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Mature Maggie Gets a BBQ Breeding[Contains: M/Mature F, Hardcore, Impregnation & Babymaking]I couldn’t believe my luck – all my friends were going down to the beach, and I had to help my parents with a BBQ they were throwing.I had tried all the excuses I could think of but they weren’t buying it.“I’ve paid for you to study at University for 2 years, Ron” my father said. “It’s the least you can do.”So, I eventually gave in and agreed to help with the cooking and drinks.As my parents friends started to arrive, I did the usual thing of being pleasant and polite and making small talk with people who I had known for years.Then things started to look up a little, my mom’s best friend Maggie, her husband Paul, and their daughter Lucy arrived. As they walked into the room, Paul shook my hand and quickly moved on to others. Maggie, on the other hand, gave me a big hug pressing her body close to me. “Hi Ron, how are you? How’s University?” she asked. “I haven’t seen you for a while.”Before I could answer, she quickly introduced me to Lucy, whom I had met before, but then she was a little girl – now she was a 19-year old stunner – long blond hair, and a great body with nice sized tits. My immediate thought, as I smiled and said hello, was that I wouldn’t mind fucking her.As the party got into the swing of things, people moved outside and started settling into a steady drinking pattern. I kept glancing over at Lucy, who was looking very sexy in a short denim skirt and skimpy vest – all showing off her figure to maximum effect.I also couldn’t help but notice how good Maggie was looking – for a woman of her age. I knew that she was a year older than my mom, which made her 59 years old. She had short brown hair, and a very attractive face with nice wide eyes. Her body was pretty good for a 59-year old – she was probably a size 14, her tits still looked pretty perky with nice shapes. Again, I found myself thinking that I could do all sorts of dirty things with her.I was suddenly brought back to reality as my dad told me to get more drinks for people. I took their orders and went into the house.I was in the kitchen rummaging around in the fridge, when Maggie entered the room.“Hey Ron,” she said. “Thought you may need a hand.”“Thanks,” I replied. “But really I can manage.”Maggie was looking at me in a strange way. She somehow seemed a bit different. She moved towards me and said, “So Ron, I’ve been watching you stare at Lucy a lot today. You seem to be fascinated with my daughter’s tits you, horny guy you.”I was shocked and managed to stammer, “What are you talking about, Maggie?”Maggie just looked at me and said, “Ron, relax. I don’t mind. I just find it funny that you kept staring. You must be like a dog in heat – I think you fancy her.”“Well, she is very attractive” I said, trying to act all cool.Maggie smiled, “Hey, that’s my daughter you’re talking about young man!” she said, then laughed. “Anyway, I also noticed you staring at me. Don’t deny it, I caught you staring at my tits a few times.”I felt my face redden, “Maggie, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”“Ron…” Maggie interrupted, “I don’t mind. In fact, I quite liked it – being admired by a good looking 20- year old young man. I think I may have gotten jealous if my daughter was the only one getting your attention.”I was a little taken aback by Maggie’s forwardness and didn’t know what to say.There was a little pause before Maggie moved a little closer to me smiling and said, “I don’t tend to attract as many admiring glances as I used to so it’s nice that someone your age is looking. I used to get a lot of attention when I was younger, but now I think people just see me as another 59-year old married woman who is past her best.”Again, I was struggling to say anything. This was my mom’s best friend, talking to me in a way she had never done before.Maggie could sense my awkwardness. “Relax, Ron. As I say, it was nice to get an admiring glance. So, what were you thinking when you were looking at me?” she asked with a smile on her face.“Uh well, …you know…just the usual” I said hesitantly. “I, um, was thinking that you were a very attractive woman for your age.”Maggie smiled again, “Really?” she asked. “An attractive woman for my age….mmm….I think that proves my point, doesn’t it?”“What do you mean?” I replied.“Well, Ron. As I said, I don’t tend to attract too many glances these days because people think I am too old.”“I didn’t mean that, Maggie” I said, thinking I had upset her.“I know,” she laughed. “So, Ron tell me do you find older women attractive?”I thought for a moment, “I’ve never really thought about it before, but as I said you are an attractive woman Maggie, but you’re also my mom’s best friend so I’m not sure we should be having this conversation.”Maggie thought for a moment then said, “I know I’m your mom’s best friend, but don’t let that frighten you – I won’t tell her. What I want to do Ron, is show you how sexy a woman of my age can be. I have needs you know, and it’s nice when a sexy young man shows me a bit of attention. This will need to be our secret, but I can tell you like me flirting with you. I can see it’s turning you on, so how about we stop messing around and cut to the chase?”I was now starting to realize where this conversation was going. “What about your husband? What if he finds out or catches us?” I said.“We’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t find out, won’t we?” Maggie said. “Now take those drinks out to people then come back and meet me in the upstairs bathroom.”I picked up the tray full of drinks and quickly walked outside to the guests. My mind was working overtime thinking about what was going to happen. I found myself looking at Maggie’s daughter and husband thinking about the conversation I had just had – ‘I think I am going to fuck your mom, I think I am going to fuck your wife’ kept going around in my head.I sorted the drinks and quickly went upstairs to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and Maggie answered. She smiled as she saw me and in a very sexy way said, “Come in, Ron.”She locked the door behind me and looked at me, “I’m glad you came up” she said. “So, you like the idea of being with a woman old enough to be your mother, do you?”“Yes” was all I could say – my mouth was dry.“You do realize I’m 59, Ron. I’m not your young, skinny supermodel-type. I think I’m in pretty good shape for my age, but I’ve had three k**s, and that takes its toll on a woman’s body.” Maggie canlı bahis moved her hands up to her tits and started to push them upwards. “At my age your tits start to sag a bit, but the nipples are still as sensitive as they always have been.” She took my hand and placed it onto her left tit and started rubbing it over her breast. “What do you think?” she asked.“I think they’re fantastic tits,” I replied rubbing her entire boob and feeling her hard nipple against the palm of her hand. “You wouldn’t know they were drooping, honestly.”“That’s what a good bra does for them. Trust me when the bra comes off they are not as pert as they used to be.” She moved my hand down to her stomach. “My stomach is also not as flat as it used to be – again that’s what k**s does to you, Ron.”I was now rubbing my hand over her stomach and pulled up her top to reveal her belly, my hand now rubbing her bare flesh. I could see that it wasn’t flat and that she had obviously had k**s, but alsothought that the bulge was actually quite attractive – it wasn’t fat, just normal for a 59-year old woman. “Maggie, you’ve got a fantastic body,” I said. “I don’t like the supermodel look, I want a real woman, with a real body and real curves – just like yours.”Maggie purred, “Good answer Ron, just what I wanted to hear – older women need their ego massaging a bit now and again. Now, I want you to take my panties off” she said, exuding the authority that a woman her age had.I hoisted up her skirt, revealing some rather plain white panties and quickly pulled them down over Maggie’s thighs, letting them drop to the floor. As I did, her 59-year old pussy was revealed to me. It looked fantastic, not shaven, but her hair was neatly trimmed. Her outer pussy lips were looking very swollen and fleshy, and I could clearly see that she was quite wet and moist.“So,” Maggie smiled at me as I admired her. “Do you like what you see? Not too disappointed?” She took my hand and pulled it in between her legs. I felt her wet, swollen pussy against my hand and fingers. “Feel it Ron…rub my cunt” Maggie whispered in my ear. “Feel what an older woman’s pussy is like. Stick your fingers inside me. I’ve had three k**s, so my pussy has been stretched a bit over the years. I hope you don’t mind, it’s not as tight as it used to be.”My hand was now rubbing Maggie’s pussy as my fingers started pushing her fleshy outer lips apart. I started spreading her lips wider with my fingers, exposing her wet gaping hole. Maggie breath was getting heavier in my ear as she gasped.“That’s it Ron, rub my clit” she whispered. “Stick your fingers in me, quickly before anyone misses us.”I pushed one finger into Maggie’s pussy. It slipped in very easily with no resistance at all – her pussy did feel like it had been through three k**s. My mind was racing, partly with lust and partly with fear that someone would come to the door. I was thinking to myself that here I was in my mother’s house, locked in the bathroom with my finger shoved up my mom’s best friend’s pussy.Maggie brought me back to reality. “Ron, we need to be quick otherwise people will miss us,” she said breathing heavily. “I need more than one finger to fill me up,” she hissed. Her hand went down to mine. “I told you my pussy is not as tight as it used to be – stick more fingers in me now, make me cum quick!” she hissed.I had a moment of sheer lust, and quickly pulled my one finger out, bunched all my fingers together and quickly pushed them against Maggie’s open pussy. My four fingers and thumb all entered her at the same time stretching her wide open. “Fuck yes that’s it, Ron” she moaned as my fingers were embedded into her pussy up to my knuckles. I pulled them out slightly when I felt resistance, and then pushed my whole fist harder against her pussy. My entire hand quickly disappeared into her as she gasped and moaned hard into my neck. I felt her pussy muscles tighten along with her entire body as she convulsed and orgasmed gasping hard into my neck to drown the noise. My hand was now fisting Maggie hard in and out of her vagina and she orgasmed against me.As her orgasm died down, Maggie looked up at me smiling. She looked down at her exposed crotch. Her wet cunt was spread open and my entire hand was embedded up to the wrist. “I told you I needed filling up, didn’t I?” she said. Her hand went down to mine and pulled me out of her. I watched my hand leave her wet vagina all loose and stretched.Maggie, was now very quickly undoing my pants. They dropped to the floor and her hands started rubbing my hard cock. This is it I thought, I’m about to fuck a 59-year old woman in my mom’s bathroom!“I want your cock, Ron” Maggie said. “I want your cock and all the cum inside of it” she purred as my boxers dropped to the floor.Maggie’s hand grabbed my cock as if it was going to escape. She took a real hard firm grip and pulled me in between her legs. I felt Maggie’s wet pussy against my hard cockhead and started to push forward.Maggie said, “Hold on Ron – I’ve got other plans for you” she smiled with a lusty, dirty look on her face. “I want your cum all over the outside of my cunt. I’m going to make you cum over my pussy. Then I’m walking out of here and I’m going to talk to your mom, my husband, and my daughter knowing that I have your cum all over my cunt feeling it dribble down my inner thighs as I speak to them.” She was now stroking my cock really hard and quickly which felt great.I started to protest, “Maggie, I need to…..”Maggie kissed me hard. “Ron, don’t worry you will fuck me I promise, just not now – later on” she said. “Look down here” she said. “How many boys your age have experienced a 59-year old woman stroking their cocks against her pussy? Just relax and enjoy.”I looked down – my cock head was being stroked against Maggie’s swollen, stretched pussy.Maggie was whispering in my ear, “Go on Ron, cum on me. Spurt on my pussy. I want your cum all over me. Come on, spurt on my pussy now!”I felt my orgasm building and could not hold back any longer. I tilted my head back as I exploded all over Maggie’s spread pussy. As I did she pressed me hard against her exposed hole rubbing my cum all over her cunt and against her inner thighs. I kept cumming over and over again, thrusting in Maggie’s hand as she said, “That’s it Ron, keep cumming on me, go on I want it all…”I released about 4 or 5 big ropes of white semen, before my orgasm subsided. I then looked down. Maggie let bahis siteleri go of my cock and started rubbing my cum all over her pussy and thighs. She looked at me as her hands scooped up a big handful of my cum, then she pushed her fingers and my cum up into her pussy. “There you go – that load will dribble down out of me while I’m talking to your mom,” she said laughing.Maggie’s cunt was covered with a complete mess of my sperm. It was all over her pussy, her thighs, everywhere. I watched her push more of my sperm into her pussy. “What happens if you get pregnant?” I said.“Oh god, Ron– I’m 59, so it’s pretty unlikely. Though, I do still have my periods…” Maggie winked. With that she quickly started putting her clothes right, straightening her skirt and top, and looked in the mirror. She quickly made herself presentable, then picked her panties up.“I won’t be needing these” as she tossed them to me. “Have them as a memento”. With that she opened the door and checked it was all clear. She looked back at me smiled and said, “It’s all clear – see you soon for the next encounter.” Then, shut the door behind her.I sorted myself out in the bathroom, then went downstairs to rejoin the party. My dad bumped into me as I was walking outside. “Good, I was just trying to find you – can you man the BBQ and serve some food please” he said.I started walking over to the BBQ and glanced over at Maggie. She stood talking to both my mom and her husband as if nothing had happened. She looked over at me and gave me a sexy smile as I walked past.As soon as I took my place behind the BBQ, a queue of people formed. I could see Maggie and her daughter at the end moving closer as I served the food up. The two of them were last in line. Maggie smiled at me. “What do you want to eat Lucy?” she asked.Lucy was thinking, but Maggie quickly interjected, “How about having one of Ron’s sausages?” she joked. Lucy looked horrified. “Mom, shut up you idiot” she said. “You’re embarrassing me…god!”. Lucy looked mortified and quickly grabbed some food then stormed off to sit down.Maggie looked at me in a sexy way “She can’t take a joke, can she?” she said. “I’ll have one of your big sausages Ron, please.” Smiling, I put one on her plate. Maggie was looking at me, then glanced over her shoulder at the party to see if anyone was looking. They were all too busy eating. She turned back to me and said, “That looks nice, but it probably needs a bit of the chef’s sauce.” Her hand quickly went up her skirt, scooped around, and her fingers reappeared with a glob of my cum on them. She wiped my cum onto her sausage took a big bite and said, “That tastes much better!” then walked off.As the party went on, my mind was all over the place. I couldn’t stop thinking about the dirty and unusual encounter I had had with this woman old enough to be my mother. Was I going to fuck her? Would she tell my mother? Would she get pregnant? Was she some kind of slut? I had all sorts of questions going around in my head. But most of all, I was really horny – I had to fuck her. I was desperate to fuck this gorgeous older woman. I kept watching her talking to her husband, talking to my mother wondering how much cum she could feel dribbling down her thighs. She did give me the odd sexy glance when no one was looking, which just made me even more horny – and she knew it.At one point, she passed by me and stopped just long enough to say that she had just been talking to my mom and felt a long trickle of cum going down her thigh. She then chuckled and walked off to talk to another guest.After about 10 minutes, Maggie suddenly announced that she was going to get a drink and if anyone else wanted one. She ended up taking an order for about seven drinks. My mother offered to help her, but Maggie announced, “No, don’t worry, I’m sure Ron wouldn’t mind giving me a hand.”I was more than happy to spend time with my new found sexy old woman. “Yeah, no problem!” I replied.My parents’ house was such that you could walk in the patio doors, through a long lounge and some double-doors which were open at the end into the dining room. There was a bar that my father had created at the end of the dining room which looked a bit tacky, but he liked it. When you were at the bar you could see right through both rooms to the patio outside. All the guests were sitting just to the left of the patio door so it would not be blocked.I followed Maggie in towards the bar. As we reached it she stopped and looked at me. She had a look of lust on her face that I had only ever seen on a porno movie before. “Listen, Ron” she said quickly. “I want you to fuck me behind this bar. I’ll bend over and start making the drinks. You pull my skirt up, then fuck me hard, but be real quick – we don’t want to get caught. Just pretend that you are making some drinks as well. Don’t worry about foreplay or anything like that – just quick, hard-fucking then cum as quickly as you can.”“Maggie, I don’t even have a condom.” I said.“For fuck’s sake Ron, I’ve already told you don’t worry about that – fuck me bareback. At my age, I’m hardly likely to get pregnant, right? Hmm…wouldn’t it be something if I did get knocked up, though?” Maggie moved behind the bar.I moved in behind her, feeling very conspicuous. She told me to relax and pulled up her skirt. I could see her bare ass sticking out at me and her fleshy, moist pussy lips between her thighs. She started sorting drinks out and pushed back against me as if to encourage me to get a move on.I pulled down my zipper and pulled my cock out of my pants. It was hard and immediately flopped down between Maggie’s ass cheeks. I heard her giggle as she felt it against her. I moved back and positioned my cock against the entrance of her cunt. I was thinking this is it – I’m finally going to fuck her.With that, I pushed my cock straight into her. Maggie let out a low groan and at the same time pushed herself back against me ensuring that my cock was as deep as it could be.“That’s it, Ron. Fuck that feels real good…fuck my pussy…use your young cock to teach my older pussy a lesson…cum inside me deep and hard” Maggie said under her breath. “Reach up to the cupboard above my head and pretend to get some glasses out – that way you can push deeper into me” she said.I reached up and started rummaging around. I was thrusting my cock in and out trying to be as casual as possible, and all the while knowing my orgasm was building quickly. As I pushed bahis şirketleri my cock deep into her, Maggie pushed back against me each time giving us both as much pleasure as we could possibly get. I knew I was not going to last long and felt my orgasm building.“I’m going to cum Maggie!” I said about to reach the point of no return.“Uhh…fuck yeah Ron” Maggie whispered. “Cum deep inside me…fill me up…fuck my mature pussy Ron….go on, put your seed deep inside me…see if you can give me a baby! Make me pregnant, Ron! Put a baby in this old woman!” Maggie exclaimed as she was trying to look like she was making drinks.Her hot, dirty talk pushed me closer to the edge. My concern of her getting her pregnant disappeared and the naughty idea of Maggie conceiving a baby at her age became a huge turn-on.I gave one last thrust and knew that was it, I was going to cum hard…and a lot.Just at this moment I heard a voice calling. “Maggie, we need three more beers love” her husband shouted. I was horrified to see Maggie’s husbands face at the patio doors. “Is that all right?” he asked.I had reached the point of no return, I could not stop but all I could see was Maggie’s husband looking in through the rooms, with just the bar between me and his wife. Maggie clearly sensed that I was frantically trying to stop and panicked. She just pushed herself back against me and my cock as I exploded my cum in her slick vagina. Her pussy muscles tightened their grip around my cock as she pushed back against me and I felt my semen shoot deep inside this sexy mature woman, but all I could see was her husband looking at us, but completely oblivious to what was happening behind the bar. I kept a straight face as I could as I was expelling ropes of thick, baby-making semen at her cervix and into her thirsty, aged womb.To my horror Maggie then started speaking to him as I was pumping my sperm into her. “How many do you want Paul?” she said as she kept thrusting herself back against me milking my cock for all it was worth. Her pussy muscles had gone from being very slack upstairs to now having a vice like grip on my cock. “Do you want to ask anyone else?” she said.“That’s it, love – I’ve asked everyone” Paul replied.“I’ll bring them right out.” Maggie said. “Ron is just helping me so give me a minute.” Maggie’s husband disappeared from our view and I relaxed slightly.I must have jetted about 7 or 8 big spurts of my virile semen into her old uterus. In that brief exchange between Maggie and Paul, I imagined my sperm finding one of her fertile eggs and penetrating it: the start of a baby’s conception in her old womb…Maggie being bred a success.Maggie was still pushing herself back against me as my orgasm subsided and my cock started to grow limp. “Did you enjoy that, Ron? Fuck, I thought he was going to catch us just as you bred me” Maggie laughed quietly. “That was such a turn on, you cumming hard in me as my husband watched. I’ve never felt so fucking turned on in my life. I just couldn’t stop myself.”I was still in shock, “Fuck Maggie – he nearly caught us. I can’t believe you started talking to him.”Maggie laughed again, “That’s all part of the turn on, Ron. My husband talking to me while I act like a complete slut – fuck that turns me on.” Maggie moved forward and my limp cock slipped out of her slimy pussy.Maggie’s hand went down to her pussy. I could clearly see the thick creampie I had left her with. For the second time that day her cunt was awash with my seed. But this time, it was deep inside her. Maggie rubbed the excess cum dribbling out of her pussy across her exposed lips then straightened up and turned to face me.“Don’t worry” she said, “If you knocked me up, I’ll be happy to be a mother again. I hope you made me pregnant with your baby. Just have to think of what to say to Paul and Lucy. I wonder how they’ll react and what they’ll say.” “Your dirty talk of making a baby was actually pretty hot, Maggie. I hope you do end up conceiving. I’ll be happy for you as well.” I replied.With that Maggie, knelt down behind the bar and put my cock into her mouth licking off the excess cum with a smack of her lips. She then tucked my cock away and zipped up my pants.Maggie then stood up, straightened her skirt, picked up the tray of drinks and made her way outside.One hour later….I was upstairs in my bedroom, thinking about what had happened when there was a knock on my door. My immediate thoughts were that Maggie was back for thirds. “Come in!” I said as the door slowly opened. Lucy, Maggie’s daughter’s head appeared around the door.“Hey” she said. “Sorry for what my mom said earlier. I was really embarrassed.”“Don’t worry Lucy – it was just a bit of fun” I replied.We sat and chatted for about half an hour. Lucy was quite a flirtatious girl when she loosened up. She eventually said, “Look Ron, I like you. That’s why I was upset with what my mom said.” She leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips.Before I knew it, Lucy was rubbing my cock through my pants and pulling her vest over her head. One thing led to another, and she suddenly pushed me back onto the bed and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She pulled her panties to one side and positioned my cock against her pussy before sitting on me. We fucked for about five minutes and she looked very satisfied as I shot my cum deep into her young womb. She then kissed me and neatened herself in the mirror. She smiled at me and said, “Give me a call” before leaving my room.My head was awash with thoughts and questions – I was thinking about the fact that I had now cum in both a mother and daughter’s pussies!! Which was better?? What if I knocked up both of them? Right now, Maggie was a far sexier thought than Lucy. How could a woman old enough to be my mother be so dirty and act like such a slut?? And still be fertile and wanting to make baby at her age?My thoughts were interrupted by my mother calling up the stairs to me.I wondered downstairs to find guests leaving the party. My mother was kissing people as they left.The last to leave were Maggie and her family. As she came past me, she put her arms around me saying thank you for helping her out. She gave me a big hug, pressing her body against me. As she kissed me on the cheek she whispered, “And thank you for being such a good fuck – we’ll do it again soon.”I whispered back, “Thank you for showing me how good older woman can be. By the way, I also put a load up in your daughter. But don’t worry, you were the better fuck!!”Maggie looked at me with surprise as I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and as I walked off, thought about the potential baby, our baby, starting to grow in Maggie’s old belly.

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