Ghost Hands Ch. 03


Laying there in the glow of orgasm, he lays next to her on the bed. His fingers trace over her body, paying special attention to her pert nipples, arching her back at his touch. Her fingers still dipping in to rub her clit using his cum to slick things up, yet not really needing it from her own wetness.

His voice once again soothing in her ear.

“I need to watch you pleasure yourself.” His voice running through her to her sex.

She could feel him prop himself up to watch. The blankness of the blindfold made all of her other senses more intense. His smell, caressing and nipple play was so enticing. Every glide of a fingertip or tweak of her nipples helped her finger bring her close to climax. The harder he tweaked, the closer she got. She had never really been a nipple play girl, but this was exquisite. Gauging her response to his touch, he would grip a little more, then edge till he figured she was really needing it. Her climax welled up then poured over her in a hot rush. She was amazed that she had masturbated in front of this spector she did not know.

As she came gliding down from climax, he got up from the bed. She could hear him walking away, then the sound of water running in the shower. He comes back, then takes her hand and lifts her to her feet. Holding his hands they walked to the bathroom. The tile floor is cool on her feet, but feeling the humidity start rolling over her body. Closing the door behind them he turns her, and places her hands on the counter. He runs his hands up and down her body, then turns away. The rustling of the shower curtain and wave of warm steam pours into her back. A loud slap is in her ears before she registers that a healthy spank is stinging her ass. His voice once again in her ear.

“Just as you get comfortable, you’re going to get spanked. Feel how aroused you just got at the spank?’ He explains.

She nods at the explanation, he was correct, it jarred the situation and caused her arousal to spike. istanbul rus escort

He gently leads her to the shower and in. The waters warm and soothing. She feels his presence behind her. The satin scarf begins to get wet, but feels very nice. His arms wrap around from behind. Hands moving from breasts to pussy and back again. She put her hands on his, but are just on for the ride. Their bodies wet and warm move together. The warm water hitting her chest as he did his magic.

The feeling of his member against her backside is intoxicating. She moves up and down to feel it between her cheeks. The illicit pleasure of it rubbing her sensitive back door had her aching for release. His hand leaves her sex and she almost let out a pouty moan in protest. She soon realizes why it left.

The stream of water changes direction, down her body to her sensitive spot. She is surprised to find that it is a wand shower head. It moves over her sex focusing all the sensation there. Amazed at it how wonderful it feels she thinks to herself she needs one of her own. His other hand moves to her ass. His hand kneads her ass sensually, while the water spreads her lips to cascade little quick licks all over her clit and sensitive skin. He surprises her when in his groping of her backside, fingers glide over her tight back entrance. The feeling is both startling and arousing. Her body takes over and moves to the sensation.

He asks in her ear.

“Are you enjoying the water and my fingers?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes!” She breathlessly coos

His head next to hers she reaches to the back of his head and pulls him close. She takes it from a caress to a hold for balance. Spreading her legs wide to ease his access to her sex.

“How do you want me to play back here?” He asks while giving a rub to her backside.

“I don’t know, nobody has ever touched me there.” Her voice quivering as her climax comes up to pleasure kadıköy escort her.

“I will be gentle.” He returns

“I don’t care, just let me fucking cum again!” Growls out of her throat.

She feels a finger go from rubbing to probing. Pushing back to meet it, slipping it in more. The sensation magnifying the water on her clit. He begins to slip it in and out slowly. The rush over her sex is overwhelming. Feeling the pulsation of her muscles going from her sex, to her ass and back launches her. Holding for balance as her knees shake from the new type of orgasm.

He puts the wand back in its place and shuts off the water. She is still shaking in a fog. The next feeling is being softly wrapped in a towel and dried off. Her lover guides her back to the bed. He turns her, she is not sure why.

“Do not turn around.” He says in a soft yet commanding voice.

She does as she is told, feeling his hands undo her blindfold. The damp silk falls away. Another dry towel is draped over her head to gently dry her hair. Then another dry satin blindfold is put back.

Gently he turns her to him. His warm body is inviting and intoxicating. With arms wrapped around her, he kisses her again. Turning into a puddle of lust, her return kisses are pleading. His hands roam her back,neck and ass. He is not as cautious with her ass. He makes sure to probe a little each time his hand is back there.

Without warning a series of sharp spanks are delivered, each one punctuated with a teasing of her backdoor. She feels her wetness go on overdrive with each one.

He then picks her up and tosses her on to the bed. This was such a shock she had no idea what to think. Her legs were then separated firmly as he climbed on the bed. His mouth on her pussy showed his intentions. Forceful licks were intense, yet they eased just enough to not be too much for her well pleasured hot button.

Pushing her legs into the air kartal escort for better access, the licking, sucking, and nibbles were edging her closer and closer. Her finger in his damp hair, all while he took his time to tease her to the edge. One final circular lick explodes her climax. Her body shaking and quivering as he keeps going holding the orgasm to that multiple wave line. The next one came as a relief, then a third made her have to push him away. Shaking mixed with twinges that made her shudder ripped through it all.

Easing his way up her body, his sex soaked lips meet hers. Her taste on his lips is so illicit, but incredibly sexy. She found she enjoyed it. The head of his cock was rubbing up and down her cleft. She tried to rock up to meet it, but found her body not doing what she wanted because of the orgasms.

He mercifully eased himself in. A moan she had never heard before escaped her lips. His motions were slow to start. She could feel every bump, vein, and ridge of his cock going in and out of her. With the kisses and his motions she could feel another climax coming fast. She rocked to meet him. His pace started to ramp up. Just as it did she was pushed over the edge. Her body shook once more. The level was there again. Each time he picked up the pace she came. Three had rocked her body when he growled in her ear.

“I want to cum on your sexy lips and tongue.”

“Yes please, I want to taste and feel you on my face!” Poured out of her mouth in an almost begging tone.

Within a few more strokes, he was pulling out and working his way up to her mouth. She brought her head up to meet him. Taking his pussy soaked cock into her mouth. That did not last long as he pulled out and his cum started to splash on her lips. It ran down her cheeks and landed on her tongue. Gripping his cock to stroke it all out and use it to wipe it to her open mouth. Savoring their combined taste as her body still shakes a little.

He got off the bed for a moment. Her heart still pounding in her ears made it hard to hear. He returns with a warm damp washcloth for her face. She hears him getting dressed. Then in her ear she hears,

“If you want another playtime text me again, but this time I want you to text Horny.”

With that he is gone again.

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