BBC at the gym


BBC at the gymWhen I was still in my black cock discovery phase, after my first big black cock, I was on a crave. I wanted to try every black men possible. I wanted to dress up like a little girl for them. I knew I was meat to be a girl for black men. But, I was fucked by a gym employee as a boy, meaning I wasn’t dressed up at all like a girl. It was not long after my first black cock. By then, I had a few black cocks in my ass. I tasted many black men also. I knew that I was getting more pleasure getting fucked than fucking girls. I somewhat lost interest in girls, but I loved how they dressed. I saw myself already like a girl. Anyhow, by then, I had never been fucked like a boy.I was 19. I was going to the gym regularly to stay slim because I wanted to keep a feminine profile. My gym was open 24 hours a day and I was going there often later at night. It was and still is quieter. There was this black employee that was often there in the evening and at night. He was a good looking guy, 30 year old and bulky. I knew he had a big black cock because it was obvious just by looking at his shorts. I confirmed my suspicions in the showers. He was a black man with a big black cock. I won’t lie: I wanted to know him inside me. But, it took time. I often asked him questions about some work outs and training exercises. It was job talk for him. But, eventually, I got to know him. His name was Anton.I saw that a lot of girls came to see him. I guess he was the alpha male, the bull, and girls are attracted to guys like that. One day, I made a joke. I konak escort told him that he must fuck a few girls from the gym. He told me: yes a few, but I prefer Asian boys like you. I thought he was joking, so I asked more questions. I asked if he was bisexual. He told me yes and he fucks submissive boys regularly. I was getting hard just hearing out that my ‘big black cock’ crush at the moment was into boys. So, I started to flirt with him. I told him that was into black men. I told him that I like big black cocks and that I was jealous of their size. I can’t pleasure woman with a small cock like mine, a small 5 incher. I told him that I wanted to suck his dick tonight. He started to laugh and told me to tell him when I’ll go shower. I finished my work out and I was sweating. But, my heart was still rushing. My little dick was hard. I went to see him in his small office near the reception and told him I was going to take a shower. There was a few people left in the gym around that time, which was close to 11 PM. But, it was mostly girls and the same guys that never went into the changing room. In the changing room, we were alone. He took his clothes off to go into the shower. I saw his dark meaty cock again. It was flaccid, but already bigger than mine. I took my clothes off and he starts saying how cute is my little cock. He tells me in my ears: you’ll never be a top with a cock like that, you’re a manpussy, come beg for my cock in the shower.I went into the shower first. I took the handicap stall because it was konak escort bayan the largest stall. I start showering my body, removing the dirt and cleaning my ass because I knew it was coming. I expected getting fucked in the shower like a slut. Anton came into my stall. I went into my toes, bent out my ass, put a finger in my ass and told him: please fuck me with that big black cock. But, he didn’t. He went behind me, started to clean him self up too. He was cleaning his black. It was slowly getting harder as he starred into my ass and rubbing it with soap. It was a large 9 inch. I started to touch it, but he told me no. From behind, he was jerking my cock with his huge fingers and slowly fingering my ass, feeling my man tits. It was all a tease because he wouldn’t fuck me in the shower. It’s public even if there’s no one; someone could walk in.He told me to go into the nutritionist office if I still wanted to have some big black cock. He dried up, dressed up, and went into the office. I did the same. My heart was rushing. I was getting fuck by a gym employee that I barely know outside the gym. I went into the office, as he said.He was there. Looking at me like I was a slut.He started to touch my little cock through my pants. He took my t shirt off and started to suck on my nipples. I was loving it. He was talking care of my gently and slowly. He was passionate when he kissed. I was feeling his cock through his pants.I went on my knees. Took his pants off. Took his big black cock out. It was huge. I started escort konak to jerk it while licking the tip. Then, I started to suck it. Stroking it harder and harder. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to make him cum at his work place.Then, he bents me over the table and pulls out some lubricant. He had some with him which was surprising. He went down and started to eat my ass and fingering it. I was getting harder as much as I could. My cock was pre-cumming already. He suddenly stopped eat my ass out. He went to put a condom on with lube. And, it happened. He shoved the tip of his dark and meaty black cock in my ass. It was huge. It was larger than the black men I’ve met. He told me I was a tight bitch. I told him: I thought I’ve fucked enough to loosen my ass. It wasn’t the case. He started to fuck my slowly. Slowing going one inch deeper at every thrust he did. He kept saying take it in bitch, while I responded fuck my ass. As he was fucking me from behind faster and faster, I went liquid of my legs. My dick kept pre-cumming. He took his hands, cleaned it up and made me lick it. I was jerking my dick while he was fucking me. I didn’t wanted to cum. It was perfect. I felt his huge cuck inside me.I went on my back on the desk and he fucked me missionary. I was screaming: fuck my with your black cock. I was moaning like a little slut. I was begging from his cum. But, as I was stroking, I came. My cum went everywhere. It was a burst of pleasure. It was pure ecstasy. I went down on my knees. Took my condom off. I started to suck him and stroking on his black cock. Anton came into my mouth. I swallowed everything. I dressed up and left. But, before I left, I showed him my pictures dressed up like girl and told him he could fuck me anything. We exchanged out numbers. I still have encounters with him today.

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