A hooker’s last day


Laying back on the bed, awaiting the arrival of his paid “companion” for the evening, David flipped idly through the bad porn channels on the motel TV, trying to find something to entice his halfhearted and weak erection. With a sigh, he gave up and flipped the TV off, tossing the remote to the other bed in the room.

His bright blue eyes slipped closed as he lay back and began to daydream a bit. Images floated through his sharp mind. A brunette in leather, standing before him with a smile. A curvy Latina, bent over the end of the bed, smiling over her shoulders at him. Breasts dotted with sweat. Asses, jiggling and bouncing. Sweet, aromatic little cunts, waiting to be plunged into deeply.

A groan slipped from his lips as the mental teasing did the trick, stiffening his dick to its full and impressive proportions. As if awaiting the cue of his complete arousal, a knock was heard on the motel door. Eagerly, David’s eyes flew open and he bounced to the door, pausing only long enough to peer through the keyhole and make sure there was a woman there and not maid service. When his single eye passed over the top half of the prostitute, he smiled widely and opened the door.

Stepping over the threshold, with dark brown eyes locked onto his blue ones, the woman spoke as she pressed her hand to David’s chest. Rapidly, almost rudely, she spoke. “You are my last customer ever. Did you know that?” In confusion, though still rock hard, David shook his head as he was pushed backwards to the bed. “You are indeed,” the woman continued, flipping her mane of long dark hair over her shoulder. “Last one ever, in fact. So, I think that the normal rules will be discarded tonight.”

Nothing further was said from the woman, leaving David in a state of head-spinning confusion. ‘Is this how this is supposed to work?’ he wondered to himself. Such thoughts weren’t given much room to run though, as he felt himself spun by her surprisingly strong hands, face pushed into the tacky coverlet on the kadıköy escort bed.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” he asked loudly, though the tremor in his voice was undeniable. With a sigh, the tall curvy brunette pressed him harder on the shoulder, shoving his face deeper into the bed. “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up,” she said with her stern, husky voice. One perfectly manicured hand moved to her waist, opening her skirt, held by a single button on one rounded hip.

Her nude lower body was displayed, though David could not see from his position. A quick dip into her bag brought out her favorite toy – a thick, double headed dildo with a harness. With a grunt of excitement, the hooker carefully slid her half deep into her pussy, pointing the other end to her client.

David, still hard enough to cut glass and now admittedly all the more excited (if a bit afraid), said nothing further, just waited, feeling his face and cock grinding into the bed. Booted feet kicked his feet further apart, exposing his well-shaped ass and hairy backside. Calculating and experienced eyes slid over the exposed body, eyeing his heavy, full ball sack and tight little asshole. Suddenly, she bent at the waist, moving closer to his ass. With a loud, unrestrained movement, she spit a glob of saliva on the little brown hole, followed at once by the head of her strap on.

As she smeared the head of the phallus around in her spit, lubing it up – slightly – she spoke again. “Had enough of the business. The bosses. The bullshit. Tonight, I fuck how I want. And you take it. And that’s about it, my dear.”

She paused looking down at the man who trembled slightly before her. Though she was a strong woman, she’d never forced anyone and she didn’t plan to now. “Tell me to stop, and I will. You see where this is going, so just tell me yes or not. But make it fast.”

David hesitated, biting back the scream of NO that immediately jumped to his throat. He’d never üsküdar escort had this done to him. He wasn’t well-versed in prostitutes and paying for sex. A million reasons for him to leap off the bed and demand she leave… and one hard, throbbing, terribly excited reason for her to stay. Hating the weak sound of his voice, he murmured simply, “Please,” before burying his flushed face into the bed covers beneath him, waiting.

Her laughter filled David’s ears in the same instant he felt the initial penetration. Unrelenting, unforgiving, rough and full. Sinking into his virgin ass, all the way to the base of her rubber cock. Crying out unexpectedly in pleasure, the hooker moved her hands to David’s hips, holding on tight as she felt her end pressing deeply into her, snug and full feeling.

David, shocked, overwhelmed, surprised and in a good bit of pain from the penetration, squirmed and writhed on the bed. Remarkably, none of those sensations deflated his erection in the slightest. His cock was harder than ever, full to bursting, balls grinding on the bed. Her very experienced hand slid below his belly, cool fingers curling around his poor ignored prick, as the other hand lifted him a bit, giving her room to work.

“Move for me, slut,” she growled softly. Her thick, curvy body moved back and forth, sliding in and out of David’s accommodating ass. Each deep thrust shoved her half of the dildo deep into her, heightening her pleasure and quickening her breath. Full breasts, barely covered by the corset she wore, jiggled with each rough thrust. David’s cock grew even harder in her hand as she stroked and squeezed him.

“That’s a good boy,” the woman said with a laugh of genuine enjoyment. “Move your hips and fuck me back. Show me you want it.” David moaned and did as suggested, smelling the sex in the air, feeling the sensation of being filled and stretched wide, as well as the expert treatment of his cock. As his balls swelled and prepared tuzla escort for the rapid and inevitable release, he listened to the wet squelching noises as the clever woman tore his ass up, fucking the two of them roughly. Her grunts, moans, and whispered harsh words delighted David’s ears as he felt his climax build.

Digging nails into his hip, fucking at lightning speed, back and forth, slapping and smacking his ass, filling the air with the sounds and smells of the sex, the woman cried out, growing close to her own release. “Are you ready?” she asked in a daze. “You’d better cum hard and well for me, whatever your name is. I will be disappointed if I am alone in this!”

With that, a final rough shove forward buried the dildo deep inside both of them. Stiffening a second, the world stood still as the climax rose in her body, blotting out sound and sight, filling her entire being with pleasure and light. Shaking and screaming as the massive orgasm sent waves through her body, her hand tightened on David, allowing his release.

David, in turn, unleashed a scream of pleasure.. one of primal feelings, dropping him down to the core of a man, the base where he was all feeling and sex and need and hunger. His asshole burned, fucked hard and cruelly, dribbling with spit and sweat. His body was tense, hands digging into the bed, head thrown back, back arched in the pleasurable agony of climax.

His swollen dick, harder than it’d ever been, exploded. His orgasm ripped through his body, possessing him fully. In the woman’s hand, his cock spurted, twitching and spasming. Jet after jet of thick white spunk flowed from him, wetting his belly, her hand and the bed beneath him. Each spasm emptied his balls more fully, tightening his battered pucker up around the dildo, over and over.

After several moments of silence, broken only by the panting of each person as they struggled to reclaim their breath and slow their pounding hearts, the woman grunted and pushed against David’s lower back, sliding the dildo out of him. With one hand, she squatted and pulled it from herself as well.

Tossing it on the bed next to him, she arranged her clothing back in place and opened the door to the room, remarking casually, “No charge.” The door swung closed behind her.

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