Hot Cross Buns


Hot Cross BunsI am fed up with the girls on the beach, they show off their great tits and a thong that hardly covers anything, they have great asses. I’m Julie a late 20’s girls who is overweight and never looked good, even when I go on a diet it doesn’t work. Still I do have some good friends, guys I’ve known for a long time, of course they aren’t the best looking and one of the beach girls would never look twice at them.Then last week I thought up a plan. I told the 4 guys who are my best friends, Ron, Dwight, Phil and Sam. They loved the idea.That weekend we went to the beach and looked for likely girls, we saw a couple walking together who didn’t have boyfriends with them and decided they were our prey. They were tall, blonde, early 20s and big tits and great asses. We heard them talking about Gucci stuff so we moved closer to them and made believe we were also discussing how we could get rid of some Gucci, we made sure they overheard. At first they ignored us but after a while one of them, Michelle, came over and asked us about the merchandise. We said we’d bought a load of it but needed to find a way to sell it and we’d give some to people who helped. She said she and her friend Pam would help so we had them follow us in their car to a garage we had rented. When they went in the asked where the stuff was but they weren’t told anything and the guys soon over-powered them and tied them up. They both screamed and had tape put over their istanbul escort mouths and were told we’d remove the tape if they shut up, both blondes nodded. They had their street clothes on over their bikinis so the guys took those off and they ripped off their bikinis. I must admit I was jealous of those gorgeous tits, perfectly pert, firm, and great blonde bushes. Each girl was tied over a table and they began to scream again, we didn’t care any more as we knew what was to come. But first the guys wanted their fun, Ron took Michelle from behind while Dwight took Pam, they were both pumping like crazy and came almost at the same time, now it was Phil and Sam’s turn, they entered the girls cum filled pussies and pumped for all they were worth and soon came. The guys enjoyed that, Michelle and Pam were screaming less as they were getting tired and they were hardly pulling at the rope that bound them. “My turn now” I announced. However Ron and Dwight interrupted me and said the guys would soon be hard again and they like to take the other girl, both Michelle and Pam were sobbing. I said OK and soon Ron was pumping Pam and Dwight was pumping Michelle. Then Phil and Sam had their turn. The blonde’s pussies were overflowing with cum. Each had taken 4 loads!My turn, and what did I have in store? Well it was near Easter so avcılar escort I had the idea for hot cross buns. I had the guys stand Pam up but tied so she couldn’t move. No one noticed I had lit a barbecue grill and the charcoal was very hot. I had two metal bars, one 6 inches long and one 3 inches long I placed in the coals. We turned Michelle around to see what I was going to do to Pam and this way she knew she’d get the same. I took out the 6 inch bar with tongs and plunged it onto Pam’s left cheek, really pushing it in hard.She screamed so loud, wow! I held it there for 30 seconds, at first she tried to thrash but the bindings held her good, and soon she was drained. I put the 6 inches bar back in the coals and got out the 3 inch, I put this across the mark I’d made to make a cross shape, again she yelped, and she was almost passed out with pain, I held it there for 30 seconds and when I removed it a red cross permanently scarred her left cheek. Now it was Michelle’s turn, she was begging and pleading me not to, she said she’d do anything, give me money but don’t scar her ass. Well I was pretty horny so I told her to eat my pussy and if she did it good I wouldn’t cross her. I stood in front of her and she was lapping great, I was soon cumming, it was heaven. Of course watching this the guys all had hard-ons so I told her to swallow each ones cum, Sam went first and she sucked hard, she swallowed şirinevler escort every last drop of his cum. She did the same for Phil, Ron and Dwight.By this time Pam was aware her ass was scarred and felt the pain, I got the 6 inch bar out and did Pam’s right cheek, she grimaced in pain and screamed, as soon as I stopped I put the 3 inch bar across to make a cross, she passed out from the pain and just hung there limp, held by her bonds.Michelle was in shock, she didn’t say a word, then I had her tied and stood up, I told her that I was a big fat liar, and got the 6 inch metal bar out of the coals, Michelle screamed and called me a bitch but I didn’t care, I did 15 seconds on the left cheek and 15 on the right, this was enough. She was barely conscious from pulling on her bindings and her voice was really hoarse, I then took the 3 inch bar and made the crosses, I help this one there a little longer to make sure then she passed out in pain.We drove their car to an isolated spot and dressed them (their bikinis were in shreds so we tossed them) and drove off.We saw the report in the local paper and it said Michelle came too first and felt the pain in her ass, she sobbed and soon Pam was awake, both girls cried in each others arms. They couldn’t even sit on the car seat. Apparently they were taken to hospital but the crosses were permanent scars. We went to the beach later in the year but we wore disguises and we saw Michelle and Pam, but no thongs, they were wearing shorts and made sure their asses were covered.I wanted to do more but the guys said wait till next year as the police might catch us. We assumed the garage we rented was looked at but had paid cash and left false names and addresses.I had such a great time that year and I know that every time Easter comes around I will be thinking of hot cross buns!

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