Give a Name… Ch. 10


Chapter 10: To a Sweet Escape to Another Day

“Alright, we got to think this through.” Sam said scrubbing his face. “We just survived…”

“A harem of succubi and incubi.” Dean said while driving away from the clinic.

“OK, how did you know?”

“What? That they were succubi and incubi or they are called a harem of succubi and incubi?” Dean asked.

He tapped Sam on his thigh and began caressing the inside of his leg. Sam got instantly hard. He looked up at his brother, with wide questioning eyes. Dean looked at him and then down at his hand. He quickly pulled his hand away, moving to his side.

“Are you… are you one of them?” Sam asked quietly.

Dean laughed. “Fuck no! Bobby called and told me to give you this.”

Dean cuffed Sam behind his head and shoved his middle finger in his face.

“Thanks, Bobby?” Sam said staring at Dean’s finger and rubbing the back of his head.

“We are dealing with a Babylonian fertility goddess, called Ick… uhm… tar?” -“Ishtar”- “…yeah her.” Dean finished.

And it all fell into place.

The architect of the clinic, the statues, the symbols and even the name logo, it all made sense. Sam groaned at his stupidity. The building was a small modern copy of the Ishtar’s Gate that was grand, with its blue walls and yellow tiles. The Lion was one of the golden tiled symbols to be found on the Gate of Ishtar. The eight pointed star with the rosette was her goddess symbol. The planet Venus was her star sign and that was who they were paying tribute to on the foam of their lattes.

Venus was later taken over by the Greeks for their goddess of love, Aphrodite, but originally it was for Ishtar. Even the number of employees made sense, two teams: one of women and the other of men, representing Ishtar’s androgynous appeal. Each team had eight members and they in turn have eight charges. The number ‘eight’, in example to the eight pointed star, was her number symbol.

Even the clinic’s name was a variation of her name Istahar and if he thought about it. It is not ‘In Anna’ it is Inanna, meaning in Sumerian ‘Lady of Heaven’ and Innini, a Mesopotamian virgin goddess, all reverting back to Ishtar.

“I should have seen this. I should have known!” Sam said sitting back holding his head.

“Come on, Sammy! That’s why you got your big brother to look out for ya!” Dean teased, smiling. Sam returned the smile. He was happy to have his brother back and still fighting for another day to be with him.

Yep, this is my brother playing superhero. Never give up and never surrender.

Sam sat back thinking about the clinic. His mind was bringing back the last of their investigation. The staff was probably possessed by the goddess or was under her spell and they were invoking her power of fertility to get the women pregnant. In those days, they would build temples ümraniye escort for women, and a few men, to lie in and service the temple worshipers. They would call these temple goddess’s ‘the whores of Ishtar’ who serviced foreigners and temple worshipers, who were all usually men.

That would have explained the sexual attraction he had for Luke, not to mention, the Doctor at the hospital. Some religious text saw Ishtar as a succubus.

Still, it didn’t quite fit. There was no explanation, to why she was killing the babies, she was making? But the world was going through an Apocalypse and they had wanted Sam to say ‘yes’ to Lucifer. They referred to him as their master, not Ishtar.

“OK, so how do we kill her? And why the hell would she make copies or shape-shifters of us, for Lucifer’s sake?” Sam asked his head finally settling.

“Well… Bobby is looking into it, before I got caught. So, we’re supposed to hear from him soon. But…” Dean said then shifted in his seat.

Dean looked at Sam with a pained look and grabbed his crotch, palming his bulge.

Sam laughed, he had completely forgotten about the curse. “You know the drill.”

Dean pulled over to the side of the road and pulled his cock out. Sam leaned over and took Dean in his mouth. He slid down the length of his brother’s delicious cock and heard Dean moaned. He sucked Dean off and played with his sack. Dean held his head and bucked into Sam’s mouth, grunting.

Sam wanted this moment to be over quickly. He preferred to have his brother wrapped in his arms and moving under him. But they were a long way from their motel and Dean could only hold out for so long.

After Dean grunted and unloaded his balls into Sam’s mouth, within a couple of sucks. Sam nearly choked with the amount of cum hitting the back of his throat. Sam swallowed and continued to lick his brother clean.

Dean eyes were staring off into the distance and were glazed over with satisfaction.

“Should I drive?” Sam moved to open the door.

Dean answered by tucking his cock back into his pants and got out.

“Damn, some bird crapped on my car.” Dean said to Sam angrily while passing behind the car.

Sam grabbed Dean by the hips and kissed him long and hard. The pain in his crotch had already subsided somewhat, but he needed Dean. Sam needed to feel that Dean was Dean and they were good. The fight for today was over and the fight for tomorrow would come.

He pushed Dean against the car and began to grind into his brother’s hips.

Fuck it! I don’t think we are going to make it to the motel after all!

Sam grabbed Dean’s ass and massage the muscled mounds. Dean moaned into his mouth and pulled away.

“Say my name, Sam.” Dean kissed into his brother mouth.

Sam kept kissing his brother and massaging his ass cheeks. Dean tried to pull pendik escort away from the kiss but Sam went for his neck and jaw line. Dean was groaning and he kept urging Sam to say his name, while removing Sam’s pants.

Sam watched as Dean kneeled and looked up at him with those beautiful green eyes, like sheer candy color. Dean started jacking him off and licking his full pouty lips.

God, my brother was so fucking hot.

Dean slipped his wet lips over Sam’s cock, while getting Sam nice and wet. Dean removed his pants, while Sam pulled out of his brother’s wet mouth and Dean stood up. Sam turned him and pushed him roughly over the trunk of the car.

“You little cock tease….” Sam whispered in Dean’s ear.

“Look who’s talking, Sammy? Why don’t you say my name and we’re even?” Dean pushed back against Sam.

Sam ignored Dean, tugging his shirt up, leaving wet kisses along Dean’s spine. Dean moaned and spread his legs wider. His pants were still around his ankles. Sam brought his brother’s hips lower and spread his cheeks wide.

Sam spat on his brother’s puckered star and started to thrust his tongue in. He ate his brother out and watched his brother struggle to keep still. Sam moved his thumb into his brother’s hole and smiled when it went easily in.

Dean gave a little shudder and Sam sucked his index finger. He moved the wet digit in and twisted.

“Oh, Holy Batman!” Dean gasped and smiled.

“There it is! I was having a trouble finding it with my tongue.” Sam teased.

“Dude, for Christ sake, hurry up. I’m not getting any harder!” Dean began fisting his cock.

Sam grabbed Dean by the wrist and moved his hands away. Sam stood up and continued to kiss his brother on his neck, along his ear. Dean kept moving against Sam’s erection, in encouragement.

“Hmm… you taste so good. Just like candy…” Sam said giving his brother’s neck a long lick. “I did her, too. Dude, she so doesn’t take like it.” Dean retorted.

Sam turned his brother around and looked into those green eyes, holding the side of his face. “You do taste like candy and you’re the only candy this kid brother likes to eat.” Sam said kissing Dean thoroughly till he was limp in his arms.

Sam moved against his brother’s erection, waiting for Dean to get back into the play. He tried to keep in time with his brother’s erratic movements. Enjoying the way his cock was being rubbed against his brother’s and the way Dean was reacting to their contact.

“Yeah, keep doing that. It feels so good.” Sam whispered.

“Enough with the teasing and… Can’t we just… Just fuck!” Dean whined.

Sam spun his brother around and Dean immediately bended over the car, spreading his legs apart like a good soldier. Dean looked back eagerly as Sam spat in his hand, checked his brother’s hole and popped his head in, slowly.

Dean bostancı escort gave a hard shudder and collapsed fully against trunk of the car. Sam held his brother down and pushed in. He was savoring, each inch of his cock, as it was being swallowed up by his brother’s tight ass.

When Sam was fully embedded, he waited, caressing his brother’s back and shoulders. Dean pushed back and Sam knew that was his cue to start thrusting. He moved slowly and Dean moved back in time, picking up the pace. It wasn’t long before Sam’s hip and Dean’s ass, was making the sound, which flesh make when they were slapped against each other.

Sam felt the night air around him, but his body was heated by his movements. Dean was raised up on his hands, on the Impala’s trunk, using the car as leverage. Sam placed wet kisses across his brother’s neck and back. Each kiss ended with teeth. Sam wanted to consume his brother and savor Dean’s raw, but sweet taste.

But like all good things, it came too quickly to an end, as Sam felt his orgasm approaching. He grabbed his brother’s cock and started to pump. Sam watched his brother the entire time.

Taking, as much in as he could see of Dean’s face: The hot air that rushed out of Dean’s mouth, the droplets of sweat that dripped off his skin, the gleam of white teeth that nibbled his bottom lip, the long lashes that curled upward and how his approaching climax was affecting Dean.

Dean moaned as he kept still and let his baby brother moved deep within him, but Sam wasn’t having any of it.

“Dean, Dean, Dean…” Sam said looking at his brother, waiting.

It was the only time that Sam can truly enjoy his brother’s name. Dean’s orgasm ripped through him as Sam felt his big brother clench about his cock. Making, Sam see stars, sparkle and spangles. Dean fell hard, against the trunk’s hood, his legs buckling out from under him. Sam fell over his brother’s back, to hold him in place.

It took a while for them to recover. Their breaths were labored and irregular. Sam didn’t want to let his brother go, but Dean elbowed him in his side.

“Get off! The car is frickin cold.” Dean said breathlessly.

Sam got off and pulled out. He should be accustomed to his brother withdrawal after sex, but it still hurt him. Dean moaned and quickly pulled his pants up, waddling to the other side of the car. Sam popped himself back in and tried to compose himself.

At least, he had his brother back and Dean hasn’t given up on them. He quietly reminded himself.

Sam got in after a while and Dean turned to his side and covered himself with his jacket. Dean pushed the car seat back and settled in, while Sam drove them back to their motel.

Every now and then, Sam watched Dean while he was resting. When Sam passed their Diner, he parked in front of their room and got himself something to eat. He ordered the same thing for his brother, he ate the last time. Dean was a creature of habit.

When he got back to the car, Dean was gone and the lights in their room were on.

Sam was entering into their room when he heard the gun clicked.

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