Abbie and Allan


I knocked on Allan’s bedroom door because I wanted to see how he was doing. He was quite upset earlier.


“Yes?” He answered.

“It’s me, Abbie. Can I come in?”

“Yes,” he said in a resigned tone.

Allan was reading at his desk. We both were somewhat nerdy and loved reading sci-fi and fantasy books.

“Are you okay? You seemed upset earlier.”

He paused for a minute. “I was embarrassed.”


“When I left the shower, I stepped on my towel, and it fell, and you saw me naked.”

I didn’t understand. “So? We’re twins, Allan! We started together inside mom and had several ‘doctor’ sessions when we were little. I’ve seen yours! You’ve seen mine! Mom used to bathe us together, and we’ve seen each other naked since then. We live in the same house. What’s the big deal?”

He sighed and frowned. “Abbie, I’m eighteen and haven’t grown since grade nine! I didn’t mind back then because everyone was the same size, but now I feel like a shrimp! I’m starting to get self-conscious at school. EVERYONE is bigger than me! I’m getting killed in gym class!”

“Have people been picking on you?”

“No, but I’m sick and tired of being small! What if I never get any bigger? I’m in grade twelve and look like a five-year-old! No girl is ever going to go out with me! It would be like going on a date with your baby brother! I don’t even know if I’d go out if someone asked me.”


“What if we started making out, and they put their hand down my pants. My dick is a disgrace! It would soon get out that I had a pencil dick, and I’d be a laughingstock! I’m so small a girl wouldn’t even be able to feel me inside her!”

“It’s not even good for peeing, Abbie! Guys use urinals, and at junior school, they were low on the wall to pee down. It’s important to pee down, Abbie! It’s hard to pee up! At high school, the urinals are higher, and I have to lift on my toes to get my dick high enough, and even then, I have to pee up somewhat. It’s not good peeing up on your toes! Sometimes you get bumped, and the pee sprays where it shouldn’t! Sometimes I get pee on my hands when I’m shaking it dry! Shaking is meant to be done with your dick hanging down, not up! I started using the toilet stalls so I can pee down, and no one sees my dick!”

Oh, no! I had no idea Allan was having so many problems peeing! Being female, I’ve always used the toilet stalls and have nothing to shake! I didn’t realize he was afraid to go on a date!

“The other day, we were in the bathroom together, and I noticed in the mirror that you’re taller than me and you’re not even tall! What if I went out with a girl and she wore heels! I’d have to stand on my toes to kiss her!”

“When I tripped, and the towel fell, I was embarrassed. I didn’t want you to see my dick. It’s a disgrace!”

Oh no! Poor Allan!

“I would never make fun of you! You know that, Allan! It was only six months ago that I was in the same boat. I understand how you feel, but you’ll grow! Don’t worry! Dad is over six feet tall! I’m sure it will happen soon.”

“I hope you’re right, sis, because I’m starting to lose hope! Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy that you’ve filled out! You always looked like a beautiful Fairy Princess to me! And now you look like a gorgeous Fairy Goddess! I mean, look at you!”

He went over to Abbie and lightly ran his hand over the curve of her hips in awe. “Your hips are perfect!”

And then he lightly ran his hands in awe over the curve of her butt. “And your butt is perfect!”

Then he stood in front of Abbie’s almost D-cup breasts. “And these Abbie! These are perfection! You put porn-stars to shame with these! They’re big and perky, which is so rare, and they hang just perfectly!”

“I’d die to have even half of your growth spurt!”

He grinned. “I was even thinking of asking you for a blood transfusion! The growth hormones raging through your blood might kickstart my dick!”

I couldn’t resist and broke out laughing, and Allan was smiling too! He seemed to be feeling a bit better. I hugged him.

He sighed after I pulled away.

“What? Is something wrong?”

He gave me a ‘sigh’ smile. “I was just enjoying the feeling of your breasts on my chest. They felt awesome! They may be the only breasts I ever get near, so promise you’ll keep giving me hugs!”

I smiled.

He grinned again. “If you promise me one breast hug a day, I think I can endure my agony until my growth spurt kicks in!”

I didn’t know what to say, but I did want to help, so I gave Allan another hug. A long one. He seemed to enjoy it!

I didn’t sleep well that night. Too many things to think about!

I was concerned that Allan had become depressed about his small stature. I knew how he felt! I was tiny and straight as a board only a short time ago, then I gradually started to fill in, and my breasts started to grow! Mom had them, my aunts had them, my grandma had them, and now I had them! But there was a time when I worried that I might not receive the family heirlooms!

I maltepe escort was confident Allan would get his growth spurt because dad was big, but it was easy for me to say. Allan was quite small compared to his classmates, and peeing uphill sounded like a problem! Thank God no one was picking on him.

I know girls found Allan cute because my girlfriends told me, but I had to admit a tiny dick might be a dating problem, and women did talk.

I couldn’t stop thinking about my Fairy Princess and Goddess status! Allan and I both loved reading about magical fantasy worlds filled with wizards and elves and fairies, so being a beautiful Fairy Princess was high praise! Being a gorgeous Fairy Goddess was as good as it got!

I did have big round eyes and somewhat long ears and jet black hair with a pale complexion, so I did look somewhat like a Fairy.

But I had no idea Allan thought I was beautiful! Like lots of twins, we were super close, and he was my best friend, and I thought he was cute, but I don’t think either of us ever commented on the other’s looks. We may have commented on clothes and hairstyles but not our looks. Why would I? He was my twin! He was part of me, regardless of how he looked!

But now I knew he thought I was hot, and I must admit, I liked it! It takes a while for your self-image to catch up when your looks change, and my new, improved body was recent, so I still thought of myself as a cute but waifish beanpole.

Being a Goddess was much better, and the way Allan looked at me earlier and touched me sent shivers through my body! My ego liked that Allan liked my curves, and my body was thrilled that he loved his breast hug and wanted more! I gave the first hug to make Allan feel better. I gave the second hug because my breasts enjoyed it as much as Allan did!

I resolved to give Allan as many breast hugs as it took to keep his spirits up until his growth spurt kicked in. It was my Goddess’s responsibility to keep my ‘subject’ happy. Right? And damn, I loved the way he’d looked at me and loved how my breasts felt against his chest, even if I had to bend over to hug him!


I always knew it was likely I’d get decent-sized breasts because mom and my aunts had them. You can see breasts. Women flaunt them. And I noticed them in my family as I grew up and assumed I would get them. It took a while, and I started to panic like Allan, but eventually, they arrived.

Allan wasn’t so lucky. Penises are more concealed. For example, I don’t ever remember noticing dad’s penis size or my uncles. Did they have big ones or at least average ones? I didn’t know, and Allan probably didn’t either.

But what if I found out? If all my male relatives were average or above-average, that would give Allan hope that he would be too. And in the worst-case scenario, if small ones ran in the family, it would never pass my lips.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a way to determine the size of my relatives. I perused through family picks of dad and my uncles looking for bulges but found nothing. I was going to have to ask mom. It would be embarrassing, but Allan was worth it.



Might as well get right to the point! “Was dad well endowed?”

Mom looked at me strangely and then smiled. Good! She wasn’t upset.

“Well, his family wasn’t rich, but they weren’t poor. Why do you ask?”

No! That’s not what I meant!

“No, I mean, was he well endowed between the legs?”

Mom wasn’t smiling now! She was frowning.

“What kind of question is that?”

“I was just curious.”


Darn! This was going to be harder than I thought, but I’d prepared a somewhat plausible fake rationale for my question.

“I just wondered if large penises ran in the family, like large boobs?”

Mom was still frowning.

“Marcy said that she read that women with large breasts tend to go out with guys with large penises. So, I was wondering if it’s true given that all the women in our family have large breasts.”

I waited with bated breath. Would mom fall for it?

She still didn’t look pleased but wasn’t frowning anymore.

“Well, your father was above average, and so was his brother, and my brother Danny was big.”

YES! Paydirt! Not just average! Bigger than average!

“So you think what Marcy said is true?”

“Well, I can’t speak for all women, but there may be some truth to it.”


Mom smiled. “You’re going to find out, having large breasts tends to attract lots of attention just like having a large penis does. Well-endowed males approached me under the assumption that I would be interested in their equipment.”

“Were you?”

“It wasn’t a show stopper, but it was nice. But it was only one relationship factor among many which I, unfortunately, learned too late.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your father and I burned up the sheets. He was big and knew how to use it, but unfortunately, he continued to use it on other women after we married, and escort maltepe he wasn’t the best provider or father. Eventually, I had enough and divorced him after five years.”

“Wow! I didn’t know that! I mean, I knew he wasn’t the best father, but I didn’t know he fooled around on you.”

“When did dad develop?”

“I think in grade twelve because I don’t remember noticing him before then, and all of a sudden, he was tall. By the end of grade twelve, he looked like a man instead of a boy.”

Excellent! Grade twelve, which is where Allan is! He’s due to sprout!

Mom looked at me strangely.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“No. Why?”

“You really asked the question for the reason you mentioned?”

“Yes. Why else would I ask?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you’re interested in someone who is big, or someone big is interested in you?”

I blushed. “No! Guys are sniffing around now that I’ve developed, but nothing has happened.”

“And you’re on the pill, right? It’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment when someone sticks a big one between your legs!”


“Well, you asked me about penis sizes! Are you on the pill?”


I had the intel I needed, and it was good news! Dad spurted right around Allan’s age, and dad had a big spurter! It was time to make a strategic retreat before my embarrassment level became critical! I hoped Allan appreciated what I just put myself through!

“Gotta go, mom! Bye!”


I decided to be magnanimous in my Goddess role and bestow two chest hugs upon Allan, per day, instead of one. After all, he was my most loyal subject.

I gave him one in the morning to get him through the day and one at night to help him sleep!

The hug in the morning was brief because we were always in a rush to get ready for school.

The one at night was longer and more enjoyable. I gave it to Allan right before we went to sleep, and it lasted about a minute, which is a long time for a hug! By then, I was in my nighty, and he was in his underwear. We weren’t wearing much so when we hugged a lot of skin was touching!

The nighttime hugs evolved over time. They got longer and closer and more active!

When you like something, you don’t want to stop, and both of us enjoyed the hugs, so they got longer.

We discovered skin on skin felt quite enjoyable, and the more contact there was, the more enjoyable the hug was! The initial hugs were just chest to chest, but now we were playing footies and rubbing legs while we hugged. Sometimes I wedged my leg between his legs, and sometimes he wedged his leg between my legs. That felt yummy!

Some nights we just couldn’t get close enough, and Allan had his hands on my butt pulling me into his groin, and I had my hands on Allan’s butt pulling him into my groin. Our groins loved being close! My face was in his face, and his face was in my face. Our noses started to rub, and I could feel the breath from his nostrils on my face and vice versa.

All that close body contact started to make for some steamy hugs!

Allan’s mood seemed better even though no growth had occurred. I saw him naked again by mistake, and this time he didn’t freak out. He just smiled and went on his way.

One thing I noticed, though, was that Allan had big balls. Or maybe his balls just looked big because his penis looked small. I wasn’t sure because I had no experience with balls and penises, but there were lots on the internet.

Some of the balls were quite yucky! Some were saggy, like saggy breasts. Not nice!

Some were small and looked like extensions of the penis.

Some were hairy. Gross! Thank God Allan’s boy body was hairless! I didn’t like hairy men!

After much searching, I determined that Allan’s balls really were big in themselves and they were nice ones! They were tight, not saggy. One ball wasn’t drooping below the other, and they looked full and round and tight. It was like Allan had two golf balls in a tight sack between his legs!

I don’t know if it was an automatic body response but seeing Allan’s big golf balls got me all riled up between the legs! Perhaps the mating part of my brain thought Allan’s sac was bursting with sperm, and he was excellent breeding material. I wasn’t sure. I just knew seeing his big nuts turned me on!

I was starting to really enjoy the effect my body had on Allan! It’s quite a rush knowing the power your body wields over another person, especially your twin brother!

I knew my body was affecting Allan because we were hugging longer, our hands were more active, and something was hard against my leg! It wasn’t big, but it was hard!

I’m pretty sure Allan noticed my nipples were hard through my thin nighty, and I certainly noticed the wetness between my legs!

Allan got bolder and began to caress my body as we hugged. His hands roamed all over the place, up my legs, over my back, over my butt, and I didn’t stop him! Why would I? I loved it!

He maltepe escort bayan got even bolder and started to caress the sides of my breasts, which my breasts quite liked!

Our hugs were up to five minutes, and both of us were quite steamy by the time they ended!

I don’t know what Allan did when I left, but I know what I did! My panties were around my ankles seconds later on my bed, and my fingers between my legs!

Nighttime hugs were the best!


One night we were breast hugging, and it dawned on me that I wasn’t looking down at Allan! Our faces were at the same level! Allan had grown an inch! WhoHoo!

“Allan! You’re taller!”

The most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen crossed his face! He was pumped, and so was I!

I was so excited I kissed him! But because we’d already been hugging for a while, our bodies were already running hot.

What normally would have been a quick kiss felt different. It felt sexual! We looked into each other’s eyes, and both of us saw lust and a desire for more.

Our faces moved in for a second kiss! We slowly nudged noses and grazed lips. It was wonderful! Our lips pressed closer, and I pulled Allan tight until his hard penis was against my groin.

I wanted more and darted my tongue out. Allan opened up, and soon we were French kissing!

Allan’s tongue felt deliciously soft and wet in my mouth! My tongue couldn’t get enough of his tongue, and soon our tongues were darting and dancing together in a million combinations. It was heaven! I didn’t even want to stop to breath!

Our kissing got hotter, and our lips pressed so hard it almost hurt! The kissing became ragged and sloppy, and saliva was drooling down my chin, but I didn’t care! All I cared about was Allan’s tongue in my mouth! I started to suck on Allan’s tongue, and then he sucked on mine. My God, it felt good!

I would have sucked face with Allan all night, but mom knocked on Allan’s door, and both of us jumped out of our skin. Fortunately, she just wanted to remind Allan that we needed to leave early in the morning and didn’t ask to come in.

I gave Allan a quick kiss and darted to my room to masturbate! I was masturbating every night now after our visits!

Mom went out after supper one night to visit my uncle Danny, and Allan and I were kissing seconds later. We couldn’t get enough of each other’s tongues, and I was thrilled that he was my height now!

Had he grown below? Had his balls gotten bigger? Curiosity was killing me! I needed to see! And I was fed up with him caressing my breasts from the side. It felt great, but I wanted more! I wanted caresses from the front!

I interrupted our kissing and discarded my nighty, and ripped Allan’s underwear off. He was surprised but didn’t resist. I pulled his head down toward my breasts. Would he know what I wanted? Yes! Within seconds he was suckling on my nipples, and I was in sexual nirvana! My nipples are very sensitive, and Allan couldn’t get enough of them!

I’d always wondered how Allan’s big balls would feel in my hands, and now was my chance!

I reached down and cupped one of his nuts and lifted it gently. It was hot, heavy, soft, and sweaty! Yummy! It felt powerful! It was Allan’s semen cannon, ready to blast millions of sperm in massive pulses, impregnating any eggs in its path!

I needed to see it in action!

I’d never seen Allan’s cock hard, and it looked way bigger than when I saw it soft! It looked about five inches and fit nicely in my tiny hand. I started jacking him, and Allan began moaning. The quality of his nipple sucking crashed, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see him spurt!

Allan leaned into me for support as I stroked him faster and faster. I felt powerful as I pleasured him!

Allan started to breathe heavier, and then his body tensed, and he erupted! I kept jacking him as he ejaculated repeatedly. My hand was coated in his gooey stuff. I kept going until Allan pushed me away. He said his penis had become too sensitive.

Then I looked down at my body. Oh, my God! What a mess! There was sperm all over me! Tons of it! Now I knew what those big balls did! They were semen super-tankers! There was sperm in my belly button and sperm on my tummy and breasts and even some on my neck! It seems to have shot upwards!

I scooped up a glob on my finger and tasted it. It was chalky tasting and looked like tapioca pudding. Wow! I’d jacked a guy off and tasted sperm!

A devilish thought entered my mind, and I scooped up some of the junk and rubbed it into my engorged nipples until they were glistening and positioned my breasts in Allan’s face. Did he know what I wanted? Would he do what I wanted? YES! Allan started suckling on my nipples like a starving baby and kept licking and sucking long after he’d cleaned them up.

My whole body throbbed with sexual power!

I AM A SEXUAL GODDESS! (At least with Allan)




“I want to do what we did last night. I want to jack you off again. Is that okay?”

He smiled. “If you let me go down on you!”

I pretended to be contemplating a tough decision. NOT! But I didn’t want to appear eager. After all, I was the Goddess!

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