An Evening With My Steno…

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An Evening With My Steno & Receptionist

I was working as a Manager in an electronics firm. I had a secretary named Nisha. She used to dress herself in a long dress and also wore a pair of scholarly looking glasses. A few interactions with her and I realized that this plain look was primarily to avoid unnecessary botheration from the colleagues who wanted to become friendly with the sole intention to take her to bed. Her attention to my needs in office was full of care and efficiency. Being shy by nature, I did not take any initiative to become close to her although I spent a lot of time day dreaming about making love to her.

Extended working hours to complete time bound job provided one day an opportunity to me to try to gauge her feelings about me. I started with asking her as to why she wore such plain clothes. She replied, “I don’t like the ogling of others in office but for you I can wear any clothes that you like, or no clothes at all!” I was pleasantly surprised by this response. I pulled her to myself and made her sit on my lap. I took her face in my hands and lightly kissed her. I had every intention to extend it to a passionate kiss but I did not want to hurry and get a wrong impression about me. It was late and I offered to drop her home in my car. We separated but nit before another longish kiss.

Next day in the office I invited her to join me to spend the evening at a small disco joint that was not frequented by our office people. She promptly agreed but asked about what to wear. I said smiling, “Nothing”. She gave me a playful hug and asked again. I told her, “It is an ordinary place, and you Onwin can wear whatever is comfortable”. She further asked if she could bring her friend Ruby along. Ruby was our receptionist. My expression indicated that I was questioning her confidence in me. She immediately added, “I know what is in your mind. We do everything together and I hide nothing from her. I assure you she will be a good company at the disco; and thereafter, if you desire.” The message was clear and I could look forward to a wonderful evening.

I picked them up from the flat they shared. Nisha was wearing a mini denim skirt with a colourful loose top. Ruby was dressed in a low cut blouse and a printed skirt. At the disco we danced with each other and also with a couple of youngsters present. We had something to eat in between. Nisha danced close to me making her hard nipples press against my chest. It was turning me on and I asked her to go to the ladies room and come back after removing her bra. She said, “There is no need for me to go in, I can easily remove here without anybody noticing.” She continued to look straight at me and did what I wanted. It was a slow dance number and the lights had been turned down. I played with breasts and nipples both from outside the top and also from inside. Ruby was noticing this and joined us in a threesome dance. My other hand went to Ruby’s bum and I realized that she had in the meanwhile taken out her panties. The dance in a darkish dance floor was a virtual sexual exploration of Nisha and Ruby by me. There was hardly any part of the upper body that I did not touch and play with. All three of us were Onwin Giriş turned on. My cock was pressing from outside Nisha’s skirt to her already wet cunt. The next moment it was Ruby’s turn. As the three of us were sufficiently aroused, we decided to change the venue of our sexual exploit to my home.

In the car Nisha and Ruby took turn to suck my cock and play with my balls. I was using one free hand to massage their breasts and cunts. I just about managed not to cum as we reached home. As soon as we were inside both of them got out of their clothes. Seeing them naked I just tore my clothes off. They both pressed their bodies to me. I kissed them both for a long time before pulling them to my bed. Nisha was already on her back. I sat next to her and started kissing her from mouth downwards. Ruby sat behind me kissing my neck and holding me around the chest, occasionally moving to my already enlarged cock. I needed quick relief even then I controlled myself to relish the first look of Nisha’s gorgeous body. As my mouth reached Nisha’s nipples she loudly moaned. I moved slowly to her pussy playing with the fine smooth hair on top and then moved my finger to her clit.

I kissed her clit and also outside and inside the lips around her wet cunt. This made her cum in jerks while pressing my mouth to her pussy. I was not in a position to control further so I positioned my self above her and held the tip of my cock at the entrance of her soaking wet pussy. She moaned in anticipation. As I purposely delayed, she pleaded, “Please Fuck me I can’t bear it any more. Please fuck me SIR”. I entered her in a slow smooth Onwin Güncel Giriş motion enjoying every moment. This was the moment I had waited for such a long time. When I hit her tunnel end, I could hold no more and after a few quick pushes in and out, I exploded inside the pussy of my Nisha for the first time. She shuddered and once again climaxed. Ruby was kissing me all the time and also played with my balls and Nisha’s clit as I entered her.

I rolled over. Ruby promptly sat in between my legs and put the half extended cock in her mouth. She cleaned me thoroughly with her mouth and kissed me to allow me to taste the joint cum of Nisha’s and myself. As Ruby continued to play with my cock, I was soon ready for her. She allowed me to lie and sat over me holding my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Nisha, in the mean time got up and sat behind Ruby and started to play with her breasts and nipples. I enjoyed the site of two girls sharing a lover in such harmony. Ruby sat over my cock and allowed it to slowly enter her smooth cunt. She froze for some time enjoying the feeling of fullness inside her cunt and then started to move in ever increasing speed of in and out motion. She was athletically built and moved in and out with graceful but firm pushes. I gave myself fully to her as the tempo increased until both of us reached a tremendous climax, with some help from Nisha who kissed my balls from below Ruby while pressing Ruby’s clit in synchronism with her in and out motion. It was Nisha’s turn to clean up my cock with her kisses.

We spent the next half an hour playing with each other and talking about sweet nothings. The three of us had a shower all the time playing with each other’s bodies as if to remember every detail for all time to come. It was a most satisfying threesome. I dropped them at their combined abode with promise to meet again and again.

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