an introduction


an introductionlets skip all the early stuff and jump to summer 2008, university, all the usual stuff but i loved the nights out with the girls, but could not bring myself to do what i special night dancing all night with a friend getting closer and closer and loved the way she took control spinning me round holding me close, later on we istanbul escort were stood at the corner of the bar she was behind me i could feel her breath on my shoulder she slid her arms around my waist and pulled me closer her hands sliding under my blouse and her warm skin avcılar escort over mine, she moved my hair away from my neck and started kissing my shoulder and moved up my neck i was a quivering mess this was so what i had dreamed of and wanted but by the time she got to my cheek and nuzzled my ear i şirinevler escort pulled away, i made an excuse dashed to the toilet and took a cab home i cried myself to sleep how could you want this so much and then back out when your fantasies start to come true.monday morning at work there was an email on my laptop it said “sorry too much to soon watch this from 1:09 love v XX”i must of replayed this 10 times i had never heard of it thank god some one had put subtitles to it, i could not believe how it showed everything i had felt and wanted but ran away from i replied to the email “please please teach me love c XX” the rest has been four years of bliss.

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