Dress up and going out.

Female Ejaculation

Dress up and going out.Yesterday (20 September 2018), I did something that I’ve been nervous to do for the better part of 5 years. I’ve been crossdressing for a while now.. Maybe since 2011.. Not always as extreme. Its been a fun and topsy-turvy journey till now. Yesterday, yesterday i took a big step forward, in my opinion.So my campus is on a mid-semester break for the week 17/09 to 23/09. During this break, i was required to go to campus to collect some test scores. I was all set in the morning of the 21/09 to leave to campus. Got dressed and threw some pens into my bag. The plan was to drop my sister off at work and head to campus. Until, a naughty and erotic plan lit up in my head. What if, after all this time, today was the day i dress up. It seemed brilliant, campus would be practically empty- with the students on holiday- lectures would be around, but that aint such a biggie, they’ll never know who i am. While my sister was eating, just before we were going to leave, i sneaked into konak escort her room to grab a few clothes. Feeling extra naughty, I decided to put on one of her panties in the middle of her room. My heart pounded in an erotic rush as i stripped down my pants and slipped on her soft, light purple panties with the tiny white bow. I put on my pants then reached for a bra, leggings and a dress that would have been considerably short for my sister who is roughly 15cm shorter than me. I tossed her clothes into my bag and then we were off.After dropping my sister off, I headed straight to campus. It was quite, as i had suspected with few students s**ttered few and far between. I sorted out all the academic priorities I had, then proceeded to a spot (F-block) at which my friends and i usually light up some Mary Jane. I proceeded to F-block toilets, stripped down to my panties in the middle of the boys bathroom ( which were open, but unlikely to see users during a holiday) konak escort bayan and then completed my outfit with the bra, leggings and the dress. My heart was racing and my tiny clitty was throbbing. Feeling all naughty, i slipped out and went to have a smoke. The spot was empty, just like how i predicted, so i sparked one up and smoked it out. I was now hiigh, dressed up and feeling extremely naughty. The feeling i felt leaving the smoking spot in F-block, was something that I’d never felt before. It was such an exhilarating rush! I felt all slutty and vulnerable dressed up. I was so excited but it was matched with fear, all of which was driving my clitty insane!! I decided to make a game of it and try to pass through as many blocks as i could to get back to the car..I was so FUCKING HORNY!I initially sneaked around the corners, making sure that corridors were empty before i walked through. The nervousness made me cautious, it made me stress a little. The escort konak fear of being seen like this for the first time was too real.. But the fear of being seen all dressed up, turned me the fuck on… I was still conservatively sneaking from block to block, going up and down stair to make my path longer. The rush i felt the entire time was beautifully erotic and absolutely sensational. I was so excited as i neared the staircase to the parking lot.Although no one had seen me, the moment was incredible, I FINALLY DRESSED UP IN PUBLIC. I was ecstatic. Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to walk in front of people, i had thought to myself, feeling perfectly content with my experience. Down the stairs and to the parking lot i headed. As i had just crossed, heading to the car, another car enters the parking lot.I began to panic, someone was about to see me all dressed up. My heart began to pound at an even more intense level. I took a step, took a breath and just like that, the panic left my body. I have no idea what clicked in my mind, but i was more than comfortable walking with my dress on, to the car. My heart was still beating rather fast as i sat inside.This mixture of nervousness and excitement is one that i am looking forward to experiencing again!

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