Sharon and I sat quietly as the preacher spoke somberly, telling the story of how Ginger, our next door neighbor had passed.

Henry and Ginger has been good friends and neighbors for close to a dozen years, we had many long chats over the back fence. It was fun to try and one up each other to have the greenest and cleanest lawns, the nicest flowers.

Ginger spent a lot of time out in the yard, at 65 she had snow white hair and well tanned skin from days in the Sun. She often wore halter tops and shorts that showed off how well she kept her body in shape, she really did look pretty good for an older lady.

Ginger and Sharon had one of those May and December friendships, Sharon was barely 33 at the time and Ginger was three decades older. They were almost inseperable.

Henry and I got along well, too, we spent many hours sipping drinks and watching our gals tease us, they both got a kick out of it.

I often noticed that Henry would be checking Ginger out, and also checking out my Sharon as they worked outside. Sharon had nice round breasts and a firm body too. At just 33, she was still snug. One thing Sharon loved to do was dress a bit on the naughty side when we went out, much to my delight. More than one hapless male got a good look at the tops of her well tanned breasts, and her dresses were short enough that she could easily offer up a peek at her thin panties, and even on a few rare situation the panties were missing.

Things like that yanked my chain pretty good, Sharon knew darned good and well it got me hot and she nearly always took advantage of that as soon as we got home.

A couple of times she even teased Henry out in the yard, wearing shorts that didn’t hide much and halter tops that hung down to “almost” territory. I had noticed that Henry really seemed to like that, and after Sharon had teased him a few times I noticed that Ginger often did the same right back. One memorable day she had on some baggy shorts with very loose legs and she was on her knees. I could see all the way up the legs of those, there was a mass of black pubic hair and some hints of pink. Henry sat out on the swing on his porch watching my reaction, he seemed to get a kick out of it.

I got a pretty good boner going at that, Sharon noticed and teased me mercilessly about getting off on the little old lady as she put it. That was always private of course, she really did consider Ginger her closest friend.

They had a little black and white Dog, the thing had so mush hair that one end looked like the other. More than once I tried to stuff a piece of hot dog or a cookie up it’s butt, there was just no way to tell.

One thing that Dog did that was funny was it kept trying to scratch at Ginger’s back, even nipping at her. That just started one day and the damn Dog kept right at it. It never did that with anyone else, just Ginger. I happened to be surfing the internet and spotted an article about how some Dogs seemed to be able to know about diseases, things like that. I went stone cold when I read that.

The next day I looked outside and Ginger was pulling weeds, the usual halter top and shorts on. I went over and hopped the fence. I looked at her right ribcage as I walked up to her, there was a dark spot low down on her back about an inch across, right where the Dog kept nipping.

“Ginger, there is a spot on your back, I think you should have that looked at.” I told her.

“Oh, it’s nothing, it just itches.”

I told her about what I had read, she looked at me oddly but didn’t say anything more.

I was hoping I was wrong and it was nothing, but it turned out that the Dog was right and knew.

I was really going to miss Ginger.

Sharon felt really sorry for Henry, he seemed so lost and sad. Several times we had him over for dinner, and in a few months he did settle down and became Henry again. It was a bit of a tough time for him, we knew that.

Then Sharon was out clipping our hedges one warm spring day, she had on the top to one of her bikinis and a pair of white shorts. I didn’t even think anything of it until I noticed Henry come out. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and he sat down on the porch swing to watch.

I looked over at Sharon, that top she had on left lots of her upper body hang out the top kilis escort and the sides, but it was pretty tight so it was secure.

I got a glass of orange juice and wandered over to chat with Henry. We sat there quietly and watched Sharon work, clipping away at the stray branches.

“My Ginger used to look like that, you know.” He said in passing.

“She looked like that right up to the last, we really miss her.” I answered.

“Yes, quite a hole in my life. I used to love watching her, she liked to tease me.”

“Sharon does that for me, too.”

“I know. You are lucky. Sometimes I wish….” He let his voice trail off.

“Wish what?” I asked, interested now.

“Oh, it’s just that Ginger knew me and she knew how much I liked watching her show off..I think you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I think I do. Sharon likes to turn me on, too.”

“My Ginger used to do things like that when we went out, too.”

“So does Sharon.”

“I gathered as much, she does look nice like that.”

I nodded, Sharon had set down the clippers and was now using the garden hose to water the plants. I got up and wandered back over to our house, giving Henry a wave.

Sharon came inside and I told her about our conversation, and that Henry was feeling sad.

“Want me to go cheer him up?” She grinned at me.

“Sure, why not?”

She went into the bedroom, and came back out in just a couple of minutes. She had changed into a bikini and there wasn’t much of it. The top was so small she had to have the little triangles set just right or her nipples would show, the bottoms were a patch of cloth in the front and just a string in the back.

“YOW!” I said, reaching for her. But she squirted away, laughing at me.

“Later, big fella, I am going to go get some Sun.” With that she marched out the door with a towel and bottle of water and lay down on one of our lawn chairs.

I headed up the stairs to our spare bedroom that looked out over the yard, I had used that many times to watch both Ginger and Sharon where I knew they couldn’t see me. I know this doesn’t make sense but it was more fun watching them when they didn’t know it than it was when they were blatantly teasing Henry and me.

Sharon had stretched out on her stomach. Her behind looked to be naked with just the thin string back there, and her breasts were bulging out the sides as she lay pressed to the chair which she had laid out flat.

It didn’t take long before Henry was back out there. He walked out on the porch, grinned and went back inside. He appeared again with a pitcher of what looked like iced tea and two glasses.

I heard him say something to Sharon, she leaned back and turned to look his way. I saw her reach up with one arm to tuck her breast back in, knew it had rolled right out of that tiny top. Henry was grinning ear to ear as he approached the fence. Sharon said something and then sat up. Henry opened the gate and walked up to her, handing her a glass and then pouring her a drink.

They talked for a couple of minutes, I saw him nod and then he picked up another lawn chair and set it down right beside her. They sat there and talked, drinking the tea for quite awhile.

I had to take a leak so I ran downstairs, then back up. When I got back Henry was sitting on Sharon’s lawn chair, he had a bottle of oil in his hand and was spreading it on her back with the other. His hip was pressed right up against her bare fanny. I watched as he got to the small of her back and then stopped. She said something, he nodded and began rubbing the oil on her behind. She rolled her hips back and forth a little, letting her legs open a few inches.

Henry didn’t miss a beat, he kept on spreading the lotion. Sharon looked to be almost asleep. Then I saw Henry scoot down towards her feet, he began rubbing the lotion onto her legs, He was using a slow sideways motion, then he bent her leg at the knees and spread oil on her calf. He lifted her left leg to reach down the sides, then set it down carefully. Her legs were now open even further. I watched as his right hand spread lotion all the way up the back of her left leg, then he leaned over.

Even from my vantage point I could see he was trying to look up between her kırıkkale escort legs at her crotch. I knew all that was back there was that string. Henry reached up and spread some oil on her right glute, pushing it sideways as he did so.

I knew that opened her up to his gaze, he did that several times. I heard Sharon actually let out a moan. Then Henry got up and went inside, he came back with more Tea a few minutes later. He sat back down in his chair, and they chatted some more.

Finally Sharon rolled over, somehow she managed to keep her top in place. They talked some more, I was just about to go out and join them when she got up and headed for the house.

I was sitting on the couch when she came into the living room. She grinned at me.

“Henry is all cheered up!” She announced.

“I can just imagine.” I said.

“You were watching, weren’t you?” She grinned at me. No point in hiding, Sharon knows me very well.


“I figured. Henry is pretty bold, he spread my butt out so he could get a peek.” She laughed.

“How much did he see?”

“Probably this much!” She lifted her foot and put it on the armrest to the couch. I looked down and the very end of the V of her bottoms just covered her clit, the rest was bare except for the string down the middle.

“That would be just about everything.” I said.

“He seemed happy, though. He has been so sad the last few months.”

“You could make anyone happy!” I told her as I tugged her down into my lap. She felt soft and slippery.

“Hey, next time we have him over for dinner, why don’t you give him some fun?” I asked her.

“What kind of fun?”

“Oh, maybe wear something sexy, give him some peeks.”

“Oh. Sure, why not?” She laughed.

“I hope we don’t kill him off.”

I called Henry the next day, asked him over for steaks the next Saturday. He said sure, he seemed bright and happy. I had the steaks thawed and the barbeque running when he came through the gate with a bottle of wine. We cracked that and had a few glasses. We were into the 2nd glass when Sharon came out.

She had outdone herself, she had on a light blue halter top that was transluscent and no bra. Her nipples we right on the edge of being fully visible. Her navel was bare, the tiny ring glistened in the light. The levi skirt she had on was rough at the hem, it looked like she had cut it off. It was so low on her hips that we could see the swell of the top of her pubic mound.

“Starting without me, huh?” She laughed. Henry poured her a glass, she sat down in a chair right across from us and crossed her legs. I just got a flash but I was pretty sure there were no panties.

I was real sure of it when a minute or so later she spread her legs slightly and leaned forward to get up. The hem slid clear up above her pussy and for a moment it was right there, naked. Then she stood and it slipped back down.

“I hope you guys don’t mind, it is hot out today.” She smiled as she went back inside.

“I don’t think we mind at all!” I told her. She gave me a sly look over her shoulder.

“Sharon is so beautiful.” Henry said.

“Yes, she is that.” I answered.

“My Ginger used to tease me all the time, she knew it took a lot to get me…you know? Going?”

“Since I am older.”

“Well does Sharon get you going?” I grinned.

“Yes, she sure does.”

“Do you want to see more of her?”

Henry looked over at me.

“Yes, I would like that very much.”

“Then just ask her.”

“You won’t mind?”

“No, it’s fun.”

He nodded, there was a moment when he had a faraway look on his face, then he brightened as Sharon came back out. She had a giant bowl of pottao salad. Henry got up and helped her, he set out some plates and I got up to turn the steaks. Everything was ready so we sat down at our picnic table to eat.

“Dan and I were talking while you were gone.” He told her.

I was grinning ear to ear, wondering how he was going to approach this.

“Oh? About what?” Sharon asked, innocently.

“You. And how beautiful you are.”

“Why, thank you.”

“We were wondering if you might be willing to show..even more?”

“Show more? I don’t have very much kırklareli escort on right now. How much do you want to see?” She teased.

“All of you would be very nice.”

“All of me?” She took a bite of the salad, she was enjoying this.

“Yes, that would be so nice.”

“OK. Later, inside?”

He nodded.

“Just one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“You guys, too.” She grinned.

Henry looked at me, I looked at him. We both shrugged.


Dinner went quickly. We didn’t even clean up the mess. Sharon looked at us as we sat in the easy chairs in our living room.

“I suppose you want me to dance?”

“That would be nice.” Henry said.

Sharon touched the button on our CD player, soft music came on. She stood there for a moment, then just tugged the tie on her top and shrugged it off. Her breasts were all but bare anyway, but now they were fully bare. She swayed to the miusic for a few minutes, then she looked at me with a wicked look on her face and reached down to her skirt. One flip of her fingers and it slipped down her legs. She stood there gloriously naked. Henry and I sat there and drank that in.


“Well, what?” I asked.

“I show you mine, you show me yours.”

I reached down and undid my jeans, slipped them down and off my legs. I looked over a Henry, he reached down and tugged his off, too.

My jaw dropped.

His erection pointed straight up, the thing was a good 10 inches long and as big around as a pop bottle. It curved to the right, the head on the thing was the size of a big plum.

I looked at Henry and then at Sharon. She stood there looking in surprise, too. Then she got down on her knees at his feet.

“Can I touch……? She asked.

“If it’s all right with Dan.”

She looked at me, I just nodded. Her hands came out and wrapped around him, her fingers barely reached. He leaned forward and stroked her breasts, one at a time. Her hand began to bounce up and down with a mind of it’s own. In just a couple of minutes his head tipped back and he let a load fly into the air. She seemed to come back to her senses then, got a sheepish look on her face.

“I didn’t mean to….” She said, looking at me. Then she scooted over to me and wrapped her hand around my erection, in short order she had me blasting off, too.

We all lay there, I knew that Sharon had not orgasmed but I also knew I would get to that later. Finally Henry pulled up his pants, he thanked us and left.

I took Sharon by the hand and led her to the bedroom. I first licked her to orgasm, then as I managed another erection I slipped inside and we had a long sweet session of lovemaking.

“So how did you like the cock Henry has?” I asked her later.

“I couldn’t believe that, that thing is monstrous!”

“You probably wish I had one like that, huh?”

“No way! That thing would have to hurt like hell.”

“That was fun, did you like him looking at you naked?”

“That was fun, plus he saw me the other day, too.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t let him oil you up like that, because next he will be fucking you.”

“No. I won’t let it go that far.” She said, sounding like she was somewhere else.

We slept that night in each other’s arms. Showing off was fun, harmless and a turnon. Plus it made old Henry feel good and forget about his wife. I just continued on like always.

It was perhaps a week or so later, I saw Henry out clipping weeds, so I wandered over there.

“Hi, Dan! Hey I have someone for you to meet.” He went to his side door and called out. A woman came out, smiled at me. She looked to be about 50 or so, and it was easy to tell that she was in good shape. The top she had on was thin and her heavy breasts hung down braless, her nipples made large bumps in the cloth. She had on a pair of white shorts that showed off her legs, even her stomach looked muscular. The whole package looked very good to me.

“This is Mildred, she is going to be living with me now. She is a neat woman, we are good friends.” He grinned at me.

“Say, would you and Sharon…maybe like to come over for dinner this weekend?” He asked.

“Sure, we would like that,” I told him, smiling at Mildred.

“Henry says you guys are lots of fun!” She said, giving me a wicked grin. I smiled right back, nodding. Then she went back inside.

“Wait until you get a good look at this one!” Henry leaned over and whispered to me. “I bet I can talk her into returning your favor.”

Well, now. I was thinking that this just might be very interesting.

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