My high holy days with Her


My high holy days with HerC answered the door her robe hanging stuck to her ass from my cum she was trembling , it was her neighbor wishing her happy holidays . A nice young man I was told , she blushed when she said she had a quest and said she had to go . She would come over later she said ,he asked is everything ok I heard noises , yes she laughed it was a funny movie. closing the door slowly she came back to the bed ,opened her robe and said” Look cum running down my legs” and went to the bathroom saying how much I cum .Naked u\nder the covers we soon became aroused again, and there was her juicy thick black haired pussy dripping in my face as my cock was sucked to the nutts it was the best pussy licking I ever did, her lips swelled and her clit got big as I sucked and licked it , C’s juices were flowing all over my face and dripping from her lips, I sucking in her clit and lips rolling them in my mouth, and suddenly c buried her face on my cock in a long kocaeli escort moan , and her asshole spasmed I sucked and rolled her clit and cum when she let out another moan muffled by my cock feeling sucking on my cock I spasmed at the waist and C collapsed on my face. we lay there panting and rolled around to face each other kissing, I had never felt anything like that before and said it, C said I can cum over anytime and watch a movie laughing with her lips all smirking. we never did watch the movie funny .We comforted each other each weekend and developed a relationship of friends with benefits but it was much more I ended up moving into her lovenest and we got closer discussing how we both were starting over after leaving a long term relationships. She was working on her clinical physc degree , changing majors and universities and I a struggling comp tech with a dead end job. Our caresses and licks and kisses were izmit escort comforting to us both as we pleasured each other for hours and since I moved in it was anytime , we felt the most satisfied and relaxed as we felt in years, loving massages , dates of , whatever you want ? mmm and many mutual orgasms I got to know her young friend next door , mommas boy , I could see he had a thing for C like an aunt and she was the same to him.C had a part time job as a jewelry vender , which lead me to meeting many of her friends in the biz . We became a couple as I worked part time with her in the vender business , there we times she wore the sexiest clothes and got the most sales, and I got a lot of hard on looking . Lunch hours where in my van as she wanted to suck my cock becoming aroused while working and I lost weight not eating lol.WE had our differences, religion was a big one, but our make up sex was good, bodrum escort Along the way we discovered our neighbor was listening at the wall with something and heard everything. the little asshole, well that turned out differently than I thought but later.For the most sincere cum swallows and cocksucking I had experienced I wanted to give C her reward , it happened in the shower, I wanted her to have a smile on her face all day soo , I snuck into the shower with her and slid my hands over her ass she jumped but smiled, oh I cant be long , I didn’t listen dropping down behind her I kissed her ass, parting her cheeks and started licking her brown puckered asshole something I never do, but she was so clean and I just ended up doing it, my finger middle finger of my left hand slid into her , she was already wet and I licked and tickled her browneye and fingered her pussy , she get weak in the knees hanging on to towel rack and I heard her gasp fuck , my cock was hard and the water washed through her crack , lapping and wiggling my tongue around I felt her shudder and legs stiffen, I stuck my tongue in deep and she cum shit , fuck hell , holly Hannah, is what she was saying , loudly ! and we found out lil shit next door heard everything, and had a big mouth

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