Angie blinked as the first morning light danced on the bedroom wall. She closed her eyes again as she tried to regain the dreamy state she had just left. Slowly she became conscious of the object in her hands and a hint of a smile turned the corners of her mouth. Since she had married, over three years ago, it became more and more common for her to wake, laying on her side, with her husband’s manhood in her hands.

More often than not she awoke to find herself unconsciously gently squeezing Alex’s cock. She knew that it was her choice at this point, to continue if she desired to have sex, or quit now if she did not. Alex’s cock was about half erect and he would soon wake to a full fledged hard-on if she followed their usual pattern. It was Saturday morning and there was no hurry to get up. Maybe Alex would kiss her neck and breasts for several minutes before getting down to the raw sex he loved.

Ummm, that would be so nice she thought. With enough coaxing, she might get him into heavy petting for a half hour including having his head firmly planted between her legs. As the images were forming in her mind, her hands began gently stroking the slowly growing organ in her hands. The “Ummm” sound from Alex set her juices flowing and provided the needed lubrication between her legs. Alex’s eyes began to flutter as his mind moved toward the waking state. The nice feeling was registering and he recognized it as something he was going to like. His heart picked up speed and his brain and cock both began to fill with fresh blood. His almost full erection began to twitch as Angie slid her hands from the base up and over the sensitive head. Angie’s thighs were slowly rubbing against each other in anticipation of what she hoped would be a series of orgasms lasting several minutes, but what was that irritating noise? There it is again… Shit, the damn phone.

“HELLO.” The annoyance in Angie’s voice rang unmistakably on the other end.

“Angie, it’s Mom. Are you awake dear?”

“Yes, Mom…but your timing sucks.”

“Angie honey, don’t say sucks. You know your father hates it when you say that. What about timing… oh, I get it. I’m sorry baby. Want me to call you back?”

“No Mom, no. Alex has already gotten up. What’s up?”

“Your brother was supposed to help your father and I at the cottage this weekend but at the last minute he was called to work. I know that you and Dad don’t always get along well but would you and Alex give us a hand?”

“MOTHER! You know how he freaks out when I say shit or something and he comes out with that un-lady like thing he always says. You know I love Dad but we are at each other’s throat after just a few hours. A whole weekend at the cottage with him would have to end in disaster. Wait Mom. Yes, of course we’ll do it. I’m not bitching. I’m just letting you know that Dad and I will probably end up engaged in some wrestling match; figuratively speaking. We’ll be there around noon. Bye”

“ALEX! Stop that giggling and get back in here with me. I need your hard body before I begin this weekend from hell.”

Jake and Rachel were busy sanding the hardwood floors when Alex pulled the car in the driveway of the cottage. Angie exited the car, took a deep breath and walked in the door. “Mom, Dad, we’re here,” she called out as Alex followed behind her. Jake and Rachel both, hugged their daughter and greeted their son-in law.

“Hope you brought some old clothes,” started Jake. “If we can get the sanding done today, we can stain it tomorrow before we leave.”

“Got them right here Dad, chirped Angie.”

“Honey, you can change in the bedroom,” piped in xslot Yeni Giriş Rachel. “It’s going to get below freezing before morning so we’ll bed down near the fire place tonight.”

Jake glanced up as Angie rejoined them after changing. He found himself staring directly into Angie’s crotch. She had donned a pair of old jeans that were skin tight and a clear outline of her sex was plainly visible to anyone who cared to look. “Angie, do you have to wear clothes that make you look like you are naked, growled her father.”

“Dad, I am twenty-six years old. Shit Dad, when am I going to be old enough to decide for myself what I want to wear? Besides, it’s just us here. Family, ya know? If ya don’t like it, don’t look.”

“And don’t say shit. It’s un-lady like,” mumbled Jake as he turned his attention back to his work. He tried not to, but could not help occasionally glancing at Angie’s outlined ass and pussy. Later that afternoon, Alex teased Angie about her father’s comments.

“I’ll fix his ass,” giggled Angie. “I’m going to wear that nightgown that is split up the sides tonight. I knew the old fart would have something to say about my jeans and I brought it just to piss him off.”

“Damn baby, you know how much that thing turns me on,” whispered Alex as his arms circled her waist.

“No-no lover boy. Even I am not crazy enough to fuck in front of my parents,” laughed Angie as she scooted out of his arms.

Jake gulped down two shots of bourbon as he watched his daughter and her husband as they frolicked in the front yard. “Why couldn’t she have stayed the shy youngster he had adored when she was a child,” he thought. His heart ached because he still adored her. He just didn’t understand her anymore.

With the floor ready for staining the next day and dinner dishes finished, Jake sat sipping bourbon as Angie and her Mom made up the bedding on the floor. Alex brought in more wood for the fire place which would be their only source of heat. The temperature had dropped twenty degrees since the sun set three hours ago. Alex and Angie went out for a short walk before retiring. Alex produced some smoke and lit it once they were a safe distance from the cottage.

“Just a little for me, said Angie. You know how horny that stuff makes me. A lot for you because it just makes you sleep deep and I don’t want you grabbing my ass tonight.” Angie took a few hits and passed it back to Alex when she began to feel the effects. Alex finished off the last of it while Angie giggled as she imagined the look in her father’s eyes when she paraded to bed in her sexy night gown. Alex would be asleep in minutes but her father would probably be pissed for an hour. She loved him but could not help but defy him. Too bad Alex would be out like a light soon because she wouldn’t mind some loving after that smoke. Well, no matter, she still was not crazy enough to screw him while right next to her parents.

“We will sleep on the right and you guys on the left, Rachel was saying to Angie as Jake returned from putting on his pajamas. Girls in the middle.”

Jake walked over to bank the fire place being careful not to allow his fly to open in the pajamas. His thirty years in the military had left him still able to fit the thirty-two inch waist bottoms. He never bothered with the top. Angie and Alex went to change. Alex put on sweat pants and crawled into their side of the bedding while Angie took more time to change. She checked the mirror and the reflection told her that she looked good. Her blonde hair flowing over the white revealing gown always met with her husband’s approval. Her xslot Gir pear sized breasts were visible through the sheer material with the aureolas a clear contrast to the white material trying to hide them. Even though the gown length was to her ankles, the small patch of hair that remained after she trimmed it could easily be seen. The slits up the sides went all the way to her waist and her whole thighs and hips were bare for brief periods as she walked. She pinched her nipples for added effect and headed toward the fireplace to join the group.

Jake poured himself three fingers of bourbon and gulped it down as he watched Angie walk from the bedroom. He almost choked when he could see her ass cheeks through the fabric of her gown. He headed straight to the bedding and got in next to Rachel.

“Catch the light Angie when you come in, called out Rachel.”

Angie walked to the lamp as Jake tried not to stare. Her silhouette was burned into Jake’s soul as she bent to douse the lamp. Her nipples standing erect in the cool night air were a visual hint of her state of mind. It was clear to Jake that she was once again trying to get a reaction from him. The light from the fireplace danced on her form as she stepped over the already snoring Alex. As she squatted to get under the blankets, her entire bare pussy was disclosed to her father’s eyes. Jake was breathless as he watched her in fascination. For the first time in his life, he was totally speechless. After discreetly adjusting his cock to relieve it’s cramped position, he allowed it to hang out of the fly. Blissfully, the alcohol kicked in and he fell into sleep after several minutes.

Rachel awoke at five am as she did every morning. She got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee. She always had two cups of coffee and began making breakfast. As she left the warmth of the blankets, both Jake and Angie stirred then returned to slumber. Jake turned inward and his knees touched against those of his daughter. Angie reached out for what she thought was her husbands cock and returned to sleep as her hands gently squeezed her father’s growing erection.

Deep in Jake’s dream state, he again was gazing at the silhouette of the lovely creature. She moved toward him and smiled. In his dream, this strange girl who was oh so familiar, was stroking his cock ever so gently. Jake’s hips moved forward, toward the source of his pleasure. Angie, still in her own dream state inched forward to meet the object in her dreams. With her hands trapped between her father and herself, she raised her left leg and placed it on top of his. It was a habit she had gotten into to hold her husband close during sleep. The cock in her hands grew to a full erection and the tip was nudging against her bare nether lips. Jake’s cock started to twitch as he felt the soft warm spot against his glans. Father and daughter both remained on the edge of sleep as they both enjoyed the dreamy sexy feeling that was flowing over each of them. Angie moved her head toward what she thought was her husbands ear.

“You devil, you,” she whispered. “Come on baby, fuck me.”

Jake, being overcome with lust from the visions in his dream and the body of his daughter embracing him, moved between her legs. He was more than happy to comply with the invitation of the strange girl in his dream. Angie guided the cock in her hands against her now wet pussy. She rubbed the cock head up and down the slit and then centered it at her opening. The sensations were more that Jake could stand and he pushed in. He began fucking the elusive girl in his dreams, stroking deeper and deeper. Angie’s xslot Sitesi legs wrapped around her fathers waist to allow her dream lover deep access. She dug her heels in to his ass to draw him in as far as she could. Father and daughter increased the pace of their fucking as they moved from the dream state into a more conscious lust state.

“Oh, baby, You are good today,” breathed Angie as she bucked her hips in time with the cock that was rubbing against her clit. She sought out his lips and drove her tongue into the man giving her so much pleasure. Jake was fast approaching the point of no return. The cum boiling in his balls was making it’s way toward the end of his cock. The sweet pussy wrapped so nicely around his cock felt like no other that he had experienced. Each plunge into the tight tunnel brought new waves of pleasure to his brain. The girl in his dreams continued to meet him stroke for stroke as she whispered words of encouragement to him. The soft lips against his, and the tongue entering his mouth began to bring him from the dream state toward reality. Jake’s hands reached under his daughter’s ass cheeks and held her as he plowed into her. In this position, his cock sank to the hilt. Angie felt the cock head bottom out deep inside her. This was a new experience for her. She was not used to her husband fucking so deep and gripping her ass cheeks. Her eyes flew open in response to this new technique. She froze in terror when she recognized her father’s face in front of her. It did not immediately register that it was her father’s cock pleasuring her so well. She just could not understand how Alex had her father’s face.

Reality overtook Angie’s mind as the shock of her discovery sunk in. It was Daddy giving her all of this pleasure. Tears welled in her eyes as she began raining her fists down on his head. “DADDY, DADDY, STOP. What are we doing? DADDY, you have to stop.” Jake became aware of his daughter’s voice and he opened his eyes looking directly into her face. The faceless girl in his dream transformed into his daughter beneath him. Rather than shock him into stopping, the realization drove him into a higher state of passion. He now knew that it was his daughter’s pussy that he was pounding into and it was beyond his ability to stop. He had to empty his balls into her. His lust was so great that nothing could stop him from continuing. Angie flailed her arms and tried to get out from under him but he held her tight. Her movements driving him closer to the inevitable orgasm. Resigned that she could not stop him, Angie succumbed to her own passion as waves of pleasure overtook her mind. The very idea of fucking her father drove her into an orgasm and she screamed out his name. “OH GOD DADDY… I ‘m CUMMMMMING. FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME.”

Alex was still under heavy influence of the smoke and never heard anything. Rachel came running from the kitchen to see what all of the hollering was about. She tried to pry her husband from her daughter’s body but was unable. Father and daughter continued the torrid race toward bliss. As the orgasms continued to wrack Angie’s senses, her father neared his own orgasm. The moans and begging from his daughter heightened his lust and the sensations from the head of his cock sliding against the velvet walls of her pussy sent him over the edge. Father and daughter experienced orgasmic bliss as the cum erupted from Jake’s cock into Angie’s body. She hugged her dad with all of her strength until she felt his muscles begin to relax. Her own orgasm subsided along with his and they breathed heavily against each other’s cheek, still each clinging to the other.

“I love you Daddy,” whispered Angie as she kissed her father’s cheek then looked in his eyes.

“I love you too, little girl,” was Jake’s reply as he read the love in her eyes.

Exhausted, they rested remaining connected by body, mind and soul.

Never again would they argue.

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