Fresh out the gate!?


Fresh out the gate!?God I luv men:)As I mentioned in a very detailed way in my last story, I had my first gay experience with who I thought was the man of my dreams. We tried dating but it was more physical than anything. Anyways I was man hating and was back to being straight for a while. At this point in time I was fresh out of college and working. I worked for a Guy that did construction and landscaping. He liked me a lot so he gave me a job at good pay. Everyday it was the same routine and I needed a break. So. . . I went onto this dating site and decided to look for a male friend, JUST FRIENDS lol. I received a response to my add from a descent looking Guy named chip. For not being gay anymore I was physically impressed. He had dark hair, stubble, nice eyes, and cute lips. He was a handsome looking dude. I knew this fethiye escort was going to be trouble because I was so physically attracted that I printed his picture out and hung it on the wall. Talk about being in love:P so it was finally the day and I decided to go meet my new friend for some drinks. Accidentally we met at a gay bar. TEEHEE:) We met outside the building, ” Hey are you ********?””Why yes I am, Chip right? Wow your even prettier in person!” “Thanks man it’s finally nice to meet you in per. . .blah blahblach”I didn’t care what this sexy man was saying. In his profile I only saw his face but his body was freaking awesome! Big arms and hands. Very masculine. Just the way I like it:)As we walk in he was suprised but not as much as I thought. He was weird when we walked in but actually when he looked around escort fethiye and saw all the homosexual couples he looked like he was right at home. He asked me,” you seem like you been here before?””Yeah its the hottest spot on the south side””Are you like these guys here?” He asked me. I responded by saying”Do you want me to be?”We locked eyes and hit the dance floor. Man this man could move. We were grinding on eachother closely. Teasing eachother to see who would kiss first. I gave in and we started making out in the middle of the dance floor. To avoid a 100 person orgy( heaven) we hit his apartment. Neither of us really spoke up but we were anxious at the same time. We arrived at his apartment and headed to the bedroom. There we made out tearing our clothes off. He whispered to me,” get ready for the fuck of your fethiye escort bayan life” I thought to myself that it had been a while but I was so turned on I didn’t care. First he licked my clean asshole and hot me with some dildos smallest to biggest. He knew how to work them. I then pulled his pants down to suck his python and it turned he did have a python. 11 inches. Nough said;) I sucked it furiously. Working the head I would make moves to deepthroat it but I couldn’t. His shlong was so thick my lips could barely fit around.he then bent me over to brace myself. He went in fast. I loved it. He treated me like an a****l. I thought that was so hot. “Yeah bitch let me fuck that cute ass for you” ain’t so cute now you whore! Your my whore now!” Gosh. Glad I could be that person for you;) unexpectadely he came quick. He did manage to climax on my face. A solid five waves of cum land on my teeth and lips in satisfaction. He then led me to the shower where we soaped each other off. This man could be Wow so much for trying to be straight again

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