A Special Christmas Present


I’d taken the few days before Christmas off to prepare the house for the holidays. We were having a big gathering of family on Saturday and the good intentions of decorating, wrapping and cleaning had not come through as planned.

The wife and baby had left the house and I was left, stripped to my shorts to clean. I was just finishing dishes and starting on the kitchen floor when the door bell rang.

You were standing in the door holding a sack full of Christmas packages. “Where is my nephew?”

“He’s not here. He went to school today so I could get some work done around here.”

“Ugh… I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to go on my cruise. I was sure when you told Mom you were going to be home today that he’d be here with you.”

“Sorry, sis. But you’re more than welcome to stay for a bit…”

“And how is that going to let me watch the little guy open his presents?”

“Well, we were going to spend the evening cleaning. If you give me a hand now, you can hang out until they get back and you can give them to him this evening… or you can just come back this evening, if you’ve got to finish up packing.” I take the sack from you and motion for you to step in from the cold.

You come in and slip your jacket off, hanging it over a hook on the coat tree near the front door.

“Nah, I’m ready to go… in fact, I don’t have anything else to do between now and then, but I didn’t bring anything else to wear…” You motion to the dress slacks and holiday sweater you are wearing.

“I can always get you a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, or you can just strip to your undies and run around half naked like I am,” we’ve joked like this since before we were old enough to understand sexuality, but never did anything more than flirtingly joke.

“What do you need done? I’ll help out.”

“Well, I was about to scrub the floor, the vacuuming needs done, and there is a stack of presents that need wrapped…”

“Where are the presents? I can do that without having to worry about changing…”

I pull out the pile of gifts and settle you into the living room with the TV remote and a bunch of rolls of wrapping paper.

I scrub the floor of the kitchen and start vacuuming. I eventually work my way into the living room… where I find you dancing while wrapping presents. You’ve abandoned the television, probably when the noise got too much to concentrate, and have instead been blaring Christmas music. It takes me a moment to register what I’m seeing as I see you dancing there in your underwear. I consider shouting, but opt to walk up behind you to tap you on the shoulder.

As I approach, I watch your ass move in the tight material of your panties and find a familiar, though unexpected swelling in my shorts. I try to calm myself a bit, but after glancing down, I realize that there isn’t any noticeable sign of my arousal. I tap you on your shoulder.

The sudden touch causes you to squeal and spin around quickly. Seeing you in your underwear from behind hadn’t prepared me for what I would see when you turned around. The quick movement had caused your breasts to shift in your “shelf” bra and your nipples were clearly visible by the time they stopped jiggling. I couldn’t help but look down and gaze upon the beautiful breasts of my younger sister… though as soon as I realized what I was doing, I looked up and forced my eyes to meet yours.

“You shouldn’t scare me like that.. I… ooh”, move to turn back around and shift your bra, so that your nipples aren’t fully exposed, “Sorry, I, um… It was hot and I didn’t feel like bugging you for something to cover up with… besides… it’s not like you haven’t seen boobs before.”

“Um… no, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen yours or any that looked as good as yours… and well… um… what I was going to say was that I was going to come through with the vacuum cleaner. I just didn’t want to scare you.”

“Thanks, the bra really gives them that extra something… but… careful brother, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were hinting at another peek.”

“And who’s to say that you DO know better,” I quip, only half joking, shifting slightly as I realize that your bare nipples caused the slight swelling to grow more fully, and without underwear on, the swelling begins to cause a tent in my shorts.

You put down the scissors and tape that you had, taking a step toward me. “Careful, Jeff, you shouldn’t be having naughty thoughts about your wife while she’s not around to take care of you,” You glance down at my crotch, smile, and then wink.

“Well, she wouldn’t have done much to take care of things, even if the thoughts were about her.”

You were aware that things weren’t all that they should be between my wife and I. She wasn’t as affectionate as our family was, and it was obvious when hugs between you and I were more embracing than the ones you saw between her and I.

“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t tease you like this then… but… just who were those naughty thoughts about then, dear brother?” Even though you felt bad about my situation, you sarıyer escort still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease me.

“Probably the curvy woman dancing around in my living room with her boobs hanging out.”

“I beg your pardon, Mister. These boobs are NOT hanging… that’s what the bra is for.”

I laugh and let my eyes focus on your breasts for a moment more. “I… um… should get back to my vacuuming…”

“Listen, we seem to be making good time here… how about after you are done with that we break for lunch.”

“Ok, actually aside from wrapping and vacuuming, the only other thing I need to do today is take a shower. I suppose you could always help with that too.” I laugh and turn to leave the room.

I go back to my vacuuming and you back to your wrapping.

It’s early afternoon when I finally finish up and put away the cleaning supplies. A quick survey of the pantry finds enough to make a couple of bowls of soup and a few sandwiches. I cook up the soup and make a few grilled cheese sandwiches. Laying out the lunch at the dinette table, I call you into the room.

You join me in the same state of undress as you were earlier, though this time, more evidence of your rising body temperature is evident, as the tops of your breasts glisten with sweat.

You take a napkin from the table and dab at the sweat between your breasts and at your forehead… “Hot soup and hot sandwiches? Are you trying to get me to take everything off?”

“Just wanna make sure you stay nice and warm… seeing as how sparingly dressed you are.”

We eat and curb our conversation away from the innuendo. We talk about family gossip that we’ve each heard from our parents, I tell you about how the little guy is doing. You talk about work and the cruise.

After we eat, I collect the plates and start loading the dishwasher.

After finishing the dishes, I shout to you, “I’m heading to the shower, feel free to have one yourself, you know where everything is.”

I climb the stairs, not even thinking to close any doors along the way as I strip out of my shorts on the way to the shower.

I step into the bathroom, turning the water on to let it warm up while gathering a towel.

I slip into the shower and let the water wash over my face and hair.

After completely covering myself in the warm liquid I scoop up the shampoo bottle and pour a liberal amount into my left hand, then begin lathering it into my hair. I use the excess soap to lather my face, arms, torso, legs, and genitals.

I turn to face the back of the shower and let the water wash over me, rinsing the soap from my hair, face and body.

I then hear the distinctive sound of plastic rollers banging along a glide path… then a cool rush of air. I turn quickly to see you, completely nude, stepping into the shower.

“What are…”

You cut me off quickly. “Thanks for the invite, and I can see that someone is going to need to wash your backside.

“Sarah, what… are you on something?”

You smile… “Not a thing… though, considering the amount of time we have… and the apparent need on both of our parts, maybe I can be on something a bit later…” You move in, pressing your breasts to my hairy chest, wrapping your arms around me, pulling me close, craning your neck, and inviting me with your lips.

My cock reacts before the rest of me can, swelling quickly against your pubic mound.

“Please, I know we shouldn’t but… well… we’ve talked about it for years, even though it was only jokingly.. I want you, Jeff. I DO want to be with you.”

“What about my wife… our parents… if anyone found out…”

“I’m not going to interfere, I know we can’t live together or anything, but we can help each other out from time to time… After all, who would question you coming over to my apartment for a few hours to help me move furniture, or work on my computer, or any of 100 other things.”

“I just… I’m not sure”

“I… I’m sorry… I’ll go… I just thought that you might have had the same fantasies…” You turn and pull the shower door open.

“How… How long? How long have you been having fantasies about me?” It’s a goofy question, but all things considered, it’s the only thing that I can remember the words for at the moment.

“Since, since I was 15… Actually the night I turned 15… Do you remember that slumber party?”

The water in the shower starts to run cold, and I reach up and turn the faucet off.

“Yeah… You and 5 or 6 of your little girl friends were there.”

“That’s the one… and 2 or 3 of those girls had WICKED crushes on you… I swear it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they’d snuck into your room after the rest of us were asleep to hand you their virginity on a silver platter.”

I chuckle at that… “Um… no… I can’t say that I ever fooled around with them.”

“Well, that night they dared me to sneak into your room and steal a porno magazine. They all kinda figured you had them since esenyurt escort you were in college by then. Well, when I did I could see you laying in bed, and the covers had moved… Do you still sleep in the nude?”

“That was what did it?”

“Well… that and feeling how hard you were… you must have had some good dreams that night… I… You know, I’ve never wrapped my hands around a dick that thick… at least not until or since that night… It was so thick, and hard, and… well… don’t laugh… majestic…”

You grab a towel and wrap it around yourself, handing one to me too.

“You’ve… you’ve thought about me this whole time?”

“Oh yes, Yes I did… I guess I tried to imagine every other guy since…” you look down at my swollen member…”And they didn’t measure up to you at 18… and they for damn sure don’t measure up to you at 33.”

I blush slightly. “And this is what you’ve dreamt about?” I rub the towel through my hair, purposefully not covering myself. “What did we do in YOUR fantasies?”

“You are going to think I’m completely insane… really… but… well… I was your slave… your sex slave.” The last few words come out barely a whisper… your head is turned down.

“Hmmm…” my brain is buzzing… it’s so hard to believe that all of this is happening, that you are telling me this, that we are standing here having just had our bodies pressed to each other.

You blush and turn, “I’m so sorry… I just… God… just forget this all… it’s some bizarre dream that you’ll wake up from in 5 minutes and never has to get brought up again.” You start to move toward the door.

“Sarah… wait… I… you aren’t the only one with fantasies.”

You turn back to me, tears on your cheeks. “And… Well, what… what are your fantasies?”

“When we were still teenagers… I used to… I used to imagine that I showed you how to please a man. That I was your first, and that even when you were dating, you would always come home to me.”

You walk toward me, dropping your towel between us. You fall to your knees and focus your gaze straight ahead, looking directly at my swollen cock. “Well, Master, better late than never. Please teach me how to please you.” You look up at me, the angle making you look younger, innocent, expectant, and subservient. You then lean forward, placing your lips on the tip of my cock.

You whisper, “Please!”

I look down, my brain flares with all of the different reasons why this is wrong, but I find my hand tangling in the hair at the back of your head. I know I shouldn’t be naked with another woman, with my sister, who wants to be my slave, but still my hand forces your head into my crotch. Your mouth opens willingly to take me; I feel your tongue play at the head until it moves past that… My cock… deep in your mouth.

I look down at you, pushing slightly, not speaking the question that you answer with a blink and a nod. I then pull myself further into your mouth, into your throat.

I move my hand from the back of your head to the bathroom sink for balance as you begin licking the shaft and swallowing around the head of my member.

You take advantage of not being held by sliding your lips back up the shaft of my cock, all the while maintaining a powerful suction on my erection. Your hands slide up my thighs and to my hips, grasping at them while you bob your head up and down on my cock, sucking me with your talented mouth.

We get lost in the moment… your mouth on me, knowing who you are, what you are and what you will be for me. The thrill of this moment, the realization of all the fantasies overcomes me. My hips buck and begin to shoot hot cum into your throat.

At some point I realize that you are no longer sucking me, but instead pumping my cock with your fist, spraying my cum… I look down to see it dripping from your lips and your chin and onto your tits.

“Mmm more…” You again latch your mouth onto my cock, sucking. I can feel as you suck the cum from my balls, drawing more and more from me.

I practically collapse from the sensory overload. My wife never sucks to completion and would never dream of sucking even more cum from my cock. The experience and situation keeps me rock hard even after cumming.

You look up at me, licking your lips and scooping the extra cum from your chin. “Thank you… God you taste better than I ever imagined.”

“I should be thanking you… that was the best I’ve ever had.”

You giggle… “Sir, I… I know I might be bold in asking this, but…. well, I am still a virgin, in a manner of speaking and want to give that part of myself to you.”

“You are not… You lived with that one guy for a while in college.”

You blush, “Yes, well… I have been fucked, but… well… my ass is still untouched… would you?”

I look down at you. I can see you are excited and nervous at the same time.

“I… I can try… I have never done that before, but… for you… mmm and for me to…”

You smile and stand up, throwing your arms avrupa yakası escort around me. “Oh thank you… I was so scared… I mean, I… I’m just so glad that I can finally be yours.” You kiss me, pressing your cum smeared tits into my chest as our tongues play against one another.

I slide you down my body and take your hand… pulling you toward the bed. I smile wickedly at you and twist your arm behind you, forcing you to bend over and lay prone over the bed, your ass up in the air.

You squeal excitedly at the quick move and giggle wiggling your ass invitingly. It is quickly met with a swat. “Now just how am I going to hit that tight little hole with you wiggling around?”

Again you giggle, “yes, sir” You arch your back, thrusting your ass cheeks into the air while spreading your legs, and opening yourself to me.

I fumble in the night stand for a moment and pull out a bottle of lube. After flicking the cap open with my thumb, I drizzle the cool liquid along the crack of your ass letting it flow toward your pink anus.

After putting the bottle down, I slide a hand up your inner thigh and over your hair covered pussy lips. “Mmm after you get back from your cruise we are going to have to groom you, pet. And… my but aren’t you a wet little girl.”

You moan as my fingertip slips between your drenched pussy lips and taunts your clit. “Ye… Yes, Yes, sir.”

My finger slips from you and slides over your lips, up and back to your pulsating anus. My finger is met by the slow flow of lube and I use it to liberally cover your ass. Each brush over your opening causes you to whimper and flinch.

I rub your asshole softly, feeling it relax beneath my touch until suddenly you are filled by my slick finger. My other hand slips under you to tease your clit and help you relax and open for me. Soon after, a second finger joins the first, your ass stretching to accommodate my thick fingers.

You are moaning and throbbing. You alternate between grinding your pussy against my fingers or your ass around the fingers of my other hand.

The sensations take you and I feel you squeeze my fingers vice-like in your asshole as you cum, the flow covering my fingers and drizzling down your thighs.

After you cum, your anus loosens considerably around my fingertips and I feel your knees buckle slightly… I pull my fingers from your ass as you moan, as much in pleasure as in frustration at the loss of what was filling you.

I take your hips in my hands as I step behind you. “Are you ready, Sarah? Are you ready to have your ass fucked?”

“Yes, Yes Jeff, Yes, brother, Yes Master” Your voice barely a whisper as you grind your ass against my hard, throbbing member.

I moan and chuckle softly as I place the head at the hole, using the lube to cover not only your anus but my cock this time…

I take myself in hand and stroke a few times, working the lube into my pole then slide up behind you. I press the thick head against your anus.

I place my slick hand back on your hip and hold you tightly.

“Please, please fill me,” your breathless whispering coaxing me on.

I press the head against your hole and find that your anus tightens then loosens… I feel you strain yourself to stretch. As you do, the head begins to disappear inside you.

After a minute or two of slowly entering and receding, the head finally breaks through and I feel you tighten around my shaft. The thickest part, the head, fully embraced by your ass.

Our moans fill the bedroom as I pump my cock into your virginal asshole. You grasp at the edge of the bed, and howl in pleasure/pain as my cock throbs inside you.

You slip your hand beneath your body and down between your thighs, pausing a moment to rake your painted fingernails over my balls. You slide your hand back up and slowly begin to play with your clit.

As you manipulate your stiff nub of flesh, I feel my cock being squeezed tightly inside your ass.

I feel you moan and writhe, one of my hands, still holds your hip while the other slides up your back, tangling in your long hair. My fingers twirl and clutch your hair, making a fist. While doing so I let you feel my cock ease completely out of your ass with a great release of pressure on both my cock and your sphincter. You moan in relief and in longer to have your ass filled again… as you do so I hear your fingers playing noisily between your pussy lips.

I twirl your hair in my grasp, making sure the head of my cock is pressed against your anus, and then I pull you back hard, making you fall back onto my cock, ramming it into you as you react to my hard pulling of your hair.

You squeal and moan, then scream…. “Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!” I can hear through the breaks in your breathing that you are sobbing… I ram into you harder, faster… Your screams, sobs, throbbing and moaning sending me into a frenzy… even though I am tearing into your ass you continue to press back into me… fucking my cock with your ass…

The blood pounding in my ears keeps from hearing my own voice as I shout out that I’m going to cum.

“Yes! Fill my ass! Cum in my ass, sir… pleeeeease.” The request punctuated by a squeal as I pull your hair and force you back onto my swollen rod for one final thrust before my entire body tightens and is granted release by exploding between the luscious curves of your ass cheeks, spread in front of me.

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