16 year old Neighbour


16 year old NeighbourThis all started as i was at home naked, as i sometimes do when im home alone. I was walking to the conservatry at the rear of the house stroking my cock as i was feeling horny and was going to have a nice long wank. The blinds were open and as i have high fencing round the garden its very private (or so i thought)My cock was rock hard as i wanked off looking out over the garden,i then noticed the next door neighbours daughter peeking over the fence.Shes 16 but looks younger, she did not know i had spotted her as i carried on wanking without missing a stroke. Pre cum started to cum out of my cock as i turned slightly so she could see better. I heard her gasp as i stroked fasterI moved closer to the fence and said “do you want to see me cum?” i was looking at her now and smiled, she nodded her head. i closed my eyes and wanked istanbul escort faster untill i felt the cum erupt from my helmet, string after string of cum shot out and landed on the fence, She said “that was cool, could you do that again?”I said “i need time to recover” “ok” she said tell me when cos i will want to see you do that again” then she went away.I went back to the house thinking wow that was fun and did she want to watch again.A couple of hours later there was a knock on my front daoor, it was her but she was with her mate, “Can we come in and watch you cum like you did before please?I stutterd a reply of “yes why not”she told me her mate was called Mary and she was Rose and untill then neitherhad seen a mans cock or cum before.I was in shorts now but felt my balls avcılar escort move and my cock start to stiffen,They sat down on the couch and i stood infront of them, i asked “how are you?””Were both 16” they said “and our first time”, they were both looking at my cock inside my shorts as it got harder, i moved closer and asked them to touch it.They looked at each other then Rose put her hand on my cock, she felt it twitch then Mary did the same. I pushed the waist band down and exposed my now fully erect cock, there eyes widened when the saw the pre cum on the end and my balls hanging below. I started to wank off as they watched, they sat next to each other holding hands as i jerked off, then Rose put her hand on Marys breast and started to stroke it, mary put her hand between Roses legs and rubbed her gently, şirinevler escort they then kissed, my cock jumped when this happened i pumped faster as i watched them kiss and fondle each other, Mary pulled up her t shirt and said “i want you to cum on my tits” Rose did the same, 2 pair of 16 year old tits naked and ready for my cum i said “of course i will” i moved closer to them both and pointed my cock at the 4 nipples in front of me, they looked at me as i started to cum. my spunk shot over marys tits then i shot over Roses tits, some of my cum landed on Roses face and ran down her chin,i was still shoting as mary cupped my balls and started to squeeze the last drops out.I stood there with my cock shrinking and cum hanging from the head and i said “sorry it hit your face”Mary said “dont be i will lick it off for her”She did, she licked the cum of Roses face then kissed again. They then coverd their tits and said they will have to go as their dinner will be ready. i said “please call again sometime” They promised they would, then left. I pinch myself to make sure i was not dreaming and go and shower before my wife gets home..Comments please and do you want more?

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