MY ANALYSIS FOR LUCYDENNY’S MAGISTRALMY ANALYSIS FOR LUCYDENNY’S MAGISTRAL VIDEO<< MY PRAISE TO LUCYDENNY >>I will try to do my best to comment on this beautiful video posted by Lucydenny. Ilike all of her, but specially, her angel face and her enchanting eyes which delight meimmensely. I never get tired of watching this video, in fact, not that long ago, Iposted a short comment about it and some other fine pictures of her in the page thatshe keeps in this site.Lucy shot this video by herself by using her mobile and it is understandable thatsometimes the camera moves a bit because she’s very excited since the opening ofthis video. On this basis, I must admit that Lucy shot this video too well.Lucy is lying on her bed wearing a pair of black pantyhose and an elegant pair ofblack classic fashion pumps, pointy toe, middle heel and bow-knot decorated. Weunderstand immediately that Lucy has really a lot of class !!!She starts this video making a close-up of her pumps and pantyhose. She movesjust a little to lower partly her pantyhose and then she focuses the central part of herwonderful body so that we can see her elegant panties, decorated with a small whiteknotted lace, and an uncovered part of her good looking thighs. From now and untilthe end of this video we realize that Lucy is very excited, in fact, throughout theduration of this video, she breathes very heavily emitting sounds that are practically asort of soundtrack; very sensual sounds which have the power to excite me a lot;although anything coming from Lucy excites me a lot, in fact, sometimes I feel Lucyto be the heart of my passion. I love her !!!Well, let’s go back to the video! Lucy’s thin hand caresses softly and slowly herpanties even above her balls to let her sweet cock wake up and after a few touches hebegins to react to her thin and candid fingers. Then Lucy gently opens the way outfrom her panties and so, her sweet cock appears, looking quite soft and shy. Iconsider to be very exciting and elegant the way how she lifts her panties by usingonly her two fingertips. I love a lot to watch the delicate gesture her hand does whenshe uses only the tips of her thumb and of her forefinger leaving the other fingers andthe palm of canlı bahis her hand quite open.After a few light caresses more, her sweet cock obeys her skillful hand and beginsto stiffen to the point that Lucy’s fingers, with a few touches, roll gently his foreskinback to let, her pink and smooth glans, be free from her panties.Lucy is getting more excited, in fact, we can hear the lovely sounds of her laboredbreath. To be honest, I’m already excited !!!Lucy continues caressing him and she’s almost immediately forced to lift herpanties up to let her sweet cock be completely free. Lucy lifts her panties up with thesame exciting and elegant gracefulness she did it before.Now her sweet cock is completely awake, free and stiffened and quickly spurts out,just as if he were a compressed spring, from the panties which held him as if he werea prisoner.Now her sweet cock is ready to give Lucy all the pleasure she wants and needs.Now her sweet cock is so fully energized to the point that Lucy takes him with herhand and bends him towards the camera so that all of us can watch and enjoy him.It’s also very nice to gaze at his exciting pubic hairstyle.Lucy, no doubt, you’ve got indeed, a lot of class !!!Although Lucy’s lovely face isn’t seen, I know how she proudly flaunts the beautyand the manhood of her sweet cock.How I’d long to have your sweet and powerful cock before me !!! I’d lick and kisstenderly every inch of his hard body, his beautiful head and his balls; how I’d long toto open my mouth to take your cock and your balls !!!Later Lucy lowers a bit both sides of her panties, with the same exciting and elegantway she did before, to let us watch and enjoy her sweet balls; in fact, she quicklytouches them with her two candid fingertips. How I’d long to kiss her so wellpainted fingers !!!Meanwhile Lucy goes on breathing heavily and gasping. I feel to write once morehow much I love hearing her sounds. Because they are Lucy’s own melody !!!Because they are Lucy’s love melody !!!Then Lucy goes on jerking softly and slowly her sweet cock, and, to get much moreexcited, she stimulates a bit the mouth of her pink, bright, smooth and exciting glanswith her candid index fingertip. That mouth seems to be her bahis siteleri most sensitive point !!!I consider this scene as one of the most exciting of the whole video, in fact, we canwatch how Lucy pushes her sensuality and her high erotic charge beyond the limits.What’s happening now ??? It happens that Lucy is starting to tremble; her fingersare trembling, her sweet cock is trembling !!!Then her candid index fingertip rubs slowly and kindly along the hard shaft of hersweet cock along his entire length until it reaches her lovely balls.I find the movements of her sweet cock and her candid and skillful fingers to beperfectly and harmoniously synchronized; as a matter of fact, we can notice thevoluptuousness they show during their pleasure exchange. Her fingers continuetrembling due to the ecstasy of the moment. Lucy goes on jerking her sweet cockand her fingers often change their position and their speed.Her sweet cock is too sensitive and responds to Lucy’s trembling fingers giving hera lot of pleasure to the point that Lucy begins to writhe. Lucy knows she’s almostclose to the orgasm and it seems that she’s loosing her self control. Her legs aretrembling and even her ass lifts her up a little. The head of her sweet cock seems togaze at Lucy’s face and I know that Lucy is also glad to look at him. I also know thatLucy’s head is out of control and twists from side to side on the pillow. Even her legsare trembling and try to bend and writhe but the pantyhose keep them captive and forthis Lucy tries to lower a bit both sides of her panties to let her legs widen and moveas freely as they can but she can’t bring them down a lot because she needs her handto be free to continue jerking the body of her sweet cock, who seems to explode frommoment to moment. He is giving Lucy a lot of pleasure to the point that Lucy is introubles with her left hand; as a matter of fact, Lucy supports the camera with her lefthand and she can’t keep it still. She has to stop jerking for a couple of seconds just toreset the pillow that has moved because of the uncontrollable movements of her head,due to the writhe of her whole body.Lucy gently jerks her sweet cock by using only her fingertips and, as always, bahis şirketleri sheholds her little finger up. I really like a lot seeing her little finger raised because it’ssomething typical of a refined person and she shows to have a lot of class whichmakes her so polite, fine and delicate.Lucy realizes that her sweet cock is about to cum and she goes on wailing andjerking him as she always did : softly, slowly and gently. There is a total agreementbetween he and the rest of Lucy’s body; in fact, they are all harmoniously involved toenjoy the most they can. Her fingers go on enclosing the body of her sweet cock andrun up and down till the moment when he, looking at Lucy, slowly starts to cum andgently spreads his drops of pleasure over her pubis, her shirt, her thumb and over hisown head and his shaft. It’s very exciting to watch how the drops of cum wet Lucy’sthumb. After this cum and this plenty of pleasure that they both felt, Lucy gentlyputs his sweet cock upon her pubis to let him rest but before leaving him she lets hermiddle finger slide upon the backside of the shaft of her sweet cock just for a fastand soft touch, as if to want to thank and to greet him. It’s very exciting to watchhow she, after leaving her sweet cock, lifts her wet hand for just a second, and showsto the camera the drops of cum her hand has on. Lucy’s wet hand caresses her thighand remains over there to rest on it. Finally Lucy makes a close-up of her shirt justto show all of us the drops of pleasure, the drops of cum her sweet cock had spreadon it.According to me this video is excellent. Lucy really knows how to treat her sweetcock : gently. In fact she holds him into her fingers and moves him lightly and indifferent ways; most of times she touches him only with her well painted fingertips;this is due to the high sensibility her sweet cock has. Lucy has a special way tohandle her sweet cock, in fact, after watching this video so many times I noticed thather fingers move her sweet cock so carefully and gracefully just as if they weretalking to each other, just as if they were dancing to the sounds of a love melody, TOTHE SOUNDS OF LUCY’S LOVE MELODY !!!I never get tired of watching this video !!! Lucy, you are wonderful !!!Lucy please, know this : here in Italy, there is someone who wants to dance yourlove melody with you; there is someone who loves you; that someone, it’s just me !!!!deleteddeletedConversion errordeleteddeleted

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