Deference to Women (10 reasons men should defer


Deference to Women (10 reasons men should deferChivalryBoys at a young age, are taught to respect women, to open doors for them, to have manners, pull out a chair for her, and over all, treat her like a princess. And most men follow these lessons right up until they begin to date a woman. The first couple of dates a man will court a woman, and just about all women find this incredibly flattering, they love it, and its often the deciding factor if that man is worthy of a second third or fourth date.Yet something happens, after several dates and the relationship has become sexual, the courting gets less. It may last for several months, but sooner or later, it begins to decline as the relationship progresses, and before you know it, the woman in the relationship is now the one that is supposed to be cooking meals, doing the laundry, and cleaning the house. The chivalry has died, and the initial attraction often wanes and certain doubts begin to make, usually the woman, question the status of the relationship.So how does a woman go from being courted, doors held open for her, and her needs and desires being attended to…. To suddenly being the cook and cleaner of the house as we see in so many relationships today? What changed? Where did the chivalry attitude go? Why isn’t that chivalry attitude always maintained, as a part of his personality? By making him wait, as long as the woman deems necessary, she decides when sex is possible, which means, he will always be chivalrous and in courting mode and defer to her. The simplest way to achieve this to prevent masturbating “cheating” is to put a man in chastity.Chastity There is nothing sexier than a Woman who is holding the keys to the promise (no matter how remote) to his sexual pleasure. She doesn’t have to follow through with that promise; just give enough encouragement to him that it might be attainable soon. Men don’t want to be in chastity; they want YOU to put them into chastity. That small difference means everything! The chastity cage is the simplest way to ensure that he will conform without little indiscretions along the way.The goal here is to make The Lady the object of his sexual desires.Remove the cock and he becomes just that; less cocky and less sure of himself because his sexual pleasure is no longer his own destiny to control. If he knows what is good for him (and believe me, he does) he now has to defer to the Female who is holding all the high ground, all the cards, keys and probably his balls in her hand too. “ Male chastity has an almost magical effect on the temperament of a man. By deferring his orgasm it makes him focus on the woman, her needs, her feelings, her priorities. They start to listen, understand, empathize. They start wanting to help, serve, do things for the women without seeking a reward! It’s as if the reward for them is in the service itself, in seeing their women happy, comfortable, less worried, more secure, more confident. The theory of energy containment is kind of like a boiling water container. When the water comes to the boiling point, the resulting steam can be very harmful. But it can be redirected to a benign function, like powering a locomotive, for instance, or brewing a delicious cup of coffee. The energy of men can be and has been very harmful. By handing over control of it to women, canlı bahis which is what female supremacy is all about, we as a society save ourselves much agony.” In order to get the attention you need you deny him what he loves most of all, his climax. In the beginning you use his orgasms as rewards. You train him with orgasms the same way a dolphin-trainer will slip a fish to a dolphin for doing it’s jump. For example; after doing the appointed chores to your liking, you tell him he has been a really good boy and as a reward he will be allowed to fuck you. You get the idea. Women have been using sex as rewards for thousands of years. The difference here is that he will know that it is a reward and that you’ll be doing it continuously with him wanting it to be this way. He will understand that you own his orgasms. As the relationship evolves you’ll want to make it harder and harder for him to get his rewards until you find a cyclus that suits you. In time, if you succeed, this will become easier and you won’t have to reward him this way with the same frequency. He’ll learn to appreciate that the true reward is the lifestyle itself. PS: Taking away his orgasms doesn’t mean that you have to limit your own. Feel free to have sex, masturbate or use the man in any way you want as often as you like as long as you don’t allow him to climax. Involving him in your pleasure just enhances the effect of the denial. When you’ve had your pleasure and you’re completely satisfied, make sure you talk to him about why he can’t cum reinforcing any of his failings. When he’s extremely horny, be positive and talk about how you really appreciate his efforts. This makes the conditioning of his mind go a lot faster. Thus The Lady will be empowered, confident and assured in her leadership. DomesticateOnce the woman has her man in chastity; she has the deer in the cross-eyes; she simply has to start pulling the trigger. The process of getting the man to accept his new role. It is important for this power exchange in the relationship. The domestication of the man to take on chores important for you both: so you feel “in charge” to unleash the hidden dominant side and for him to feel submissive and that giving even without reward is it’s own pleasure. This can easily be achieved in many ways from daily tasks to a full body massage or foot-spa, pedicures or any number of tasks. Discipline and PunishmentRegular discipline should be used to reinforce his position in the pecking order and his deference to you in the power exchange. Punishment is needed when his performance isn’t good enough. You can punish him in a lot of different ways. From simply prolonging the period without orgasm to a harsh bare bottom caning. You don’t have to be a sadist but it helps if you can take pleasure in it. A punishment helps to correct his behaviour and the fear of them helps him to intensify his efforts to please you. There are a variety of methods other than spanking. For instance, this one is like a harsh spanking and corner time combined. Cuff him and lock him spread-eagle on his back on the bed before removing his CB. It is important he knows why he is being disciplined. Rub a generous amount of toothpaste or Deepheat onto his cock and balls and leave him for about 30 minutes or stay and watch the performance.When bahis siteleri it comes to discipline, use your imagination and discuss the alternatives with your man. He needs to know what might happen and fear it. Spanked to Crying – Almost always the things that men find most humiliating they will avoid like the plague so crying has got to be a number one. Be it from spanking, CBT, or any other way most men will go out of their way not to cry. Their ego demands it.The act of bending over, assuming a certain position or having to take down clothing is full of embarrassment enough to be followed by the blushing and flushing of both sets of cheeks. Crying from being spanked is a goal for some Dominants and submissives alike and though very humiliating afterwards at the time they are past caring whether their ego has been crushed, having been cleansed and relieved.CBT This is can only ever be interpreted as an attack on a man’s masculinity whether in play, punishment or pleasure giving, so as such ranks highly in the deference hit parade (sorry about the pun). Ball tampering: punching, kicking, squeezing all have varying degrees which can range from pleasurable to downright painful but are guaranteed to get his attention. This reinforces his inferiority to the Female of the species who of course isn’t so vulnerable to leave her prime assets in the line of fire even though they are really stronger than they look.As such this is probably the perfect punishment for inattentiveness or failing to come up to standard as are the use of a dog shock collar around testes and nettles, toothpaste etc. Any of these coupled with an ruined orgasm or oral servitude ramps up the humiliation. Similarly slaves of old would always be under the threat, real or imaginary, of emasculation. A man is like a squirrel; will do anything to hang onto his nuts! Of course their Mistress’s wouldn’t sully themselves with such trivia, they would have a man or women with a sharp blade for that purpose but today just the threat of such, accompanied by a little squeezing and wrenching ought to provide the desired result. Chaste PleasuringWearing a Strap-on while being locked in chastity or a face dildo. This act of giving sexual pleasure while being denied is one of the oldest, having been performed in harems around the world by eunuchs for centuries. Performing all the usual duties of a man without any of the benefits might be the ultimate head-fuck but is also a selfless act; this one really is all about the pleasure of the woman and the fact; like chastity, he is being controlled. A warning here this isn’t for everyone’s taste; some women don’t like hard synthetics in their vaginas and some men will gag on the end. You pays your money and takes your choice.Facesitting or Pussy Worshipis one of the ultimate deferences a man can bestow upon a woman. The act of going down on her or being pinned beneath her puts him firmly in his place on the food chain (sorry). Yes, on the face of it (Ooops) whilst serving the pussy the slave may also take pleasure but is placed in about as submissive a pose as one can get and forced to carry out his lip-service duties while also trying to breathe. His humility is absolute and if this includes anal his subjugation is ramped up. A little breath-play here also reaffirms who is really bahis şirketleri in charge. Strap-on WorshipA naked woman standing before a man on his knees has got his attention. At eye level with her vagina he is like a fly in a spiders web and can be left in no doubt that her pleasure will take preference. That holds true also if that lady is wearing a strap-on. It is not the phallus or the fact that she shouldn’t have one that is the turn on but the woman on top that is the driver of desire. The penis is the perceived symbol of power, yet suddenly here is woman wielding that power. The role reversal is humiliating and yet beguiling; that is the ultimate d**g. The physical act itself of putting mouth to phallus might be sexually exciting too if able to overcome the deep embarrassment of emasculation by giving him the female role. The dubious pleasure the Female might feel, if any, would be of power and control where once again he is postponing his pleasure on her whim.Strap-on AnalThe taboo of taboos. This has got to be one of the most deferential and humiliating things a guy could for a woman. Everything to do with the use of a strap-on is the reverse of all he has become familiar with and is going against his teaching, genetics, etc. When it comes to being physically taken by a woman there is an obvious bonding with a mental adjustment that would probably be irreversible and possibly humiliating, which is all part of the subjugation. Depending on her mood or how her slave has been performing she might determine whether she goes easy on him or chooses to destroy him. Complete deference to his Woman would be achieved if he would actually orgasm from this coitus by anal stimulation.The whole ritual build up of anal cleansing would also have it’s own displacing of the male ego. To Cum or Not to Cum That is the question. What guy doesn’t like to be edged to orgasm but then being denied. This is where She is reaffirming that it is The Female in charge. But to be thrown back in the cage would be very frustrating and very embarrassing especially after being made to plead to cum and then been denied. Begging to be allowed to cum takes a man out of his comfort zone, reaffirming her place in the hierarchy. Your sub needs to cum and he will do anything to cum. You will allow him to cum on occasion but you will also slowly take away his right to have that pleasure. Ruin his orgasms often and make him thank you. In time you could easily have him pleasure-less and without actual orgasms, up to you. Remember, an orgasm is not a right. It is not a reward either. Yours are important and the only orgasms that should be cherished. Whatever happens a man should be in no doubt whether he is permitted to orgasm. Always make him ask permission to cum! That is the ultimate deference to his Domina.By learning the art of Tantric sex the man will learn to defer his orgasm altogether for their mutual benefit. Or the couple could choose Karezza methods where Ladies cum, guys don’t, unless given permission on rare occasion.With all these things in her arsenal the Lady will be inspired by her new-found powers of control and persuasion. She always had these womanly wiles but now she is able to channel them to her advantage. She is confident and honoured in being given the privilege of leading his submission and nurturing its growth. She will be humbled and dutiful to the responsibility and trust which has been placed upon her, and she will graciously accept and cherish that which is freely given and that which she takes.

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