Discipline in the Dorms “Sarah’s disgrac

Discipline in the Dorms “Sarah’s disgracDiscipline in the dorms is a series of short stories set in a girls education facility This is the first in the series Please rate and comment as the more positive response I get the faster and more stories I will produce for the series “Sarah’s disgrace “PEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! The whistle sounded, all the girls playing hockey turned to see what had stopped play “SARAH ALLISON!!”Shouted Miss Turncliffe “COME HERE AT ONCE”Sarah rolled her eyes and slowly made her way over, although it was coming into autumn everyone at Pennymoor school/collage for girls was required to wear the outdoor sports uniform which consisted of a polo shirt, navy short skirt, navy gym knickers, white socks and black pumps “Sarah!” Exclaimed miss turncliffe “I have been watching you closely this whole game and I can see you quite clearly don’t want to play by the rules! Iv seen you deliberately trip two girls and you just went for Katie with your stick! I wont tolerate this Behaviour, go to the bench for the rest of the game””But miss!!!” “No buts.. And apologise to Katie””Soz” mumbled Sarah as she slumped off towards the benches “Say it PROPERLY!” Yelled miss Turncliffe after her “Oh kiss my ass!” Muttered Sarah bitterly under her breath”RIGHT!!!.. GET OFF THIS FIELD AND WAIT FOR ME OUTSIDE MY OFFICE … NOW YOUNG LADY!!!”There was a murmur among the girls as Sarah stormed off without looking back Miss Turncliffe bahis şirketleri flashed Sarah a hard look as she unlocked her office door “Go on in” she motioned to Sarah Sarah looked miserable still in her gym kit and with muddy knees, stick still in hand Miss Turncliffe closed the door behind them, she herself wore tracksuit bottoms and a polo shirt She was an athletic woman in her 40’s with a cold hard face used to disobedient girls Sarah was also quite athletic and had lots of potential which irritated miss Turncliffe as she never applied herself, she was always a loose cannon that needed keeping an eye on. “Now Sarah, this is getting to be tiresome, we run a strict system here and we won’t stand for bad sportswoman ship and we CERTAINLY won’t stand for answering back!” Said Miss Turncliffe getting agitated She continued “it was only a week ago you were nearly suspended for bringing d**gS into the dorms, if it wasn’t for the fact your parents payed extra to give you special attention you would have been out of here SO FAST, now what do you think your parents would say if I told them you we’re taking d**gs hmm?”Sarah looked scared at that last sentence “please don’t tell them!” She squeaked “Well I can’t think of anything left I can do to straighten you out without resorting to more unorthodox methods Sarah… In fact iv had enough… Get up”Sarah stood straight up”Iv tried my best and what thanks illegal bahis do I get” said Miss Turncliffe as she went over to the first aid box and retrieved the Vaseline “Turn round and face my desk”She bent Sara over the desk “What are you doing??” Cried Sarah”You told me to kiss your ass didn’t you? “Sarah said nothing but her knees trembled “DIDNT YOU??” Yelled miss turncliffe “YES!!” Cried Sarah in panic “Right then”She lifted Sarah’s skirt up revealing her tight round bum and proceeded to pull down her knickers to her knees”Stop .. You can’t do this!” Protested Sarah “Oh I am young lady! Your daddy paid extra to make sure you were straightened out and in my experience there’s nothing straightens a girl out better, now your going to take your punishment like a good girl or daddy will be told everything””Please .. I’m sorry I .. “Before she could finish miss Turncliffe parted Sarah’s cheeks to reveal her tight ass hole , she opened her mouth and forming a seal With her lips she engulfed Sarah’s asshole Sarah gasped out in stunned shock As her teacher sucked long and hard at her ass, she squirmed and wriggled as she felt miss turncliffes tongue probing in and out.With a lip smack miss Turncliffe pulled away “is this how you wanted me to kiss my ass?… WELL? “Sarah just lay bent over the desk sobbing “I’m ….sorry …miss””Oh yes everyone’s sorry AFTERWARDS arnt they!!” Replied Miss turncliffeshe illegal bahis siteleri reached for the Vaseline and began smearing it over Sarah’s ass inserting a finger Sarah squealed “Please… Please.. I’ll be good””I know you will”She pressed a hand onto Sarah’s back pinning her chest down over the bench and with her other hand she reached for Sarah’s hockey stick “Because if your not good, your punishments will continue “She pressed the handle end of the stick against her ass and started to push.. It wasn’t for going in such a tight hole without a fight “Owwww it hurts! Please!!”Begged Sarah trembling all over “Shhhh I’m nearly done with you girl”And with one big push the hockey stick was driven right up Sarah’s tight young ass Sarah screamed out loud! Miss Turncliffe took her hand off Sarah’s back and placed it over her mouth to silence her, her face wet with tears Miss Turncliffe brought her face close to Sarah’s and whispered through gritted teeth “YOU….” She pulled the stick out of Sarah’s ass”WILL FALL….” She rammed it back in with another muffled scream from Sarah “INTO…. ” she dragged it all out again “LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And drove it in again, deeper this time Sarah screamed and sobbed into her teachers hand Miss Turncliffe dragged it quickly and roughly out of Sarah’s ass one last time Miss Turncliffe pulled Sarah’s knickers up pulled her skirt back down and patted her bum “Good girl, go get yourself showered and dressed and let’s not have a repeat of this do you understand ?”Sarah nodded, her face bright red and tear stained Miss turncliffe opened the office door and saw her out “Oh and Sarah.. Remember ..””Daddy wants you to finish this year”End

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