Craving ladyboy love.


Craving ladyboy love.I had been laying in bed, watching shemale porn videos. I have always found them to be so sexy, so erotic. I had dreamed and fantasized about what it would be like to be with one. The perfect girl… feminine, pretty face and a cock.Of all the beautiful “girls” my favorites were always the “ladyboys” the Asians. I lusted after their gorgeous brown skin, slim figures and tight little behinds.As I searched the internet, I came across an ad for a shemale party at a night club several hours away. I was nervous about going, but I thought I would take a change. After all, it was so far away, I would not run into anyone I knew. The whole drive there, I felt the nervous anticipation of what might happen there. What might I find! I could not help it, I rubbed my cock through my pants as the miles flew by, making pre cum leak from my hard dick. When i I arrived at the club, I sat nervously in my car and looked around. Seems ok, I thought and got out. Once inside, I was overcome with the experience, beautiful “women” were everywhere. Along with the men, like me, that found them appealing. The enjoyed the various scents of their perfumes as I walked through the crowd to the bar. A tall blonde moved past and said, “hi, cutie” she was gorgeous, even though it was obvious she was a man. I was almost speechless, but managed a “hi” back. She could tell I was nervous and laughed, “just relax honey” she said and I laughed too. I ordered a drink and looked around, your eye gaziemir escort always search’s out what you want. I soon saw two cute girls across the room. One girl was a Latina and the other Asian. I couldn’t help but stare, they were gorgeous! I felt a mix of horny lust and fear of the unknown as our eyes met. She didn’t look away like a stuck up female would, instead she smiled and I smiled back. I moved towards her. She was even prettier up close. Just beautiful, about 5 foot 3 or 4 and maybe 120 lbs. Slim, shapely and wearing a short skirt and half top that hugged her perfect little breasts. “Hi, I’m Paul” I said and she responded in broken English, with the cutest little feminine voice, “I’m Amy” I don’t know about her, but for me it was love at first sight.We talked for awhile, the three of us. When I asked Amy if she would like to go out some time, her and her Latina friend, Layla, giggled to each other. “Do you want to come back to our place?” Amy said. It was like I was hit by a bolt of lightning! Once inside their near by apartment, Layla excused herself and went to her room, leaving Amy and I on the couch. I found her so beautiful, so sexy, I wanted her bad, weather she was a girl or a boy. I looked at her pretty face and leaned over to kiss her, she leaned forward to meet my lips. I felt light headed like it was my first time. I kissed her soft lips and smelled her perfumed hair. My cock was now raging inside my pants, throbbing and gaziemir escort bayan begging to be let out. I open my mouth as we kissed and she did too. Our tongues met and probed eachothers mouths. Amy broke from our kiss and offered me her neck. I gently and passionately kissed and licked it, loving her brown skin and scent. Amy then reached for my erection and rubbed it through my pants. I gasped, it took my breath away. I quickly undid them and pulled them down as Amy’s mouth engulfed my hard cock. It felt amazing the best I had ever experienced. I reached over and ran my hand down her back, searching for her cute little ass. I caressed and lightly squeezed it as she sucked me. I was not going to last long! When she pulled her mouth from my dick and looked up into my eyes as she flicked her tongue around my engored head, I almost lost it! “Oh, make me cum, baby!” I blurted out without thinking. Amy went back to sucking me, making wet, moaning sounds. I came with an explosion that shook my whole body. I squeezed her ass cheek with one hand and gripped the couch with the other. My hips bucked and shook as wave after wave of hot cum shot from my hard cock. To my surprise, Amy swallowed every drop. “Man, I love this girl!” I thought to myself. She looked up at me again as my orgasm subsided, “mmmmm” she said, “that was nice.” “That was incredible!” I answered back and she smiled. “Maybe you can call me sometime?” Amy said, in her adorable broken escort gaziemir English. I asked if she was asking me to leave. I asked, “what about you, can I take care of you?” Amy smiled and stood up, taking me by the hand into her bedroom. Amy closed the door and had me sit on the edge of her bed. She pulled off her tight little top and ran her hands over her cute little breasts, half trying to cover them. Then she moved her hips side to side and wiggled out of her mini skirt. She was wearing sexy little silk panties. Amy looked at me before pulling them down and letting them fall to the floor. Her beautiful brown cock fell out and hung down as she did so. “You are so beautiful!” I said as I stared and took her amazing body in with my eyes. Amy stepped towards me and I slid down the bed to my knees before her. I kissed her flat, toned tummy and all around her stiffening cock. She sighed and ran her fingers through my hair. I licked up and down her cocks shaft and around the head before taking every inch of her into my mouth. She moaned and gripped the hair on the back of my head. My lips ran up and down her dick, pressing my nose into her hairless abdomen with each pass. My hands sought out her ass and felt every curve. “Oh, you make me cum, baby” was all I heard when I felt a warm, thick fluid flood into my mouth. My eyes widened! “She just came in my mouth!” I thought to myself, yelled to myself! In an instant, my shock turned to lust and happiness. I continued to suck her, letting her cum coat my mouth and tongue. It was a different taste, but I loved it. I loved the warm, thick, silky texture. I loved the way her body shook when she released it into my mouth. I loved that it came from beautiful Amy’s hard cock. I loved that I was able to do this for her.

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