Imran the Big Issue seller


Imran the Big Issue sellerOver the past year on at least 2 days a week we have had an Indian man (Imran) of around 55-60 selling The Big Issue outside our Tesco store. Do looks very good for his age and at some time was I’m sure a very handsome guy. Over the months I have stopped to buy a copy of TBI from him and we have chatted. He told me that he had been thrown out of the family home after his wife caught him chatting online to a young girl and that he now lived in a one room flat alone.. I did notice that all the time he was talking to me he was staring at my breasts while holding his magazines in one hand with his other in his pocket rubbing his cock. This was a turn on and over the months I would look forward to our chats outside Tesco and as the winter turned to summer my dress code changed to ensure he saw more of what obviously turned him on. On what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer I dressed in my tightest white T shirt and blue shorts…no bra and pants and flip flops to show off my sexy feet and set out on a mission. As I pulled into Tesco’s car park sure enough Imran was there at the doors. I parked, tweaked my nipples to make sure they were pressed hard against my Tshirt, opened the door and set off. As I walked towards Imran, as usual his eyes were riveted on my breasts and his bakırköy escort hand went into his pocket. I just said straight our “are you holding your cock Imran”. He looked startled and stuttered yes Miss Kathy I am, sorry” I said “don’t be sorry, enjoy it” Before he could speak again I said “Imran, it is a hot day and when I finish my shopping I am going home to shower. Do you like showering after a day like today. He told me he didn’t have a shower in his bed sit room and had to rely on washing down at his bathroom sink. I though oh ok here goes “why don’t you come to my house once you have sold all your BI’s and you can use mine” He said thank you and he would like that. I wrote my address and mobile number one piece of paper and told him to text me when he was on his way and that the back door would be unlocked and to let himself in. I did my shopping, aware that I was being watched by all the dirty old men in Tesco at that time of the day ahd thinking of the dirty old man I was going to ‘have’ later. As I returned to my car I said to Imran “see you later” and winked at him.. I got home eagerly awaiting his text about an hour later I received his text saying he was on his way but has he did not have a car it would take him about 30 minutes to get to me.. OK I thought beşiktaş escort lets get this done. I went upstairs got naked sat at the bedroom window and waited. After about 20 minutes (he must have run bless him) around the corner he came. I walked into the on suit, turned on the shower and got under the warm spray on the shower, soaped myself and waited. Sure enough after 5 more minutes I heard him calling “Miss Kathy, are you there”. I shouted back, Imran I am in the bedroom on suit, come and join me in the shower” I heard him enter the bedroom and it went quiet for a couple of minutes then he walked into the on suit totally naked!! I wiped the inside of the shower glass to get a better view and boy what a view. Whatever he had been doing with his hand had worked wonders, he had an erection that hung out in front of him a good 9 inches, his cock was a lovely brown colour his bell end was a lighter brown and glistened with pre-cum.. I pushed open the shower door took hold of his cock and pulled him in. Instantly our lips met and suddenly this old Indian guy was an a****l. His hands were everywhere, covering every inch of my now very responsive soapy body, He said “Miss Kathy I have dreamed about you constantly and wanked every night thinking of your breasts. beylikdüzü escort He pushed me back against the wall and forced his cock between my legs. He was a well built guy for his age and he lifted me up, told me to open my legs and wrap them around him as he slowly lowered me onto his long thick Indian cock. As it entered me I threw my head back and moaned. I put my hands on his shoulders and bounced. This proved too be too much for both of us and we orgasmed together. I had such an orgasm before and it seemed to last forever. I could feel the flow of his spunk inside me as it hit the inside of my womb in spurts. Before I could even think about what had just happened he put me down, as I leant against the wall for support (my legs were shaking) he dropped to his knees, pushed my legs open and cupped my pussy with his mouth and pushing his tongue deep inside. I could feel his mouth fill with running water and soap as it ran down my body into his mouth to join the juices I was excreting and his spunk. He did that until I orgasmed again at which point he moved his mouth to mine and passed the contents from his moth to mine. I was in heaven. We showered again together, dried ourselves and moved to the bed where we lay to recover. I laid my head on his chest and stroked his cock slowly until I fell asleep. When I woke, he was gone and I wondered if it had been a dream. But then my phone pinged with a text message form Imran with a photo attached saying “hope you enjoyed this and want to play again” I thought OH YES PLEASE.This is me in the gear I wore that day and the photo he text to me. Did I get it again, would you like to know?????

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