon” She sat down next to me as we watched all the action in the room and she slowly stroked my cock as she rubbed her pussy.About 4 minutes had passed and Diane had cummed twice in that time and was thrashing around as if trying to get away from the machine she was on. Gary and Rick both were moaning and we watched them both shoot their loads and still the machines fucking them both. I asked Kim should she stop them and she said not yet. Then she turned to Diane and asked her “Are you willing to do as I ask you to do” No hesitation “OH GOD YES KIM WHAT EVER YOU WISH” Kim then turned the machine off and unstrapped her. Just as Diane started to stand Kim barked an order out “DID I TELL YOU TO GET UP” this trembling voice answers back “no” so quiet and shy sounding. “STAY RIGHT THERE UNTIL I TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WITH THOSE FAKE DICKS IN YOUR ASS AND PUSSY” “yes Kim” Diane replied back. Kim walked over to me and kissed me and then asked “What have you wanted your wife to do but she has never done it before” I hesitated and thought for just a minute. “I have always wanted her to take three cocks at once” “You know one in her mouth, her ass and her pussy” Kim turned to Diane and told her to get up and to follower her. She walked over to where Gary and Rick were at. She unstrapped them both and told them to stand next to the wall as she pointed to where to go stand. Turning towards me and Diane asking me to help her move some stuff around and told Dine to clean herself up while pointing at some wipes. We moved the machines that Gary and Rick were using and once moved she told Diane to clean them as well. Once everything was set up and cleaned Kim told Diane to lay on the mat that was on the floor. Diane had this look of uncertainty and fear on her face, but she did as she was told. Once on the mat on all fours Kim eased behind her licking her pussy and ass. I watched Diane’s facial expressions changed to a look of turned on and horny ness. Diane started moaning “YESSSSSSSSS MMMMMMMMMMM GOD YESSSSSSSSS”!!! After just a few minutes Kim broke her embrace with Diane’s ass and pussy and told Rick to get under Diane and Kim guided Rick’s cock into Diane’s pussy. Once his cock was inside her Kim told Diane to fuck it until she told her to stop. Diane did as she was told and then Kim told Diane to open her mouth and for Gary to put his cock in it. I watched as Diane took Gary’s cock into her mouth and he started fucking her mouth. Kim went back to Diane’s ass and started licking her asshole. Then breaking free again she told Gary to get behind Diane and fuck her ass. Gary wasted no time moving back there and I watched as he slowly pushed his cock deep in her ass. Diane let out a little moan of pain but not as bad as I thought and it did not take long before she was moaning in pleasure and begging to be fucked. “OH GOD YESSSSSS PLEASE FUCK ME OH GOD YESSSSSS FUCK ME GOOD AND HARD” Both Gary and Rick picked up the pace as I laid there watching their cocks disappear into Diane’s ass and pussy. I say Kim move in front of Diane and as she did she told Diane “EAT MY PUSSY BITCH EAT THAT PUSSY DIANE” I watched Diane dart her tongue out as it was touching Kim’s clit. “YES LICK THAT CLIT YOU FUCKING WHORE SUCK ON IT YOU FUCKING BITCH DO IT BITCH” I almost cummed watching this and seeing Diane in this a****l mode. Then Kim turned to me “GET OVER HERE YOUR WHORE WIFE WANTS A COCK IN HER MOUTH NOW” I moved over taking Kim’s spot and Diane opened her mouth as I shoved my cock so deep in she gagged. I went to pull out but Kim yelled “SHOVE IT DEEPER IN HER THROAT” “SHE WILL LEARN NOT TO GAG BY THE TIME THIS IS OVER” “NOW FUCK YOUR WHORE WIFE’S THROAT” I lost any and all control and went to fucking Diane’s throat and she continued to gag and saliva along with snot was spewing from her mouth and nose. Kim would tell me to pull out only long enough to let Diane get some air in her lungs and then tell me to fuck her mouth. This had gone on for a few minutes and I heard Kim tell Rick to lick and suck my balls as I fucked Diane’s mouth. I felt his tongue licking the underside of my balls and it felt wonderful as he did and then he sucked on of my balls into his mouth and as an expert gently worked it with in his mouth I was almost ready to cum. I heard Kim tell Rick ease a finger into his ass and I felt it easing in and that is when I lost control and her wiggled his finger deep in my ass I screamed out “IM CUMMING OH GOD I AM CUMMING” I released a huge load into Diane’s throat I watched her swallow every little drop and then she was milking me dry with her sucking motion. I hear Rick grunt as well as Gary and then almost at the same time they both I heard them both “IM CUMMING” and they pumped their load of cum into Diane’s ass and pussy. I could see it dripping off her body and Kim barked at Rick. “CLEAN THE WHORES PUSSY AND ASS UP” “LICK HER CLEAN” I watched Rick work his way under Diane and start licking his cum from her pussy and as he did this Kim ordered Gary “CLEN HIS COCK OFF CLEAN RICK’S COCK GARY NOW” I watched Gary go down on Rick’s cock and with in like 3 minutes Rick was shooting a load of cum into Gary’s mouth. Rick worked his way to Diane’s ass where he sucked and lick ever damn drop of Gary’s cum from it. I was in awe and just laid back watching all this and once everyone was done Kim told Diane to lay with me. She laid on my right hand side and then Kim laid on my left side. As we laid there Kim and Diane played with my nipples and my balls making me hard again. Then they both went down on my sucking and licking on my cock. Then out of the blue Diane straddles my cock as Kim straddle my face. We did this until we all cummed and once I shot my load deep into Diane’s pussy Kim pushed her back onto the bed and told me to join her in eating my cum from her pussy. We did this and shared it with Diane. I was hooked from that moment on. Looking over to see Gary and Rick in 69.We have been over to Rick’s and Kim’s house a few times only the four of us to enjoy some time in the special room.

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