The Visitor


The VisitorI thought I heard a noise. I stirred out of my sleep. My eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness in the room. The only light was from the windows that were hidden behind venetian blinds. I look at the cable box and the time says 2:27 am . I turn over and try to fall back asleep. when I here a tapping at my window. Which is impossible because i live on the 9th floor of a hi rise building. I walk over to the window, cocky like cause I figure Im dreaming. I pull on the string and lift the blinds. Standing before me was a hideous looking demon. I release the blinds and turn to run. Just as I do the creature is in my room. At that moment some force lifts me and throws me onto the bed. I try to scream but no sound is coming out. I scream and scream anyway. The Devil himself was in my bedroom. He stood about 6’5 or more and was the color of the darkest blood you ever saw. Mostly I could see his teeth which strangely were pearly white but they were larger than humans almost fang like. “Lisa you’ve been a bad girl. I came here just to punish you and torture you til dawn” he says. His voice was just as frightening as his appearance. It was deep and sinister and gave me shivers down my spine. he pointed his finger and twirled his hands and I was spread out on the bed with my hands and legs spread apart. Some force held me in a vice like grip and I could not move. I was paralyzed from my head to toe , and could not move. My room took on an orange reddish glow as if it were on fire , and I could see the demon more clearly. His eyes were red like two flames as eyeballs. His nose was long and broad at the end as his nostrils flared. His lips were thick like an African chief, and his body was broad with a barrel canlı bahis chest like a Greek warrior, yet red and bigger. I closed my eyes but I had to open them to look at this man or thing again. “you are powerless to me right now, so submit yourself to me and I may show you mercy” he said. “I will allow you to talk in a whisper only I can hear. You are mines for the taking” he says. I cry to myself as I realize I can not move. He snaps his fingers and my gown is off. With my arms and legs spread eagle I am totally exposed to him. “Ive always had a weakness for mortal women. Especially voluptious black women ” he says. One thing I can say about God is he sure can make some beautiful mortals . Look at those big tits sitting nice n firm with those dark perky nipples poking straight up. As he’s talking I see his dick starting to grow. “Oh God help me ” I say. His dick was the biggest dick I ever saw in my life. It was at least 14′ and as thick as a small bat. No way could he fit that inside of me. he would tear me to pieces. “Please i beg what are you gonna do to me” I cry. MMMMM I like it when you beg and cry that turns me on. Im the prince of darkness and I thrive on pain and devastation. Suddenly he was on the bed at my feet and he started licking my toes. His tongue was long like a snake and felt wet and hot on my foot. His tongue darted in and out of my toes and I felt so uncomfortable I tried to squirm but could not move . The heat from his body was overwhelming which gave off a pungent smell. Not offensive but unexplainable. He had huge hands and nails that were manicured and on long fingers. He lay atop me with his body inches from mines hovering but close enough i feel his dick on my leg like a bahis siteleri piece of wood. I close my eyes when he looks in my face . Fearful of looking in his eyes. I felt his tongue on my neck sucking and licking me. Everywhere his mouth touched left a wet spot on me. When he put his mouth on mines I tried to clench my teeth shut but something opened them and he began to kiss me. As he kissed me he lowered himself onto my body and I could feel his weight on me. His kisses were mesmerizing me and making me fall under a spell. When he started licking me nipples and sucking them I was mad out of my mind. It felt so good. His overly wet mouth and those big lips were working my chocolate nipples like a hungry baby. He started planting kisses down my stomach, as headed towards my throbbing fat pussy. I was so wet, my pussy lips were slick with my wetness and then he did it. He put that hot wet mouth on my pussy and I exploded instantly. He didnt stop he kept licking and sucking, and I kept coming. I was at the Brink and begged him to please give me some of that big dick. “Are you sure you want it ” he says. “Its so big . Please just put the head in , and go slow ” I beg. He laughs and puts the head in. When he inserted the head He just let it sit there and wouldnt give me anymore. I tried to grind my body but still couldnt move. I wanted to feel that fat dick inside of me. “Good thing Ive got patience and control. I can feel the fire in this fat pussy , and the wetness is so refreshing” he says. “Call me Master and beg me for my dick” He snarls. “Please Master can I have a little bit of that dick ” AS he slowly inserts his dick into me, he stops at 4′ . I beg him to please give me more. “Master please, just güvenilir bahis a little more. You know I need a least 8′ to satisfy, Master please.” I beg . At that moment I was able to move again and I began to lift my body to get a little more of that dick. “I decided to see how bad you want this dick . show me how much you want it.” he says. He lies on his back and I quickly straddle him. As I try 2 sit on it and feel it in me He pushes me down on it. The wetness of my pussy makes me slide right down. He moans out in an a****l like roar. Im amazed I can fit him in my pussy. As I ride him he sits up and sucks my nipples same time. Im going out of my mind in extasy. I can feel him thrusting upwards hitting all the organs in my belly. “Oh master I’m about to come” I scream. “Come on my dick ” He says . Like crashing waves I come, cascades of cum just kept flowing. After I came he flipped me on my back on the bed and raised my legs over my shoulders and fucked me deep and hard with that big dick. “Oh Master its so good” I say. All of a sudden the room lit up and he began to thrust harder . “In a deafening pitch he howled like a wolf at the moon and started cumming inside of me. I could feel him emptying his hot load inside of me and it made me cum all over again. when he had emptied out every drop he pulled out of me and he was still hard. “master may I please taste my pussy juice on your big dick . I can see the cream and wetness all over you. May I ” I asked. As I put my lips on his dick I could smell the juices from us both. I lick and sucked that big dick good . ” I tried to swallow his dick but couldnt take it all, it was too big, I could tell he was about to cum , my head skills were pretty good for a mortal. As he bussed he grabbed my head and made me swallow every drop. In exhaustion I lay back on the bed , I closed my eyes for a second and my alarm went off. When I opened my eyes he was gone. Was it a dream….

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