Ana trapped amongst black men


Ana trapped amongst black menWhen living in L.A., Anita and I worked during some time in the same building. Her office was several floors upstairs.We had different schedules. My sweet wife started every day two hours after me.One day I was very, very busy and had not time to share lunch with Ana; but I knew he had left the building earlier. A while later I was checking the security monitors in my own office; when I saw Ana walking back into the building. To make some practice with the joystick, I decided to follow her path up to her office.She got inside one of the elevators. She was the only passenger.Two floors upstairs, the doors opened and a tall black man entered. He was wearing an elegant dark suit. I could see Ana stared at him from her side and she looked to be pleased by his presence.The elevator stopped again upstairs and the old black janitor came in, pushing a cleaning trolley. While doing so, he accidentally brushed against my wife and I could see a kind of lust in her eyes…Things got bad for me when a third black man also climbed up.I could see that the three black men had noticed my wife’s arousal.All of a sudden, the power was gone from the elevator’s system. One of my colleagues entered my office and said it was something normal. It would be fixed in less than ten minutes.I looked again at the monitor. The tall suited man was trying all the buttons but nothing would work. He was very annoyed. The janitor had sat down on the floor and the third man was trying his mobile.My sweet Ana was just standing in a corner, as she was scared of being there, trapped in an elevator with those three black men…Ten minutes passed and nothing happened, except that my wife slowly sat down. The third guy lit up a cigarette, despite Ana’s protests. She started coughing; so he finally stubbed the cigarette after a few puffs.Five minutes later the old janitor said he needed to pee…The tall black konak escort one told him to go ahead and pee. But Ana protested again. She told him he could not pee in front of her.The tall black gentlemen leaned towards my wife and told her she could be the next one wanting to pee and all of them would not be darned to see her peeing in front of them…The old black man then peeled out a transparent plastic bag and turned to one side to pee as discreetly as possible. The third man moved away from the corner to avoid him and bumped into my furious wife. She pulled away from him and that only ended up in her being in the corner directly opposite the janitor. The two black men laughed and the janitor asked her if she could hold the plastic bag while he unzipped his overall. To my amazement, Ana held the plastic bag while the old black man unzipped and pulled out a huge black shaft. The third guy told Ana it was a real monster dick and the poor man would not be able to hold both the bag and his own cock…My sweet wife looked at all them and the tall guy ordered her to hold the bag for the janitor.My wife looked disgusted and then she refused to do so. Then the third man moved and stood just in front of Ana. He pushed down to her knees holding her by the shoulders. Then he announced she was going to sit in front of that old man, to see him peeing, to smell his crotch and his pee…Both the other guys smiled and nodded.My wife looked disgusted, but she was on her knees, not trying to stand up. She held the plastic bag in front of her for the old black man to piss; but she turned her head away shutting her …But the black gentleman admonished her, saying he did not want a single drop of his piss falling down on the floor. My wife opened her eyes and nodded to that man. The old black put his huge cannon inside the plastic bag, pleased with the blonde white wife sitting down staring konak escort bayan at his monster dick at eye level. Slowly he started pissing inside. But suddenly the elevator started moving again. This made the old janitor dick jerk wildly and it hit my wife in her mouth leaving a stream of his piss on her soft red lips. The bag full of piss fell out of her hands and all over her black skirt and stockings.The elevator stopped again. The lights inside the cabin were out for some long seconds. When it came back, all three black men were facing my sweet wife and pissing straight on her. She was still down on her knees; eyes wide open and a terror grin in her face.I was speechless; but I saw that my wife’s nipples were fully erect under her white blouse, as those black men were pissing on her.Now I was getting curious as to how she would react.Then I saw that the third man was rubbing his cock head over my wife’s red lips. Ana seemed to be inhaling the smell of that dick.Suddenly, I knew my slut wife would suck them all. I was right…I saw her shut her eyes and open her red lips to let that man slide his pulsating veined black cock in her soft mouth. He pushed inch after inch of his shiny black cock in my wife’s throat. Voluntarily, her nice manicured hands reached up and grabbed the base of that huge piece of black meat and she stroked it. The man started to moan and he grabbed Ana’s curly hair, showing her that he was on charge of the blowjob motion…But before he could come in Anita’s mouth, the tall gentlemen pushed him away from Ana. He presented his own cock to her.My wife looked up hungrily and slowly started sucking his cock.I already knew that my loving wife was a good black cock sucker; but there was more to come.Then the third man insisted. He moved behind Ana and lifted her by the hips. She adopted a bending position, in order not to leave that huge escort konak black cock out of her soft mouth.That bastard pulled her tight skirt up to her waist. I saw she was wearing a tiny black thong, hidden between her round ass cheeks.The black man pulled her thong aside and rubbed his turgid black meat up and down her visibly very wet shaven pussy lips.He asked Ana if she wanted it. And my wife nodded a yes…Then he pushed inside. I was shocked to see how easily his thick cock slid in stretching her pussy wide. He fucked her very slowly.Occasionally she let the tall black man dick out of her mouth to cry in pain and pleasure. As the third guy increased his pace, I knew my wife was going to get a cunt explosion with this sperm load.He finally came inside of my wife’s hot cunt. As he pulled out his powerful black cock, a never ending stream of semen flooded out.The old janitor smiled at the third man and asked for his turn. I thought my wife would scoff at the idea of the old black janitor fucking her in the raw; but she spread her feet a bit more for him as he positioned his thick cock at the entrance of her stretched tunnel and plunged in easily. He fucked her just for a few minutes and just when he was cumming, the tall black man pulled out his massive cock and splattered my pretty wife’s face with his sticky semen…Once he was done, the tall black gentleman slapped her face with his deflated but still heavy black dick. Then the elevator started moving again and this time the `power cut seemed to be fixed. Ana looked at the tall man and both smiled.The man introduced to her as Mark and gave my wife his card, saying he had not finished with her yet. He would wait for her call on the next day and they would go for lunch… or anything else…All three men left the elevator on the way up, before Ana did.I waited a long while as I looked her going to the ladies room.Then I climbed up just a couple of stairs to her office.Ana was sitting at her desk, her face was radiant and she smiled happily when she saw me knocking at her door. I asked her if everything was going fine.She got serious and told me the only thing wrong in that building was the elevator system…

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