Moguls – Creepin’ & Background


Moguls – Creepin’ & BackgroundTravis Jackson was a maintenance worker at a ball bearing plant. The handsome dark-skinned man had been married to Sheila since he was thirty. That had been eight years. They had a daughter, McKenna, together. His wife also had two sons from previous relationships. The oldest, Drake, was a thug and in and out of jail. The other, Sirvaughn, was a star basketball player with a chance to hoop at a Ju-Co in Illinois. His wife was in the shower as he texted his coworker Parris.Parris Lawrence was the human resources admin at the Trudexo Steel facility. He stood five-feet-three-inches tall and weighed a cool one-hundred-forty-six-pounds. He was a thick little thing with a juicy tail and sizable boi-titties all contained in a smooth dark chocolate frame. His hair was cut short, but the top was texturized. He always wore lip gloss. Most of the niggas at work had wanted to bend his juicy ass over. And many of them had done just that.Travis asked if he could come over and Parris said sure, but to give him twenty minutes. Travis cranked up black 2006 CTS-V sedan and drove to the convenience store near Parris’ house. He purchased a three-pack of Magnums, a tallboy bursa escort Bud Light, and some swisher sweets.Over in Illinois, Doug and Alia had just finished fucking. She was curled up in the bed. Her husband saw her contemplative look and said carefully, “Talk to me, love.”“I’m okay,” she pushed him off.“No, sweetie. You know you can tell Daddy anything. What’s on your mind,” asked Doug utilizing his many years of graduate education.“Well,” she started. “I was just thinking about it.”“It…Meaning, when you were k**napped?”“Yeah!”“It’s okay. Let’s process it. Tell me.”“Uh,” Alia began. “I still don’t know what made them target me. I was just playing soccer in the neighborhood and went to walk home. They asked where I was going an I told them home. They said they’d take me. I don’t know why I got in that car. The next thing I knew was they had me drinking some Kool-aid and I got dizzy. When I came to, I was strapped to a bed. I couldn’t talk or move, but I could hear them and see them.”“Good, sweetie. Let it out,” Doug coaxed her.“There were five of them,” she continued. “There were only two in that Caddy. Damn, it was a doo-doo brown Cadillac Brougham. Why did I get in,” she bursa escort bayan sobbed.Doug moved closer and got on the bed with her. He held her in his massive arms. “Daddy’s here. You can tell me. It’s okay. You know I love you.”The super short, transgender woman sighed, “Thank you! There were five of them standing there looking at me. The guys that took me were saying how they thought I was a girl. One of the others said I still looked like one minus my little peenie. He said he still wanted to try it. He was sweaty and stinky. He put vaseline on my booty and stuck his dick in me. Then his friends. They all did the same.”“You didn’t deserve that,” Doug consoled his wife.Alia sniffled, “I was only nine. What did I do wrong to make it happen?”“It wasn’t your fault. They were bad, terrible men.”“It went on for months,” Alia purged. “I tricked one of those retards into untying me one day. Then I ran away as fast as I could.”“I’m so glad God gave you a mind to do that. You’re smart and beautiful. You’re with me now. I got you, my love,” Doug reminded her. “It’s a wonder you let any man touch you intimately. I’m glad you let me love you.”“I love you too, Doug,” Alia pulled herself escort bursa together.“They were all hairy, sweaty, and forceful,” Alia remembered. “All they saw me as was a sex toy for their pleasure.”“It’s alright, my sweet. I’m here.”She nestled in Doug’s arms for the next few moments.Travis Jackson was on his way Parris’ apartment. He arrived and armed the alarm. When the sissy boi opened the door, he was dressed in a lace, light-blue camisole and black kitten heel mules.“Damn, you sexy,” remarked the five-foot-nine, one-hundred-forty-one-pound, dark-skinned man.Parris showed him inside and offered him a seat. The ample-bodied faggot knew his guest’s drink of choice. He returned with a glass of Paul Masson and cola. Travis was rolling up some weed. He made the blunt and sipped on his liquor. Parris drank his white zinfandel. Parris took two puffs and passed it back to Travis. They smoked the whole thing and Travis rolled another.“Want some more to drink,” checked the sissy.“Hell yeah, sexy,” Travis said already feeling it.The additional weed sent them both over the edge.“Bend that ass ovah,” Travis commanded.Parris did as told.“Damn, bitch,” howled Travis. “That sissy faggit ass is good as fuck!”“Take that boipussy, nigga,” cooed Parris.“Hell yeah! You sissy dumb bitch.”“Oh, nigga. Give it to me!”“Yeah, li’l muthfuckin’ fag! Goddamn, fag!”Travis nutted deep in Parris and rolled on his side.

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