Juvenile Sexuality by Jim Stanley Ch.14


Juvenile Sexuality by Jim Stanley Ch.14Juvenile SexualityByJim StanleyChapter 14The Loving YearsI had just turned 23, my father 75. Everything was going well at thebakery. He worked there daily with me and we enjoyed sharing the tasks andproblems of ownership. At this time, we were together 24 hours of each day.One day, after a particularly grueling schedule of baking and cleaning, wecame home tired. I made a chicken casserole and put it in the oven so thatit would be ready when we were. I suggested a drink to relax and Dad wasmore than willing. The weariness showed in our faces. After two drinks, webegan to relax, and, to hasten things before eating, I decided to take ashower instead of a bath. While showering, I heard my father enter thebathroom, and, totally naked, get in the shower with me. This time I senseda difference. His cock stood erect. The look on his face and his voicesuggested passion. He stuttered, his mouth dry from the anticipation ofwhat was to come, “Stan, let me wash you standing.” But it wasn’t thewashing that became important. He lathered my back and my front andembraced me passionately. His mouth sought out mine and we kissed deeply.Our tongues intertwined and our bodies rubbed sensuously together. Our hardcocks rubbed together and our hands sought out our assholes and balls inthis passionate rubbing of bodies. He spoke first, “Stan, I love you. Iknow you love me, too. Let’s not pretend anymore. Let’s love with abandonfrom now on. Life is short and we both need one another’s love andaffection. I, for one, could not live without you.”I was ecstatic. I could hardly speak, but after a few seconds that seemedlike hours, I said, “Dad, I think you know, how, over the years I have lovedyou. In fact, since I was 9, I adored you and worshipped the ground youwalked on. I’m so glad we don’t have to pretend about anything anymore.Let’s live our tuzla escort lives to the fullest.”After that, there was the silence of our lovemaking, our bodies intertwined,our lips and mouths searching and tasting, our physical and sexual ecstasiesaccented by the warm water of the shower. We quickly showered and lay downon Dad’s bed, which was to become “our” bed from then on. We loved thatentire evening.That night was special. In the past, we lay in different beds and engagedin wishful thinking. Tonight we lay in bed, hardly speaking a word,touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, listening for our sighs of love andaffection. We didn’t need to talk. We searched out one another’s crevicesfreely. I sought out his eyes and mouth and kissed them softly. My tongueroamed over his fingers, hands, arms, and armpits. It searched and tastedthe crevices hidden by his balls and cock. My mouth kissed and tasted hiscockhead, hidden by his foreskin, dripping with pre-cum. It sucked gentlyand willfully that 7 inch cock, which, heretofore, was sucked sporadicallyand with fearful anticipation of the consequences of discovery. Discoverywas no longer a fear. Fear was no longer an emotion. Only love dominatedmy search for those intimate and loving and sensuous parts of his body. Wenever did come that night. We loved passionately and lovingly, taking turnsin finding those things which pleasured each the most. We lay atop oneanother and loved. We lay in a 69 position and loved. We lay spoon fashionand loved. We lay side-by-side and loved. We lay reversed and loved. Wetasted and savored our bodies. We smelled our intimacies. We touched andlistened to our bodies’ response to this sense and felt our love for oneanother. And from that night on, we slept naked in one another’s arms.The next morning, we woke in an embrace and loved. My cock was hard as wasDad’s. I knelt on my right knee over tuzla escort bayan his upper body, my left leg straddlinghim, my left foot near his ear. My hard cock entered his warm, waitingmouth and fucked it as my left hand reached back and masturbated his hardand erect cock. I shot in his mouth in this position, then turned and, withmy cock, balls, and asshole now over his face and mouth, I jerked hisprecum-soaked-cock hard. His mouth and tongue searched out my cock, balls,and asshole as I jerked. He moaned loudly, signaling his cumming and I tookhis hard cock into my mouth and sucked his hot juices as they shot to theback of my throat. Catching most of his cum, I sat on his hard cock andtook the rest of his juices with his still hard cock throbbing in myasshole. I slid to my side, his cock still hard in me, and we slept foranother half hour. We woke, embraced for a few moments, and showered.Breakfast took on new meaning that morning, as did our day at the bakery.We ate and touched; we worked and touched. In quiet moments at the bakery,we held one another closely and kissed. That next day was as no other dayhad ever been. I, for one, walked and worked as if in a daze, stilloverwhelmed at the extraordinariness of our love and our new relationship.Often, during the day, I would stand and watch my dad as he worked,capturing the warmth of the feeling of love that the two of us shared. Theday passed quickly and we closed the shop and returned home anxious toresume our intimacies and oneness. We no sooner got in the door than weembraced and held on to one another for long minutes. We decided on a latedinner, perhaps a pizza, and headed for the shower to bathe. We showeredquickly and retired to the bed, naked, where we resumed the loving we beganin the morning.This night, however, was different. We explored as never before. Oncemore, we spoke very little. It was escort tuzla a communion of sorts, each one baskingin the love and intimacy of each other’s body. My exploration began withthat area I loved most, his crotch, balls, cock, and asshole. I lay on myleft side, he, on his back. My head positioned itself under his left leg,my arms embracing his entire upper body. My mouth, tongue and nose foundthe crevices between his balls and cock, his cock standing majesticallybefore my eyes. This position allowed me to search and taste his zone ofpassion, my mouth and tongue flickering into his hot asshole and alternatelysucking his hot cock and balls. I could lie in this position for hours, Ifound, and, often did, it becoming the position I loved most. His reactionto this lovemaking was always loving. It allowed him to massage my stomach,legs, cock, balls, and asshole as I loved him. Sometimes, he dozed as Iloved; I cherished these moments most since I could love and taste withoutinhibition. My cock always dripped with pre-cum, and, often, when he wokefrom a momentary doze, he would bend his upper body towards my cock and suckthe wetness from me. We could love this way for hours. His lovemaking oftenoccurred in the early morning hours. While asleep, I would often find himexploring my body with his mouth and tongue. My responses were oftensubdued, but I always let him feel that I was a knowing, although sluggishlover of his. He understood this. Like myself, he cherished these quietmoments of sensual exploration, feeling in control and dominant in hisloving. Often, he would sit on my hard cock facing me and slowly masturbateit into an awesome orgasm. Then, he would lay his head at the base of mycrotch and suck the remaining juices from my cock, often falling asleep inthis position. I would often wake and find him asleep and tenderly moveclose to him, embracing him fully and continuing our sleep together in awarm embrace.This became our daily routine. To this day, our love and sexuality knowsno abatement and we often cite, in wonderment, how our love continues togrow and solidify.

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