The Post Office


It’s about 10:30 p.m. on a cool summer night and I’ve just remembered that I have to mail a letter. So, I jump in my car and drive to the nearby post office. I drop the letter in the box and slide back into the front seat of my car.

“Don’t turn around.” Your voice startles me from the back seat of the car. “Drive.”

I put the car into drive and head toward the highway as you’ve told me to do. You don’t speak to me while I’m driving other than to tell me to turn off onto a deserted road next to an empty field. “Turn off the car and the lights,” you tell me.

Before I’ve had Mikee to remove the car keys from the ignition, I feel a soft, silk scarf close over my eyes and tie firmly in the back. I hear your car door open and the sound of your footsteps next to my door. You open the door and pull me out of the car. “Turn around,” you direct. I feel the same soft silk enclosing my hands and locking them behind me. You turn me around again and pushing your hands on my shoulders lower me to my knees.

I’m trembling as I hear the sound of your pants unzipping. As I try to orient myself, I feel the tip of your cock at my mouth. “Lick it,” you order. I immediately begin to lick the top of your cock and up and down the shaft. “Now the balls.” I carefully lick your balls and take güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri them into my mouth. I suck your balls and lick them until you push my head up to your cock. “Suck it. Take all of it,” you say as you push your hard cock deep into my mouth. Holding my head in your hands, you fuck my mouth hard. I’m sucking your cock and drawing it deeper and deeper into my mouth until I feel your cum jolt hard into my mouth. I keep sucking until I’ve drained every drop of cum out of your cock.

You pull my head away and lift me to my feet and onto the hood of my car. Wordlessly, you pull my skirt up around my waist and pull off my underwear.

I feel your hands spread my legs apart and then the warmth of your breath on my pussy. Your fingers gently spread my lips and your tongue slips inside my pussy, probing deep, making me shudder. You fuck me with your tongue, driving me on, my body arching toward you, breath erratic. Two of your fingers slip inside my pussy as you begin to lick the tip of my clit with your tongue. I’m so ready to cum, but you pull back your tongue. Fucking me with your fingers and watching the look of anguish on my face. “Tell me what you want,” you tease. “Beg me for it.”

“Please,” I whisper. “Please lick my clit, Mike, suck it. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I need to cum. Make me cum for you, Mike.” You thrust your fingers hard into my pussy and ass and close your mouth over my clit, sucking it and licking it until you feel my pussy cum hard around your fingers.

You give me a few minutes to recover and order me to suck your cock again, to make it hard. I suck you until I can feel your cock grow rock hard in my mouth again. Suddenly, you stand me up and turn me around so that I’m bending over the hood of the car.

From behind, you plunge your cock into my hot, wet pussy, pushing deeper and deeper until all of you is inside me. I’m arching my back, my hands, still tied behind my back, struggling to keep my balance on the hood of the car as you pound your thick cock into me harder and harder. The feeling is so intense. I can’t see your face, or touch you with my hands. All I can feel is your cock pounding in and out of my pussy. “Make me cum, Mike,” I’m begging you now. “Please, give it to me.” Your cock is ramming me so hard and so fast now that I feel like I’m going to lose consciousness. You reach your hand around and rub my clit with quick, jerking motions as my orgasm overtakes me and I cum hard around your cock, my pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri tightening around your cock until I feel your cum shooting into my pussy.

I can barely move as I feel you lift me off the hood of the car. You guide me back to my car and push me onto the passenger seat. You get into the driver’s seat and start the car. As you pull out onto the road, I can hear the sound of your zipper again. You reach your arm around my shoulders and pull my head onto your lap. I eagerly take your cock into my mouth again. Tasting the intoxicating mix of your cum and mine as I lick up and down. I can feel the motion of the car, fast on the highway as I suck your cock in a steady rhythm feeling it grow hard in my mouth. I’m fucking your cock with my mouth, sucking it soft and then harder. You’re straining to push your cock even deeper into my mouth.

You take your hand and push my head down hard onto your cock so that I can feel it touch the back of my throat. Now, I close my mouth around your cock and suck, keeping it in my mouth, not letting it out for even a second. I want to taste your cum and feel it shooting hard down my throat. When you cum, I suck all of it into my mouth and keep sucking until you pull my head up and push me back onto my seat.

I haven’t noticed that the car has stopped. Without speaking, you reach behind me and untie my hands. You leave the car running and quickly get out of the driver’s seat. I can hear your footsteps walking away from the car, but by the Mikee I unknot my blindfold to look for you, you’ve already gotten into your car and driven away.

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