A Room of Candles


Candlelight makes everything beautiful, even the shadows. But as the flickering light from this room of candles strokes your face with fingers of illumination, I look at you sleeping, and I find myself wondering if there could ever be a more beautiful sight.

Your hair is slightly damp. I find this incredibly lovely, and a familiar sensation is alerting me to my feelings of arousal; somehow, just watching you sleeping, my sense of affection and protectiveness for you has given way to desire… you do this to me every time. Awake, sleeping, together, apart – I run through the full alphabet of feelings for you, but they inevitably culminate in need – sexual need. With you, I am very much a creature of lust.

Lust now dictates my actions, for without thinking, I find myself moving down the bed, lifting up the blankets that hide your sleeping form, and drinking you in, the full loveliness of your body. And now I am kissing your belly, gently, my lips barely touching your skin, barely whispering these kisses. Down now, to your thighs – the geography of your body, the shapes created by the spaces between one part of you and casino siteleri another, no map could ever describe its treasures, which are mine to explore. I am kissing your thighs, and my hands are impatient to be involved, so they close themselves around you, slightly firmer than I had intended (lust is making me careless – you will wake up soon). And now my lips move to your pussy, the sweetest part of you, and I kiss around it, and take my time to part you with my tongue (a sleepy gasp! Indicates that you are stirring in your sleep). I push my tongue inside you, exploring deeply, as far as I can go, loving the taste of you, and suddenly I find that my fingers are with me too, pushing you open as my tongue licks you. My fingers hold you open as my tongue finds your clitoris and I begin to lick it in slow tiny circles (I hear you moaning in pleasure – you are fully awake now) and my other hand holds your breast, rubbing your nipple, delighting at the touch of your piercing. I stay like this for a long while, licking your clitoris with passion (I am your lover, I need this, these sexual pleasures that I take from you and give canlı casino to you), bringing you very close to orgasm (your breathing is shallow now, your moans more frequent; you clench the bedclothes with your hands and run your fingers through my hair, keeping my head in position); close, but not there yet, for I have other plans….

Wordlessly, I pull my head away, and move up to face you. I greet you with a loving kiss, and motion you to lie down on your front … you are totally in my control at this moment, and you comply willingly, expectantly, thrilling to the thought of how close our lovemaking makes us feel to one another. I take a moment to appreciate the splendour of your back (I will spend days kissing it one day) before I rest my head against your slender neck, and begin to kiss it, varying these kisses – lustful kisses, quick kisses, tender kisses – circumnavigating your neck with my lips. I hold you very tightly as I kiss you, pressing down on you with my body; I find myself shivering at the touch of skin against skin, and my cock, which I thought had reached a state of arousal unparalleled in the history of mankind, kaçak casino now surprises me by becoming even harder… I can’t wait to be inside you. My kisses move down your back (dear God, you are beautiful), my hands caressing you tenderly, and my cock finds your pussy and is impatient to be inside (as are you), but I want to kiss you all over first, for I am so very much in love with your body, and I need to taste and kiss and touch every inch of you. But now is the time to penetrate you, and I do so roughly because lust has totally overwhelmed me now, and as I push my cock hard and deep inside your pussy, I know that lovemaking has given way to fucking. I fuck you hard, and fast, loving the feel of my cock inside you, loving your moans and gasps of pleasure, and loving kissing and biting your neck as I thrust harder and harder and faster and faster, my cock fucking you…

And then I cum, and as I shoot my hot cum inside you, I feel your body tense and shiver, as you finally cum, too, and as I cry your name, you cry out mine in return, and … and I think that this time was the most wonderful sex I have ever had, because we came together, and I understand now how very close we have become, and how good we are together. I lie on top of you, exhausted, still inside you, and I kiss your neck as I say: “good morning”.

And, oh…how I love you.

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