Double Penetration

BISHOPThis story began one evening when my sister Louise and I were with daddy. He was lying on his back with Lou sitting on his face as he licked her out and me squatting on his cock as I slowly ground myself onto it. We had been fucking each other for about an hour and both Lou and I had cum several times. Lou and I were kissing and our tongues explored each others mouths as we enjoyed daddy pleasuring us.“I think it’s time for you to cum now daddy,” I murmured as I broke away from Lou’s kiss, “I’m going to suck you off with my pussy muscles” I announced and began to contract and then relax my muscle walls as I rocked a little on daddy’s rigid cock. He felt so good in me but I wanted to feel him cum now and I could tell I was staring to bring him off.Lou leaned forwards and began to stroke my clit with one hand whilst she reached beneath us to fondle daddy’s balls with the other. “Don’t take it all Ruth, I want to taste daddy’s cum too you know” she grinned at me and shuddered as daddy thrust his tongue deep into her again whilst he began to raise his hips towards me to get as far into me as he could whilst I rode him.Then, with one great lunge upwards accompanied by a drawn out groan, I felt the first jet of his cum fly into me and I ground down hard on his rigid cock, forcing him to spurt right into the neck of my cervix. He felt so good as usual and I rocked through yet another orgasm as my pussy walls contracted and milked him.“Ruth!” admonished Lou “you were supposed to let me have some too.”We grinned at each other and as daddy finished shooting his spunk into me, I eased up off him and we both looked down as I dribbled his fresh cum out of me and onto his glistening cock where it ran down the sides to his balls. Swinging my leg away, I moved over so that Lou could get to his cock and she leaned down to take it in her mouth with a murmured groan of pleasure where she licked and sucked on it to taste the mixture of her fathers cum with her sisters juices.Daddy’s head had now dropped away from licking her and he lay there catching his breath as I leaned past Lou’s buttocks to kiss him. “Just look at that perfect sight” he said to me as he nodded at Lou’s wet pussy before our faces “Is that the nicest cunt you have ever seen Ruth? Apart from yours of course but you are not allowed to compare yours with your sisters.”“Daddy,” I sighed “you say that every time, and you say it to Lou when you are both looking at mine.”“Yes I know princess, but you both know that you have the neatest and sweetest little fuck holes in the country, why else do you think you are so popular with everyone.”“Well, it could be because you let them all fuck us” quipped Lou over her shoulder as she released his softening cock from her mouth.“Ah but that is business” he replied “and although there may be an element of truth there the fact still remains that you both have very beautiful and talented holes which so many people give so much to get into. How would you like to use your talents to help another young lady develop her skills like you two?”Lou and I looked at each other and she reacted to the intrigue in us both by responding “Well daddy, you have gained our interest so tell us more. Who is this young lady? Do we know her? And what do you want us to do with her?”He sat up between us both and put his arms around us. “Yes you both know her. I’m talking about Charles’ daughter Victoria. You know what a charming little minx she is but Charles wants her to develop from the little innocent girl into a young lady with the commanding charms you two have managed to culture. He has his sights on a rather large business venture with a good deal of money involved and he has indicated some profit for me too if you two can help with Victoria.”“But Victoria already knows how to use herself,” I chipped in “and Charles has been fucking her for years like you have with us.”“Yes, yes, yes,” he countered with a hint of impatience in his voice “I know that even though she’s still sixteen she’s no virgin, and I’ve had her myself several times, but with her tender age she has so far played the little innocent conquest and now it is time for her to move her abilities forwards. You are both far more experienced than her and Charles would like you to guide her a little and help her become more of a woman and he has a special target for her to seduce to clinch his business venture. He wants you to make her skilled in a way that she makes someone fall in love with her and become infatuated so that he will agree the business proposition rather than lose her.”“Alright daddy,” Louise countered “you’ve got our curiosity raised now so that we probably can’t resist, and Victoria looks so tasty with that beautiful long red hair of hers and her slight figure it will be fun but who is this mysterious future lover and how big a business deal is this that Charles is talking about? You’ve got to give us the details.”He chuckled at this and gave us both a wry smile “I knew you would want to know and I knew it would be you Louise rather than Ruth who would ask first. The deal is very big and involves one of the richest landowners in the area where the caretaker is supposed to be much more celibate than he actually is and Charles has seen the way he looks at Victoria when he visits.”“Wait a second, when you talk of a caretaker for landowners and you use the term celibate you can’t mean ……….”“Yes I do. I’m talking of the Bishop. Charles has done his homework here and it seems the Bishop gives a couple of his female priests a little more than spiritual support on occasions and probably a few of his flock as well. The church has several large building projects planned and Charles wants to control the contracts. If he can bait the Bishop with Victoria he is sure to get that but he feels the need to have Victoria be a little more than a virginal teen for the Bishop to seduce. He wants her to get him so infatuated that he will do anything she asks. That’s where your experience will come into play so Charles has invited us around tomorrow afternoon for you to help Victoria get ready but you will need to move fast as the Bishop will be arriving later in the evening and Victoria needs to be ready then. We will stay for dinner and it should be amusing to watch after the Bishop has had a few drinks, especially when Charles adds the odd spike or two into his drinks.”We arrived shortly after lunch and daddy and Charles directed us to Victoria’s room where she was already waiting for us and greeted us with a rather petulant look as we entered. “I don’t understand why daddy has asked you to show me things. I already know how to screw and I’ve had no complaints so far!”Lou and I looked istanbul escort at each other and grimaced a little. We had half expected Victoria to react like this as we would probably have done the same at her age when we also felt that the world revolved around our feet, but that is what you get when you have over indulgent fathers.Lou was first to respond with “Don’t let us fight Victoria. We know you are just as capable as us but your father thought that with our extra years experience we could help you enjoy things more. After all, we have been doing this quite a while so we believe that we should enjoy ourselves as well as please daddy’s guests and friends. So why not indulge us and let’s see if we can give you a few extra ideas on how to enjoy yourself?”I had to admire Louise’s approach and could see that she had already managed to get Victoria to lower her resistance. We crossed over to her and each took her by the arms, leading her back towards her bed where we sat her down between us. As she sat beside me I reached for her and turning her head towards me I kissed her deeply and gently eased her to lie down on the bed between Lou and me.I released her and looked down at her. She looked so beautiful with her red hair cascading across the pillow and against her flawless white skin which had a slight smattering of freckles. Her pert little boobs heaved beneath her white t-shirt as she breathed and her flat belly looked so inviting over the belt of her jeans. None of us spoke at first as we all settled to the roles we were about to play and I began to lift her t-shirt up and over her head as Lou unbuckled her jeans and began to slide them free. Soon she was lying between us with a flowery bra and panty set which we then peeled off her leaving her naked.“Gosh Victoria,” I gasped looking down at her pert breasts with little pink nipples and her neat fiery red bush nestling at the top of her thighs “I knew you were a beauty but never realised just how gorgeous you are. You have such pretty little nipples, you must display them more to your admirers and get them to nibble on them like this” and I leaned down and circled the tip of her nipple with my lips, holding them in a rigid circle as I brushed them over her. Immediately it began to harden and stand proud, ready for my tongue to circle it and for me to suck gently on it as my hand moved over her belly and down to her tightly curled hair over her pussy.By now, Louise had stripped and she knelt between Victoria’s thighs, inserting her tongue into her slit as I slowly opened it for her with my first and middle fingers. “Now feel this” I murmured to her as I slid my two fingers into her and Lou moved lower to lap at her little ass hole. I moved around inside her a little to allow her to adjust but she was already so wet that I proceeded to the next stage by pushing my finger high into her and flexing them against the front wall of her little cunt to brush against her ‘G’ spot. As I struck home she thrust herself up to meet me in attempt to get more stroking pressure on herself.“Oh that feels so good,” she groaned “I’m going to cum already if you keep going right there.” I continued to stroke her ‘G’ spot whilst Lou lapped her anus and after just a few minutes I felt her contract around me in her first orgasm. When she had come down a little I said “You see Victoria, there are so many things we can show you. It’s nice to cum with your clit being stroked but you will find a lot of men don’t even know where to find it, let alone use it properly. This little area inside you is perfect for when you are on top facing the man. His cock naturally tends to push upwards so you can manipulate it to rub against you there to make yourself cum.”“Now Victoria, give me your finger” crooned Louise “and we will pretend it’s a cock and I’ll show you a few things you can do when you are sucking a cock to get the best for yourself and not just give a quick blow job.”Victoria duly obliged and Lou passed on idea after idea to her by using her finger as a demonstration as I continued to gently bring her off several more times during the afternoon. By the time we had finished she had orgasmed half a dozen times and was a height of sexual tension whilst both Lou and I had to forgo our pleasures and wait ‘till later that evening for our own release.Finally we had to conclude and we left Victoria having given her a few suggestions about seductive dressing for the evening and we went to our rooms to get ready ourselves.It was just before eight when Lou and I went down for dinner and we could hear daddy and Charles talking to a third person whom we guessed must be the Bishop. Sure enough it was he and he turned to face us as we entered the room. “Ah,” beamed daddy, “let me introduce my daughters Bishop. This is Louise and this is her younger sister Ruth.”“Good evening Bishop,” we both responded as we held out our hands to him.“Oh please let’s not be too formal,” he blustered, lechery embedded across his face “please call me Gregory. What two beautiful young women you have here Michael you should have introduced me years ago.” We smiled as he undressed us with his eyes flitting from Louise with her long black evening gown and low exposed cleavage to me with a shorter clingy green dress which showed the bumps of my nipples through the material.Charles brought us drinks as the Bishop continued to ogle us and we responded with subtle flicks of the hair and fluttering of our eyelashes to keep him simmering and I glanced down to see a stirring of his cock as it began to thicken at the though of what he might like to do with us.“Victoria, at last” chipped Charles as she entered the room “we were beginning to think you had abandoned us to dinner without your company.”“Of course not daddy,” she beamed “I was just trying to make myself presentable for our guests.”That she had certainly done and I had to admit she looked stunning as she swept into the room. She had followed a couple of the ideas we had offered to her and she wore a white halter neck dress which settled a couple of inches above her knees. It was as clingy as mine and her pert breasts stood proud with the outline of her nipples clearly visible through the material (assisted no doubt with our suggestion of applying a light amount of lipstick to enhance the colour). My gaze moved down to the slight swell of her belly and another visible hint of red through the material as her bush pushed against it, clearly unhindered by underwear. Her outfit was completed with white hold up stockings and deep red pumps presenting the illusion of virginal white with flashes of reds throughout. avcılar escort Perfect colouring for her.I glanced at Lou and we smiled at each other as we observed the Bishop visibly redden with lust and break out with little beads of perspiration across his forehead and top lip as he moved to greet her and take her hand, his eyes flicking from the bumps of nipple to the hint of pubic hair and he gave a sharp intake of breath as she innocently leaned forward to kiss his cheek in greeting.“Oh I’m so sorry,” she gasped in feigned embarrassment, “I’m so sorry Bishop, I forgot you were a man of the cloth and I’m just so used to greeting people with a kiss. Please forgive me.” She lowered her head as we had suggested and gave him a ‘Princess Diana” look with upturned eyes which clearly captivated him there and then.“Of course you are forgiven” blustered the Bishop “I’ve already suggested we drop these silly formalities and you call me Gregory rather than Bishop although so far no one has taken me up on that. Perhaps you will be the first?”“If it will please you then, Bishop Gregory, I’m more than happy to oblige.”“My god,” I whispered to Louise, “she’s even better than we expected, maybe she didn’t need our help after all.”“No, maybe not, and did you catch the bait she threw him about her pleasing him and being happy to oblige him?” she mused with an admiring tone “she might be able to teach us a thing or two!”During dinner the seating was arranged for maximum effect on the Bishop with Victoria seated opposite him between her father and mine whilst Louise and I sat either side of the Bishop with our chairs almost touching his so that any sideways movement from either of us caused our thighs to touch against his. He frequently reached across both of us in order to either brush his arm against our breasts or to sneak a glance at them but most of his attention was focussed on the sight of Victoria opposite him with her pert nipples being hinted at through her tight white dress.Both Lou and I giggled and flattered him at every opportunity and made sure we ‘accidentally’ touched his arms or legs as often as possible to heighten his awareness of our feminine presence. Victoria was perfect though and she adopted the ‘Princess Diana look’ we suggested to maximum effect by dropping her gaze in a submissive gesture whilst retaining eye contact and a pursed lip smile towards him.Both daddy and Charles boosted him by complimenting him on all sorts of ridiculous things, from his business sense in not rushing to complete the contracts they asked him for, to his captivating conversation and as he was so flattered, Charles ensured his wine glass remained charged and it was soon evident that the Bishop was less than fully in control of himself particularly as Charles slipped a couple of ‘additives’ into his drink.When dinner finished Charles suggested we all take some air in the gardens and, on cue, Victoria asked if she could stay indoors as she felt a little chilly. Needless to say the Bishop took the bait and offered to stay with her to keep her company. We went out into the gardens whilst Victoria led the Bishop into the lounge. It was quite a dark night and we soon had a clear view through the windows where we could watch developments without being seen.Victoria was seated in a chair next to the fire and the Bishop stood opposite leering at her. With a touch of perfection she reached over to the fire in pretext of putting more wood on but her movement caused her legs to open and even from where we were, her neat red bush was visible and clearly more so from the vantage point of the Bishop. That move in itself probably did the trick but she pretended to be unable to reach the log and rubbed her arms in a feigned attempt to warm herself.The Bishop moved across and kneeling in front of her he placed the log on the fire and then reached over and hugged her as though to help her keep warm. Once he had his arms around her he lost his fragile control and he clasped her head to kiss her. She in turn kept hold of him and nestled her head into his shoulder as he slid his hand down to fondle her breasts. Having found that she gave no resistance he dropped back onto his haunches and slid his hands up her dress along the outside of her thighs to stroke the cheeks of her buttocks.She smiled seductively and let her legs drop open a little which gave him enough hint of freedom to press on and he did so by raising her dress to her waist and nuzzling his face to her pussy where he began to lap and suck on her as she stroked his head. From the look on her face he was clearly performing well and she shifted her gaze towards the window where she knew we would be watching and she stuck her tongue out at us and gave a quirky smile.As we watched the scene Charles moved behind me and I felt his hand slide up my thighs and his finger slide in me as I backed myself towards him. At my side I could see daddy doing the same with Louise and she reached behind her to stroke his cock which she began slowly pumping as I copied her and did the same with Charles. We both bent forward further at the waist and Charles slid his cock into me as daddy slid his into Louise and we all four stood watching the scene in the room as we silently fucked in the garden.Meanwhile the Bishop was fumbling with his flies and pulling his cock from his trousers. He rocked backwards as he stroked it and said something to Victoria who smiled back at him and then he got up on his knees, pulled her to the edge of the chair and sank his cock into her. Watching him pump in and out of her whilst still wearing his suit and dog collar started us giggling and we stifled our laughter as we watched the scene.“I think it’s time we went in and confronted this wayward cleric” whispered Charles to which daddy agreed and they both speeded up their thrusts. Daddy came first in Lou and I heard them both grunt with satisfaction as I felt Charles shoot his thick wad of cum deep up into me. He felt so good and I clenched my pussy muscles to grip him tighter so that I could feel each spurt dousing inside me. As he and daddy slid their cocks back into their trousers we headed back into the house and I could feel the hot trail of sperm dribble down my leg in the cold night air and I knew I wanted more before the evening finished.As we sneaked into the room Victoria had her legs wrapped behind the Bishops back as he thrust in and out of her. She was caressing her breast with one hand whilst stroking her clit with the other and he was so absorbed he had no idea we had entered until Charles prodded his shoulder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as scared as he seemed şirinevler escort then as his mind suddenly jerked back to where he was and what he was doing and with the realisation that he was fucking a sixteen year old girl in front of her father and three witnesses I thought he was going to have a heart attack.Blustering and simpering as he attempted to formulate an excuse or an apology he was trying to pull out of Victoria but her clasped legs wouldn’t let him and the more he tried, the more it looked like he was continuing to fuck her in front of us all and the sight was too much for me and I burst out laughing. Once this happened, none of the others could maintain straight faces and they too began to laugh, much to the confusion of the Bishop who flitted his glances from one to the other of us in a mask of complete confusion.“I do hope, Gregory, that since you have taken the liberty to seduce my daughter you will be certain to complete our business venture and sign the contracts forthwith” said Charles in a voice straining to be firm and it was then that Gregory realised he had been set up and he shrivelled before us like a lost c***d as he nodded his agreement.I must confess that I felt a little sorry for him and that, combined with my current state of being aroused and wet, caused me to move over to his side where I looked down at his cock still embedded in Victoria. I couldn’t see the length as he was still inside her but the girth looked more than ample as the shaft protruded from her and I lifted his hand and slid it up my dress to place it on my own sopping cunt.Immediately he returned to his confident lecherous self, knowing he had been trapped and also now knowing he was going to be able to take things further. Not just with Victoria but also with me and possibly Louise who now caught his eye behind me.“Well done Charles” he gasped, his head beginning to clear a little. You certainly caught me tonight but as you obviously planned all this, you can’t now object to me fully enjoying the rest of the evening and, indeed, fully enjoying your lovely daughter” and having said that he began to thrust back at Victoria as he slid his fingers in me.The bait had been laid, the trap successfully sprung and so now the free for all commenced. I watched as daddy stripped and approached Victoria who reached out and took his cock in her hand, stroking its length with her small pale hands and then slowly wrapping her lips around the tip to gently suck on the head. The Bishop gasped at the sight of this and I clamped down on his hand as I too came with the eroticism taking place. Charles and Louise had also stripped by now and Lou peeled my own dress over my head leaving Victoria and the Bishop as the two remaining clothed people in the room.Not for long though as Charles helped his daughter ease out of her dress whilst Lou peeled the Bishop’s jacket and shirt off him and undid his trousers. He now looked quite ridiculous with his cock sticking out of his shorts, buried in Victoria with a pair of suit trousers crumpled around his knees. He must have realised this as quickly as we did and he pulled out of her to remove them himself leaving her beautiful little cunt wet and open before us.Now his full cock was visible and the length was complimentary to the girth I had seen earlier and Lou, taking full advantage of the scene, dropped forwards and took it in her mouth which she held wide and stretched to take him in as she slid down the full length of his shaft taking him deep to the back of her throat.I needed another cock and as Gregory was now otherwise engaged and as I’d already had Charles shoot into me I whispered “Daddy, I need you now. Leave her ‘till later and fuck me now!” and I propped my leg up against the side of the sofa and held my pussy open to give him access.He smiled and took his cock from Victoria’s mouth and sliding it up into me he began speedily fucking me, knowing this was how I wanted him and I clung to him with my arms around his neck, pushing myself onto him to meet each of his thrusts.Bishop Gregory then seemed to realise he had forgotten Victoria who was lying there with open wet pussy lips as she stroked her own clit and slid her fingers into herself. Prising his cock from Lou’s mouth he slid it back into her and resumed his earlier fucking leaving Lou to replace his cock in her mouth with Charles’. She however was clearly as hot as I was and she soon slid down onto her back with legs spread wide as she pulled Charles into her and he began to pump his cock in her.There we remained for some time, enjoying the mutual fucking. Lou and Charles lying on the floor, Bishop Gregory still on his knees fucking a slumped Victoria whilst daddy and I continued fucking standing up to complete the tableau.Now Bishop Gregory began to thrust harder and he was yelling at Victoria “Right, you fucking little whore, you open cunted bitch, I’m going to fucking drown you now! Here it comes! Ah, fuck yes!” and grabbing her hips he pulled her hard towards him as he thrust fully into her and I could see his buttocks clench and his hanging scrotum leap upwards as he began to cum in her.Victoria gasped with her mouth falling open and her eyes turning upwards as his streams of sperm flew into her and she began her orgasm along with his. He threw his head back and almost roared as he shot spurt after spurt as far into her as he could get and watching her face in that throe of ecstasy was enough to take me and the rest of us over the edge as well.I felt daddy shoot his cum in me as I’ve he has for so many years now and it still felt as good as the first time and I welcomed it with a convulsion of my cunt muscles as they spasmed, gripping him tightly in their attempt to squeeze every drop from him.Charles had collapsed in a heap on top of Lou who was working her legs like the handles of a water pump as she was also receiving a load from him and she too tried to suck him dry.Then there we all were, in an exhausted montage of bodies, catching our breath and trying to simply enjoy the throbbing feelings of our own cumming. We were all covered in sweat and every ones loins were streaked with cum, both male and female and the air was heavy with that deep, sweet aroma of sex.As we began to recover I noticed a brief exchange of looks between daddy and Charles as they smirked at each other, task completed, they had the Bishop in the palms of their hands now and would milk every drop of potential financial contracts from him in the months and years to come. It was equally clear though that he was no longer the confused victim as he shifted his gaze from Victoria’s leaking cunt to that of Louise. Having fucked Victoria and felt me, hers was the only one he had yet to experience and as he stared at it now, he began to stroke his cock back to an erect state and shift his frame towards her where he then planted himself between her legs and entered her without further ado.Now all that remained was to decide how Charles, daddy and I end the evening with Victoria.

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