Wonderful afternoon and evening


Wonderful afternoon and eveningHaving first communicated via a series of messages and phone calls with Steve from this site, we arranged to met him for a lunchtime drink with the intention that if all went OK Brian ( my husband ) would then book a hotel room.. Steve was described as younger than us, 37 years old, 6′ 2″ muscular build, my type of man.We meet at a pub about half way between us near the sea, Steve was as described and very handsome. Brian shot a look at me and smiled, we both then knew this was on, I had a stirring in my pussyBrian booked a hotel room he then went to get some booze whist I and Steve went back to the pub for a drink to wait for him, we were both very horny he kept kissing me, he was doing so when Brian arrived so now all 3 of us were horny. Off we went to the hotel which overlooked the sea with a small balcony, nice room lovely Brian poured a drink I stood on the balcony with Steve who was rubbing his hand up and down my back and kissing my neck , he was making me feel even hornier, I went to the bathroom leaving the boys together, I put on a very brief one piece revealing teddy, stockings and thigh high boots, When I walked back into the room Steve said I looked stunning Brian said bloody great for her age.|I walked up to Steve kissed him and said this is for you. He put me on the bed took his shirt off and lay next to me whilst kissing me e caressed my tits and nipples which by now were very firm he had pulled them out of my teddy and gave me a love bit on each on next to the nipple. He slowly moved lower, the teddy had open crutch he licked his way down on material and where possible istanbul escort flesh he hovered over my cunt and blew on it Brian said she loves her clit licked, Steve replied thanks but i am going to enjoy this my way he then gave me a love bite on my inner left thigh i could fell his breath on my cunt, I think I leaked a little love juice I was going out of my mind, he unzipped my boots and pulled them of ,he took a pillow and put it under my backside and he pushed my legs wide apart he then just skimmed his tongue over my clit and immediately moved up to my face and kissed me I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his very stiff cock I looked down to see it it was gleaming with liquid on the end I started wanking he was so excited he whispered in my ear I am going to fuck that cunt of yours so hard.Brian was now standing next to the bed I cold see he was very hard so i let go of Steves cock unzipped Brians jeans and pulled out his cock and started wanking him Steve was down between my legs again blowing on my clit, he without warning pushed 2 fingers into me It was a bit of a shock he had put the pillow under me so he could get his fingers fully in side me,,he fingered me for a while then took them out and with both hands open my lips and began to lick and suck my clit it was mind blowing, he had pushed Brian away he wanted me all to himself, he licked and teased my clit which mad me cum as soon as I did he pushed his tongue inside me and licked my juices this made me cum several small ones I was raising my arse to get more of his tongue, avcılar escort it was absolute heaven. He turned me over and licked and sucked the flesh on my arse, back and neck, then turned me back over sunk his cum tasting tongue in my mouth I was going wild for a fuck, I grabbed his cock and screamed fuck me ( Brian later said half the hotel could have heard it)he then ripped of my teddy so all I had on was stockings and suspender belt he said to Brian you are a lucky guy, i am going to fuck your wifes cunt its mine for now.He turned me over and slide his cock inside me it was hard, big and hot as it went in I caught Brians eye he smiled and mouthed enjoy ,Steve started slow building up speed he pulled hard back onto him, I was pushing anyway, he knew he was making me cum which was unusually quick for me ,he let me savor the the moment of cumming, then he took his cock out and stood up pulling up onto the floor, he bent me over the bed and immediately rammed his cock back in making me wince he really started to fuck, thrusting deep inside me he was caressing my nipples, Brian moved to the other side of the bed so he could see my face. Steve kept pushing as deep as he could inside me boy he was good and lasting, he then stopped again slid onto the bed and pulled me across him sitting astride above him his cock entered me with no assistance, now I was bouncing on him ensuring I was getting it all, he seemed to love my tits as he was caressing them again, he was staring into my eyes I could feel more juices rising inside me, and I then realized he was close too, I was pushing down şirinevler escort on him as hard as I could then it happened we both came together his spunk was very hot and there was lots of it it mixed with mine, I lowered my face to his and we had a long lingering kiss, he was lovely, we kissed for ages then I rolled off him we lay next to each other panting he stroked my cunt and slid a couple of fingers inside me he said you are lovely and wet, he said to Brian come and fuck your wife Brian stripped off he was very hard he mounted me and slid in very easy, there was so much spunk in me and on the bed as Brian entered me Steve lent towards me and sunk his tongue deep into my mouth this was lovely Brian fucking me and Steve kissing me it didnt take Brian long before he came he then lay the other side of me beautiful fucked twice by two different cocks and having come countless times. we laid there for a while I took hold of Steves cock and started wanking him he said later lets go out to eat, Brian said we were going to stay the night, Steve said he would like to stay adding he had ideas for me, I slid down and gave his cock a quick suck and lick then went for a shower, we went out for a meal we all felt lovely and relaxed and i was definitely looking forward to more cock I asked Brian if he was ok with us all sleeping together he said he was but didnt think we would get much sleep. Steve was very good company very funny and made me feel extremely horny, we walked to a restaurant all 3 of us arm in arm. Off course more fun was to come I was fucked numerous times during the night Brian didnt only watch he would fuck me then Steve they had both taken viagra which Brian brought with us between them they fucked me at least 6 times during the night I was absolutely full of spunk it was oozing out of me as one finished the other would start I was completely shagged out it was bloody fabulous.. We will be meeting Steve again soon.

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