Morning After, Sex for Breakfast


I awoke this morning, alone in my bed, to the wonderful smells of brewed coffee and cooked bacon. Opening my eyes wide and smiling, I began to think about this man, who I have become to love, how he is spoiling me and making me feel so special! I roll over and hug myself wondering, how I got so lucky. Then noticing the rain falling gently on the rooftop, and an even bigger smile crosses my lips. I love rain. I love it more when with the one I love. I just want to snuggle and cuddle under the covers all day, forgetting the world is out there, and putting everything out of my mind but him.

Rising up slowly, as I remember last night. Quietly slipping into the bathroom for a shower. Turning the water on, getting it just right. I get in, letting the water run over my body. I begin once again to think of the wonderful time John and I had last night.

My hands begin to roam over by body, stopping to massage my breasts. They pinch my hardening nipples between my fingers. Becoming so wet and hot, as I think of John doing this to me last night. My fingers move down to my pussy and gently rub my clit. Eyes close, and with my head thrown back, moans begin escaping my lips.

I remember how wet I got as he rubbed my clit, and put two fingers in my pussy, as I gently stroked his hard throbbing cock. Oh, ohhhhhh, and then he gently helped me up and turned me around. My pussy was close to his face and my face close to his cock. His tongue began devouring my pussy, as I lovingly stroked, licked and sucked on his hard cock and balls.

Feeling the need to cum, I stop as the water begins to get cold. Smiling wickedly, I think to myself, today is the day to show him my wilder side. I step from the shower, rubbing the soft towel over my sensuous body. I get all hot and wet again. Rubbing vanilla scented lotion all over my body, making it shine and shimmer. I walk slowly out of the bathroom, naked.

Walking into the kitchen. Seeing him standing at the stove, wearing nothing but black silk boxers. I smile again and walk over to him, putting my arms around him from behind and rubbing my warm body against his. I kiss his neck and move my hands down to the waist of his boxers. I begin to rub his cock through the softness and coolness of the silk boxers.

My hands slowly move all around, feeling it start to twitch and grow, as he looks back over his shoulder and smiles. I gaze into his eyes passionately and move my hand inside his boxers, feeling his cock twitching more. Taking his cock in my hand and begin to stroke it up and down, as I grind my body against his back. I feel my hard nipples against his back, swaying from side to side. They are so hard and sensitive, that I moan out loud. Biting his neck, I give little gentle kisses and nibbles on his neck and ear. My hand begins to move a little faster on his rock hard cock.

I whisper in his ear, “Lover, can breakfast wait for a bit.”

He kartal escort bayan looks over his shoulder at me and whimpering. Almost moaning it he says, ” Oh God, yes Baby it can!!!”

He then turns the stove off and turns around to face me. Our eyes meet and then our mouths. My tongue parts his lips and our tongues explore each other’s mouths. As I smile my hand reaches down and finds his cock again, rubbing it and stroking it, feeling the throbbing beneath my hand.

Our lips part, “Lover, I wanna be bad for you today!!”

He moans, “Oh, be bad for me Baby, be bad with me!!”

Looking into his eyes and giving him a long, deep, passionate kiss. I then break away, and I start kissing his neck. As my other hand runs over his chest, I rub his nipples, and I feel them getting hard. I continue rubbing his cock. My hand plays with his nipples, squeezing them between my fingers, pinching them gently, as I hear him moaning louder.

My hand feels a wet spot on his boxers from the pre-cum. This makes me even hotter and wetter, my pussy beginning to throb and twitch.

I then begin to kiss lower down his chest, stopping to kiss and suck his nipples. He moans louder, making me even more excited. I slowly start to kneel, leaving a trail of wetness over his skin from the kisses and my tongue. I taste the sweetness of him, from the shower he had taken upon awakening this morning. Kneeling all the way down, pulling his boxers down and over his feet, throwing them aside. Kissing his inner thighs, as my hands reach and cup his ass to pull him closer to me. I never touch his cock, except for my wet hair rubbing over it as my tongue licks up and down each thigh.

One hand remains on his ass, while the other reaches around and squeezes his cum filled balls. My hand then reaches down and rubs my pussy, getting some of my juices on my fingers. I move to his balls, rubbing my juices all over them, making them so wet and slippery.

I then move my hand to his cock. I rub around the head, getting some pre-cum on my thumb and fingers. I move back to his balls, smearing the pre-cum all around, mixing our juices. I hear him moaning louder. I then stick my tongue out and lick his balls gently. I taste our sweet juices together, so sweet and salty. Moans are coming from my mouth. My hand moves back to his cock. My thumb rubs around the head, running through the opening, feeling the pre-cum, and smearing it all over the head. I move my mouth now back to his hard cock, my tongue reaches out and licks the head.

Looking up into his eyes, smiling a sultry smile, “John, today I want to be your ‘Little Slut’, make me yours!!”

He looks down at me, “Oh yes, my little slut, you belong to me now! I am gonna fuck that hot, wet mouth, your hot, wet pussy and then your tight ass! What do you think of that, Rachel, my little slut?”

Looking up at you escort maltepe smiling, “I am all yours, do what you want with me!!”

My mouth opens and takes his cock inside, all at once. I devour it, swallowing all of it. When it reaches the back of my throat, I stop and savor it a moment. My hand squeezes his balls hard, tugging on them. He grabs my hair and he starts to thrust in and out of my mouth, fucking my mouth hard now. He pulls my hair, moving my head as he fucks my mouth harder now.

“Take my cock you little slut, take it all!”

My hand reaches around him and grabs his ass, steadying me as he fucks my mouth harder now. I squeeze his cum filled balls harder. My pussy becomes even wetter. Nipples becoming so hard they ache. He fucks my mouth even harder now.

He screams, “Play with that pussy, slut, I want you to cum with me! Do it now!”

I remove my hand from his balls and move it down to my pussy. I begin to rub my clit with my thumb, as my fingers find the entrance to my pussy. Two fingers enter, oh God it is so wet, we can hear the wetness as my fingers move in and out faster. He moans and removes his cock from my mouth.

He says, “Go to the bedroom! I am gonna devour that pussy as I fuck your mouth again.”

I rise up and move down the hall to the bedroom. He follows behind me. He lies on the bed and tells me to get up and put my pussy in his face. I do as he says. I straddle him, with my pussy close to his face. As I lean down to his cock, I take it in my mouth, as I lower my pussy to your face. His hands reach up and spread the lips of my pussy, revealing my hardened clit and my, oh so wet pussy. His tongue reaches out and flicks over my clit.

He begins to yell, “Suck on my cock! Make me cum!” Suck it now, slut!

My mouth tightens, and moves up and down faster on his cock. My hand squeezes and tugs hard on his balls. His tongue dips up into my hot wet pussy. My body starts to shiver and shake, as I suck harder on his cock. I want to taste all of his cum. His tongue moves back to my clit, as he puts two fingers in my wet pussy. He moves them in and out, faster, making sucking, wet noises from all my juices.

I feel his cock jerk in my mouth and know he is about to cum. My body starts to tremble as I begin to cum, as his cum shoots into my hungry mouth.

He moves from my pussy long enough to say, “drink it all my little slut.”

As I suck harder, trying to get every drop, his tongue goes up in my pussy to get all my juices, making me cum even more. As his cock goes soft in my mouth, he turns me around and lays me on top of him. We kiss, a long, deep passionate kiss, tasting each other’s cum. Oh my God, we taste like heaven together. Our lips part and he asks me to get up and sit on him. As I do, I grind my pussy against his still warm and wet cock, as he reaches up and pinches my hard nipples between pendik escort his fingers.

I scream out with pleasure, “Oh John Baby, pinch them harder, twist them! Show me I am your little slut!”

I can feel his cock come back to life under my hot, wet pussy.

As he moans and then says, “Slut, I am gonna fuck you so good, get up here on your knees. I am gonna put my cock so deep in your pussy, I am gonna make you scream for more!”

Moving over, I get up on my knees and bend over leaning on my hands, looking over my shoulder as he gets behind me. Spreading my legs, he gets between them and slaps my ass with his now hard cock. Oh ohhhhhh so nice.

Our eyes meet as he positions his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I smile, as he puts just the head in, not moving. He slaps my ass gently and then a little harder. Teasing me with his cock, he pushes it in a little further, as he slaps my ass harder. This makes my ass sting, but it feels so good.

I beg you, “Please, I need all your cock inside my pussy, oh Baby fuck me, please!”

“Whose slut are you?”


“Whose, I didn’t here you?”

“Yours,” I scream, “YOURS, all YOURS, please just FUCK me!”

“Good slut”, he says.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. He rams his cock into my pussy so hard. Moaning louder now, I feel his cock filling my pussy up. My whole body moves as he fucks me hard, in and out faster.

As he continues to fuck me he yells, “Play with that clit slut, cum with me again.”

My hand finds my clit and begins to rub it fast. He moves one hand and rubs it over the red spots on my ass. He moves to the middle and rubs his thumb over my asshole, making me scream with pleasure. As he fucks me harder, he slips one finger in my ass, slowly at first, and then moving it in and out faster, as his cock moves faster in and out of my pussy. Our bodies begin to shake together as he fucks me even harder, in and out, his balls slapping hard against me as his cock goes in and out.

As my fingers move faster on my clit, I scream out, “I am cuming, oh God yes!”

He hears my screams as he pulls his cock out of my pussy. He moves it to my ass, letting the head of his cock rest against my asshole. He then pushes the head in slowly, and moves it in and out slowly. He then pushes it all the way in and begins to fuck me hard, his balls now slapping against my pussy as he moves in and out, faster and deeper. He starts to tremble and his cock spurts, shooting the hot cum deep inside my ass.

He screams, “Oh, fuck yes! Take that my little slut. Take all my cum up that tight ass, take it now! Who’s ass is this?”

Whimpering loudly, “YOURS, my ass belongs to you!

He pumps his cock in and out until the last drop of cum is deep in my ass. As he begins to grow soft, he removes his cock from my ass.

He whispers, “Baby, lay down beside me.”

We lay down together. He takes me in his arms and whispers, “Thanks for being my little slut.”

He gives me a long, deep, passionate and loving kiss. We fall asleep in each other’s arms with big smiles on our faces, knowing that we both are totally satisfied.

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