Hour’s End


Upon hearing His car pull into the driveway, she rolled from her side and onto her knees. The scent of her overflowing sex was pungent in the air, as usual, her nudity having aroused her just as much as had her own delicate fingers.

It had been a long, long hour since He had called from the office and ordered her to begin masturbating, not allowing her to stop until He instructed otherwise. she was very nearly in tears, craving His permission to release the pent-up energy within her.

Slowly she hobbled toward the door to greet her Owner like a good catgirl, the bell attached to her collar sounding softly in counterpoint to her heavy pants. The cat tail anal plug twitched within her as her body involuntarily bore down upon the intrusion, and that only served to stimulate her even more, almost to the point of being too much to handle.

she sat back at last upon her heels and waited, the tears finally starting to spill down her cheeks, yet she turned her head upward so that He could gaze into her eyes as soon as the door opened just the tiniest crack. Instinctively, she used her free hand to nudge her cat ears back into the proper position upon her head. Even before she finally heard His footfalls cihangir escort upon the back porch, she was mewing with unsatisfied self-lust, hoping that He could hear her through the door.

He stopped. He did not even slip the key into the lock. He simply stood on the other side of the door, listening. Still, her fingers continued their hour-long work, playing between her thighs as ordered, flicking and stroking and plunging.

“I hear you, pussy,” her Owner finally said, just loud enough to be heard over the pounding of her heart in her ears. Only then did He finally slip a key into the lock.

He unlocked the door, but her climax was still locked away deep within her, although the internal lock was corroding rapidly.

“Are you being a good pussy?” He asked, and she mewed again, a little louder than before. To her own ears, her desperation was evident in her voice, and she was certain that at any moment, her years of training would crumble in a lengthy string of Human begging, debasing herself for just one precious orgasm.

The doorknob turned, and hope throbbed upon her breasts. It was hard to keep her eyes pointed upward, and nearly impossible mecidiyeköy escort to fend off the impending release.

The doorknob stopped turning. “Does pussy want Me inside her pussy?” her Owner taunted. her lengthy training had her mewing again, but her body was weeping heavily and swaying with intense need.

The doorknob turned back to its original position, lashing painfully at her psyche. she heard noise outside upon the porch, and instinctively knew that her Owner was moving around. “I think pussy should stand with her back against the wall, just beside the back door.” she mewed her acknowledgement and, somehow, despite the passion causing her blood to boil, she obeyed, her right hand still working rapidly between her thighs, the tail pressing the anal plug ever deeper inside her and forcing a mew of reaction.

“pussy should be strumming her clit,” she heard through the door, and changed the action between her thighs accordingly. her vision was blurred greatly by her tears, and she was sobbing just as much as she was mewing, her cheeks blushing heavily from both the hour of arousal and the shame of experiencing this level of denial for the very first time.

“Does pussy have kurtuluş escort her legs spread?” she did, but somehow she willed her legs to spread into an even wider stance, and she mewed again. her hard-tipped breasts heaved with each breath and sob as her need flowed down her legs in what felt like rivers of molten lava.

“Surrender!” He called through the door, and training took over. As her hands assumed the universal sign of surrender against the wall, she sobbed loudly, for after an hour of constant stimulation, the lack of touch to her crying pussy was so unbearable that she had to will herself to not disobey.

In seemingly the space of a heartbeat, her Owner burst into the house, fully naked and already fully erect. With the back door wide open despite the winter cold, He rammed His thick length into her. His cold body chilled her burning skin and her scalding pussy, and the wintry breeze only added to the shock of the moment, while He took His pleasure from her, growling like a massive canine as He rutted into her, not caring that she was sobbing, not caring that this pleasure was unpleasurable for her, not even bothering to close the back door when He stepped away with His seed seeping from her body.

Only after He had fully dressed again did He give her permission. “Only after pussy makes herself cum three times may she close the door and enjoy the warmth again.”

After such a lengthy period of heart-pounding denial, those were the best three orgasms of her adult life.

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