Wet Wednesday


Wet WednesdayWednesday is the day every week that I get a delivery at work, I’m on my own until the drivers turn up usually around 10am. When they knock I adjust my dress, the bottom a little higher , the top a little lower, I always go commando so that when i sit on the stool my wet lips can be seen. This week there were 3 delivery men , all muscular middle aged men all carrying heavy loads! I watched them going to and fro carrying in boxes, I rotated on my stool so they got a good view up my dress from all angles. One of them asked me if I needed any help unloading the packages , I replied that I am a excellent package unloader and walked over to him unzipped his trousers, revealing his now throbbing cock. He stood still while I crouched down and took his cock in my mouth canlı bahis teasing his rim and helmet with my tongue, he started groaning with pleasure as I took him deeper feeling his cock growing in my mouth. His colleagues stood watching and I asked them if they would like to join in , they stepped forward and I unzipped them , both were hard and one was wet on the end , I carried on sucking one and held the others in my hands gently stroking them up and down then alternated between the three cocks. I moved away and laid back on the pool table then started to arouse myself , rubbing my nipples and fingering my clit, my cunt was so juicy they could hear it squelching, The guys moved closer and I asked one to clean up the juices from my pussy with his tongue, the others bahis siteleri started to lick and suck my nipples I was so turned on my back was arching and I had my first orgasm in his mouth, he lapped up all my juices and rubbed some on my nipples for the others to taste. They pulled me by my legs to the edge of the table , one climbed onto the table and started to fuck my pussy hard , the other stood at the edge and rubbed my juices around my arse hole before he rammed his cock up there , I was squirting everywhere by now and loved being fucked hard by two big cocks at the same time. The third guy knelt above my head and pushed his cock in and out deep throat, I was having screaming orgasms when my work colleague turned up and she was so turned on by what was happening güvenilir bahis she joined them licking my nipples and squeezing them, she then lifted her skirt and bent over the table , the guys asked me to get her wet for them so I knelt down and gently stimulated her clit with my tongue she tasted so sweet and screamed out to be fucked , I got a wine bottle from the bar and started to insert it in her now wet pussy, I pulled it out quick and she squirted on the floor , one of the guys bent her over and fucked her from behind , i sat on the table so she could lick me as she got fucked and I held the other two’s cocks in my hands and wanked them hard towards her face, she took in turns giving them a quick suck and me a lick , then the guys came all over her face and I came in her mouth, then she let out a cry and orgasmed, at the same time the guy fucking her pulled out and came all over her little tight arse. Spunk was dripping off her chin, in her eyelashes, all over back and bum, delicious!

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