EROTIC FANTASY ISLAND – CHAPTER 18CHAPTER 18It seemed like such a short time that I had been gone from Arizona originally, but the reality was quite different in several ways. My absence had been longer than I had imagined and most of that was due to the incredible amount that had happened in that time. Then, again, in my absence, those in Arizona had moved on with their own lives. Just as I had suggested and should have expected. Sometimes it can be a bummer when people take you up on your recommendations.So, when I returned to the island this time, it was with an even greater feeling of beginnings and new chapters being opened for me and by me. And, I was determined to go by Kaye’s words and not shy away from challenges and opportunities. I knew there was more coming for me, I just didn’t know what, not yet. The jungle, though, had opened a part of me that stayed open. Both from the time in the villages and my experiences with the people there; but, also, from the time in the jungle, after the plane and my recovery, the preparation for and the actual fight out of the jungle with Sam. There were attitudes and experiences that I couldn’t let go of … and, I didn’t want to let go of. I felt more alive than I ever had while in those times and experiences. The island resort was a great experience, but I just knew there was going to have to be something more at some point. The nagging questions as I stewed over it: What? When?* * * *I came back from the wedding with an energy that took many people by surprise. I think they were thinking that leaving for a vacation, of sorts, would have me a bit more complacent and needing time to get back into the swing of resort management. I wasn’t. The team was not surprised. Nor was Sylvia. They were the ones who knew me the best now. Amy confided in me on my return that they had all speculated that the wedding, and seeing everyone in new roles, would be a turning point for me. They recognized something in the situation that I had ignored.They were correct, too. Going back to Arizona and the ranch was ultimately freeing to realize my independence from that part of my life. The people there would always be ‘best friends’, but we were now separated by more than mere miles and borders. Our changing lives, each of us making our choices for ourselves, was also a separation. They were settling down, reliving or rediscovering the ideal of the American dream, family, job, house, and growth. And, I couldn’t be happier for them. Me? I was still on a path leading me to something. What that something might be wasn’t clear, but the path so far has been exciting and I am eager to experience more.* * * *My focus back at the resort became split. There were two sides apparent to me now. Those two sides seemed to be fighting for my attention, my dedication, and my acceptance. The feeling of freedom from my past life, the feeling I realized on leaving Arizona this time, not only was freeing in my mind, but gave me a new realization that this independence was also a driving force to unleash what was in me striving to come out. I needed to release and expose what I was. Now, more than ever before, I felt an overwhelming desire to not only release who I was, but to discover who I was. I could feel more inside. I could sense more inside, more wanting, needing to be recognized and accepted. But, at the same time, it frightened me. This other part of me that I could sense, that I was aware of wanting its own recognition and acceptance, this other part of me was intense and different. I yearned to know … but I was afraid to know. So, rather than accepting and bringing it into the light of day for self-discovery and acceptance, I joked with myself about it; I joked with anyone who might bring focus on some aspect of change. I diverted. I shifted attention.Silvia still asked about the comments from Sam James about my recovery in the jungle. She asked about comments from the hospital personnel. She asked about the confrontation in Port of Spain. Others asked about how I was able to fight, my reactions, my movement in the dark during that fight. They asked about my hair, about my body change, my speed and strength and endurance. I laughed and put it all off. I refocused others and myself on the work of the resort. And, that focus on the resort succeeded in diversion, in large part because of the success of the resort.The resort was an instant success and new favorite. Word by internet spread quickly about this new, uniquely imagined resort that always seems to find responses to long sought fantasy desires. As a result, the resort skirted on the edge of acceptability in the general marketplace, but its success with guests tempered the blatant sexuality the resort pandered to. Satisfied guests overrid puritan objections that find their way into other people’s business, even as far away as the South American coastal areas.The bestial pageant that was originally developed and presented for the first group of guests became a regular presentation depending on the desires of the group of guests. On occasion, a group came up with a request that filled the need for the pageant. Generally, however, the groups were less self-promoting and welcomed anything we provided. Some short weeks after returning from the wedding, I gathered the group and Sylvia to discuss a modification to the pageant I had been contemplating.Tami expressed some concern after hearing the modification I presented to them. As was by now common for such discussions about sexual exhibition for the guests, this discussion was held as a group while naked and drinking wine. We had all been satisfied sexually by either a****l or human. Sylvia, to her credit, was by now very comfortable participating and lounging naked among the otherwise much younger bodies.“Annie, I don’t mean to doubt your judgement of the requirements, but …” she looked around the group, “do you really think you can get Preta to do what you want him to do? Don’t get me wrong, it would be amazing! But, he is, after all, still a mostly wild panther, not a canine tending toward trainability.”Amy and Tami were clearly the most knowledgeable about a****ls and I didn’t easily counter their concerns. bakırköy escort In regards to Preta and Wolf, though, I had no questions. There was something about Preta, Wolf, and me that couldn’t be defined or understood. It was another thing that I tended to joke away.“I’m sure. I have him doing more complex reactions to my needs than that. Trust me.” They all did, of course. We finished our wine and split into pairings for the night. This night I took Sylvia into my bed. As usual, Preta and Wolf entered my bedroom and curled on either side of the doorway, always watching over me. It took everyone some time to adjust to the fact that those two were always going to be nearby, even if they weren’t intimately involved with me, they were near.I pulled Sylvia to me in the darkened room of the quiet cottage. The others had left for the other cottage, leaving us alone … except for my ever present guards.Sylvia turned onto her back and looked to the open door. I knew she was no longer self-conscious being naked in my bed with the door open, so it had to be the a****ls. She turned back to me and looked into my eyes. “Do you really think he can do what you have planned?”“I’m sure. Those two and I have been busy with training. It was intended to be my training, but it seemed to evolve into the three of us. We darn near had that wild boar by hand, no weapons of any kind. At first, I was shocked by how they were responding to me as we chased it and corralled it. It got away only because I didn’t see the value in risking one of us being injured in the process. After that, I’ve been more deliberate with them and … well, it’s just weird how they respond. It’s almost like a sixth sense of some kind between us.”Sylvia rose to her elbow and looked down at me, studying my face. “Weird isn’t only that, though. Maybe we should …”I put my hand behind her head and pulled her down onto me. “Maybe we should stop talking and put our mouths to another purpose …” I kissed her mouth, then pulled slightly away with a big smile. She smiled back and relaxed into me, her left breast mashed into my right one. I put my arm around her shoulders and hugged her tight. She was worrying about me. She has been since she found me in the hospital after my escape from the jungle. The comments she heard had bothered her. Comments, though, that couldn’t be supported with any real information pointing to a real problem. Some of my actions since coming back haven’t made her worrying any easier. I was again pushing it off … I knew it.She gave me a tolerant smile, sighed her resignation, and covered my mouth with hers. I knew she gave in to me, she was still concerned, but she was choosing, and now wasn’t an important time. She gave herself over to me and I returned the same to her. I rolled her onto her back and moved my kisses from her mouth and face, to her neck, collar bones, to her chest, and onto her breasts. When I loved Amy, Tami, or Dor, their young breast sat proudly and firm on their chests. Sylvia’s older body was different. Her breasts moved to the sides as she lay on her back, the function of aging, muscle loss and firmness lost from a longer life. But, I loved her; I loved them. Their difference was a part of her and part of the experience with her. I had come to love the differences of the people who made up the group, the variety, and the commonality of our sharing and commitment to each other.As I kissed and sucked my way over her chest and breasts, I pressed my mound into her thigh, one leg on either side of her right leg. She responded by pulling her leg up into me. I released her leg from my pressing mound and worked my way down to her pussy. I lapped and licked at her lips until they opened to my gentle probing. It was then that she lifted my head from her responding pussy.“No you don’t. We are doing this together this time. Get your pussy up here over my mouth, young lady.” She was giggling and I responded with a last kiss to her clit before moving up her body and turning around with my pussy over her mouth as she directed and my mouth returning to her pussy. We stayed like that for a long time, savoring each other with no rush in our attitudes. We brought each other to comforting, loving orgasms before settling into each other’s arms for the night.It was the next evening that brought my new idea into play. It was the a****l orgy pageant for this group of guests and it was playing out like many of the others. Not every pageant presentation was the same, but many of the a****ls came into play in all of them. This time would include everything that the first one had, which had long felt was the best combination and always a crowd favorite.As with the very first time we presented it, the guests were brought to gasps or unbelieving silence from the moment Adam came out with the dog and the implication of what was to follow settled on the crowd. Just as that first time, each additional a****l and team member coming out with it, increased the effect. The dog was the easiest a****l to accept for most people, even in a bestial relationship. That it came out with a man who proceeded to mate with; then followed with non-conventional a****l relationships, goat, hog, and llama, held and intensified the guests interest, stimulation, and amazement.In the monologue, when Sylvia began the talk about the Celina character relative to the villagers, the people were anticipating what more could be presented. Sylvia walked the horse through the tables and it was then that gasps, cries, and exclamations started with the two tables we passed between and quickly spread around the circle as we entered it.“Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to introduce Celina, the woman, the legend, who brought the tradition to the village. Celina, this strange woman who wandered into the village that day, was in fact white, not like them, at all. Not like them in many ways, certainly. But, especially, her capability for mating with a****ls.”The sight of me harnessed to the underside of the massive horse, his cock buried deep inside me, was more than some could fully take in immediately. They murmured and exclaimed to each other beşiktaş escort or even to themselves. As I was led around the circle, I was sure they were anticipating a climax to the show at any moment just from the a****l walking with me underneath. They were surprised, again.As before, Dor leapt onto the horse, it moved suddenly, as we expected from previous tries. It caused me to cry out repeatedly as the horse pranced and shifted until Dor got control of him. No matter how many times we have performed this maneuver, the reaction of the horse has always been the same. And, frankly, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Even though her gaining control was quick and seemingly instant, the effect on me of the cock ramming into my insides created an instant stimulus that had me once again near orgasm. She pranced the horse around the inside of the circle and by turning my head I found that all of the mating had again ended for the others.But, my situation required my attention as Dor trotted the horse, then suddenly stopped it and moved into the dead center of the circle for what I knew would be the expected finale. The stop had jammed me onto the cock, but I knew that was only the beginning of the climax … mine and the horse’s … if not the show.Dor waited a moment, the horse anxious, moving forward and backward, jerking me on his cock in the process. She moved the horse forward several steps, then backward. Each shift caused me to cry out. I could feel my own orgasm ready to burst over me, again. I could also feel the horse’s cock swelling with the first pulse of his pending climax. I reached back and touched Dor’s leg, our signal. The horse bounced. Once, then twice. Each time I cried out, “Yes! Yes!!”I orgasmed as I felt the cock jamming the head against my insides. I cried out, gasped, groaned and moaned. All seemingly in the same breath and moment. The horse, too, whinnied and jerked its body. He came, spurting into my body. Spurting his voluminous amount of cum into my already stuffed, full pussy. Spurting his cum into me but much of it came back out of me. Each huge spurt of his cum squirted out from my pussy, forced out around his cock, spraying in all directions around it.Then came the part added to the presentation.After my limp body was released from the harnessing, I was supported on either side by Adam and Amy. The guests were standing with their applause of the show they now assumed was ended. And, normally, it would have been ended. Instead, after a few bows in appreciation to the crowd, turning to do so in all directions, I raised my right fingers to my lips and whistled, that high, piercing sound Jake taught me. Everyone stopped, wondering what the purpose of that was, then relaxed as nothing happened. Even some of the team looked at me as if to record that their doubts were confirmed. I only smiled, though.My back was turned to the direction I knew the final segment of the eveny would be coming from. When I heard a shriek from behind, I knew it had happened and my team shared in the same amazement as the guests watching the scene. Silently, Preta had approached the outer circle staying to the shadows and what cover there was. When my whistle came, he took several strong steps and leapt high enough in the air to sail over one of the tables of guests. He landed in a crouch, glancing over his shoulder at the table he just flew over as if to receive some recognition for what he had accomplished.I turned to him as if being startled, the rest of the team playing the same and moving to the sides and out of the way. Still in his crouch, he stalked toward me. For every two of his steps, I took one backwards, glancing over my shoulders as if to find an escape. I wanted him to catch me, but not without some show in the process. When he was a body length from me, I made a show of tripping over my own feet, stumbling backward and rolling to my hands and knees. I was able to move several crawling steps before I heard a growl behind me. I froze and the audience went still. Preta was suddenly on my back.“Ladies and gentlemen,” Sylvia spoke over the microphone, “I am sure you now recognize Annie’s intimidating looking feline companion, Preta.” There were murmurs and nervous laughter as the guest regained their composure after being startled. “The binder in front of you has contained a photo of the penis of each a****l. Please turn now to the back of the last page.”A lone woman’s voice from somewhere to the left of me, “Oh my god … she not taking …”I cried out at that moment as Preta penetrated me. My pussy was still gaping from the horse and dripping with cum so his penis slid into me without effort.“Yes, as you can already tell, she is going to take that penis. And, the photo is this a****l’s actual erect penis. The barbs shown are real and become more pronounced at the moment of climax. A female, feline or human, feels this penis when fucked.” Sylvia confessed she was looking forward to describing that for the guests.Although I knew the condition of my pussy could make it easy for me, I also knew that Preta wouldn’t stop until he achieved his climax. I had considered this before and the only option that seemed to come to mind was to pull my knees in tight and the same with my thighs. I was near exhaustion. Belly-riding always had that effect on me, long or short, the intensity was overwhelming. I needed to get Preta to cum, however.I pressed back against him, my thighs squeezing together, clamping down on his cock as well as I could after just fucking a horse. It was artificial, but it was working. I felt him pumping into me. And if I could feel him, he could feel me. We fucked. I lost all sense of the people around me, focused only on Preta above me, behind me, inside me.We he came, there was a low growl emanating from deep inside his throat. His head down alongside mine, I heard it clear. The sound was arousing, his cock with the barbs now fully extended, sc****d along my pussy walls, jolts sent into my body. I came! My orgasm satisfying. One hand rising to press his head against the side of mine. My arms and body shook. I cried out as he pulled his spent cock beylikdüzü escort out of my body. I cried out in relief and frustration. Both at the same time, two conflicting emotions, both real and heartfelt. His cock is irritating inside me, scr****g against my tender, delicate walls. At the same time, I wanted him. I wanted him inside me. A sound came out of my throat and I didn’t think anything of it. Preta came to me, licking my face, offering me soft purrs, rubbing his cheek against mine. I repeat the sound, not intentionally, not purposefully, not knowingly.When I looked up at the end, I saw the looks on my team’s faces. I smiled at them, not aware of what their looks were about.I stood and as a group we concluded the presentation for the evening. The guests were ushered away by other resort staff. Now we were able to fully relax and recover ourselves. As was our custom, we congregated at the cottage shared by Amy and me for some wine before collectively collapsing into our beds.I glanced around the group and saw that I was being watched. They were doing it slyly, carefully, not trying to be obvious, but I saw it and felt it.“What? Did I saw something accidently that was inappropriate?”They looked around at each other before they all settled on Sylvia. She leaned forward, fixing her eyes on mine, holding me in her gaze. “Annie, you purred! It wasn’t just a sounding like it when someone is playful. You purred!”Not again. Now this? What, will I start licking my hand next to clean my face? How do I deflect this one?I just looked around the group and smiled nervously, “What can I say? I really enjoy it …”They looked at me quietly for a moment, then broke into laughter. All except Sylvia. She was still watching me.* * * *Sylvia was in her office the following day.“Miss Contreras, you have a call on line 1. All he would say is ‘Sam’.”“Thank you, Maria. Would you close the door, please?”When her long-time secretary closed her office door behind her, “Sam! I was thinking I would have to call you, again.”“Sylvia, anything wrong? Is Annie okay?”“I think so …” she chuckled, “but, how would I know.” She took a deep breath. “You said you would call back when you were able to look into a few things on your end. Have you done that?”“Yes, I have. I … I’m sorry for the delay, but I had the researcher check the information a second time, then again. I think we should talk. With Annie, though.”“What is it? Is it bad? Is something wrong with her?”“Bad? Wrong? I don’t know that those are the right terms to use. Tell me, Sylvia, in your opinion, aside from some concerns about odd things, how does Annie seem in general around you, the others, her attitude, her behavior?”“She’s Annie … you know what Annie is like. That’s still what she is. Maybe, she’s a little more assertive … more confident, deliberate in actions. But, she’s still the same Annie, fun, sexy, a true confidant to any of us, the best person you could have around you. The a****ls just love her …” she nervously laughed, “not like that … well, that way, too … but I mean the a****ls just respond to her different, more trusting and deferential. You know she actually has that panther doing things to her wishes?” There was a pause on both ends. “Why, Sam? What do you know?”“We need to finish this with Annie. Can you video conference?” Sylvia confirmed it and setup a time in the afternoon when everyone would be available.* * * * *I knocked on Sylvia’s office door, responding to a request for a meeting. “Hey, what’s up, boss?”She laughed, “Yeah, right! Thanks for pretending, anyway.” I gave her a kiss that she gladly accepted, then I sat in a chair across the desk from her. “No, we’re going to the conference room for a video conference.” She saw my look. “Just humor me.”The video connection rang on the hour and Sylvia made the connection. Sylvia wouldn’t tell me who we were conferencing with, so I grabbed a light blouse I kept in my office that I rarely used. It covered me above the table, anyway. I looked up at the screen as it came alive. “Sam!” I looked at Sylvia, “Why didn’t you just tell me we were talking to Sam?”There was a slight delay, but Sam came to Sylvia’s rescue. “My fault, Annie.” He was quiet for a moment. “My … I had forgotten how beautiful you are. Sorry, that’s probably a really sexist thing to say …”“It’s okay, Sam. It’s not like I work for you or anything like that. Besides, I doubt I really looked that good in the jungle when you found me. Thank you, again, by the way.”“Well, that was something you repaid several times on the way out, you and your two friends.”I looked at Sylvia and back to him on the screen. “Not that I don’t like seeing and hearing you, again … what’s going on?”“I contacted Sam. He gave me a phone number … in case.”I looked at her, “In case of what? What’s going on? Someone talk!”Sam, “Annie … Sylvia was concerned by some of your actions, some of your … changes? … maybe changes, yeah. Annie, do you trust Sylvia?” I nodded immediately and took her hand. “Do you trust me?”“After five weeks in the jungle? After you brought me back to life? Of course, I do!”“Okay. Annie, I already told you while we were in the jungle that I couldn’t make sense of your recovery from the wounds, besides your other … abilities, vision, reactions, reflexes. So, just to be safe, I gave Sylvia a phone number if she ever had reason to be concerned about you. You matter to us both, Annie. I really hoped that I would never hear from her, not that I didn’t want to know how you were doing, Annie, but it would mean you were good.” He looked down at something on the table in front of him. When he looked up, “Annie, truthfully, just between us who you trust, can you tell us that there haven’t been things happening to you that have made you question, wonder what is happening to you? Your hair, your body, other things?”I looked at them and tears filled my eyes. Sylvia took me into her arms. I nodded. He was blurred to me through my tears. But, the words I heard from him made me freeze.“Have you ever heard the term ‘Cross-species DNA’?”THE END* * * * *Watch for the next installment in the Resurrection Series. Now that Annie Linder is on her own and fully her own woman, unafraid of pursuing her full potential, follow her as she moves through the ever increasingly erotic and exotic opportunities that present themselves to her as she pursues her newly discovered life … and being.As you might have already presumed, the next story will be called:THE CREATURE WITHINResurrection Series, Book III

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