My Love Rahul My Twin brother


My Love Rahul My Twin brotherHi friend Rahul is my twin brother. We had been very close since we were very young and love each other very much. It is very common to hear about two lovers fighting and splitting after having loved for years but, let me tell you that the love we share between me and Rahul is not like that. It runs very deep. I am sure you all know already that the bond between all siblings is different as much as they disagree, one thing is for sure.The bond between two brothers is one of competition, the bond between two sisters is jealousy and the older brother and sister or older sister and brother is one of protectiveness. It is the same even among the twins, only with one exception. The twins where one is a boy and the other girl have the best and closest bond/love between them. I know, because Rahul and I have it.Since we were little Rahul and I had a very close relationship. We did everything together from playing to fighting to going school together. We shared everything with each other and as we grew up, never even stopped it. We are now quite older and married to respective spouses, but we still take time to share special times in fact we are so close that we gave our virginity to each other.It was during the holidays after our board exams that Rahul discovered the world of internet porn. It was the first secret he kept from me till we were 18. The way boys learn, he also learned to masturbate and began looking at me a bit differently being of the same age as he was even I was going through my own phase of learning and knew exactly what his funny glimpses and stares meant. I was always a slim, fair girl, and quite tall for my age. I was almost 5’5 and weighed 54kgs.I had small but shapely boobs 32 a flat tummy 26 and round hips 34 with long shapely legs I used to show him peek from under the skirts I wore. We shared a room together since we were little and when I was growing up, our parents tried to put us in different rooms but we both flat out rejected the idea and refused to move out of the same room. One day, my parents were going to their friend’s daughter’s wedding and left us two at home after a while.I saw Rahul walk into our room close the door behind him. It was something I never saw him do, but thought he was changing clothes but 15 minutes later when he did not come out, I got a bit concerned and I walked right inside the room without knocking. Rahul was sitting at the computer with his pants off and watching a blue film on the computer when I walked in he suddenly got up from the chair giving me the first view of a fully hardened cock.He immediately started yelling at me for walking in like that and tried to cover his cock pulling up his undies, but tripped, falling to the floor. I could not help laughing at his antics oops, what are you doing Rahul and I asked playfully. Shut up and get out Sweta he yelled at me. I ran out laughing and couldn’t stop myself for a long time while later Rahul came out red faced and began stammering about sorry and something seeing him so embarrassed did something inside me.I stopped laughing and I did not want Rahul to feel bad. I wanted him to feel happy. Rahul is a very tall boy, over 6′ tall and since he just began going to gym as well, he was well proportioned as well. Since we were fraternal twins and we looked only as similar as regular siblings. I walked over, pushed him into a chair and sat in his lap. Since I was smaller than him, I used to sometimes playfully sit in his lap. It was a position my parents did not like, but Rahul and I loved it.It just felt like we were closer and I hugged him and said I am sorry I laughed at you then I added, Rahul we are very close right and we don’t have to keep anything secret. He hugged me back and said this is different and I replied no. It is not different at all and I won’t agree anyway. We argued for a little while and, like always, I convinced him to not be bothered about masturbating when I am around.To show that I really meant it and I pulled him into our room and pushed him in front of the computer that was still playing the blue film but this time, I saw the name of the video it was brother fucking his sister hard. It was the first time I was seeing the hardcore video and what I saw stopped me. I kept staring at the way the man was fucking the girl. She was lying on a sofa and the man was standing in front of her as he pounded her pussy so fast that.I thought she may be hurt but the moaning and the big smile on her face said another thing. I kept staring at it till Rahul poked me in the tummy with a laugh. It was now my turn to blush and be embarrassed. I stammered for words, when Rahul said now you understand why I was more embarrassed. I did, but did not want to lose my word. I said does not matter Rahul as I pulled his shorts down but he did not let me pull his undies down.I could clearly see the outline of his hard cock through his undies. I could not tear my eyes away from his cock, and only murmured no secrets, Rahul. Rahul seemed to understand the passion and openness I was showing, and he finally agreed to it. No secrets he said as he pushed me into the chair beside his and stood up. He pulled his undies down and by the time he stood back up, his cock was even harder longer.This time I got chance to watch it closely. It was as big as my palm. and looked thick. He turned his chair towards mine and sat on it stroking his cock. But he did not even look at the computer screen. He kept staring at me as he was slowly stroking his cock. His gaze went from my face down to my chest and tummy and down my legs, and then back. He kept doing that as he stroked his cock something electric was passing through my body wherever his gaze was.I could not turn my head away from Rahul. I just kept staring at his face and cock as he stroked it. We were hearing the video play and the moans and groans from the actors. It was adding to the electricity that was passing through my body. I could feel my face get red and I could feel my pussy getting wet. Till then, I had the theoretical knowledge about getting aroused, but this was the first time I was getting aroused for real in this way.We heard the actors climax and immediately and the video went to the beginning and started replaying. I looked escort bayan istanbul at the screen and saw that the man was jerking with a piece of cloth then we heard a girl come in and ask what he was doing with her panties. The piece of cloth he was jerking his cock with was his sister’s panties! The same thought went through the heads of Rahul and me. I could see the idea in his eyes, and the hesitation to ask, Rahul and I urged him because and I want to hear it too.Rahul smiled and asked Sweta, give me your panties he asked stroking his cock and I want to masturbate with them and I knew he was asking for a pair from the laundry, but I was also very aroused. So, I walked over to his chair and stood between his legs, close to his cock then I lifted my skirt up over my panties, and told him take them, Rahul. Take my panties under my skirt just saying that caused more wetness in my pussy and I knew there was a wet patch over the panties.Rahul was dumbstruck and his hands left his cock. He pulled the panties down slowly. I felt like 220v electricity was put at the place where his fingers were touching my skin. I moaned loudly as he pulled them down to my ankles his face came to my pussy level and I got my life’s first kiss on my pussy. I almost jumped two feet high in the air. Rahul laughed at it and wrapped my panties around his cock.I don’t know what came over me but I sat on my chair and on instinct, pulled my legs up to the seat. This caused my skirt to fall back and my wet dripping pussy to be exposed to Rahul. I held my legs wide watching Rahul stare at my pussy as he stroked his cock with my wet panties. It was one of the best memories of my life shortly, Rahul grunted and gasped, I thought he hurt myself but he looked at me with unfocused eyes and a big smile, I knew he cum.He cum into my panties and he squeezed the cum into my panties and wiped his cock with them and then gave them to me. I did not know what to do with them so I stood up and wore them, not bothering that the panties were dripping with Rahul’s cum in them see, it was so nice, was not it, Rahul and I asked him it was great, Sweta Rahul replied with a kiss to my cheek. I realize that was the day we became even closer than ever from that day on.We became so close that we stopped being bothered about one being in the room or walking into the room while the other changed clothes when we were alone, he even stopped being bothered to lock the door while he watched dirty porn movies in our room. I did not mind it either, since he showed me many new movies that I liked but our favourite always had been the first movie we watched together.We, in fact, downloaded it and watched quite regularly too. We were completely at ease with each other, so much so that we did not even bother to lock the door while in bathroom! Many times Rahul walked into the bathroom while I was taking a bath and sat beside. Sometimes chitchatting, sometimes simply staring at me and sometimes and I urged him to take his cock out and masturbate watching me.Till one day, when he asked me to hold it and do it for him. Call me eager, but I immediately agreed and sat beside him to jerk him off. Him being a boy, as I stroked his hard cock and fondled his balls his hands did not remain free they began touching me all over. My boobs, my tummy, my ass and even my pussy. I always loved his hand on my pussy. His fingers had some magic as he rubbed and worked on my clitoris.It always made my legs shaky, my head light and would never wanted his fingers to stop. My hymen was still standing guard to my pussy, so he could only push one finger deeper into my pussy and when that finger touched some special points inside, my world exploded! Every time! If one finger made me feel that way, I wondered, how a hard cock would feel there. I couldn’t wait to lose my virginity!Like every girl, I also dreamed of losing my virginity on my marriage bed to my husband. I dreamed of flowers on the bed and under me as I felt a hunky man push his cock into my pussy breaking my hymen. But sadly, my hymen was burst not by a macho man as I dreamed. It was burst in a cycle accident. I could not believe that a simple cycle accident can cause a girl to lose it, but it did.I was sad for a few days, till Rahul pointed out one day the advantages of not having a hymen. He had me in his lap and was rubbing my pussy when he pushed his finger deeper and touched me in a spot that caused colors to explode in front of my eyes. He laughed and said that he found my G-spot. He then also pointed to me that, now that I did not have a hymen, I was free to fuck with anyone I wanted and did not need to wait for the marriage.It made me think, if a finger can make me feel that way, how a hard throbbing cock there in my pussy would feel like. I loved the idea so much that I just could not get it out of my head and concluded I have to get fucked! It was time to lose my virginity asap. I also deceded that if I am going to lose my virginity to a boy that better be Rahul.I did not want anyone else to enter my pussy other than Rahul. I just needed a proper time and situation to let him have me but it was easier said than done, because I was so frustrated waiting for that who said only boys get sexually frustrated as it happened, the next month, my parents were going on a weeklong tour to Simla it was like their second honeymoon and decided not to take us along even though we both had holidays.I was very happy and knew that was my opportunity. That day, Rahul went to send them off to the airport and meet some of his friends. I decided that was the day Rahul should get his present for giving such a good idea. I took a nice long bath and put on the softest bra and panties I had. I then put on a pink colour top and blue skirt I used to wear many years ago. Those were the kind of clothes the girl was wearing in our favourite video and I wanted to make the effect.The skirt was a bit too short and fit bit tightly, but Rahul said the smaller the skirt the cuter the girl looks. So, I kept it on. I let my hair loosely, the way he liked it and coloured my hand and foot nails red after all the makeup, I looked very closely like the girl in the video except the small fact that she is white, while I am Indian fair. It took istanbul escort me two hours to put on all the makeup and get ready but the result looked very nice.I looked beautiful the kind of beautiful that told a man to please fuck me and I am going to enjoy it very much! It was like the fate also wanted to plan our evening that day and that it began to rain when Rahul came home. I did not see him, but ran to the backyard to pull some clothes in and close the door tightly. I was watching our favourite brother sister fuck video just before and ran out without stopping it when Rahul came, the video was running on computer in our room and apparently.The empty house independence gave him good opportunity to have fun. I could not see what he was up to, so when I walked in five minutes later and I was very pleasantly surprised. Rahul was watching the video with his hand in his pants and I could clearly see that he was very aroused by the video. The boy and the girl in the video were just conversing and their dialogues exactly matched what we were about to say as well.Rahul turned to see me and halted immediately after looking at my attire. I could see the expressions on his face, first startle, then curiosity, after looking at my dress up, confusion, followed by happiness. Wow sister, you look amazingly beautiful the boy in the video was saying. I could see the same in Rahul’s face and blushed. I smiled and looked down aaww, thanks brother and the girl in the video said my words I knew you liked to see girls in skirts and so I wore something you would like to see me in.You know what guys would think seeing you in such clothes; sister and the boy asked Rahul’s question what? That they want to fuck you silly and the boy said, to which both the girl and I too giggled is that what you want to do, brother? As the girl asked, I tilted my head in same question. Yes Rahul all but yelled out causing me to giggle. I opened my arms, inviting Rahul to come take me and Rahul came attacked me like a ferocious lion.I could not stop giggling as he slammed his mouth onto mine and began kissing me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and began exploring my mouth as I let him do what he wanted. He sucked on my tongue and lips as his hands went all over my body. He held me tightly for a second and pushed me away a bit and attacked my boobs over the t shirt. He pressed my boobs hard, causing me a twinge of pain but in the moment.The pain felt so rightfully nice that I could not help moaning my encouragement loudly. Rahul rewarded me by putting his hands into my shirt and grabbing my boobs over the soft bra. All the time, his lips did not leave mine and he ate up my mouth such sweet juice he murmured as he lick up my saliva and I could see him swallow it with bliss. It truly had driven me mad and I loved every second of it.His hands were on my boobs and were struggling to push under my bra. I saw his frustration and could not help feel like giggling here, Rahul, let me help and I said and put my hand behind my back and unhooked my bra for him. Rahul immediately shoved my t shirt and bra up over my boobs and attacked my boobs. He pressed one and kissed passionately on other every place his fingers touched and every place his lips touched.I felt like my electric shocks were applied and I loved the feeling. I moaned my encouragement more, while thrusting my boobs into his face. His kisses turned to licks and when he found my nipple, he took it into his mouth. He tickled the nipple with his tongue and sucked on it hard!! I could feel pleasure rising from deep in my body and expelled out of my mouth with a long groan aahhh.Now that his hand was detached from my boob, it found its way down to my skirt. I dutifully opened my legs as his hand rubbed on my inner thighs and up to my panties both his hands found their way under my skirt and began fondling my ass and pussy from front and back. It was absolutely crazy and I loved it when his fingers found my pussy under my panties, I rewarded Rahul with another long groan of encouragement aaaahh Rahul push your finger in.I urged him push your finger in my pussy and find my G-spot again in the next five seconds, he did do just that, and as he rubbed at that spot continuously, my world exploded in colors oooh my god, Rahul. You know my pussy so well. Make it yours and do it all the time and I babbled meaninglessly, causing Rahul to laugh when his hands left my body, I was still a bit shaky from the pleasure and I fell back on to the bed.I looked up at him and found Rahul pulling off his shirt. I sat up with shaky hands tried to undo his belt. I chanced a glance to the side and found me staring into the mirror. My hair was all tousled, my makeup botched on my face and my lipstick spread around the lips. My t shirt and bra were tightly pulled over my boobs that were hanging with nipples hard.My skirt was thoroughly wrinkled and just realized that my panties were torn and hanging around my waist by just a thread. So that is how Rahul found my pussy! I could not help giggle at the way I looked. It took me 2 hours to get ready for Rahul and he spoiled me in just less than five minutes. I couldn’t help but be very happy at that!A stray thought came to me that, next time, I would spend 3 hours getting ready perfectly, and I want Rahul to spoil me in three minutes. By the time I turned to Rahul again, he was standing naked and his hard cock was pointing straight out. Like I was pre-programmed or I did it many times before, my hand went straight out to his cock and held it tightly I sat up and my face went right close to his cock and I planted a nice long kiss on his cock.I heard a shuddering groan from him and knew he loved it and I jerked his cock off many times before, but never was staring this closely. I saw that his cock was long and vein, but very hard to hold. I could feel his heart racing through the cock and could see the head of the cock was wet already pre-cum” he whispered the answer to my question. This is why we are so close; we can almost see each other’s thoughts.I was immediately wondering how this pre-cum would taste and if I should lick it and Rahul answered if you want, go ahead. He moved his hips slightly so the cock was closer to my mouth. This action caused a new drop istanbul escort to form at the tip of the cock. I leaned in and licked it up. I liked it! it was mostly tasteless, but slightly slimy and a bit salty. I immediately slapped my mouth over his cock head and began licking the head all over, taking in all the pre-cum that spread over the head.I sucked it out into my mouth and was pleasantly surprised to feel a few extra drops squeeze out of his cock into my mouth. I learned sucking cock causes more yummy gooy to trickle into my mouth. I began sucking his cock earnestly. Rahul helped by pushing his cock deeper into my mouth and I held it tightly in my mouth and pulled myself out sucking the essence out of his cock.If the moans Rahul was making were anything to go he enjoyed it very much with one hand I held his balls rubbing, squeezing, playing with them, and with the other I halt his cock as it came out of my mouth stroking the shaft. I did not want to give it even a second rest. With my tongue, I rubbed over the head all over and sucked hard aagh! Sweta! Slow down. I am going to cum if you do that and I did not heed his words and kept doing it.Sweta! I am going to cum and I could hear him, but could not detach myself from his cock, so I kept doing it then his manner changed, and he held my head tightly. He held my hair and began almost fucking my mouth. His cock went in and out of my mouth and I kept tight suck on its head. His gasps became intermittent and strokes shorter. I knew he was close to cum. I thought, since I liked the taste of pre-cum, there is no reason to not like the taste of cum.I held on with a yell and Swetaa! Rahul’s cock exploded in my mouth. I jerked him off before and knew spurts of cum came out but never thought about how much his cock could spit out. My mouth filled up quickly. I could feel the musky smelling gooy slime fill my mouth and overflow into the back of my throat and some out of my lips. I could not bear and pulled it out of my mouth and the last few squirts exploded in front of my face. Rahul was staring down into my eyes and with my mouth full.I was staring back at him neither he, nor I moved as his cock finished spurting more cum, right over my face. I knew my face looked like some of those porn movies Rahul loved watching, and I gave him a smile. I then realized that my mouth still had cum, and I moved my tongue in around the cum. It was a bit more salty than pre-cum, but sweeter too. I decided that I like it too! So, I swallowed it and gave a smile to Rahul.You are such a dirty girl, Sweta he commented with a smile as he rubbed his now softening cock over my face, over his cum only for you, Rahul and I replied and leaned back on the bed, with some sort of contentment even though it was Rahul who had the orgasm. I pulled my legs up and my skirt fell back, showing my pussy behind the torn rags of my panties. Rahul gently moved the rag and my pussy was visible completely for him.I wanted him to see my most intimate spots of my body, at the same time, felt shy about it. So, I closed my eyes and opened legs wider, giving him bigger view suddenly, I felt something wet on my pussy and gasped. It felt like an electric shock. I looked down to see Rahul’s head on my pussy and his tongue over my pussy lips. Rahul, what are you doing? licking you he replied. It’s dirty I half heartedly complained.I don’t care he said and licked deeper. I felt his tongue massage on my clitoris and the labia lips. I moaned in pleasure and encouragement as I felt wave after wave of pleasure from my clitoris. Rahul then pushed his fingers into my pussy as he licked around it. The colors came back in front of my eyes and I felt my whole body go slack in pleasure. I moaned uncontrollably as he licked and fingered my pussy sometime later.I felt his hand over my boob and I grabbed on to it and pressed myself with it. I heard him chuckle and say you are dripping like a hose, Sweta and I wanted to say that it’s for you, but could only manage a whimpering you and more moans. Rahul laughed and continued licking me any and everywhere he could find. His tongue found my anus and did not leave that either. My pussy and ass became his licking ice and I was not in any position to stop him.After a while, Rahul stopped and stood up with unfocused eyes, I found him rubbing his cock that had hardened already for second time and staring at me with lust. Do you want to fuck me, Rahul and I asked in moaning voice that came out lust filled yes Sweta but I could see he was hesitating why and I asked with a pout and I don’t want to get you pregnant Sweta he said in disappointed voice.I could not help but giggle at his concern. I pointed to the table and asked him to open the drawer. Rahul did and he pulled a big stack of condoms. Wow, Sweta, where did you get this and he said in awe filled voice. Well, Rahul, You did not think I will plan the whole evening without planning to get fucked? I giggled at the surprise on his face and I want to give you my virginity for giving me the great idea, Rahul.It is mom and dad’s second honey moon and our first and I said. It took him exactly seven seconds to rip open the condom, put it over his cock and position himself between my legs. Fuck me, Rahul and I urged him. He pushed his cock head into my pussy slowly. All the licking and dripping helped in making my pussy very well lubricated, and with a little effort, his cock head went into my pussy.I felt a stab of pain that I tried to ignore but Rahul saw it and held my face sshhh! He said look into my eyes” and staring into his eyes he slowly pushed his cock into me bit by bit, it went in with some pain, but I could ignore it when he was deep in, he slowly pulled it out, making me gasp in pleasure. He continued doing that, first slowly and then fast. Rahul was fucking me!The thought caused me to get an explosive wetness in my pussy that caused his cock to slide even more easily aaaahh and I moaned in pleasure. I could not remember everything about that time, but some time later, Rahul was on me, with my boobs in his hand and fucking me like a wild a****l. I was enjoying it completely, until I felt the next explosion close. I yelled out loud and Rahul joined me in it as we both cum at the same time.Rahul flopped down on my body gasping and breathing hard, as I held him tightly. I could feel his cum weigh in my pussy inside the condom he was wearing. For the first time, I thought how it would feel if the condom was not there! Hope you like this. Let me know what you think

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