The Night Life of Hunter Skies


It was a normal day, a bloody boring day, one full of too many phone calls from too many stupid people who couldn’t seem to ever get their jobs right. Of course, being the person everyone went to for quick and easy problem fix did have its perks. A nice big office on nearly the top floor, complete with a view of New York’s cities finest cloud of smog and a billboard of a chick in a bikini. Sasuke snorted as he spun around in his chair, sliver ponytail swishing behind him like a ribbon. He had studied the chick with the boobs that were a bit too perfect and found himself lacking the normal male blood flow to the lower part of his body that most seemed to experience on a five minute basis when they found a pair of breasts attractive.

Shrugging to himself at his apparent lack of interest in the cardboard body, he tapped his pen against his shiny mahogany desk and chewed on his lower lip. It was only five more minutes until he could escape the nice office and retire home for the night with a good glass of wine and a book. He sighed and watched the second hand tick off the time in slow motion and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Please, for the love of everything holy, don’t let the fucking phone ring.” He mumbled and twirled the cord to his headset around his pointer finger, willing the time to go faster. One minute went by, then two, two and a half. He grabbed his brief case and started stuffing papers into it, trying to keep his mind occupied as he shot glances at the clock. Four minutes had passed and he stood and stretched a slow smile spreading across his face. Then, it happened. A shrill ring cut through his hopes and dreams and he snarled, barely containing the urge to chuck the phone across the room.

“Son of a…Hi, this is Sasuke Taishou, how may I help you?” He balled his fist and punched silently at the air while listening to the person on the other end of the line. “Uh huh, yes, well I see your problem is a bit important considering you cannot complete your shipment forms for next week. I’ll do everything in my power to get you up and running. Can you give me the label of your computer?”

And so it went. On…and on….and on, and soon an hour passed by.

“Let me ask you this Mr. Whittaker. Did you try plugging the computer in? Oh? It works, why, it’s a miracle. Have a good evening.” He said dryly while popping a few aspirins and hung up the phone. “Stupid fucking jackass. How the hell does someone that idiotic get a job?” He muttered to himself while unplugging his headset and shoving it into a drawer.

He was the one to always fix other peoples problems. Why was he the only one who never got a quick fix? Shaking his head he walked out of his office and down the hall waving at an overly attractive brunette with a great abundance of cleavage that was nearly molesting an office plant trying to get his ‘attention’.

“Goodnight Lisa.” He said obliviously and stepped into the elevator.

It had been a long day, now it was going to be a long night as well. Sasuke paced by his car, his 4-way lights blinking constantly while he waited for the tow truck that should have been there nearly an hour ago. Grinding his teeth in frustration he stopped long enough to lean against his car for a split second then resumed pacing again.

“You look like you could use a cigarette.” A smooth male voice, slightly accented purred from behind him and Sasuke stopped, glancing back over his shoulder then blinked a few times. He was tall, nearly as tall as Sasuke himself, not lanky but definitely not stocky. Wearing a silky dark green shirt, that clung to muscles güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri depending on how the wind blew it, and well fitting black pants. His eyes matched his shirt, an almost emerald green, and his hair matched the night, pulled back into a long braid that lay over his shoulder.

Sasuke’s brow rose in curiosity, his cool golden eyes flashing in near annoyance hiding his partial curiosity for the new stranger.

“Is it that obvious?” His voice rumbled out, not as smoothly as he would have liked, but having the right edge to say ‘I’ve had a long day, and I have a short temper. Don’t fuck with me.’ The sexy man smiled slowly, a charmingly look that had something sparking to life in Sasuke’ stomach, much to his irritation.

“Mm…you’re dressed like you just got out of work and you’ve been pacing by your car for so long, you’d worn tracks into the dirt.” The man nodded down at the ground and Sasuke glanced down as well, brows furrowed then suddenly he chuckled.

“You got me there.” He leaned forward, accepting the cigarette and the light from the man then held out a hand. “I’m Taishou Sasuke.” He offered a smile, and felt the same feeling spark in his stomach again at the man’s returning smile.


He didn’t know how it happened. One minute, he was standing outside next to one of the busiest streets with a man who had only offered him a cigarette and in the next he was being led into a hotel room by his tie, Hunter’s hand gripping it and the door shutting behind him with a soft click.

“Nice room.” Sasuke said a bit uneasily as Hunter let go of his tie, walking over to a small refrigerator and pulled out a two shots worth of tequila, walking back over to him.

“Mm…you’re too tense. Drink this, let it loosen you up.” Hunter purred and handed him the small bottle.

Gold eyes flicked down to the bottle then back up to that handsome face and he tilted his head to the side. “Is it drugged?” Hunter’s brows shot up, his eyes a bit startled before he let out a low and sexy chuckle.

“A drugged client wouldn’t be much fun in bed. I like getting pleasure out of this too you know.” Sasuke’s eyes turned a bit wary and he eyed the glass again before looking back at Hunter’s face as he sighed. “Here.” Tilting his head back, Hunter poured the tequila into his mouth then reached forward, grabbing the back of Sasuke’s hair hard and jerked him against his chest, crushing their mouths together.

Sasuke’s eyes widened and he let out a strained and shocked sound that turned into a more guttural like groan as Hunter took full advantage of his open mouth, pushing the alcohol from his mouth into Sasuke’ who swallowed by instinct then went slightly weak kneed as Hunter pushed him back against the door, slipping his tongue in between his lips slowly.

It was a new experience…being kissed by a man and the spark in Sasuke’s stomach slowly traveled down to his groin as Hunter’s tongue slid over his, teasing and testing his in a way that had him hardening with every soft feel of his tongue. He moved his hand up slowly, resting it on the side of Hunter’s neck and kissed him back slowly, barely aware that Hunter’s leg slide between his own, trapping him against the door as Hunter sucked his tongue into his mouth, letting out a soft groan of his own.

A hand slid up his somehow untucked shirt and he gasped softly as fingers flicked over his nipple then dug into the top of his bare shoulder, the kiss turning a bit more forceful on both parts, tongues battling for control. A quick nip on his tongue had Sasuke’s mind güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri reeling with possibilities then even more so as Hunter slowly pulled back from the kiss, leaving him slightly breathless.

“So, we’re loosening up already…” Hunter’s hand moved down and over Sasuke’s through his pants who groaned softly. “Well, at least parts of us are.” He chuckled lowly and tilted his head to kiss along Sasuke jaw. Sasuke shifted, his usually cool gold eyes turning into dark and needy amber as he watched deft hands remove his tie then unbutton his shirt.

“Tell me what you want.” Hunter’s voice rumbled out lowly in his ear and he closed his eyes as the shirt was tugged down to his wrists and he shook his head slowly.

“I’m tired of making decisions; giving directions…I don’t want to be in control.” His voice was quiet at first, then strained as a hand moved over him again before unbuckling his belt. Hunter smirked slowly.

“Oh, I think I can manage on my own then.” It was a quick action that had Sasuke stumbling backwards then falling hard onto the bed, then a quick sound of surprise as the shirt around his wrists became a hard binding force, tying him down to the headboard of the bed. Control was now gone to him, and a slight flicker of something akin to fear shown in his eyes then quickly turned into lust as his pants and boxers were pulled off and Hunter’s warm breath fanned over him slowly.

“God…” Sasuke breathed out shakily as he watched Hunter’s lips move down along his shaft slowly and teasingly and twitched as a vibrating laugh sent shivers down his spine.

“You’ll be thinking that of me soon enough.” Hunter teased as the tip of his tongue snaked out from between his lips and trailed lightly along the tip of Sasuke’s cock, cleaning the little bead of moisture away and amusing himself slightly as another soft gasp came from his current employer.

Sasuke nearly saw stars as Hunter’s hot mouth slowly closed around his tip, tongue barely flicking over him in a teasing way then nearly choked on a groan as his entire length was covered by that wonderful hot mouth. It felt unreal, even though he had had blow jobs before, Hunter’s tongue lapping at him as if he were the best tasting thing on the planet, was the most erotic thing he had ever felt. He twisted his hands in the shirt, making it tighten more around him but allowing him to grip the bars of the head board as Hunter’s fingers dug hard into his hips to keep him from pushing himself deeper still into Hunter’s torturous mouth.

A hand was added to the base of his shaft, and it twisted as Hunter’s mouth sucked and Sasuke nearly came up off of the bed with a low groan, letting out another small taste of what was to come later which Hunter lapped at nearly hungrily.

“Oh my fucking god..” Sasuke choked out as Hunter’s mouth moved faster over him, the pace matched by his hand and his tongue burning a path around his dick that had him barely holding on by a thread. He bunched his muscles, ground his teeth, making himself refuse to let go of his last bit of self restraint until a final swirl of the tongue and groan from Hunter made him lose all control, shooting the salty cum into Hunter’s waiting mouth.

Sasuke dropped back down on the bed, not even having been aware of rising up off of it and shuddered hard as Hunter moved his hand away, swallowing then slowly dragging his tongue over his length to clean it off completely, a smirk on his face.

“I’m surprised…with all of that built up tension, you lasted longer than I expected.” Hunter drawled out güvenilir bahis şirketleri sexily as he leaned up, once again claiming Sasuke’s mouth with his own. He slowly started to harden again, as the taste of himself on Hunter’s tongue registered in his brain. He barely noticed Hunter slowly removing his own clothes his mind set on the enjoyment of finally catching Hunter’s tongue between his teeth and sucking on it lightly.

He felt hands run slowly up his hips and sides to his chest and shifted as Hunter slowly kneeled between his legs, the tip of Hunter’s cock pressing into his entrance slightly. Sasuke shifted again and broke the kiss, a slight look of panic on his face.

“No wait…” He gasped a bit breathlessly and Hunter smiled slowly, shifting to grabs a tube of lubricant and placed some on his fingers before slowly sliding them over himself and Sasuke’ entrance.

“Shh, trust me on this…just let yourself relax, I promise you’ll enjoy it.” Sasuke opened his mouth again to protest and Hunter tilted his head, slipping his tongue back into his mouth and slowly pushed his head into him, Sasuke’s body going taunt and a strained noise coming from him. Hunter smiled a bit into the kiss moving a hand to brush back over Sasuke’s cock as he slowly rocked his hips a few times, pulling out slightly then pushing into him a bit deeper, keeping himself restrained from fucking him how he really wanted to.

Sasuke groaned softly and arched his back a bit, muscles tightening around Hunter’s shaft which made him stop moving in return, desperate to go easy for his first time.

Breaking the kiss Hunter stared down at him with darkened eyes. “Don’t move if you don’t want me to fuck you into this mattress so hard I’d leave an imprint of you.” He smirked as Sasuke’s eyes widened, then he smirked again as he rocked his hips against Sasuke’s once again, pushing himself even deeper into him.

Sasuke gasped, and arched before groaning as his muscles seemed to pull Hunter deeper into him, and Hunter’s restraint dissolved instantly.

Gripping the covers next to Sasuke’s head with one hand he moved his other hand down, wrapping one of Sasuke’s legs around his waist and be pulled back before thrusting up hard into him, letting out a low groan along with Sasuke’s own shaky one. It felt so good to fuck a virgin for once, Hunter thought to himself and groaned again as he thrust back up into him then started a quick pace right off of the bat, the need for release building up in him quickly. It was rare for him to be so turned on for a costumer, but it was also rare that the customer was at least a partial virgin, much less so good looking.

Sasuke groaned lowly, his arms straining hard against his confining shirt as he wrapped his other leg around Hunter’s waist, tightening them both to pull him as deep as possible, holding him there for a moment then meeting him thrust for hard thrust.

He tilted his head back, gasping harshly as Hunter’s teeth sunk into the soft flesh of his throat, his hips slamming against Sasuke’s hard and mercilessly and his fingers now digging into his hip bones, pulling and pushing for more speed and leverage.

“Oh fuck…christ..fuck me harder.” Sasuke nearly sobbed out and Hunter ground his teeth shoving into him one last time before the muscles of both men snapped taunt, making them arch into each other, with separate groans of pleasure and Hunter filling him, his shaft twitching inside of him.

Sasuke closed his eyes tightly, once again spilling his seed, this time in between both of them, his breathing harsh, his mind blank with everything but pleasure as Hunter lay down on top of him, breathing just as hard.

“We’re going to have to do this again.” Hunter chuckled against his neck, nodding in agreement.

“Maybe next time, I won’t even charge you.” He mumbled and Sasuke grinned slowly.

He’d finally gotten his quick fix.

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