Being watched turned me on


Being watched turned me onThis is a true story about a time I was caught fucking myself by a very very unexpected visitor. My man had been traveling so I had come home early to prepare myself for a little welcome home fun. Of course, while he was away he would call and text me daily and most of the time it was his mission to make me horny. Well, of course he succeeded and I have fucked myself daily and sometimes multiple times daily. He would tease me in a variety of ways but this time he did something very unexpected.With each passing conversation he would say something about his dad. Well, I did always wonder if he had gotten his big cock from him. With each passing day I found myself getting wetter and wetter at the thought of seeing if his dad really had as big a cock as he was telling me. I found myself grabbing my biggest cock like dildo and fucking it while I cried out “Daddy” with each gushing orgasm.After coming and home and taking a shower I starting dressing in what I like to wear when I play, tease, and fuck in. Tonight canlı bahis I had picked out my skimpy see thru black zipper dress, crotchless nylons and some red high heels. My makeup was done and I was ready. My pussy juices were already flowing when I poured myself a glass of wine. Again my mind went back to what my man had been saying all week and within a few moments I found myself stroking my pussy and very hard clit. I decided I could not wait any longer so I went into the bedroom, picked out a few toys and set up my video camera.I propped myself up on the bed and started pleasuring myself. Since I was not expecting my man for a couple more hours and no one else was home I only partially closed my bedroom door. About thirty minutes into my fuck session I heard a noise that sounded like the front door. I figured it was my man coming home early so I proceeded to get very kinky in front of the camera. I assumed, he would sneak to the partially closed door and watch me as I repeatedly fucked myself to one orgasm after another bahis siteleri before coming in and pounding me.However, after collapsing on the bed from so many outstanding orgasm I passed out. When I awoke the house was empty. When I wet to get another glass of wine I noticed a note on the kitchen table from my father-in-law that was not there earlier. The note indicated he had dropped of some stuff in the garage for my husband. My mind instantly started spinning with thoughts of did he see me, did he hear me moaning, or did he just sneak back out. I needed to know so I went and looked at the video I had made.In the video, I could clearly see him peaking through my bedroom door. As he continued to watch I could tell he was rubbing his cock through his short. A few minutes later I could tell he was stroking his cock as he continued to watch. Initially, I was mad but then my horny mind took over. I told my husband about it and without hesitation he asked if it had excited me? Not expecting that question I paused and then answered bahis şirketleri with “yes it really did”. Then my husband asks if he could share some of my videos with him? Again I paused ……..and I said well I bet you already did so I might as well say yes. My husbands responds back with good because he already has them and has been jacking off to you daily.Now my mind was wondering what they both were upto so I decided to pay my father-in-law a visit. When I arrived I could tell he was watching a porn movie from the sound. I used my key to open his back door and I entered very quietly. As I approached the living room I could clearly see him watching one of my movies and jacking off. What shocked me was that for an older gentleman he had a very impressive cock and pair of big balls. Hubby was right he did have a massive cock that had to be 10 inches long with 2 inches in girth and massive thick veins. I didnt want to interrupt him so I watched him until he exploded his cum juices everywhere. Then I entered the room wearing a white slinky blouse, pencil mini skirt, crotchless nylons and heels. Stunned to see me he froze. I then said to him well I guess if you can watch me then I can watch you.Hope you enjoy. What do you think happens next??????

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