329 mother begged him.


329 mother begged him.329 mother begged him.[mainstream Bdsm and not for a side-locker]Trevor had been watching porn, no change there then, but this was a video of the bdsm strain, and probably as hard as it gets, the female involved had had a pussy whipping, and then her tits beaten till they were raw, I say female as she was no girl, and at about her mid 40`s was not ancient either, however she was no ugly old baggage either, she was a good looking well built woman and she absorbed pain like a sponge takes in water. Anyway, the phone interrupted the vinegar strokes, and he being on call needed to answer it, his own extension having given up and the engineer not due soon, cursing mildly he zipped up quickly and trotted off to the thing out in the hallway. Now as it happened, it was a longish conversation, better, that than have to go to the plant on a Saturday. His mother passed him in the hall with a tray bearing tea and cake, he thought nothing of it, busy yacking at the shift foreman, and she went off into his room, to leave the tray. Normally she would have knocked but she knew she was not interrupting his work… wasn’t he out here on the phone…so she just went in. The shift foreman was just about grasping the jist of what was needed, when he suddenly thought…SHIT! did I lay down what I was doing on my computer…Well it was too late now, if she saw she saw!The foreman droned on, and it was some minutes till the call ended. Mother had not reappeared, so it was with a tremble in his heart he went into his room expecting a rollicking.Now before I go on, let me tell you all about this family. Dad had passed away when Trevor was 22, and as an only offspring he had inherited the whole works from his father and had found himself quite well off, he lived with his mother, the company going from strength to strength as the years passed. It now employed 40 folk`s in 3 shifts, a round the clock business hence he being on call.They lived, he and June his 51year old mother in a detached villa, set in its own big garden in suburban Cheshire, his late daddy had again seen to that and it had been the family home for some years. June was a substantial lady, blonde, pretty of face, 38 34,42, (and double d`s at that!) how-ever his was not a sexual life, that dammed factory saw to that, and he had never thought that way about his mother, well not since puberty anyway! Oh, he had had the odd girlfriend, and to be honest some were very odd, but his clumsy approach and his kinky mind, had ensured that the nicer ones had run a mile and the rest were money grabbing sluts who were not his style long term.Anyway, back to our story, he should have known better than leave his Computer on, it was an elementary error! He came in to find June in his seat, staring at the screen somewhat flushed and the tea tray forgotten. He had hoped to brazen it out but her flushed face said differently. Her eyes were riveted to the screen, and her face a little flushed. So much so that he had to cough to gain her attention!Long years of difficult clients had taught him to jump in at every advantage, so he took the aggressive lead and snapped, “MOTHER, you don’t watch that sort of thing normally do you!” to his surprise she returned his gaze steadily and then as if having made up her mind replied that, “well… yes I do actually, we all have a sexual side and I have always been a sexual being though naturally I don’t usually share it but it`s about time you knew!”Stunned he sat down, his mother, June, this paragon, who had never once put a foot out of line, never had any followers or boyfriends, who had brought him up, his old dads faithful wife, here was she telling him she had a sexual side…it was too much! He took the tea and drank some not because of thirst but to play for time and compose his mind. June knowing now her cover was blown forever, decided to brazen it out.“did you think for one moment the stork fetched you? “it was a reasonable point put in a reasonable way, he grinned, but said nothing, she went on, “once I was a good-looking lass, not old and frumpy like I am now, and I was shall we say active as a girl, so don’t go thinking I was any innocent maiden, I was what`s termed nowadays a goer!”He grinned, saying that he had never thought of her in a sexual way. To which she retorted “OH yes, and pigs might fly! Just remember I saw you, spying on me as a hormone riddled youth, and rifling through my underclothes in the wash basket and…well, do I need to go on?” Embarrassed now he blushed and saying, “I thought you didn’t know of any of that,” to which she chuckled that it was she who did his laundry back then! Then added “then and now!” which had him glowing even worse and grinning, now that the initial shock had died down and the embarrassment had worn off a little. She then asked if he had never found a lady he really fancied, he was an eligible male, well set up, had he had no luck in the sexual stakes? He explained that pre-his dads passing, yes he had put it about a bit like any young rake, but after and he being made MD, it was a case of fending off gold-digging baggage’s and to be honest he couldn’t afford the time, even if they would allow him to do any mortal thing he wanted, he suspected it was just a way to his money, not a case of wanting him for himself. So much so that he had begun to really take advantage of the ones he had taken out, to the point of being over the top, and he was worried about killing one of them or at least scarring one for life! So, he had returned to porn and the safety of his hand! His mother sat somewhat lost for words, after a moment or two asking “were you meaning porn like this, BDSM stuff, is that your thing then?”He nodded, and she asked, “if her favourite son had any other kink`s she didn`t know of?” red of face he said well, passing interests, pee, and felatio, and a bit of bondage but it was mainly inflicting pain, but the lady must be willing, and not just doing it for access to my money!”By now the conversation was at a level most of us would use to discus day to day things, like, the government, or brexit or the price of fish nowadays! They had lost that social embarrassment factor most of the world suffers from, especially in families, and she saw it as a perfect chance for a breakthrough for them both if he could realise it and both seize the day as she was tired of being celibate! After a moments silent contemplation, she asked in a steady voice, “If I offered myself, would you still like to sleep with me?” it was a bold step, June`s steady gaze never wavered, as she added, “only vanilla sex to start mind, but it might do us both some good if we had one another as partners, that’s if you still are interested in an old hag like me!”His jaw fell open, his mother! Sex! then he replied in a gush that “your no old canlı bahis hag mother, and I would love to sleep with you, in an instant, what son wouldn’t, not least to fulfil a youthful dream or two, and save my poor wrist, but its i****t, i*****l, and immoral and against all convention! Her reply set him back on his heels, “So, that just means we should need to be careful of friends and so on finding out!” her smile said she was serious adding that “some of my closest friends already think of us as man and wife the way you treat me and cosset me, so I doubt it would make a lot of difference, and as few people come to this house, other than tradesmen , I cant see it as a high risk, and we both might gain from it!”before they could utter another word, they were interrupted by the doorbell, he leapt up and shut down the pc swiftly, and they both began to laugh at his eagerness to hide his perversion, and the comment that few folk visited! As she added “bar today of course!”which had him grinning broadly as he let in the telecom man, June, grinning as she wandered away to her kitchen, leaving her son (and soon she hoped to be lover,) to deal with the man. the engineer oblivious to his now eager need to talk to his mother, began his task it took an age finding the fault, adding to his frustrations, and he left only just before the evening meal was ready.So, Trevor`s frustration was boiling just below the surface, when she served the meal, both knowing that the subject soon again surface once more. They sat as was their custom on opposite sides of the big old kitchen at what had been the family table, mother saying to stop his gallop, that “that subject can wait till we have eaten” it was a no argument comment that he knew better than flout and it added to his mental anguish. The meal simple but tasty, and seeming to take forever, his mind a tussle twix frustration lust and good-manners.He stacked the dish washer, she poured the drinks and together the adjourned to the sitting room, each taking an armchair, as normal.Champing at the bit, he raised the subject once more.“where you serious about sleeping with me?” he asked. She replied, “well it just seems sensible and practical really, your obviously frustrated, I definitely am, we live together already, I have needs, so do you and I haven’t had any since your dad was ill, so why not?”Put like that it seemed logical, what was there to say! He nodded, then she astounded him by saying that “your dad was my master as well as my husband, I hope you realise that! We went to great lengths so you didn`t get to find out, had you any inkling?” his mouth opened and he shook his head, she went on “I`ve a photo album if you want to see it sometime” by now his jaw was dropping again at her matter of fact attitude, and the bald revelations that she and his late dad were players! “Oh I know, I`ve put on a bit of weight since then but I reckon I can still give you a bit of a run for your money, that’s if you`re up for it!”By now he was keen as mustard, and he said so, but she laughed and said that “she wanted her meal to digest first” and “to slow down!” so he by now looking at her with a different attitude so to play for time and get her in the mood even more, he asked to see the album. Expecting no more than the odd glamour shot! She smiled stood, producing a key hidden behind a picture, and proceeded to open the roll top desk in the corner.From it she took a set of identical numbered leather-bound albums, the first one being her wedding album, and that is where she began after bidding him join her on the long leather couch. She had been a handsome lass when she was younger, tall willowy, legs that were long and sleek, a radiant bride, attended by pretty bridesmaids, a best man fooling about as best men do, family, I`m sure you know the sort of stuff.He felt like a small boy at the knee of a maiden aunt being shown the family album. She was teasing him, he realised that, and he said so, she grinned, then opened the next album. As she turned the first few pages, they covered the honeymoon in Tenby, all one-piece swimsuits on the sand, and sundresses on the prom by the boatyard. Still not what he hoped to see, the next few were this house, back then, out back on the lawn, soon after moving in she said. Again swimsuits, interesting but intriguing, his dad being present they having been taken by some third party. June explaining that “the best man, was his late uncle Oliver, who was a photographer,” that of course he already knew, she explained “the fee was a set of pictures for himself, but he of course could develop just about anything, which the big companies wouldn’t at that time, as she said it, she turned the page and the first topless snaps came into his view.The vision that was his mother all those years ago had him spellbound, saying that “you were fabulous, no other word would have describe you then”. She nearly blushed at his comment, thanking him, but wondering ‘and now!’ though ignoring the slip.She passed the book to him, turning to take a drink to hide her blushing face, perhaps shame or pride, it mattered not, as he turned the pages His dad stripping his bride bit by bit, his eager hands all over the newly exposed skin, fingers invading first her costume, then her sex and finally her back passage. Trevor`s eyes never left the pages, his concentration on each and every picture evident, as each revelation a little more riskay, came to his attention. even the hand of uncle Oliver appearing on some shots, tenderly caressing a nipple, or a breast. As his dad did something more intimate lower down and his mother began her obvious orgasm. No detail was missed, shot after shot, dads wet fingers, mother licking them dry, dad mounted on mother, mother giving mouth to penis resuscitation, with both dad and a little out of focus with uncle Oliver, Dad, no-doubt having camera shake with the excitement!That album closed, and he regarded her in a new light, still his lovely, loving mother, but more human somehow, more real, more hot“Before you open this next album, let me say that I would rather that it waited for a while, as perhaps I am not really ready to share the contents yet, would you mind?” reluctantly he said he didn`t, but every fibre of his body itched to open it up, and see what her darkest secrets were. I he gently took her glass from her hand, turned her towards him, and Instead kissed her gently but oh so tenderly and whispered that “tonight he had seen enough” and “if she was serious about sharing his bed, and his body, he would be honoured to enjoy such a charming creature,” she rose, flicking off the lights as she led him out of the room, and saying “you had best lock up, we may be some time as I have dreamed of this for quite a while now!” she began up the stairs as if to get ready bahis siteleri for him, but he caught her hand once more, “don’t get changed my lover, I want you just as you are.” Flustered she smiled and on the feet of a twenty-year-old ran up the stairs to the master bedroom. Domestic duties rapidly over he bounded up those same stairs, eager now, knocking respectfully like a son before opening that big old door to the room he had never been allowed into as a c***d, old habits dying hard.He glanced round the un-familiar room, a long, fitted wardrobe, full length heavy curtains covering the big sash window, and another set strangely in the centre of the far wall, flanked by a dressing table, and a tall boy all in dark oak wood-stain, with matching brass handles glittering in the soft glow of light from the two matching bedside a lamps each set on identical bedside cabinets gently illuminating the central bed, a huge king size affair, on which his mother lay dressed as he had asked, on the altar like mattress awaiting her new lover. It was ritualistic, symbolic, call it what you will, but their eyes met, each savouring this poignant moment in his or her own way, knowing this was a one-way street a point of no return, pandoras box. Perhaps mutual flickers of the eye or a mental link, who knows, but as if the on switch had been thrown, they suddenly began moving together, till hot-lips met in a madly passionate midway embrace, arms clinging to one another, the decision undoubtedly made!She had not seen his totally naked body since he was about 14, so her nimble fingers tore at his clothing, just as his did hers, it was neither gentle or slow, but urgent and insistent, buttons flew, and fabric`s tore in their sudden burning rush to gain nakedness, to see what convention had so long denied them, suddenly it was over, there were no more items to remove, two naked bodies reflecting the light, as they gazed at each other, mesmerised by the soft lines of bodies now not in that youthful flush, way too much good living and a lack of exercise having taken the edge from the lithe and trim lady of the pictures, or the athletic youth of college, but they could feel the love, the aura of sex, and the eager willingness of each body to enjoy its opposite number.No words were uttered, no murmur’s, no cry`s as they sank deep onto the bed and in one stroke into one another, as if they were made to connect, born to conjoin, return to his birthplace.He began his dance, his pelvis bouncing on her mons in a rapid bumping rhythm, like a hammer on an anvil, his hot meat buried deep in the most receptive sex that he had ever enjoyed, knowing he was never going to last long, it was impossible… as soon with a cry of triumph he began filling this magic woman with his huge urgent load. Her nails raked his back, her body unsatisfied, writhing under him as she sought that final peak, he desperately keeping his place in an effort to allow her this first orgasmic release, his hips slowly automatically, beginning the old dance once again as if he was a machine, his mind overcoming his mechanical need, forcing him on, fetching her to the climax she so richly deserved. Then it was suddenly over, and they lay still joined for some time. They had done `it,’ achieved what convention frowned on, i****t… and neither of them gave a damn, they were satisfied, happy, ecstatic even, and they knew it was not going to be the last time, this was just the start.They spent the evening repeating the whole performance, the urgency had gone now, more gentle, slow caressing touches of lovers, exploring one another, enjoying one another, there would they knew be no turning back now, the genie being well and truly out of the box!They lay in late, it was Sunday, the thick curtains hid the light, she awoke to find her head lay on his shoulder, his arms still holding her as if loath to lose contact, now it had been made in this carnal fashion. Her bladder told her she needed to rise.She slid from his arm and out of the bed, he grunted, but slept on, and she smiled, slipping quietly away to the toilet.That relief over she still naked, wandered to the kitchen, on with the kettle, strong tea, she needed tea…and toast, she was hungry, yes toast…In autopilot she made a pile of toast, golden brown, hot buttered toast with a tray she returned, opening the curtain, the sunlight waking him, as she passed him his tea, sharing the toast. She, laughing at his tousled hair, his still amazed face as he in a stupor reached out and touched her soft pendulous breasts just to prove it was no dream. They silently drank the tea. He went off to pee, his mind unable to accept the change from mother and son, to lovers. Shaking his head as if to sort the muddled messages, his stream died, he shook it, looked at himself in the mirror, shook his head again this time in amazement then returned to her bed… no, not her bed, not his beloved mothers bed, it was now the bed, their bed… Still without a word he returned, opened that big old door, and mounted her once more. They both knew instantly it was to be a long sexual Sunday! A week past, he initial excitement had waned a little, but it was still very strong, he had slept with her in that big bed nightly, working each day, eager to return home, having her each day before the meal was served, even his secretary, the dour Sandra, she of the twin set and pearls, and the frosty outlook, noted the spring in his step, his change in demeanour.Life had become bearable once more. The one shadow that hung over him was those albums, the ones he had as yet not seen, they had vanished whisked away, returned no doubt to their hiding place, and his curiosity was piqued.One afternoon when she had gone to her friend Samantha’s house, he lifted the picture to find the key, feeling like a voyeur, and a bit sneaky for doing so. But being mum she had outthought him, what he found was a note, it said, not yet please son, but soon .xxx It made him smile, she had out-thought him.It was a full three weeks till on coming home he found the third album waiting on his desk. It had been three great weeks of sex, vanilla-sex tis true but vanilla sex of a fantastic style that had kept them both in enjoyment and had eased both their frustrations.He dumped his briefcase, and sat down at the desk, hardly daring to breath as he opened the first page, there was a note inside the leaf, it said, please son, don’t think ill of me, or your dad, we had fun in our lives enjoyed the thrill and the excitement, and no one got hurt, (except me physically later but that was another story.) and Yes, I shared myself with your uncle as you will see, but it was all good fun, and your dad and I loved it.in a depraved sort of way.Xxx he sat looking at the neat page, mixed feelings swept through his brain, and with bahis şirketleri great deliberation he slowly turned the next page. It was indoors this time, he didn`t recognise the room, but the background glimpse through the window told him it overlooked the rear garden once more. The pictures all in black and white were clear and precise and began with a view of his mother, dressed in just her beautiful cream, silky 1950`s style underclothing, smooth and sleek. Over the next sequence of pictures taken by some type of timer, he saw his father, naked, sat on the floor, bound at the wrists, smiling, while keenly watching his brother removing his own young wife`s underclothing. Once naked she passively allowed her wrists to be bound and then her body to be led to her secure husband and made to straddle him. His uncle Oliver taking up the camera work once again as with her legs wide apart, she then began to pee on the bound brother. It was a deliberate callous act carried out in a most precise way, presumably to degrade the man, her stream hitting him squarely in the face, and mouth which in subservient way, he opened to accommodate her stream Uncle Oliver, followed that by roughly bending her over a stool and on the timer once more taking her in the most basic fashion in full view of her husband. It was brutal, and her face showed that she loved every moment of the act. She was then returned to the still bound man and he was forced to clean his brothers leavings from his wife, using his tongue. The very last frame being of her sex, in close up.Somewhat confused he knew they needed to talk, she was out in her kitchen garden, so he went to her, taking her out glasses and a bottle of white wine he collected from the fridge as he passed. They sat on the bench, the warm sun making the wine most acceptable. She could see he was disturbed by the album, so said “So?” he explained that “erotic though it was, he didn’t understand the thinking behind the act!”she smiled, “well, it`s complicated, you see both men had wooed me, your dad, my Jim had won, by a long chalk as it happened, but they as brothers wanted to share me.” he nodded, she went on “now don’t you go thinking that your dad was a wimp, enjoying being a sub, he was no such thing, that, in reality was not what it was all about, but they took turns being dominant!He nodded not really grasping the full implications as yet. “You will see in the other albums, that I wanted something else entirely, I wanted to be used and abused, by both of them, and not just in a ritualistic way, but savagely, erotically but sadistically, even painfully. I wanted to be a sexual plaything!” he asked, “do you still?” her answer was considered, then she said, “well I don’t know really, I thought I was over all that when first Olly, then Jim passed away, but then again I thought I would never have a man again and now look at us!” He smiled, she went on that “of course once they got a taste for dominance there was no stopping them, well not till I fell pregnant of course, neither knew if they were your dad, and we never much cared, it was in the family, same DNA, so it didn’t matter much did it!”“Oh, Jim loved you and did the father roll well, but Olly too was part of the equation. We were just like that! 5 blissful years passed before Olly died, he never did marry, and we played the whole time, they used me as a plaything and it was bliss.”She looked wistfully distant, no doubt memories playing on her mind, then carried on her story, “Jim now coped alone, many is the night I was left in bondage, or slept with a striped backside, or worse.” She smiled, “those were the days! But it all stopped when he got ill, and now look at us, the apple never falls far from the tree they say, and its true if that video was to be relied on, I suppose you will want to play games…” her eyebrow raised in question and she received a very broad grin by way of a reply.She took his hand, looked deep into his eyes and said, “my safe word was POPPY, but if you want another, say now” he didn’t! Then she kissed him once more and said “I need to pee and wash then perhaps as your so keen we can go to the playroom!” he looked at her amazed, “playroom?” she smiled there was obviously more he did not know about. To her surprise he said in a stern voice, “you don’t need wash, I want you as you are, and as to peeing here`s as good as wasting water, so get to it!” she hesitated, stood and slid down her panties, she was about to squat when he said “not there woman come over here,” he led her to a patch of waste ground beside the hedge. Nettles in abundance grew here, he stood her over the greenery and said “there, go there!” she knew that the nettles would sting her soft bit`s but she fixed him with a long stare, deliberately lined up a particularly big nettle clump and slowly squatted down. A small grunt of “ooh” as the things stung at her inner legs and the stream began, as a good strong gush between her shoes, his prick stiff now watching the display made better by the knowledge it was stinging her and would last a fair while. The stream died, and she looked up at him, without the pressure of the fluid the nettles began to straighten, lightly contacting her between her damp labia. Her eyes rolled, he knew the effect it was causing, and the willpower involved to remain there in contact, so he waited a second or two, then took her hand easing her to her feet. She stood relieved, but still smarting in the crevice of love, his command “show me the playroom” had them hand in hand walking up through the house, she led him silently to the master bedroom, round the bed, and with a swish moved the curtain, another hidden door was revealed.Carefully he turned the brass knob, the unused hinges creaked, the door swung open and the extra room came into view.She glanced at him, then clicked on the light. It was the very room of the album. A dusty doctors examination couch on the far wall from the window, a crucifix on the wall opposite the door, and a wardrobe behind the entrance, the only furnishings, though a pully and rope hung from the hook in the elderly high plasterwork of the ceiling.She turned to the wardrobe, opening the door with a flourish. Straps, of all sizes, a crop, a barbers strop, cuffs, it was all their, things to beat, things to restrain, clamps, pegs, a feast of sexual equipment for any sadistic male. His eyes lit up, then he marched her out and threw her on the bed, opening her legs to examine the red nettle rash, leaping on her, no preamble just up and banging away, each inward thrust accompanied by a word; you- dare- take- me- into- such- a- place-, and- not- have- it- cleaned- for- me- first, she looked back at him, a little shocked as he continued, you- will- clean- it- up and- be- ready- to- be punished- when- I- get- home- tomorrow- understand. With the last word he ejaculated, then simply rolled off and went to sleep! She did a mock salute and whispered, “yes sir,” then smiling she turned over muttering something about chips and old blocks!

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