The Cabin


Notice-My stories NEVER contain ANAL or cruelty—The males each have a normal sized penis the female breasts are also within normal limits—The characters are all over eighteen (18) and all practice birth control.


I was returning to college after the XMAS break. It was my Freshman year of college. I was a passenger in a car driven by my friend Bob. Suddenly something happened and we crashed. I am still vague on the details however I ended up with several broken ribs and three broken limbs.

I was lucky though in one respect. The car was actually owned by one of the nations largest oil companies. Bob’s father was a big shot there and his family had use of several cars. The company and their insurance company got me the best in rehabilitation and when that was done gifted my parents with ten thousand dollars and me with fifteen.

This doesn’t sound like much but the year was 1950. My parents spent $4,200 to buy a nice house and another $2,400 for a new Buick Super.

Sixteen months after the accident I was returning to the small college in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains as a twenty year old Freshman. The Korean War (pardon me, police action) and the resulting draft was in full swing. Since I was not 100% yet and a college student I was safe from the draft for a few years.

I had spent the first portion of my money for a car. I was driving back to restart my Freshman year when I happened across a hand lettered sign along side the road advertising a cabin for sale. The sign sported an arrow pointing up a fire road to the right. Since I was only about five miles from my college town I drove up to have a look.

It was perfect. A large one room hunting cabin with a great view of the valley and the town. It sat on five acres of pasture which was kept under control by a neighbors cows. Best of all it could be mine for fifteen hundred dollars. A few days later it was mine.

I had also again rented a room in the local YMCA where I was one of several college guys living there. Classes started and after a week or two I got back in the swing of things.

College girls in those days were under many restrictions as to night time activities. In at nine for one with a few 10:30’s allowed and about three midnight’s per semester. The girls who lived in town had no such restrictions so it wasn’t too unusual for those of us living in town to have both a college girlfriend and a town girlfriend.

In my case my college girlfriend was just that, a friend who happened to be a girl. We both lived in the Philadelphia area. During my recuperation she had visited and helped me out quite a bit. Her name was Eileen.

This is not to say that we didn’t also indulge in ‘making out’ or that I did not try to ‘get in her panties’ but there was no problem on either side when that didn’t happen. We were exclusive with each other on campus though.

We did on a pleasant late fall afternoon after doing some work in the cabin relieve each other of our ‘Virgin” status. It was exciting and memorable but the intercourse was not repeated. We did however indulge in other sexual activities involving hands and fingers and tongues and mouths.

Meanwhile I soon found the town girls who were notoriously hard to seduce seemed willing to accommodate me. It took a while for me to find out why I should be so honored. Eventually I did find out. Interestingly it was a result of having told the truth when everyone supposed that I was lying.

It turned out that I had been seen at an out of the way road house with a girl whose reputation was not quite pristine and another couple. It was assumed by the guys who saw us and those numerous friends who were quickly fed the gossip that I had gotten laid.

The truth was that the gathering was not a date and that no sexual action was contemplated nor forthcoming. When I was questioned along the lines of “How was it?” I attempted to explain but was not believed. However as the story spread some of the female crowd came to the conclusion that my denial was very ‘gentlemanly”

This led to a further conclusion that I could be trusted to keep my bit fat mouth shut. It was therefore safe to grant me privileges that were denied other’s. When I figure this out I both learned a good lesson, I took full advantage.

I can’t say that they were lining up at the door however over the next couple of years I had the pleasure of teaching each of the four the joys of oral encounters culminating with that joyful practice known as sixty nine.

Time marched on. Along came Korea. With that came a two year non flying stint in the Air Force. After that came a two year active marriage with Eileen. Then she became the darling of one of the companies that sprang up after sputnik. About then I sold my first invention which provided the funds for me to live in and remodel my cabin and tinker in a shop I built in town.

Meanwhile most of my previous sexual partners had moved and/or married. I became re-aquatinted with a girl etlik escort named Barbara. She was and still is a girl who simply enjoys sex. It is a joyful event during which she is likely to laugh with joy rather than moan or scream with pleasure. Barb was not promiscuous but neither was she one to refuse sex simply on principle.

Not long after we started in together she met my best friend Jim. Jim was still in the Navy and also nearing the end of an unfortunate marriage. They were slowly in the process of falling in love. While that was occurring we became what might these days be called ‘friends with privileges’ both of us with full knowledge that the other had someone in the wings who had dibs on our heart. Eileen on mine and my best friend Jim on Barb’s.

Jim and I had often shared so this arrangement didn’t cause any friction.

As the cabin grew so did a couple of new relationships. My sister Donna who worked a coupe of hundred miles away also got her pilots license. We each bought our own Cessna 182. It was not unusual thereafter for Donna to show up on a Friday night or Saturday to spend some time with her loving brother.

Barb meanwhile was bunking in with me to save her pennies and working hard to get her Accounting/Business degree. She paid her room and board by keeping my books.

She and Donna had similar personalities and quickly became good friends. They spent a lot of time together and liked to hit the local night spots together for fun times although they never seem to hook up with any guys. I thought that I knew why.

I thought back to that morning four years previously. Donna’s oldest friend Toni was visiting for the weekend. They were sleeping in Donna’s bedroom. It was about 9:00 AM when I left for an appointment in town. It turned out that Donna’s car was behind mine.

No problem, Donna always left her keys on the corner of her dresser which was near the door. Slip the door open quietly, grab the keys, silently close the door and be on my way. They would not hear me or miss a wink of sleep.

Opening the door went according to plan, keys in my hand I glanced toward the bed to make sure I had not awakened either of them. I need not have worried. They were my sister and Toni, both obviously awake, naked, and a tangle of legs and arms.

They were wrapped in each others arms and kissing when I startled them the keys having slipped from my hand and fallen noisily onto the dresser.

I was suddenly reminded of an old joke defining savior faire. “Pardon me,” I said “please continue.” reciting the punch line of the joke and I quickly departed.

A couple of years later just a bit buzzed from a combination of hot tub and wine Donna brought up the incident. She and Toni had been intimate since they had become of legal age. They still were when they could. They were exclusive in that particular activity and both enjoyed heterosexual sex thoroughly she told me.

On this particular evening both Donna and Barb were both in ankle length dresses. They were planning to visit a couple of night spots and would be home before Jim and I finished our bowling league. That assuming that they didn’t ‘get lucky’. I was sure that they wouldn’t since they never did.

Jim and I were already back when I saw headlights approaching just ahead of an incoming storm. A short time later we all had drinks in our hands. Jim and I had found running shorts and T shirts to cover ourselves and Barb was lamenting their lack of success.

“Poor Donna.” She said. “She’s hot to trot. She’s naked under that dress and still couldn’t get a decent offer.”

My sister was wearing a print design which did not show what if anything she was wearing underneath. It looked quite thin and the thought that she might really be naked under it brought up an instant erection.

“I don’t know what’s with the guys in this town. Of course I don’t know what I was going to do if she did get lucky. I guess I’d just have to take care of both of you………..Again.”

I had a pleasant memory of her having once done just that.

“Not that I would complain about doing that you understand.” She added.

Meanwhile Donna had be at the FM radio and found an all night romantic dance station originating from New Orleans. Donna then went around turning off lights and lighting candles and a hurricane lamp. That done she stood in front of me and held out her arms, an invitation to dance with her.

I took Donna in my arms and started to dance and it was immediately apparent that Barb was not kidding. Donna was actually naked under her dress. I had a sudden erection even though it was my sister. When she started to press her crotch against mine my erection got even harder.

We danced two numbers like that. By then we were kissing as we danced. My sister was rotating her lower body against mine and creating incredible sensations. “It’s very nice dancing with you,” she said into my ear, “It has been a long time since I felt anything etlik escort bayan like I feel right now, I don’t want this to ever end.”

But end it did, at least for a minute and we continued kissing till the music started again. Meanwhile I opened my eyes and caught sight of Barb and Jim. They were engaged in much the same way as Donna and I.

The music started again and we continued ‘dancing’ and kissing and rubbing. I was just beginning to wonder if I would make it to the end of this dance without an orgasm when the music ended.

I looked toward the other room and saw Jim lead Barb toward the bedroom. Since they could no longer see us I began to massage Donna’s buttocks through her through her thin dress. It was a very nice feeling.

I got brazen and unzipped her dress and began to pull it off her shoulders. She stepped back slightly and hunched her shoulders forward with her arms at her sides and her dress slipped off and fell to the floor. My sister stood naked and beautiful before me for the very first time in our adult lives.

Then her hands were at my waist her thumbs inside the elastic of my shorts and she was pushing the down. Somehow she got them past my erection and they too were on the floor.

The next song started. With that we were kissing again and dancing, this time both naked. Donna was taller than average and my erection had found it’s way between her legs and our dance movements caused it to rub her clit. I could hardly stand the excitement.

Just as I thought that I could take no more Donna whispered to me

“Please. Why don’t you sit on the couch, I want kneel across your legs and feel you inside of me. Just once, just for a minute.”

“It’s OK if we do it for just a minute, isn’t it?” she added. “That wouldn’t make us bad people, would it?”

I didn’t answer. I backed up and dropped my butt onto the couch pulling her down with me. She sat facing me straddling me her pussy just above my quivering erection. I cupped her breasts in my hands and could feel her begin to tremble as she began to lower herself, one of her hands holding my rock hard erection. Without hesitation she took me into her body.

I was sure that I was going to come as my rock hard penis was sliding into her. She was wet with copious quantities of hot slippery juice. I wanted to hold my cum back. Just as she I was inside of her as far as I could possibly go she started to kiss me. At that instant I felt the pulsating movements of her orgasm begin. She spoke through the kisses into my mouth.

“I’m coming. I’m coming, and it feels so good, it feels so good!”

With that I came too. My cock not hardly moving but resting deep inside of her. I don’t know how much cum I released but it felt like an all time record to me. I pulsed then and began humping. My cock contracted and quivered for what seemed like forever.

Donna, my darling passionate sister matched every thrust, every tremble and every other movement my body made. She kept repeating “It feels so good, It feels so good!”

Eventually we did stop and come down from our joy and we remained in the same position and my erection lagged for only a minute before it returned to it’s full hard state. “God, I wanted that!” was her only comment.

My crotch was soaking wet from cum, hers and mine. Before long though I felt some contractions against my erection from deep within her pussy. Gradually we began to move against one another again first slowly then faster and faster.

Our movements became stronger and stronger. Suddenly I had a desire to be on top of her and I rolled us over and twisted us around till her head was against the arm of the couch and her knees were pulled up against my chest. I don’t think I could have gotten further inside of her in any other position.

We humped and thrust against one another as Donna came again and then moments later once more. She was approaching her third orgasm when without warning I started coming too. As the fluid and the heat from me spread within her Donna came again.

This time we were done and we just lay in each others arms recovering.

I hadn’t realized that it had been storming outside and it was just starting to lightning and thunder. Just then nearby bolt of lightning hit and knocked the lights. It was total darkness. Barb and Jim came out to see what had happened. We all decided that there was nothing to do except wait it out.

Like women often do Barb and Donna got to talking and comparing notes. I opened the hide-a-bed and fell back on the sheet covered mattress. Next thing I knew I was waking up and feeling an incredible sensation around my cock. I immediately knew that it was my sister whose lips and mouth had enveloped it totally. I could feel that it was all the way into her mouth.

Then I felt her start to move her mouth up and down and I could feel her tongue working furiously and I could feel my cum rapidly developing. Soon it would be crying for release. Then all escort etlik too soon it was demanding release, I was holding it back the best I could.

Then she removed her mouth for a minute and replaced it with her hand stroking furiously, then it was both hand and lips. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I began to cum. And cum I did and I felt her take my cock back into her mouth and begin swallowing my cum.

Wow never had anything felt that good. It might have been simply the fact that it was my sister. I couldn’t wait not only to do it again but to give her pussy the same pleasure.

She moved up and laid her naked body on mine and put her arms around my neck and pressed her body to mine. She put her face next to mine and spoke softly into my ear. I’ve been wanting to do that since that day you saw Toni and I together in bed.

“And I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I first understood the word.” I replied.

That said we fell asleep. I awoke sometime later to find that Donna had rolled off of me and was sleeping tight against my left side. Later I came half awake as Jim and Barb spread a sheet and a light cotton blanket over us.

I slipped quietly out of bed in the morning to pee. Then I just as quietly slipped outside to use the open shower I had built out there. I had just finished soaping my hair and had my head bent backward under the shower head when someone grabbed my penis and gave it a couple of strokes. It filled with blood as it was stroked a couple of times. I said kidding.

“OK Jim, cut that out.” I said trying to be funny of course. I was immediately released but when I cleared my eyes they were all three standing facing me and grinning.

“OK, who was it really? Somebody has good hands.”

“We’ll never tell.” Said my sister.

“Ok guys,” I asked. “What’s up or rather what’s next?”

“Well.” Answered Barb. “I’ve got to take my mom to the doctor and Jim has to spend some time with his kids. So that leaves us out till about six this evening. Jim is leaving soon too so you two will be alone. I gotta tell you that I’m happy that you guys finally broke the ice. It’s been brewing as long as I known either of you. So ……………..Enjoy.”

With that we all dressed then had a quick breakfast before Jim and Barb left in separate cars.

Donna looked at me and said. “I sure hope that Jim gets his divorce soon, those two are a perfect couple. One of these days though I’m gonna have to take Jim to bed, he really has some real sex appeal. Not as much as my darling brother but close.” With that she gave me a quick kiss.

“What are we doing today?” She paused and looked at the grin spreading across my face and added. “Aside from that I mean.”

“Well it’s a beautiful day. How about we fly somewhere for lunch. Joe, you remember Joe? He lives next to that private strip on Kerr Lake and I’m sure that he’ll lend me a boat. Let me call him. OK?”

My sister nodded and I called Joe. “Sure he said, help yourself. You can use the pontoon boat. I’ll be gone all day and Jenny prefers the skiff if she wants to fish.”

With that we fixed a picnic lunch and took off for the lake. An hour and a half later we were pulling away from the dock. Donna had not been on the lake before so I took her on about a two hour tour. It was too hot on the boat for lunch if it was not moving so we searched for a picnic spot of which there are thousands.

We found a small deserted island. We ate and made small talk then necked for a while. The subject of ‘where do we go from here’ came up but not seriously. We still loved each other as siblings and lusted for each other but were not, at least at that moment ‘in love’ nor did we anticipate that we would be.

We waded into the water for awhile gradually becoming frisky. As we began to indulge in horseplay our clothes ended up on the shore without us being inside of them.

Eventually we waded ashore hand in hand and laid on the blanket we had been smart enough to bring. My sister laid down first. A moment later I fell down beside her with my face even with her pelvis and mine in the vicinity of her face. In other words in a position which would invite a session of sixty nine.

I immediately began to kiss the inner thigh of her closest leg. Donna rolled toward me and rested her upper thigh on the side of my head. As my tongue approached her pussy she lifted that leg then urged her bottom leg under my head.

Now my head was locked between her thighs and my lips were in full contact with the lips of her vulva. My tongue slipped between those lips and began to lick every part of her that it could reach. As my tongue touched her clitoris it became more erect slipping out of it’s sheath much like a penis in heat.

As I began to concentrate on that action Donna took my penis in hand and took it’s head into her mouth. She held it there with firm lips and just a hint of teeth as she massaged it with her tongue.

=====Donna takes over the story here.

At that moment I experienced a mini-orgasm which experience told me would be the first of many. Sometimes I experienced a great massive orgasm, sometimes a series of mini orgasms which with luck would begin to roll through me one after the other keeping me in a state of continuous excitement.

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