HelloImmersion breaking fictional story disclaimer. All characters are made up and no names are based on real people. Sorry about that. (contains taboo themes(you’ve been warned), masturbation and voyeurism but no actual sex… yet)I couldn’t believe it had come to this. I had moved in to live with my sister. This last year hadn’t gone the best for me, I had lost my job and had to live off of my savings for a few months until most of that was gone. I needed some help getting back on my feet. Bit of a low point in my life, but that’s ok right? Everyone struggles every now and then, as long as I don’t give up I’ll be back on my feet in no time. The worst part about all of this? I’m the older brother. I’m supposed to be the responsible one! I’m supposed to be the one setting the good example for my younger sister and helping her out in times of need. At 28 I really should have my shit together by now, but it’s no real surprise that she’s the more successful of us. Amber is only 25 but she’s very career focused, so much so that she hasn’t given much time to finding a long-term relationship or starting a family.It could be worse of course. All things considered I’m still very lucky to have such a loving and caring sister that is willing to let me live with her for the time being. It feels nice knowing that we get along so well and that I can turn to her when I need to. And while I’m being brutally honest, I was also excited about all of this. Here’s the thing about my sister… She’s super fucking sexy. It feels weird admitting I think that about her but you would too! With an amazingly curvy ass that stands out in a crowd and breasts that would fill my hands perfectly, I’ve always admired her body. While around the house she likes to dress comfortably, yoga pants and tight tank tops are the usual attire. At this point I know what you’re thinking, and trust me, it makes me horny as well.Ever since I fell into the never ending rabbit hole that is taboo related porn I’ve spent many nights masturbating to the thought of her. Needing more material to fuel this fire of lust I finally decided to create a taboo themed account on an online porn sharing site. And that, my friends, is what lead me to sharing this story.Having just finished blowing my load to some sister themed porn that I just added to my account I realized that I needed some fresh air. I had caught a peek of Amber in nothing but a loose fitting shirt and panties earlier as she was doing a load of laundry and needless to say at this point, that had got me pretty wound up. I had been tucked away in my room masturbating to the thought of her for way to long. My face was flush and my butt was sore from sitting at my computer for so long, a nice walk in the beautiful weather would do me well. After cleaning up a bit and closing my door behind me I head out on my new adventure to the living room to tell Amber I was going out for a walk.”Hey s*s, just heading out for a bit. Gonna try to get some sun while the weather’s still nice, be back in a bit.” I say to her with a composed smile on my face. As I look over to her sitting on the couch I notice the new change of clothes, her usual pair of stretchy yoga pants and a tight button up blouse that makes her cleavage look incredible.”Sure thing John, I’m gonna make some food in a bit, should be done by the time you get back.” She replies while still looking at the TV screen with a PS4 controller in hand, focusing on the video game that we usually play together when she has some free time. As I continue towards the front door she looks up at me and a smirk spreads across her face as she notices the look on my face. You know the look, we’ve all worn it before, the “I just jerked off” look. The flushed cheeks and the eyes that are open just a little too wide as if to say “What? I wasn’t doing anything in there”.She lets out a sharp laugh “So that’s what you’ve been up to all afternoon. Should’ve guessed.” Teasing me with a little twinkle in her eye.”Yea yea, whatever.” My cheeks blush a bit more as I respond and walk out the door. With the sun shining and smiling people about their business I try to enjoy my walk but I just can’t get my sister out of my mind. Why does she always do that to me? Ever since we were younger she’s always known about my masturbation habits and always teased me about it. She was never mean but once she realized that I was a bit of a horn canlı bahis dog and always locked away in my room she would manage to poke fun at me whenever she caught me after the deed was done. Of course I would bug her as well, in a more hands on way. I’d tickle her sides if I wanted to move her out of my way or give her a light smack and call her a brat just for fun. She took it well though, even when one of those smacks would “accidentally” land on her butt cheek she would just giggle and stick her tongue out at me. This time it just frustrated me. She knows so much about me but if only she knew that she was a major player in a majority of my fantasies, she would understand what her teasing does to me now. And just like that I was back at my front door, having hardly noticed what was going on around me on my adventure. Walking in the front door I immediately notice the smell of chicken fresh from the oven and a couple of plates on the modest dinette table. But no Amber in sight. Maybe she’s in the bathroom, or perhaps cleaning up her bedroom, all I know is I want to change into some comfortable evening clothes to settle in for the rest of the night. As I walk towards my bedroom I freeze in the hallway, looking at my partially open bedroom door.Open? But I closed that before I left… I closed it because I left my computer on… My computer that had my online account open and displayed for all to see… Filled with highly erotic and highly taboo porn… No, please no…With my heart racing I barge into my room, terrified to see Amber sitting at my computer chair, looking at the screen. Hand over her mouth and giggling she looks up at me.”What the fuck b*o, is this what you were beating off to all day?””Why are you in my room! What… why are you… get out!””I always knew you were a huge perv, but wow! This is some fucked up stuff John.”Even now, having just busted me on what kind of porn I look at, she’s giving me that teasing smile. Damn her!”I… I don’t know what to say… why are you snooping through my room?” I ask with a defeated look on my face.”I’ve been doing laundry all morning, just wanted to drop off your bath towel. Knowing you, I’ll have to clean it again soon enough.” She bursts out laughing at her own remark. “Noticed all of this on my way out. Interesting spank bank material you’ve got.””Please, just forget you saw this… You wouldn’t understand. Let’s just go eat some food, I don’t want to talk about this.””Ok, fine. I didn’t see anything.” She gets up and passes me to go back out to the kitchen. As she get’s to the doorway she looks back at me over one shoulder. “So you like sisters huh?” She gives me a quick wink and cocks her hips to one side, making her ass jiggle and my mouth water.With that she relents and we carry on the rest of the evening like that situation never happened, me trying my hardest not to look at her ever so tempting body, and her giving me all-knowing smiles but not speaking any more about it. After playing some video games and chatting about nothing I find myself laying on my bed with the intent of going to sleep. One problem. My hand is stroking my hard cock and Amber is on my mind. What the hell happened earlier… I’ve always wanted to confess how I feel about her, but not like that. It was awkward and embarrassing, I could barely speak and she was in complete control of the situation. Then again… She did handle it very well, she didn’t freak out at me, didn’t tell me to get the fuck out of her house. If I didn’t know any better by the look in her eyes I’d say she liked what she saw on that computer screen. Could she possibly be ok with what I fantasize about? What if she really did like what she saw? What if, after all this time, she has those fantasies about me? With those questions in mind, the orgasm I have is intense.The next day Amber is back at work early Monday morning. My day is fairly uneventful, spent some time job hunting and tried to tidy up the house but besides that just killed time trying to keep my mind off of yesterday. I was so thrown off on how to handle things with my sister going forward I didn’t jerk off all day! Later that day I prepare some leftovers for Amber’s arrival, pacing the whole time in anticipation of how the evening will play out. When she finally walks through the door my anxiety immediately melts away. The smile on her face can calm me down like nothing else can. That bahis siteleri loving smile, that has always been there, just like she has always been there, even for a fuck-up like me. She walks over to me and gives me a hug and a thanks for getting the food ready, and just like that we settle into a very nice evening.After things start to die down I decide to go to bed early. Now that the unease I had been feeling all day is gone my lust has come crashing in like a wave. All the thoughts of my sexy sister I was trying to tuck away while I sat next to her on the couch came screaming to the front of my brain. Oh my god she looks so go in that skirt she wore to work. The way it falls around her thick juicy ass, the way those unbelievable legs looked as she sat next to me. I was horny as hell and rock fucking hard.The pants were off in the blink of an eye and I was already stroking myself as I sat down at my computer to watch some of my favorite b*o/s*s porn. A couple minutes in my hand is a blur and the feeling is intense as I picture Amber’s hand wrapped around my cock instead of my own when the unthinkable happens. The door flies open.’Whatchya doin in here b*o?””Amber?! What the shit!” I’m stunned for a moment as my sister comes barging into my room mid-stroke while I freeze with my raging hard cock still in hand and pulsing with pleasure. I come to my senses and realize that from this angle she can clearly see me standing erect and firm so I swivel my chair to try and turn my back to her at the same time tucking my cock away. “I know this is your house but you gotta knock first girl.””Oh please, not like I don’t already know what you’re doing in here. No need to be shy about it, you should know by now I don’t mind what you do in the privacy of your own room.””Privacy? What privacy?” I sarcastically say to her as I give her a sidelong look, trying to figure out what’s happening.”I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, just to see that look on your face.” That familiar smirk appearing like it always does when she’s up to no good. “Listen, I’ve been stressed out lately, work’s been hard these past few months and I don’t get much time to myself. I’m jealous you get to have all this fun and I don’t, just let me watch what you’re watching for a bit and I’ll leave you alone.””You want to watch while I masturbate…?” I ask breathlessly, mind racing to make sense of all of this.”No!” She blushes hard when I suggest that “I just want to watch some of the porn you like, maybe I’ll like it to… Just keep your back turned like that and I won’t see… you… I’ll stay back here on your bed so you won’t see me, it’ll be like I’m not even here.”I can’t believe this is actually happening. My brain is in panic mode, trying to be rational, listing off all the reasons why I shouldn’t let this happen. But my cock? Still throbbing angrily for attention, demands we continue. So without saying anything I turn back to the screen and hit play while my sister lays out on the bed behind me.As the taboo scene plays out before us, I slowly continue to pump my hand along my shaft. Not wanting to go too fast out of fear of drawing too much attention to the fact that I was masturbating in the same room as my sister, let alone possibly cumming in front of her. As the video continues my mind begins to wander. Who the fuck cares what’s happening on the screen, the real question is, what’s Amber doing? And that’s when I see it, on the sides of the screen I can clearly make out the reflection of my sister in the background. Laying on my bed still in her work skirt and propped up on one elbow watching the screen intently, she slowly starts to caress the inside of her thighs with her right hand. My breathe catches and my stroking increases. She is so fucking hot and I am so unbelievably horny but I’m also conflicted. I’ve wanted something like this to happen for so long, but in my fantasies I’m much more brave. Like a stud I always take the lead and confidently seduce her into an unforgettable night of taboo lust. So now that this is happening why am I so shy and unsure with what to do next? What I should do is spin around with confidence, stand up with bravado, and let her bask in the strength of my erection! But I don’t… Instead I watch the reflection as my sister’s right hand travels further up her legs underneath her skirt towards her pussy and her left hand start to rub and play with her bahis şirketleri nearest, still covered, tit. Her right hand is fully hidden now but by the quick back and forth motions her arm is making I can only assume she’s stimulating her clit through the outside of her panties.A few more minutes of this pass as we both silently pleasure ourselves, and by now I am getting incredibly sensitive and close to cumming if this keeps up. Just then I hear an audible moan behind me shortly followed by Amber jumping up off the bed.”Mmm time for me to go to my own room. Thanks for sharing John.” My hand stops its lightly touching travel as she walks over to me and wraps her arms around the back of my chair and across my chest. Her head pops over my shoulder as she plants a tender kiss on my cheek. She pauses for a moment and out of the corner of my eye I can see her gaze lock on my thick, twitching cock, before sighing and letting go to walk out of the room.As soon as she leaves and the door closes I explode. Powerful jets of cum erupt from the tip of my cock and fly high into the air, only to fall back onto my sweaty chest and stomach. Words cannot describe how good it felt to cum after that highly erotic and sexually charged experience. I felt tingly all over my body and my mind was clouded with pleasure. My wildest fantasies were coming true, and yet… I felt like tonight’s events were incomplete. Amber obviously wanted some release, she was definitely enjoying herself, but she didn’t get to finish yet. Hopefully that’s what she was planning on doing in the privacy of her own room, but if I’ve learned anything tonight it’s that privacy doesn’t mean much in this house. I had to check and make sure she was taking care of herself right? I mean, she’s my younger sister, it’s my responsibility to make sure she’s going to be ok! The excuses we tell ourselves to justify our actions are amazing.Wiping the cum off of myself I stealthily make my way into the hallway still completely naked. No point in being bashful at this point. I approach my sisters room to find her door partially open, wondering if the generous view of her bed was intentional, if perhaps she hoped this is exactly what I would do. By the time I had got there she was well under way her more thorough and intense masturbation session.Shirt and bra completely removed, skirt thrown across the foot of the bed, there she lay still in her panties. One hand was squeezing and tweaking one of her nipples standing tight and firm atop her beautiful fleshy breast while the other was inside her panties already furiously fucking her pussy. Looks like foreplay was over, she got nice and warmed up on my bed, now it was time for her own world rocking orgasm. Even from this distance I could clearly see the wetness on her panties as her fingers alternated between noisily probing deep inside of herself and pulling out to quickly rub a few circles on her slick and hardening clit, before repeating the process over and over. She was moaning loudly and her hips were rocking with the motion of her fingers. I could tell she was getting close as she stopped for the briefest of moments to deftly remove her panties with one hand to the point they were only hanging on to her left ankle. With that obstruction out of the way she spread her legs as wide as she could, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy to me. It was the sexiest pussy I have ever and will ever see and I was immediately drawn to it with a maddening desire. I needed to see it up close, to smell her scent, to taste her juices, to feel how tight she was around me…Now that my sister was about to cum she lifted her hips off the bed and finger fucked herself as if she were dying and the only cure was a mind shattering, pussy quivering orgasm. The sloppy noise of her fingers and hand colliding with her wet lips could’ve been heard throughout the entire house and a heavy stream of her fluids poured from her pussy, running down her ass and creating a small but visible wet spot from my view at the doorway.”FFFuuuuck” The word escaped her mouth in a blissful sigh as pure pleasure overtook her and she collapsed back onto her now slightly wetter bed. Breathing heavily and still slightly shaking her hands caressed her entire body as she came down from her incredible orgasm. Standing there with my jaw open and panting hard as I vigorously stroked my cock that had become rock hard again shortly after the show began I noticed life begin to return to Amber. Her vision returning and her other senses coming back to her she lifted her head and looked at her door. Looked right at me. “Goodnight b******r.”The end?

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