FILLING THE AGE GAP – 2A story about a 60 year old hooking up again with his sexy 30 something ex-employee. Shortly after the naughty fun with my younger work colleague Suzy (see my story ‘Let The Sunshine In’) I retired and took on part time consultancy work. A few months later I bumped into her at the hardware store. I had just gone through the checkout and when I stepped outside she was waiting for me. ‘Hi Bill’. ‘Oh hi Suzy nice to see you’. We instinctively gave each other a friendly hug. ‘Hi Bill I saw you at the checkout and thought I’d wait and say hello … how’s retirement’? ‘It’s okay but I’m still doing a bit of private work … anyway how are you’? ‘I’m good Bill’. ‘You look great Suzy’. ‘Thanks Bill’. ‘How’s your mum? … are you still living there’? ‘Yes I’m still at mum’s … she’s on holiday at the moment … again! … I don’t know why she doesn’t move to Spain she spends half her life there … she gets back Friday night’. ‘What brings you to the hardware store Suzy’? ‘I was buying batteries for my rabbit’. What?! Suzy was never one for mincing her words but that was definitely left field. ‘I see you’ve not changed Suzy … you’re something else sweetheart’. ‘Yep the same old Suzy … still as naughty as ever … and still as horny as ever … what do you think all these batteries are for Bill’? ‘Nice one … no boyfriend then’? ‘Naa they’re unreliable and too much like hard work … but my rabbit never lets me down’. She paused and a wicked smile came over her face … ‘although I do sometimes miss the real thing … unless I’ve lost my memory, as I recall you’ve got one of those Bill’. ‘I certainly have Suzy and as you know it doesn’t need batteries’. ‘Bill …’? ‘Yes Suzy’. ‘If you don’t have to rush off we could go back to mum’s house … you know for old times’ sake’. ‘You’re on Suzy … I know the way … I’ll see you there’. Suzy always used to dress sexy at the office and would drive me to distraction. Today was no different; she was wearing a white sleeveless blouse, tight black skirt, fishnet nylons and black heels. As she turned to walk to her car I admired her rear view and called her back. I whispered in her ear … ‘you’ve got the best arse I’ve ever seen Suzy … does it still like a pat or two? ‘Oh at least two Bill preferably three or more’. ‘I don’t suppose you still wear …’ ‘you mean big white knickers Bill’? ‘Yes Suzy’. ‘Of course I still wear big white knickers … they are my favourite … but not today Bill … I’m not actually wearing any knickers’!! When we arrived at her mum’s house we didn’t waste any time and headed straight to the lounge. We embraced and kissed and fondled each other’s bottoms. ‘I’m so horny Bill spank me and fuck me’. Suzy wheeled round, hiked up her skirt and bent forward placing her palms on the sofa. Sure enough she wasn’t wearing panties. What a vision! … the sight of her world class bottom made my cock twitch. She said she’d been fingering herself in the car on the way over; her outer flaps were wide open, her cunt was shaved, wet and gaping and she was clearly ready for action. I gave each cheek several firm smacks with the istanbul escort flat of my hand causing her to moan. ‘Mmmm … oh yes Bill more … I’ve been such a naughty girl, I deserve a good spanking’. My cock was rigid and throbbing and now wasn’t the time for a prolonged correction session. I grabbed hold of her delicious buttocks, positioned my cock at her entrance and with one decisive thrust I was in. Her furrow was soaking wet and my cock penetrated her right up to the hilt. ‘Oh Jesus Bill that’s it … oh god yes fuck me … fuck my cunt Bill … spank me’. Releasing one hand I soundly smacked the bare flesh of her arse as I continued to pound her soppy recess. She yelped and came loudly but pleaded for more. ‘Oh fuck Bill you dirty bastard don’t stop I’m cumming again … cum with me … spunk me … spunk my cunt.’ Her filthy language and lusty moaning drove me on and I could feel the sap stirring in my loins. Suzy came again and I immediately followed her. Grunting and groaning my cock exploded spraying the inner walls of her cunt with my seed. I slipped my cock from her saturated crevice and my cum immediately started to trickle out. Suzy reached under and put her fingers to her opening. ‘Oh yes Bill … fucking hell feel that … what a lovely big load … you filthy old bugger you really spunked my cunt.’ It wasn’t a full on affair with Suzy but if her mum wasn’t at home she would text me to ask how I was fixed for some sexy fun. She’s such a sexual creature with a bum to die for and lovely tits. She would always wear undies she knew would get me going; either tights or stockings with white panties and sometimes she‘d go commando.If we weren’t pushed for time we’d have a roleplay session. Suzy’s favourite scenario was dressing and acting the naughty schoolgirl; short pleated skirt, stockings or tights and gym knickers of varying colour. I’d play the horny headmaster or pervy older neighbour. She loved her bottom and cunny being spanked and her big titties slapped; sexy playful stuff nothing too heavy and she also enjoyed a bit of light bondage. If we’d not hooked up for a while and were horny for each other, we’d meet up at a local secluded spot during her lunch break and fuck in my car. We loved that; it was exciting, frenetic and had an element of danger. As her time was limited the usual routine was … recline the passenger seat, top pulled up and tits out, skirt hiked up and tights and knickers hauled down. I’d shuffle across and kneel in the foot well, pull my pants down, a quick kiss with tongues and a grope of her tits, Suzy would raise and spread her legs and I’d ram my cock right up her. We’d fuck like rabbits and talk dirty to each other. You hear about some women who unfortunately find it difficult to reach orgasm … not Suzy! She would cum for the first time pretty much as soon as she felt my cock filling her cunt and she’d keep cumming at regular intervals. As a sixty year old I could last longer and when Suzy was satisfied she would reach up and squeeze my nipples hard. That did avcılar escort the trick for me every time and I’d cum inside her. From Suzy getting in the front seat to pulling her knickers back up, would take no more than 10 minutes but it was great sex. She could be a real minx, not that I was complaining. She was well aware of my pervy side and predilection for white panties … and the smell of them! Before I got the house she would often change into the panties she’d been wearing the day before and invite me to bury my face in the gusset. On one such occasion she said ‘You like that don’t you Bill … what do they smell of’? ‘They smell of your cunt Suzy’. ‘Yes they do smell of cunt but not mine … they’re my mum’s knickers Bill … I fished them out of the laundry basket just before you got here … that’s mum’s cunt you can smell’. ‘Fucking hell Suzy I can’t believe you did that … I love it … it’s so naughty and erotic’. ‘You dirty old bugger I bet you’d love to sniff and lick my mum’s cunt … eh Bill’? ‘Her smell is wonderful Suzy … musky and pungent just how I like it’. ‘You’d like to fuck her wouldn’t you’? ‘Yes I would, why not she’s a damned sexy woman’. ‘Well fuck me then Bill and pretend it’s my mum’. I did and Suzy started talking dirty pretending to be her mum. I joined in … ‘oh Mrs Harper you’re cunt feels amazing … I’ve always wanted to fuck you.’ ‘Am I as good a fuck as my daughter’? ‘Fuck yes Mrs Harper every bit as good’. Then convulsing and screeching like a Banshee, Suzy came like a fountain with me joining her in a hugely intense orgasm. The taboo fuelled scenario had really turned us both on. ‘Wow Bill what happened there’? ‘Not sure Suzy but I think I’ve just fucked your mum … and it was amazing … are those really your mum’s panties’? ‘Yes Bill I know you fancy her and thought it would be naughty and a bit of fun to wear her used knickers for you … I didn’t plan on the roleplay thing it just sort of happened … but wow what a turn on. I loved it when you said you’ve always wanted to fuck my mum … you didn’t just say that in the heat of the moment? … I get all wet and horny thinking about my mum being fucked … I bet you’d like to fuck her for real’. ‘I can’t deny I’ve often thought what it would be like to engage with your mum. If I’m any judge there’s a hot sexy woman lurking under that respectable, conservative exterior’. ‘You’d better believe it … now this is strictly between you and me Bill … she called me one day from Spain and asked me to look something up on her computer. I noticed a folder titled ‘Miscellaneous’ and clicked on it. Inside was all sorts of everyday stuff and another folder titled ‘Spare Folder’. I thought that’s odd so intrigued I clicked again … my jaw dropped. There were pics of handsome guys of varying ages all sporting erections and with name captions, there were website links and videos of matures and grannies getting fucked one on one or by two or more men. My hand had wandered up my dressing gown and I fingered myself to a lovely orgasm’. ‘Ehm turns out your mum’s a bit of a dark şirinevler escort horse Suzy’. ‘Not half, there was yet another folder titled ‘Emails’ containing a word document which mum used to type draft messages to various men who she exchanged sexual fantasies with. They were steamy and erotic to say the least and I rubbed my clit to another shuddering climax. ‘That’s not all there were risqué pics of mum in a variety of sexy poses’. ‘No’! ‘Honestly Bill, thankfully they didn’t show all her face but they showed everything else! I didn’t even know she could work the timer on the camera’. ‘Oh fuck Suzy I’d love to see those’. ‘I thought you might so I transferred a few to my mobile’. She opened her ‘phone and up popped an image. Stroll on her mum looked unbelievably sexy. Anne is a different shape to Suzy who took after her burly built dad. Anne was facing the camera and had tucked her bra under her boobs, she was wearing hold ups and had peeled her pink panties down to her stocking tops. Her slim waist tapered into her fabulous hips, her thighs were perfection and her full breasts were as beautiful as you could hope to see on a woman in her late fifties … or any woman for that matter! Suzy then showed me the second image. Anne was laid on the sofa, naked apart from her hold ups with her thighs spread wide and her cunt in full view. In the last image she was cupping one of her magnificent breasts and had a finger in the honey pot … phwoarr! ‘God Suzy you’re mum is smokin’ hot … she’s given me a stiffy’. ‘So I see Bill … it would be a shame to waste it’. Suzy took my hard cock in her hand and whispered in my ear. ‘Mmmm Bill you’re cock is lovely … I’m sure my daughter won’t mind sharing it with me’. Here we go again I thought. ‘Mrs Harper you’re such a hot woman’. ‘Call me Anne’. ‘I want you Anne’. ‘I want you too Bill’. We fucked again employing the same scenario and the result left us sated and drained. We collapsed on the bed and snuggled up together in the afterglow. ‘Bill I’m sure my mum enjoys her sexy secret chats but I think she’s aching for the real thing. If you’re up for it I think I could set it up for you to give her what she needs … the thought of sharing you with her would be awesome … would you do that for me’? ‘Seriously’? ‘Yes she’s mentioned a few times that she finds you attractive … leave it with me’. Fast forward to Saturday. ‘Mum, guess who I bumped into the other day … Bill my old boss’. ‘How was he’? ‘In top form mum … he asked about you’. ‘That was nice of him Suzy’. ‘I showed him the pic you sent to me when you were out at dinner with the girls in Spain … he said you looked hot’. ‘Did he, that’s very flattering … I shouldn’t say this to my daughter but I think Bill’s quite sexy’. ‘Life’s too short mum if you both feel like that why don’t you ask him round for a coffee’? On the Sunday I got a text from Anne to say hello and invite me round to her house. We had a lovely passionate session; as she hadn’t had sex for a while I took things slowly and gently. I fondled her beautiful boobs and licked and sucked her nipples before going down on her. She came twice then I made love to her in the missionary position and at her request we finished off doggy style. Anne is not as earthy as Suzy or naughty and she prefers romantic dialogue to dirty talk, but a lovely sensual, sexy lady. It would be a dull old world if all women were the same.

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