Friend with Benefits


I had been bored all day. Christmas vacation of my senior year in high school and I’m lying on the couch watching TV all day. I was in the middle of my third Fresh Prince of Bel Air re run when I received an opportunity for a distraction. An opportunity in the form of a text message from my friend Danielle. I had already texted all of my other friends looking for anything to do but they were all away or working or something. Danielle didn’t even cross my mind. We considered each other friends but i barely see her or talk to her outside of school. I had been over her house a couple times with other people, but they had never been particularly fun outings. She never let us drink or do anything fun at her place so it usually ended with us staring at each other from different couches.

She texted me for the sole reason that she was watching the movie Air Bud. The only real long conversation we had ever had with one another that I could remember was talking about how we both loved air bud when we were kids. It was a boring texting conversation but it did give me something to do so I stretched it out as long as i could. We ran out of things to say after fifteen minutes so I figured that was it. A minute later I got a new text from her, “So wat u up to?” I revealed I was lazing around all day. Then she really surprised me by asking if I wanted to go over her house. I asked if she was having people over and she responded with a flat “no.”

Normally I wouldn’t go over her house if it was just me and her because she is usually very annoying, but I was desperately bored. Both my parents worked so I couldn’t even do something with them, not that I really wanted to anyway. Suddenly she sent me a very… unexpected… message. I was shocked but I realized very quickly she was kidding. I tried to act cool and funny like what she said didn’t phase me. The end of the conversation went something like this:

Danielle: So wat u up to

Me: Nothin i just watchin tv doin nothin all day

Danielle: sucks

Me: ya i no

Danielle: u wanna come over my house?

Me: u having people over?

Danielle: nah just u

Me: uh maybe i can come

Danielle: if you do i can give you a blowjob 😉

Me: lol a bj? sure you will

Danielle: no i will, scout’s honor

Me: haha u given a lot of those?

Danielle: ya, well i mean not a lot, ya know, a few

Me: oo sounds like a good time

Danielle: ya maybe if ur nice to me i’ll give you another part of my body

Me: oh which part?

Danielle: i dunno, whats ur favorite thing about me?

Me: hmmm i’ll have to figure out which part is the least nauseating lol

The truth was I had never found Danielle particularly hot before, but now that she got me thinking about it I realized she really isn’t that bad. Her face is a little weird but its also kinda cute. She has pretty small tits which i think upsets her more than anyone. kocaeli escort I over heard her talking about bras to another girl once and she said she is an A cup, but I would’ve realized that on my own anyway. Admittedly though, she does have a very nice ass. Its not too small but its not fat and ugly. It is nice a round and from when I’ve seen her run or something like that it is also bouncy. It looks so soft and I’ve always wanted to give it a little squeeze.

Anyway I ended up driving to her house. She has a nice house, rather big, but she has a lot of stupid rules she makes everyone follow. Don’t be too loud, no feet on the couches, don’t slide on the floor, don’t touch the walls, so on and so forth. She has claimed its cause of family members yelling at her, but I don’t buy it and nobody else does either.

I knocked on her door and waited a few seconds. The door opened and my jaw dropped when i saw her. She was wearing a low cut t shirt that showed a lot of cleavage, cleavage i know she doesn’t have! SHe must be wearing a push up bra or something similar. She’s also wearing wicked short shorts that make the bottom of her butt cheeks visible. She had a huge grin on her face when she saw my reaction.

“Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

I looked down and saw I had grown a huge boner without realizing it.

“Um, uh, uh, you see, uh, hormones” was all I could get out.

She laughed and said that she knew guys got random boners a lot. She did a little spin in her socks on the wood floor and skipped away, deeper into her house. I closed the front door and hurried after her.

“You wanna watch a movie or something?” She shouted from across the house.

“Why are you yelling? You’re usually against that.” I asked.

“Nobody’s home, but us! My parents are out for the night!” She explained. We ended up watching a few movies and just hanging out for the next several hours. It actually was pretty fun. She wasn’t annoying or bossy or controlling or anything like that. It was getting late so I told her that I had to get going.

“Wait you can’t go yet! You haven’t gotten your blowjob!” Danielle exclaimed.

I laughed and said “Oh ya! Haha well I lost my stiffy awhile ago so I guess it won’t work.” I started to walk away when i heard something fall on the floor. I turned around and my knees gave way and I fell onto the floor. I jumped back up and rubbed my eyes to make sure I was really seeing what i was seeing. Danielle had dropped her pants and was bending over a couch with her incredible bare ass facing me. She had one had on the couch and was caressing her ass cheeks with the other.

“This help?” she asked in a sweet, innocent voice. It didn’t just give me my boner back. I nearly lost my load right there in my pants. I tried to say something but only a strange moan came out. She just laughed and walked over to me. She has a beautiful pussy. kocaeli escort bayan Nice and shaved too. She bent down in front of me and slowly pulled down my jeans and boxers. She licked her index finger and slowly stroked my cock from the base down to the tip. I knew my penis was a little small. I never measured it but i watched enough internet porn to know. But she didn’t say anything. She gave it a little kiss on the head and then looked up at me with her big innocent eyes.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked. I managed to stutter a yes. “Whats the farthest you’ve gotten with a girl?”

All i could force out is “I haven’t.”

She gave me a funny look, “Have you even had a first kiss?” My cheeks burned red but I shook my head. She made one of those “Awwwwww” sounds all girls make when they hear something they think is cute. “Well we’ll deal with the lips later. I have some business to attend to down here.”

With that she engulfed my entire rod in her mouth immediately and started sucking. She bobbed her head up and down the entire length of the shaft. My knees were wobbling again but I made sure to keep standing. She took it out of her mouth for a moment to drop some saliva on it and rub it in firmly. It felt like heaven. She went back to sucking, swishing it in her mouth as she started fondling my balls with her hands. Then i exploded. I became pissed because I wanted to hold out so much longer but it still felt good to release all that cum and she took it like a professional. She swallowed every bit of her, not letting a drop fall through her seductive lips.

When I was through she took my cock out of her mouth and started absentmindedly stroking it. “Mmm I love the taste of cum. I know some other girls don’t, but I can’t get enough of it. So have you decided what your favorite part of my body is?” I admitted I hadn’t even though of that since the text. “Ha that’s ok I know your answer anyway. You don’t think I saw you staring at my ass all day? Why do you think I used it to get you hard for this? I have never been taken up the ass before and I never wanted to, but I promised you your favorite part and I keep my word!” Surely I was imagining this. She wanted me to fuck her up the ass?

By this time her stroking made me plenty hard and my cock was still wet from the blowjob of the angels she gave me. She turned around, laid her chin on the floor and stuck her sexy ass in the air and said “Lets go.” I was frozen. I just stared at that little hole my dick is supposed to be going in. I realized it was time to do what I always wanted. I grabbed bother her cheeks with both hands and just started kneading them with my fingers. They felt so smooth and soft I couldn’t believe it. I stuck my face in between her cheeks and licked all around her asshole.

“Ooooooo” Danielle moaned, “That feels so nice but we should start before your cock dries.” I begrudgingly brought kocaeli escort my head back. I breathed in deep. It was time. I fully stood up, but then realized i need to lean over. I grabbed both sides of her ass and jammed my cock in with all my force. Danielle let out a sudden yelp but didn’t ask me to stop. Suddenly it hit me that this was all up to me. The BJ was all her work but I had to be the man this time. It was my time.

I thrust my hips back, then forward, back, forward, so on and so on. She moaned as I did it and i was getting into it. I started laughing as I fucked her ass, not out of humor but shock and realization of what I was doing. I let go of her ass and reached under her shirt and cupped her small bra covered boobs. As i humped her smooth behind for all it was worth I felt the need for me. I used more strength with each thrust. My balls made a loud slap and they hit her ass each hump. I squeezed her bra and ripped it off and started mauling her bare tits. Squeezing them, pinching their nipples, she asked me not to be rough with her, but I didn’t slow down, I couldn’t. It was like I was being controlled by a sex crazed animal. No, its like I am a sex crazed animal. I leaned as far as I could and started sucking on the side of her neck. She moaned louder and louder. Suddenly she let out an incredible scream of pure pleasure. I let go of one of her tits and moved to her forgotten pussy. I started finger fucking her. She was very wet. I could tell she just cummed. I was about to too. This just made me fuck faster and faster and faster until…

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Buckets of cum shot out into her ass. She moaned again as this happened. All the energy left me and we both collapsed on the ground next to each other. Suddenly I was me again. The animal had left and it was just shy, timid me. I was horrified at how I had treated her. Certainly she hated me. I just abused her! I took advantage of her kindness and did things to her she didn’t want done. Danielle turned her head to look at me. Our eyes locked and I could see no anger in her eyes, just pleasure and awe. We both said in unison, “Wow.”

We lied down breathing for a few minutes and she rolled over towards me. Her shirt had been torn at some point I didn’t even notice. Her nipples were red and puffy. Her ass was red around the hole and covered in cum. She cuddled next to me.

“You wanna sleep over?” She asked.

“My mom doesn’t like me sleeping over girls houses.” I said. Somehow it felt weird talking after that.

“Did you tell her you came here?”

Yea, I called her before I left home.”

Tell her you actually said you went to your friend Dan’s house and you’re sleeping there.”

I laughed and told her its a good idea.

“We can do this after tonight, you do realize that? Anytime, even if there are people over we can find a way.” She looked at me, “But I don’t want a serious relationship, not now anyway. You should date other people, I know you can get any girl you want if you try. We’re just friends… good friends… with benefits.” I just smiled and nodded, it was all i could do. Then she looked me in the eye, smiled the prettiest smile I had ever seen, and gave me my first kiss.

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