Emil has “Special Needs” Ch. 09


Michael didn’t get out of his car. With a mixture of frustration and chagrin, he watched Karen enter her apartment building. Disappointed was an understatement for how he felt learning he wouldn’t be walking her to the door. What had he done wrong? For a split second, it occurred to him to ask her directly, but confrontation wasn’t his style. So he let it go, as he had let her go.

More than ever, to Michael’s way of thinking, women were a pain in the ass. Said more eloquently, women were an endless source of mystery. He never knew what complicated nonsense their pretty little heads were conjuring up.

Driving back to his apartment, he inadvertently ran the entire evening over in his head.

First he picked her up; he was a little late and maybe it ticked her off. But then again, he had arrived late plenty of times before when the Gang of Five got together. It should have been nothing new to Karen, so that could not have been the reason their evening went down the toilet.

Next, they got to the restaurant. He parked smart so that the valet thieves couldn’t rummage through his car for valuables, or worse yet, take his car out for a joyride. Nothing out of the ordinary there, as he was just using his common sense parking down the street from the restaurant;

Afterwards, they had dinner. Now, at this interval, there couldn’t be any complaints, since Karen ordered damned near anything she wanted from the menu. Besides, she flirted shamelessly with the waiter, and Michael and his brother footed the entire ‘ginormous’ bill.

Finally, the foursome walked around the village, stopping at a couple of art galleries. Michael did overhear Karen and Lara talking about the portrait Emil had drawn for her, but how could that possibly turn their date sour? He was confused as ever.

In trying to discover the reason Karen deemed the evening a fail, Michael ultimately came up high and dry.

He decided to stop analyzing, lest he develop a headache.

Well, one good thing came out of the entire evening; he found out Karen would not become his girlfriend any time soon, which meant he wouldn’t have to get a job after all. He was glad of this part, as working while pursuing his studies would have gone against his parents’ wishes.

All’s well that ends well, Michael concluded simply.

A few minutes later, thinking he should get some schoolwork out of the way, he hesitated. Actually, he needed to relieve some tension.

As he lay naked in bed, laptop on stomach, Michael’s tongue wagged at the blonde mattress actress on the screen. He pretended it was Karen. He also pretended the lucky bastard fucking her on the plush rug in front of the fireplace was him. “Stroke that shit all night”, the buff ski instructor said to his young flaxen-haired pupil.

Ever since they met Freshman year, Michael had been fantasizing about Karen, a.k.a. his blonde goddess, in all waking hours.

In one elaborate story made-up in the far reaches of his mind, Michael styled himself as a high-priced lawyer, while Karen was the paralegal assisting him on a high-profile case.

The fantasy was based on the premise that, when two colleagues of the opposite sex got together, both attractive and both stubbornly headstrong, the result could only be an explosion of cum.

In the sexy scene, Karen’s long hair was twisted up in an elegant yet professional bun. She wore huge erudite glasses, and her alluring body sported a cherry red business suit. Her crisp white blouse was strategically low cut and her tight skirt was purposely hiked up.

In the fantasy, he was looking through crucial documents, and would suddenly feel the urge to summon paralegal Walsh to his office. He wanted her to help him check some vital figures.

“I’m cumming, Mr. Beauchamp”, she would answer through the intercom, her voice exhibiting rushed anticipation.

While working on the important case together, Miss Walsh would inadvertently brush up against her colleague numerous times, knowing she was inspiring his arousal.

The two were burning the midnight oil in his spacious corner office, paneled with deep brown varnished wood.

For a while, his cock would remain stiff under the huge mahogany desk; it would serve as their mating mat later on.

Before long, being her superior, he would no longer tolerate her physical teasing, her naughty innuendoes, and her verbal insults. In fact, Miss Walsh’s biting wit reminded him of Katherina from Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”.

“There is a proverb that goes, ‘The world is divided into people who do things…and people who get the credit'”, she would sass openly. “That sums up our relationship, Mr. Beauchamp.”

“Yes, Ms. Walsh, and I’ll provide another proverb, for as we both know, the reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”, he replied in his usual smugness and arrogance. He was quite the pompous prick.

“By the way, I have two questions to pose, Miss Walsh: could I offer you a drink, and will our evening continue to be spiced with declarations of your contributions to the firm?”

“Well, bursa escort my father, may he rest in peace, always said, ‘God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world’. So if you don’t mind, I’ll skip the alcohol while working, Mr. Beauchamp, and dare I add that you should forego it as well?” The last part was technically a question, but the way Miss Walsh said it, it was more like an order of sorts.

“Whoa, easy there, Miss. I don’t think enough whiskey could be withheld in order for you to ever becum the lawyer that I am…”

“Well, Mr. Beauchamp, unlike you, I intend to become a benevolent attorney for the people.”

He chuckled at her somewhat misguided belief. “Benevolent attorney-that’s a contradiction in terms, Miss Walsh. Don’t you know the world has more lawyer jokes than it has blonde jokes? So, joke’s on you, so to speak. Haven’t you heard the one that goes, ‘when a rooster wakes up in the morning, its primal urge is to cluck defiance, whereas when a lawyer wakes up, his primal urge is to…”

She cut him off, “I wouldn’t bring up jokes if I were you, Mr. Beauchamp. Remember the cocky lawyer who manifested the ultimate ‘Freudian Slip’ when he led the office’s earthquake drill last week, and in so doing mispronounced, ‘evacuate’?”

“Oh, Miss Walsh, I don’t believe you’ll ever let me live that down. Shame though, because if you kissed enough ass, you’d have a bright future here at our firm. So before you dish out any more reminders of how I’ve acted like a buffoon, I’d like you to think long and hard about your current position here, quite precarious, as I see it.”

“Mr. Beauchamp, you and I both know that you fancy your ladies on the sassy side. That is why you hired me in the first place, is it not? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t my bitchy nature get you quite hard? I mean, apart from the way I shake my ass…”


Karen got back to her apartment and sighed heavily. After putting down her purse and kicking off her heels, she entered the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. She thought, “Well, that was a wasted evening, a waste of makeup and a waste of hairspray”.

She heard Mike’s mother in the other room. It meant Kate was still up, probably waiting for a play-by-play of the evening.

“Hey, you’re back! I didn’t expect you home so soon. Where’s Michael?” Kate asked, walking into the living room and tying her bathrobe.

“He’s back at his place, I assume. We were having a nice time walking around the village, when he decided to call it a night; said he had studying to do”, Karen said flatly, resisting the strong urge to roll her eyes.

“What? He just ended the evening like that?” Kate asked, a bit surprised; she had the impression her oldest son actually liked Karen and was quite excited about their date.

“Yep”, replied Karen in an aggravated manner, taking a sip of her wine. Her feet were comfortably propped up on the coffee table.

“Well, what about Emil and Lara?”

“Oh I assume they’re getting cozy at her place. They were pretty lovey-dovey the whole night. I gotta say, Mrs. Beauchamp, Emil sure is a gentleman. I don’t know if it was you who taught him that stuff, but boy, did he woo Lara tonight. He paid for her meal, and even bought her a flower afterwards.”

“Please, Karen, call me Kate”, she reminded her, coming to sit down on the couch beside the stunning young blonde. Kate was beginning to understand more and more why Michael was so attracted to Karen.

Karen went on, “At first, I was kind of shocked about them, you know, getting together, but now I can fully understand why Lara is so in love with him”, Karen admitted.

Kate, the doting mother, replied, “Well, I know Emil really loves Lara, and he’s never been one to hide his feelings. And yes, I did teach him some table etiquette, but anything beyond that is all him, pure Emil.”

Karen let out another sigh, “If only I could be as lucky as Lara, to find such an amazing guy.”

Kate was a bit puzzled, “Didn’t Michael show you a nice evening, dear? You said things were going well, that is, until he decided to call it a night.”

“Yeah, well, the dinner was fine and all, and I was enjoying the stroll out in the village. I guess I thought it was a bit abrupt of him to end the evening like that. That’s all.”

“He wanted to get home and study”, Kate said in a slightly mocking tone, repeating Michael’s excuse for putting an end to the evening. “If I know my first born, that wasn’t the true reason for him wanting to go home.”

“Kate, with all due respect, that doesn’t really concern me at this point.”

“Well, don’t be too hard on him, dear, he’s a sweet boy at heart”, added Kate.

“Oh, I know that. Michael’s always been a good friend, but he will always be just that, a friend”, Karen said adamantly.

In the back of her mind, however, Karen wondered if tonight would change their whole relationship going forward, not to mention the dynamics of the Gang of Five.

Just when Karen thought the issue bursa escort bayan had been put to rest, Kate suddenly piped up, “You know dear, you’re the only girl Michael has ever invited up to meet our family. I think he likes you.”

“With all due respect, Kate, I don’t think your son and I are well matched. I’m afraid I’m a bit too ‘high maintenance’ for him.”

“You mean too expensive, or needing a lot of attention?” Kate asked for clarification.

“Both actually, and your son isn’t the type to offer up either one on a silver platter”, she said frankly.

“Well, attention he can offer, but tangibles he can’t, not just yet, so you’re right on that count”, Kate answered, adding, “By the way, dear, how do you manage to pay for everything, this nice apartment, school, and the expensive clothes and shoes? From the looks of it, you’re a bit of a shopaholic.”

Kate instantly wished she could take back the last part, realizing she sounded judgmental.

“I am not a shopaholic. I’m helping the economy”, replied Karen with a fierce but playful giggle. “Besides, I’ve made a bit of money from part time modeling and have gotten to keep some of the clothes from the jobs. I’ve also got grants and student loans to pay for school and lodging. Plus, don’t forget I have a roommate, and a lot of the nice things you see in the apartment were actually gifts from boyfriends and admirers. But you’re right, I do like nice things.”

Kate was relieved Karen hadn’t taken her last remark in offense, “Oh, ok. But a minute ago, you said Lara was lucky to have Emil, which I find hard to understand, since he isn’t swimming in money.”

“Yeah, he’s not loaded, but he’s generous with what he does have, and that counts a lot. Like tonight, when the bill for dinner came, Emil instantly forked up all the cash in his pocket. And he also got Lara a pretty flower afterwards. What’s more, he did all the gentlemanly things for her; he opened her doors, and he stood up from the table when she left and when she came back. Ok, granted, he hasn’t bought her anything lavish like Louboutins, but he’s gotten her sweet romantic gifts, which count for just as much. He’s even created art for her. You’d have to be blind not to see how much Emil cherishes Lara. She’s like, the center of his universe.”

“That is true, I have to say. Emil’s always been intense expressing his likes and dislikes. He goes over the top, as the saying goes. Been like that since he was a little boy.”

“Well, fortunately, Lara reaps the benefits of his intensity. I’m happy for them both. I think Lara is smart in marrying Emil, even if it’s before she graduates.”

“But how will they manage it, the distance between them?” Kate was relieved to finally unload the dilemma that had been swimming in her mind, and the preoccupation that had been weighing on her shoulders, for the last several weeks.

“Oh right, I’ve thought about that, as Lara’s asked me the same question. How about this? Since Emil’s willing to take on manual labor jobs, have him move in with her, into Lara’s small apartment, and get him a job as a gopher or janitor nearby, so he can take the bus. He would be occupied during the day while she’s at school, and he could help pay for rent. And since Lara’s parents will insist she get married before living with someone, they could tie the knot down at City Hall first, and then when she graduates, they could have the real wedding, with family and friends, you know, reception and all.”

Sitting up, Kate was pleasantly surprised at Karen’s apparent knack for solving a challenging problem. “You know what? That might very well work. I think you might have something there…”

“Well, the solution to our problems is sometimes right in front of us, if we’d only bother to look along the lines of simplicity”, Karen answered with a smile.

“Still, how will Lara take care of Emil’s everyday needs, you know, his special needs? She doesn’t have any experience in that department.”

“Well, I find that these things usually work themselves out, Kate. An understanding, patient girl like Lara will make it work, and just so you know, she DOES have experience dealing with special needs people. She told me that when she was a teenager, she volunteered for an organization catering to young people with special needs.”

“I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t mean she’s actually lived with one, day in day out, and had to take care of his everyday needs…” Kate caught herself rambling, and stopped for a second.

“Too bad you and Michael aren’t together. I wouldn’t mind having a smart and practical daughter-in-law like you”, Kate said appreciatively, as she let out a long yawn. “Well, I guess it’s now time for me to turn in. I’ll see you in the morning, dear. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Kate, see you in the morning.”


Her hand holding his, Lara led Emil upstairs to her small apartment. As she fumbled for her keys and unlocked the door, Emil was practically slobbering over himself. He couldn’t wait to tear into Lara.

They escort bursa were finally alone. So far in the weekend, between his mother and Karen, and Mike and his buddies, Emil and Lara hardly had any time alone. Emil loved his family dearly, but lately he’d been feeling entitled to start living his own life, which invariably included Lara.

And for once, they were outside of his family home, at a place of their own, so to speak. The two lovebirds were almost like a newly married couple in Lara’s apartment, and as such, they would be able to walk around naked if they wanted.

Emil looked at Lara. She was such a treasure, all dolled up in pink, and with that pretty flower in her hair. He had never seen anything so beautiful and delicate. He would cherish her forever.

“Baby, let’s take off our shoes and jackets first, and then we can get comfortable on the sofa”, Lara indicated, upon which Emil slipped off his shoes, leaving them by the door. He placed his navy blazer on an armchair.

Lara practically drooled when she first noticed, and then ogled, her hot date casually seated on the sofa.

“Jesus Christ! You look so handsome in your dress shirt and slacks! I’m eating up the sight of you!”

Lara left her borrowed high heels next to Emil’s borrowed dress shoes, and put her borrowed wrap next to his borrowed jacket. She then walked over and hopped up to straddle him. They would now continue their make out session, which was started earlier in the car.

“Your tits, Lara”, Emil indicated, as he gently placed his hands on them.

“You want my tits, baby?” she asked softly, peering into his eyes.

Looking deep into hers, Emil nodded.

“Suck on them all you want, baby. They’re all yours”, she generously offered, calmly unbuttoning the pretty pink blouse and unfastening her satin lace bra, throwing them carelessly to the floor.

Emil went to town licking, teasing, and sucking Lara’s huge amazing tits.

“Mm… tastes good”, he declared after ten minutes of enjoying and spoiling them with his tongue, lips, and teeth. He didn’t realize it, but a little bit of milk started seeping out of Lara’s left nipple.

“I’m glad, baby”, she indicated, while she greedily took in the pheromones his virile body had to offer, delighting in running her fingers through his hair.

Lara knew that Emil’s cock was already hard, as his erection started forming the second she placed herself on his lap. In fact, his boner was now an imposing presence on her crotch.

Lara also knew she was moist from all the pampering her tits were getting from her gorgeous fiance. It then occurred to her that her juices might seep through the fabric of her panties, and that they might get onto Karen’s expensive leather skirt.

“Baby, let’s get up so you can take off your pants and I could take off my skirt. We’ll be more comfortable that way.”

“Okay”, he agreed.

Upon taking off the skirt and then the panties, she remarked to herself, “Yep. Never fails, dripping wet, wild, and crazy, like Niagara Falls.”

After they took off all their clothes, they just stood there in her living room, gazing at each other.

“Emil, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Lara.”

Again, she took him by the hand, this time to lead him to her bedroom.

“Let me suck on your cock for a little while, baby. Lie down here”, she motioned to her neatly made bed, boasting freshly washed sheets.

“Good thing they’re pale-colored”, she thought to herself, as her sheets would no doubt get quite ‘soiled’ from both parties’ fluids.

Stark naked, Emil lay down on Lara’s soft bed. He noted it smelled like a mixture of laundry detergent and Lara’s own scent, as her lavender colored comforter had not been washed. It lay folded at the edge of the bed.

In fact, all of Emil’s senses took in what Lara’s bedroom had to offer. It was the first time he had ever been in a woman’s bedroom. He found it alluring and feminine, just like Lara.

From the bed, he looked up at his girl, who was now sitting beside him, completely naked herself. She was gazing softly into his eyes, which were full of unmistakable lust. She was now ready to feast on his fully erect cock.

“Now I’m the one who gets to suck all I want…”

The instant Lara’s warm mouth clasped down on his prick, Emil shut his eyes in indescribable pleasure. Unknowingly, his head started swaying from side to side.

“Mm, I could suck on it for hours…”

It was now Emil’s turn to be generous, “It’s all yours, baby.”

Lara tried to stifle the girlish giggle that presented itself, while Emil’s cock was in her mouth.

“Now down my throat. Are you ready, baby?”

Emil opened his eyes for a second, met hers, and then nodded.

Firmly, she took his straight rod and gently guided the tip down her throat. Although her immediate urge was to gag, Lara resisted, and slowly stuck Emil’s cock as deep as it could go down her throat. Before long, she felt the need to hurl, whereupon she quickly pulled the whole organ out, lickety-split. A mixture of his pre-cum, her saliva and phlegm followed, making a long trail of thick white spunk hanging out of her lips. With one hand, she grabbed as much of it as she could, and smeared it all over her tits. Her nipples felt so sensitive and tender.

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