internship in europe


internship in europeIve got it all paid and finance by my university being one of the best students has its perks. The last 6month of my degree is going to be the best , I tought all semester before finally leaving for californiaI woud be working at the Hostel on their iphone app interface with a senior engineer who now run the hostel , named Mike and i would have free time to enjoy the city and beach alotI got to the place at noon and Mike was beind the counter welcoming me shaking my hand with his big firm black handhe was tall at least 6.3 and i didnt notice on our skype meeting how tall and large he was and in shape for a 50 yr guyinfront of my 5.10 i felt small following him to my room at his place next of the hosteli settle down and Mike wanted me to see the city so we went out for the day , driving around the place and showing me stuffHe was a very nice guy and i felt weird evry time he called me boifollowing him all day around the cityeven at the grocery pushing the cart behind him as he pick up stuff asking me if i know how to cook and bought steaks for me to cook laterwe got back to his place and drank some beer as i cook for uslaughting at his comment of me being a good boy as i bring him another beerwe ate and talked about the appthe dinner went on as he showed me how it work on and by the time i was picking up the plates i ask him what was left to do”nothing really””i had a month of low customer and made the interace myself”I was not sure what he was talking about”but im here to update it no?””you can look at it and optimize stuff but its all done boi””what im gonna do then for 6month””you can stay here and help me with the hostel, keep my place clean and be a good boy for daddy”and i look at him for a moment not sure if all of it was ok”but my intership report…””I will say you did it boi no worry”i was tuzla escort so lucky i tought and tell him thank you , i didnt knew what to say”no worry boi, wanna go out for a ice cream””yeah sure”i spen the night with him walking on the beach talking about my life in montrealmy life with my parent and all as i learned he was divorced and his 2 k**s where older than me living in new yorkwe came back home and Mike said he needed a to hit the pool to cool downI told him i didnt know he had one and dint brought a swim suitbut he told me there was some in the drawer in my roomi went to my room and started to look aroundbut got a weird feeling as i opened the drawer and only frilly girly cloth where in therethe 2nd drawer packed with panties of all kind and topsthen in the last drawer was 3 girl swim shortsand it looked a bit like mine just smaller and with flowers and roxy logos”oh you found it , im gonna be in the back boi;;as i look back to Mike in the dorway looking at me with the roxy swim shorts in my handi was so tight i wasnt sure if my boxer woudnt be betterbut walk out to see a tiny pool in rectangle made of ceramic under a wooden pergolasMike was right the water was good and refreshingit was midnight”you ok if i lite up some weed boi””yeah of course”and we smoke Mike asking me if i smoke in montreal since weed is so common back home and i didnt really smoked alot , it was something i rarely did because of the studying and testhis weed was strong and it hit me hard”you ok boi””yes , your weed good im stone a bit””yeah its some good stuff it always make me hard””yeah weed is nice for sex but this is too strong for me ahah””nahhh look it.s some good stuff , look how hard it is making me”removing his shortand he got up legs in water to his balls naked his fat black cock all hard infrot of me”omg what are you doing””showing tuzla escort bayan you how hard daddy is boi””mike im ….seriously not sure”and he walk in the water to me the 3 feet separating me from it no more”open up boi”i look up at him , holding his cock on my lipse looking at me with horny eyes”open up daddy gonna teach you dont be shy”and i had it sliding in my mouth looking up”thats it, just the tip suck on my head a bit make sure you enjoy it too”and i actually was fine sit in the small pool a cock in my mouthi licked and suck the tip as i got called a good boi I really got into it and suck more of him , like If now needed it all in my mouth to see him pleased and call me a good boithe small swim suit i forgot about was too small and i coudnt get hard even if i was horny sucking on this nice daddy fat black cock like a pop siclelistening to him say i was made to suck his cock, i was a natural cock suckerdaddy gonna teach me alot for 6monthrealising how i was set up to be like this from the startalone in the recluded backyard, learning to please his cock with my mouth learning i love to have a cock in my mouthdaddy fat big black cocksit on the pool side helping my head down on him on my knees water to the neck just floating up mouth open between his legsgetting told how hes gonna have me in cute panty and top from the drawer from now on”get up and turnm around daddy wanna see you in my daughter swim short baby”and i did , getting my ass grope and called a sexy boy”you gonna be so fucking cute in panty, i cant wait to dress you up ”pulling me back to my knees mouth on his cock”alright this is what we gonna do, we gonna go inside and you gonna put the pink outfit , with the socks and come see daddy in his bed”he got up holding me by the hand , walking inside his fat cock dancing left and right as i followed escort tuzla him and got left to my room daddy going to wait for mei entered his room dress like a pink bimbo dolland didnt saw him until his dark shape was being meslaping my ass making me thumble on the bedas he slap my assagain and again”you are a bad little boi, look at you , you need daddy to teach you””you dress like a slut , you gonna be one boi”ripping a hole in my panty before fingering me throught it slapping my ass calling me a little white slut for black cockrealising how mike the gentle daddy was now aggressively opening me like a doll at his mercy”daddy gonna fuck that white boi ass into a wet pussy craving some fucking”o just listened and moan his finger joined by a 2nd making me take it as he spit and made me wet”look at that hole already opening up so easy”and i felt his tip rub instead of his fingeras i look back to see him hold my waist ”look at me boi , look at daddy making you into a girl”and i felt it devour my ass in one big pushcrawling on top of me as i felt on my face on the mattressdaddy bouncing his hipse in me diving in my boy cunt all he wantedmaking me moan and squeal his 2 finger plunging in my mouth to shut me up whispering in my ear im gonna be a girl when he cummaking me afraid he was right as he started to fuck me good and hard on the mattressgrunting im here to be is girl ,to take his cum deep in me all summerand he busted in me, making me whumper and feel him push it again and again deep in meyelling im such a good lttle cunt now, still hard , still plunging in me with such ease and wet noisei cumed in the pink panty moaning and shaking surprised i could cum by being fuck”told you , thats a nice wet pussy now, thats daddy wet pussy now”and daddy fuck me all night, i coudnt believe it, he was always hard diving in meand got on my knees to clean his cock once he cum for a 3rd time , making sure i was turned into a good little slut his plan of finding himself a sissy boy worked perfectly as he fall asleep , his sissy full of cum at his side

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